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Hearing Protection to Enhance Productivity in High Noise Environments Excessive noise exposure is the most common cause of hearing loss. There are several high-risk careers that cause occupational hearing loss and many workers who are exposed to loud sounds are at a risk for hearing loss. Every day, these workers are put in extreme working conditions, sometimes resulting in irreversible and severe hearing loss due to improper use or lack of hearing protection. Hearing impairment due to noise pollution can either be temporary or permanent. When the ear is exposed to extreme loud noise (above 100 decibels) for a considerable period of time, it can cause irreparable damage and lead to permanent hearing loss. If you work in a high noise environment, wearing a hearing protection device will not only protect your hearing but also aid in concentration and focus. Usually when workers cannot communicate seamlessly and accurately in high noise environments, productivity suffers. Efficient high noise communication can have a direct influence on productivity. Research shows that over 40% of workers lose over 30 minutes a day from trying to communicate in high noise environments, thus hampering the productivity of employees. Workers struggle to communicate effectively in high noise because of the time lost moving to quieter areas, time lost with the complexity of communicating in high noise, time lost taking hearing protection off and on and time lost dealing with missed cell phone or two-way radio calls. Providing appropriate hearing protection devices may seem like a straightforward solution in a comprehensive hearing conservation program, but the fact is that fewer personnel are wearing these HPDs due to improper selection and thus exposing themselves to potential hearing loss. It is found that the single biggest reason why people remove or avoid wearing hearing protection is the need to communicate with others. When the hearing protection is removed, wearers can be exposed to dangerous levels of noise that can result in noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). No hearing protection device can be effective if safety precautions are not taken and rules not followed. Proper hearing protection is mandatory in workplaces where noise levels exceed the maximum noise standards as set by OSHA. Earplugs and earmuffs help protect ears from loud noises. If you need effective hearing protection in high noise environments, it is best to consult with your employer or visit the OSHA hearing protection areas to determine the best hearing protection device for your situation. NIHL is completely preventable. All individuals need to understand the hazards of noise and protect their ear health, with earplugs or other hearing protective devices when involved in a loud activity. Know more on: safety ear muffs electronic ear plugs

Hearing Protection to Enhance Productivity in High Noise Environments