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Drinking After Work

Impact Values:

Original Question Can you …  Play tennis?  Play soccer?  Play the guitar?  Play the piano?  Play video-games?  Play RPG games?  Play computer games?

 Can you…

Dance hip-hop?  Dance classic ballet?  Dance jazz?  Dance samba?  Dance Yosakoi?  Sing J-pop songs?  Sing anime songs?  Sing traditional Japanese songs?  Sing Opera? 

Warm Up:  Does your father drink?  Do you like to see your father coming back from

work drunk?  Do you drink?  What kind of drinks can you drink?  Have you ever gotten drunk?  What do you think of the drinking culture in Japan?

Reading Time Find the difficult vocabulary. Make 3 sentences using some of the

words marked by numbers. Try to remember the text.

Listening: As you listen write down:  What

is this problem about?  How would you solve this problem?  What do you like about this story?  What do you dislike about this story?