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Name:__________________________ Role-play about values—relationships & piercing: Hey, how you doing? I am great how about you? Well, I am good but, I had a huge fight with my boyfriend/girlfriend recently. Really? Why? He/she thinks that I should have my belly-button pierced? Wow! That’s hot! I think he/she wants you to be sexier for him/her! (haha!) Well, if he/she wants that I am sorry but I cannot get myself pierced for him/her… Hey! But isn’t he/she the man/woman of your dreams? You have to do this to show him/her your love! NO! I don’t! If he/she loves me he/she has to love me because of my natural appearance and because of my character—not because I wear a belly-button piercing?! I think you are wrong…it’s okay for your boyfriend/girlfriend to want to make you look better for him/her—if you don’t do it I think he/she is going to leave you... If he/she leaves me because of a piercing, I will hate him/her forever!. Come on! Just get your piercing already!

Hyuga-English Role-play 1