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Taking phone messages:

Hyuga Noda

Original Questions • Are you good at ‌ o Learning English? o Playing video games? o Singing J-pop songs? o Dancing Hip-hop? o Playing the guitar? o Fighting against people? o Speaking in front of many people?

Warm up: • Do you like to talk on the phone? Why? • How many phones do you have? What kind of phone is it? • Do you prefer talking, or text-messaging on your phone? Why? • Do you, or your family ever order food over the phone? • Do you, or your family ever order things over the phone? • Have you ever taken a message for someone?

Strategies in taking a message: • Hello this (business name) speaking, how may I help you? • Yes, my name is (~~name~~). Can I talk to Lisa please? o I am sorry ma’am but Lisa is not available right now. Can I take a message? o I am sorry ma’am. Unfortunately Lisa is unavailable at the moment. May I take a message? o I am sorry ma’am but Lisa is not here right now. Should I take a message? • Sure. Please tell her I need to speak her about our tourism project. Ask her to call me back ASAP.

• Okay ma’am. Leave it to me and I will give her the message. • Thanks. Good bye

Discussion • Do you think it’s hard to take a phone message? Why? • Have you ever left a message for someone? What was the situation? • Is leaving a message important sometimes? Why? • In what situation is taking a message the most important? Why? o A. Hotel

B. Business

C. Friends

Take this message now: • Brian is calling to speak with his girlfriend, your daughter, at your house. Please tell him that she is gone shopping and take a message from him to her. • Mr. Phillips is calling your boss, Mr. Suzuki. But he is in a meeting right now. Please take a message from Mr. Phillips!