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A Compassionate Attribute towards Employees’ Safety Hearing loss is a serious handicap which can make the individual susceptible to fatal accidents. Many people are exposed to such hazardous conditions while at work. One of the most common conditions is high levels of noise that can impede normal hearing abilities. Those who work in such lethal environments should be provided effective noise protection measures to preserve their normal hearing abilities. The electronic ear muffs and ear plugs provide sufficient protection to the users. Employers have to take precautions especially when they are aware of the criticalities of the occupation. They should immediately provide their employees with electronic ear muffs and ear plugs to prevent their ears from being damaged. The noise protection devices are extremely comfortable and do not hinder the progress of the user. The headbands can be easily adjusted without removing them and the soft ear cushions provide maximum comfort. The electronic ear muffs eliminate all background noise and facilitate easy communication between the individuals. The ear muffs can be used for a face-to-face communication within a radius of 1-3 yards in environments with noise levels up to 97 dB. They facilitate communication in environments with noise levels up to 105 dB. They can be used for both short distance and long distance communication purposes. The long distance communication facility is provided on mobile devices with the help of Bluetooth technology. Thus the teams can coordinate easily and communicate clearly without any issues. These noise protection devices are extremely durable and rugged. They provide 12 hours of non-stop talk time. When employees are provided with protective gear the efficiency of the operations is not affected adversely. It is considered a violation of hearing loss prevention rights if the employees are not provided with the right gear. The lives of the employees are at stake as accidents can occur frequently if precautionary measures are not enforced. This can cause severe to revenues and jeopardize the survival of the business. The employer is responsible for the safety of each employee. There are some who either do not understand the repercussions or don’t want to waste their time and money in making some worthy investments to secure the lives of their employees. Ignoring these small aspects can lead to a disastrous downfall. While planning for a long and successful future in business the employer should also pay heed to the present requirements and chart an appropriate course of action to encounter pleasant tidings. Know more on: Hearing protection.

A Compassionate Attribute towards Employees