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Making the Correct Decision for the Safety of Employees’ Hearing The hazards of working in a noisy environment are fatal and can render permanent hearing loss in individuals. Those who work in such critical conditions are highly vulnerable to accidents due to hearing loss and may cost them their livelihood. When they lose their hearing capability they are unaware of the dangers and can become easy victims of death. Thus it is the responsibility of the employers to ensure that the employees are provided sufficient protection measures and gears when exposed to extreme levels of noise pollution. With the initiation of laws by the government to protect the employees from any freak accidents due to the negligence and ignorance of the employers, employers have to provide their staff with ear protection devices such as ear muffs and ear plugs at work to prevent any adverse effects on their hearing. These ear muffs are convenient and light. They do not pose any problem to the users while at work. The workers can work in any noisy condition with these protection devices. The ear muffs facilitate easy and face to face communication between individuals. It has a two way radio interface and allows communication up to a distance of 50 meters with the devices on. It provides more than 12 hours of continuous talk time. This device provides the facility of wireless communication to cell phones with the help of Bluetooth. The user can comfortably work with this device on. The headband is durable with adjustable settings and extra soft ear cushions. The ear muffs are designed to look smart and available in extremely visible colors. They are long lasting with a warranty of 12 months. The ear plugs perform the same functions as the ear muffs. They are extremely handy, smart and have replaceable ear tips. These ear hearing protection devices have been designed to enhance speech and suppress any background noise. They are rugged and can be used for longer periods. An employer that does not provide the noise protection facilities to the employees is committing a serious offence and can be penalized for his actions. Besides, the chances of losing experienced, dedicated and qualified staff are high if he does not take this issue into consideration. Providing ear muffs and ear plugs not only ensures the healthy well-being of the staff but also leverages efficiency and productivity. It makes sense to invest wisely rather than ignore the warnings and suffer major losses. Know more on: hearing loss prevention electronic ear muffs

Making the Correct Decision for the Safety of Employees’ Hearing