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Talking About Celebrities Hyuga Noda

Warm Up: Do you like to watch TV? Why?  What is your favorite TV show?  What kind of movies do you like?  What is your favorite movie?  Who is your favorite Japanese celebrity?  Who is your favorite American celebrity?  What famous person would you like to get married to? Why? 

Are you a (○○) fan?  Are

you a Hyuga fan?  Are you a Johnny Depp fan?  Are you a Nicole Kidman fan?  Are you a Naruto fan?  Are you a Haruka Ayase fan?  Are you a Ken Watanabe fan?  Are you a Kanon-Shimai fan?

 Actor  Singer

 Writer  Band

 Team  Artist

Talking about people: Personalities

Warm up Questions:  Are

you a happy person?  Are you very kind and friendly?  Do you get angry sometimes?  Do you like to smile often?  Do you like to fight?  Do you like to scream loudly?  Do you have a good sense of humor?




Personalities game:



Lazy Cheerful Serious

Crazy Out-going

Friendly Happy Kind -Hearted

Personality Questions:  What

kind of person are you?  What’s (Sanma-san) like?  What’s (Michael Jackson) like?  What’s (Obama) like?  What’s (your family) like?  What’s (your father) like?  What’s (your mother) like?



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