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Safety Earmuffs: Smart Way to Handle High Decibel World Health organization has voted noise as a common occupational hazard. Studies conducted by the defence research organization also show that noise induced hearing loss effects individuals who have been exposed to noise decibels of 85db or more, and is most common in the workforce of the aviation industry. These organization however, provide their workforce with the necessary hearing protection aid, they have been unable to prevent the growth in the incidences of noise induced hearing losses, Leading providers of hearing aids for various industry sectors have designed and developed ear hearing protection devices, which are totally different from the traditional ones. The traditional earplugs and earmuffs had to be frequently removed by the user for any work related one-toone communication. However, the earplugs and earmuffs developed with speech enhancing Noise suppression technology provide the workers the freedom to speak and interact even in high noise surroundings. This new technology facilitates to suppress the other noises around to a safe 82 decibels, thus paving way for normal conversation even in high background zones. Even recent studies on aviation industry workforce in India also points out to large number of the workforce being affected NHIL due to overexposure to high-pitched noise from the aircraft engines. Hearing loss, which is debilitating injury caused by exposure to a loud environment, can be prevented with the use of pre-molded, disposable, and reusable earplugs and safety earmuffs. The Safety Ear Muff have been designed after a rigorous test and in collaboration with leading industry segments which require high noise communication solution, along with world class hearing protection abilities. Unlike the traditional ones these come in various padding amounts for comfort and protection and either fit under a hard hat or can be attached to one. With a rugged design fit for both heavy duty and general purpose, these earmuffs are easy to use an extremely comfortable for communication while ensuring hearing loss prevention. These smart safety ear muffs besides facilitating a face-to-face, two-way radio, and short range communications in environments above 85db, protects ones ears from impact, intermittent and continuous noise. With binaural capability of hearing the direction of speech and sound, it can also connect through the wireless Bluetooth connection. Further, features such as adjustable headband and extra soft ear cushions make it comfortable for continuous use. Based on the speech enhancement and noise suppression technology, and hands free communication with VOX activation and menu driven voice navigation, helps the earmuffs adapt to any changes in background noise types level

Safety Earmuffs: Smart Way to Handle High Decibel