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By Hyuga Noda


1. What time do you usually wake up? 2. Do you prefer to sleep early, or late? Why? 3. Do you prefer to wake up early, or late? Why? 4. Do you prefer to come to school early, or late? Why?

5. Do you prefer to go to work early, or late? Why? 6. Do you think it is important to always be on time?

7. In what kind of situation should you always be on time?

8. In what kind of situation is it okay to be late?

* *Do you like Korea? *Do you think Korean people are nice?

*What do you think of Korean time? Is it nice? Why, or why not?

* 1.What is this story about? 2.Why is Duksoo’s father worried? 3.What is the name od Duksoo’s fiancé? 4.Where is she from? 5.Do you think Duksoo should break up

with his fiancé? Why? 6. How could Duksoo help his fiancé get more organized?

* 1. If your boyfriend is always late for your dates, do you get angry at him? Why, why not?

2. Were you ever late for a date, or to meet your friends? Explain the situation.

3. How do you feel when you are late for something?

4. What helps you stay on time? 5. Do you like Korean time or Japanese time better?

6. If you were Duksoo, would you marry Jinhee? Why, or why not?



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