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Free Time Activities

Telling others what you like and dislike

Warm up: Enjoy-Play 1. 2. 3. 4.

Do you enjoy talking on your free time? Do you enjoy cooking on your free time? Do you enjoy running on your free time? Do you enjoy playing sports on your free time? 5. Do you enjoy listening to music on your free time? 6. Do you enjoy dancing on your free time? 7. Do you enjoy eating on your free time?

College news Role-play  Look at your text-book. One is the interviewer, one is Eric Kane. Do it!

More discussion:  What are you good at?  What are you interested in?  What is something that you hate?  What is something that you love?  Who is your favorite American celebrity?  Who is your favorite Japanese celebrity?  What is your favorite thing about Japan?

Today’s Main Language:  I can (動詞) (item).  I can PLAY the PIANO  I can SING the ARASHI song called “Happiness”

 I (like/love) to (動詞) because (~~)  I love to RUN every morning because I like exercise

 I am good at (動詞ING)  I am good at LEARNING science

 I am not interested in (動詞ING)  I am not interested in PLAYING the guitar because-

Good at/interested/can questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Are you good at playing video-games? Are you good at studying Japanese? Are you good at dancing hip-hop? Are you interested in yoga? Are you interested in Buddhism? Are you interested in martial arts? Can you play a music instrument? Can you play a sport? Can you sing j-pop songs?

How well do you like something?  大大好き:I really love (~~) because ~  大好き:I love (~~) because ~  好き:I like (~~) because ~  まま好き:I enjoy (~~) because ~  あんまり好きじゃない: (~~) is all right because ~  嫌い: I don’t like (dislike) (~~) because ~  大嫌い: I hate (~~) because ~  大大嫌い:I can’t stand (~~) because ~

Using really

 To emphasize something:  I REALLY like to play computer games

 To say NO politely:  I am not really interested in computer games