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SENSIFY stands for Multi-functionality. Pieces of clothing that can be worn in different ways for different occasions, perfect for travelling; just a few pieces can make numerous combinations and outfits, allowing the clothes to adapt to each attitude and situation; and provides the possibility to create every woman’s own attitude and a unique way of adapting each outfit to the daily social expectations.

SENSIFY stands for comfort and quality. Comfort and quality of a perfect cut, which flatters the feminine figure, and the elegance of lightness and simplicity. Revolutionized women’s wear with emphasis on practicality and wear ability. Sophisticated textures and prime materials with a strong statement in knitwear using mainly animal yarn (cashmere, merino wool, mohair, silk) and plant fibers (bamboo, linen). Materials that feel as luxurious as they look.

SENSIFY is more than a brand, it’s a feeling. Feminine fashion that fits every occasion with no compromisse on style. Every woman is unique.

Product Categories: Women, Shoes, Trousers, Dresses, Tops/Jackets, Outerwear

SENSIFY IS A ORIGINAL, VERSATILE AND SOPHISTICATED EUROPEAN WOMEN’S COLLECTION. CONCEPT SENSIFY clothes give women the opportunity to create their own style, adapting them to their attitude. Elegant essentials in bamboo, merino wool and silk which adapt to any circumstances are worn with assorted selected pieces, which give the personal style and create an unique look. Silver and Gold lines to be worn individually or combined.

VISION Freedom to be, naturally

TARGET A woman who wants to stay true to herself at any moment of her busy and multifaceted day. A woman who works, lives, responds to her family, travels and in each moment keeps her attitude, her own elegant and unique style.

SILVER collection Pieces: High quality essentials ideal to be combined with each other or with additional brands sold in the store. Materials: Bamboo, linen and wool knitwear; silk wraps and scarves The look: Elegant design and quality ensure a timeless usage, adding value to the choice made. Positioning: Medium/high

GOLD collection Pieces: Classic and timeless luxury line, selected number of pieces, available in high-end stores. Materials: Highest quality ďŹ bers, such as ďŹ ne merino wool, cashmere, mohair and silk The look: Luxurious contemporary and timeless desing to enhance the look for many years Positioning: High

OUR COMMITMENT Value for money The best materials, a quality touch, an immersive well-being A safe and lasting investment in timeless pieces

Danish design produced in exclusive skilled Portuguese manufacturers Original and innovative design, the prestige of the Scandinavian design High quality materials and fabric Line in permanent evolution SENSIFY aims to be certified, Made in Green by OEKO-TEX which is an independent textile label to highlight consumer products and semi-finished products at all levels of the textile chain that are made starting materials tested for harmful substances and have been manufactured by through ecological processes and safe working conditions and socially responsible.

Long-term partnerships The brand is open to develop personalized relationships with more significant partners, namely by offering exclusive solutions in response to the specificity of certain markets, e.g. culture, geography, ethnics and climate

Early birds Special engagement of the brand with representative stores from each new market in which SENSIFY starts its presence


6. Wrap Tunic


3. Vest

7- Vest with twist

4. Elegance

8. Semi-traditional

5. Scarf

9. Head wrap


2. Long skirt

6. Top with knots

3. Skirt

7. Cape with hood

4. Short skirt

8. Cape

5. Short skirt with knots

9. Tunic

THE DESIGNER LAILA SĂ˜RENSEN is a Danish citizen educated in the best fashion schools ot that Scandinavian country. Portugal is a country known for the quality and strength of its textile industry. SENSIFY combines Danish design with Portuguese manufacturing/production. For over 15 years, she worked with major production and distribution Portuguese companies, which led to the creation of SENSIFY. Laila’s solid experience allowed her to establish a network of high quality and professional suppliers, which also work for worldwide top brands.

Freedom to be, naturally

“Dress up for your moment and stay unique.” Contact FLEX. IN LDA Rua Codornizes 115 2750-685 Cascais Portugal By phone: Customer care/Office:+351 218 287 439 By email: Customer By skype: Skype name:sensify

Presentation sensify  

This is the presentation of Sensify brand. We hope you enjoy it! Freedom to be, naturally! By Laila Sørensen