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Article from 09/26/2012 Power point by Hyuga Noda

• Are you good at … •Learning English? •Playing video games? •Singing J-pop songs? •Dancing Hip-hop? •Playing the guitar? •Fighting against people? •Speaking in front of many people?

• Where is Bangladesh located at? • Is it a poor, or a rich country? • Do many people live in Bangladesh? • What kind of food do they eat? • What are Bangladesh’s main religions? • Do you think Bangladesh is a safe country? Why, or why not? • What is the best thing about Bangladesh?

• What is this story about? • What is Bangladesh trying to do? • Do you think this is going to be good for their economy? Why? • How could Japan help Bangladesh improve its conditions? • How much money is Bangladesh going to make with this business?

In your opinion: 1. Is Bangladesh a good country to visit? Why? 2. Does Bangladesh have a good image? 3. Can Bangladesh become a successful country? 4. Would you personally like to visit Bangladesh?

• What do you think of this video? • Is this the kind of Bangladesh you always imagined? • Does this video make you want to visit Bangladesh?