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Talking about money Shopping overseas

Do you like money? Why? What do you usually buy with your money? What kind of salary do you want in the future? If you are going abroad, do you exchange money before leaving Japan? Why? Do you think it is good to have a strong yen? What countries do you want to visit before the yen gets weak? In your opinion, what is the most important currency for traveling?

Saying money JPY – Japanese Yen USD – American Dollar CAD – Canadian Dollar AUD – Australian Dollar HKD – Hong Kong Dollar

NTD – New Taiwan Dollar MXP – Mexican Peso

GBP – British Pound

How do you pay for things: Do you have a credit card?

Do you think using a credit card is nice for shopping? What items would you buy with cash? What items would you buy with a credit card?

Saying money part 2

















Shopping scenario 1. Hello ma’am how may I help you? 2. We sure do ma’am. What size would you like? 3. Sure. In what color would you like to have it? 4. That sounds great. So, here you are…

1. Yes, I am looking for some (~~) do you have any? 2. Humn, I think I am a size (S/M/L). So give me the (S/M/L) please. 3. Well maybe I will take the (color) please.

5. Would you like to try it on?

4. Oh thanks! That looks beautiful…

6. Wow ma’am, you look fabulous!

5. Oh yes, of course…how do I look?

7. Great! Will that be cash, or card ma’am?

6. Okay, so I will take this one.

8. All right. Your total is ($97,30)

8. Okay. Thanks a lot

9. Thank you very much for shopping with us!

7. (cash/card). 9. You are welcome, bye.



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