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South Korea and the Future Noda Hyuga

Warm Up:

1. What do you think of Korea? 2. Have you ever been to Korea? 3. What is your favorite thing about Korea? 4. What do you think of K-pop? 5. Who is your favorite Korean celebrity? 6. Would you like to visit Korea?

Korea today:

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Do you think Korea has surpassed Japan? What are some of the problems of Korea? What things should Japan learn from Kr.? Is it okay for you if Korea becomes number 1 in Asia? Why?

Korean food and fashion:

• Do you like Kr. traditional fashion? • Do you like Kr. Food? – What is your favorite Korean cuisine? – Can you cook Korean food? • Do you think Korean girls are beautiful? • Do you think Korean boys are handsome? • Would you be willing to marry a Kr. person?

South Korea and the Future pt. 2 Korea’s problems

Warm up:

• Do you like Asian societies? Why? • What is your favorite Asian society? • Do you think Asian countries have similar problems? What are they? • What are some of the problems Korea has right now? • Why do you think Korea and Japan have similar problems?

Understanding the text:

1. What is this story about? 2. Do you think Korea’s Economy should focus more on the small-businesses? 3. Do you think big companies like Samsung and Hyundai should have more power in Korea? 4. Do you think the new Korean president is going to do a good job? 5. Do you think Japan should also have a female leader?

Videos and Final discussion

1. What do you think of these videos? 2. How should Korea help stop its current suicide problems? 3. Should Korea’s big companies try to help smaller business grow? 4. Do you believe Japan will be surpassed by Korea? 5. What is better, to be poor and happy, or rich and sad?



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