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Talking about   England  and it’s Tourism Name:  1. What do you know about England?

having the Olympics being held in your  country?

III. Do you want to go to England during the  Olympic games? Why?

2. Have you ever been to England?

3. What is England’s most famous building?

4. What is England’s most famous city?

IV. Do you   think   the  Olympics   are   good   for  tourism?

V. Do you   think   British   people   are  welcoming? Why?

5. What is England’s most popular sport? VI. What’s England’s most famous river? 6. What   is   England’s   most   famous   music  group?

7. What is England’s most famous river?

Are rivers good for tourism? Why?

Do you   think   England   can   use   its   famous  Thames River for tourism well? Why, or why  not?

8. Do you   like   England?  Why? What   rivers   in   Japan   can   be   used   for  tourism? 9. What are some of England’s most recent  problems? What   kind   of   activities   can   tourists   do  around the Thames river? England and the Olympics: I.

What are   some   of   the   advantages   of  having the Olympics being held in your  country?

II. What are   some   of   the   disadvantages   of 

What kind   of   activities   can   tourists   do  around famous Japanese rivers?