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IMS 1000 Series Remote Monitoring and Alarm Notification System

Room Temperature  Sensor   w/Display   IMS-­‐4811  

Max. calls:  64  

Max. email:  64  

Room Humidity  Sensor   w/Display   IMS-­‐4821  

PSTN Mini  Temperature  Sensor   IMS-­‐4812  


Smoke Detector   IMS-­‐4862  

WAN Water  Detector   IMS-­‐4830  

SNMP Trap  

Dry contact   IMS-­‐4850  

Power failure   IMS-­‐4840  

4 -­‐20mA  bridge   IMS-­‐4851

Alarm Siren   (Relay  Output)  

Web status  


Schematic Diagram of IMS-1000

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