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Making The Best Of Ear Hearing Protection Devices Technology always has two sides to it, one the progressive and the second its side effects. Something similar has been with the modern day civilization that has seen much progress and development owing to economic development, industrialization and globalization. The modern day perils are numerous. However, to focus on a pertinent one would be hearing loss prevention that has resulted from the heavy noise industrial backgrounds. Heavy industries such as mining, aviation and metallurgy presents a high noise ambiance that affects an individual workers' auditory health by resulting in permanent hearing loss and other health problems such as brain hemorrhage, headache, nausea and other chronic ailments. More than treating these adverse health conditions it is essential to tap the root cause of the problem and resolve it. Therefore, it is essential that organization resort to ear hearing protection devices. Advances hearing protection devices today are available in the form of electronic ear muffs and ear plugs with advanced features that helps to combat high noise backgrounds. These revolutionary devices have been designed with an inbuilt SENS technology, that suppresses the extra noise and enhances the over speech quality. This helps the workers to identify the background where they are located as well as communicate smoothly with other workers. Furthermore, these devices successfully eliminate Noise Induced Hearing Loss and its advanced technology efficiently helps in speech communication to be clearly audible beyond 85 dB (A). Other innovative features and their benefits are as follows: Enables users to communicate face-to-face with the help of a cell phone and two way radio communication in high noise without the user having to remove the hearing protection Allows smooth communication in short as well as long distances with the help of a two way radio and a Bluetooth cell phone Advanced electronic ear plugs offer a 360 degree binaural situational awareness to make sure that users have full awareness of what is happening in and around them The earplugs and earmuffs are designed in a way for casual and rough usage The device can be worn around the neck or can be carried in the pocket similar to an MP3 player Finally, top notch solution providers of electronic earplugs, earmuffs and other hearing protection devices always review and test their products as per the industry standards so that they are able to provide the best solutions. Furthermore, these devices are comfortable to wear and the wearer can adjust its specification with the help of tactile buttons. Know more on: noise induced hearing loss electronic hearing protection

Making The Best Of Ear Hearing Protection Devices