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In class discussions prep. paper: Name: ____________________________

 How would   you   convince   a   tourist   to   visit  Egypt after the protests?

1. Do you think Egypt is a nice country? Why?

 Do you personally believe it is a good idea to  2. What is Egypt famous for?

visit Egypt right now? Why, or why not?

3. Do you want to visit Egypt?  Do   you   know   anything   about   the   Muslim  Brotherhood?   What   do   you   think   about  them? 4. Do   you   think   Egypt   is   important   for  tourism? Why?

Role – play (To be added online) 5. What are some of the problems Egypt have  right now?

6. Do you   think   the   protests   in   Egypt   were  good, or bad?

Deep discussion:  Because   of   the   protests,   the   popular   tourism  industry in Egypt is dying out.

Egypt Discussion  

Egypt Discussion

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