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Advanced Ear plugs to Combat Heavy Industrial Noise Keeping in mind today’s high noise industrial background the importance of earplugs has increased manifold. It helps to prevent any kind of hearing damage such as permanent hearing loss as well as other nerve related ailments that a prolonged loud noise can cause. Sound waves generated from this heavy industrial background can cause harm to our ears. Majority of earplugs and earmuffs available in the market today have Noise Reduction rating that indicates the decibels they can take off an ambiance sound. Most of the plugs vary between 20 and 35 dB in reduction which is apt to be used in workplaces. Choosing the apt Hearing Protection Device Hearing loss prevention being a topic of concern it is essential companies choose the apt hearing protection devices. There can be cases where a device might need an extra feature or technological application based on the industrial sector it is being use for. This means earplugs that work fine in an aviation environment might need some added adaptations when being operated in a mining environment. Therefore, it is essential to list out your requirement prior to choosing a device for yourself. Industry Offerings in Earplugs Leading service providers in hearing protection devices have introduced advanced earplugs and earmuffs. These devices with their in-built noise suppression and speech enhancement technology facilitate clear communication between workers. These devices are perfect for consumers looking for reliable and cost-efficient earplug range having high-end communication features. They have every feature of premium hearing protectors with the complementary advantage of making the interaction easy and compact in heavy noise surroundings. Few other features of these new age ear plugs are:· Enables communication in environments beyond 85 dB (A) · The speaker is limited to 82 dB (A) in ear · Offers a 12mth Warranty · There is an MP3 Interface · You can safely hear your background sound you continue to hear the speech · Industrial ruggedized · Provides security from all kinds of noise namely, Impact, Intermittent, and Continuous · There is 12+ hours continuous talk time · A Binaural Capability – Hear the direction of Speech and other sounds · High Visibility Color · Face to Face communication up to 95dB · Replaceable Ear tips · Custom interface to other communication systems · Two-way radio communication to 95dB · Two-Way Radio Interface · Bluetooth communication to 95dB · Wireless Bluetooth connection to cellular phones and other Bluetooth® devices Hence, we see adoption of apt and best hearing protection devices can eradicate the problem of hearing loss amidst workers in various enterprises.

Advanced Ear plugs to Combat Heavy Industrial Noise  

Many are unaware about the importance of hearing protection. The world's largest occupational health problem by the World Health Organizatio...

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