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Why Electronic Ear Muffs Are Essential? Loud noise has a detrimental effect on an individual’s auditory health, though this fact is often overlooked by many. Heavy noise backgrounds can affect an individual’s hearing capacity and also lead to other physical weaknesses such as nausea and acute headache. Therefore, when you are present in a high noise area, such as a amidst noisy factory work, roadworks and demolition it is essential to use appropriate hearing protection devices as a safety aid. It has been researched and proved that any continuous noise that exceed the mark of 70 Db can result in permanent hearing loss. Keeping all these aspects in mind hearing loss prevention has gained prominence worldwide both in the industrial and personal sphere. There have been several instanced where high noise from go-downs and construction sites have resulted in permanent hearing and brain hemorrhage amongst the workers. Situations like this needs to be handled with extreme care and adequate treatment as it might be beyond cure. Therefore, the appropriated way to curb down these adverse effects of high noise is to resort to innovative ear hearing protection devices. This includes usage of advanced electronic earmuffs and earplugs that helps a worker to carry on work in a loud noise area without his auditory health being affected by it. These devices have advanced features that enhances the speech quality by reducing the excessive and unnecessary noise. Top notch service providers today have introduced high-end electronic ear muffs, ear plugs and headphones. These smart and unique range of noise protection devices provides a clear two-way communication and other essential benefits. Some of these features include: A two-way Radio Interface Enables communication in environments up to 105 dB (A) Binaural Capability which makes it possible to hear the speech direction and other sounds Wireless Bluetooth connection to cellular phones Security against all types of noise, namely, Continuous, Impact, Intermittent, Facilitates in a face to face communication, up to 97 dB(A) You can safely hear your surroundings whilst also hearing speech 12+ hours continuous talk time Helps to communicate short range distances Ear Muff to Ear Muff, up to 50 meters There are simple buttons for tactile adjustment without having to look or remove earmuffs 12mth Warranty MP3 Interface Industrial ruggedized Long-lasting adaptable headband Extra soft ear cushions that provide comfort for a long time Of the many professional hazards that are prevalent, occupational hearing loss is known to be an acute one owing to its side effects. The best way that enterprises can combat this is by investing in innovative hearing protection devices that offers a comprehensive high noise communication solution. Also read more on - ear plug, hearing protection, occupational hearing loss

Why Electronic Ear Muffs Are Essential?