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Asia and its money problems Hyuga Noda

Original Questions  Do

you remember about …

 Your

 Your  Your

 Your  Your

 Your  Your

first first high first first first first

birthday party? kiss? school classes? family trip? argument with your parents? date? visit to the zoo?

Warm Up: Do you like Asia? Why, or why not?  What is your favorite country in Asia?  Which is the strongest country in Asia?  What do you think of Singapore?  What do you think of Thailand?  Do you think Asia is a safe? Why?  What is the most important country for Japan in Asia? 

 currencies 

What is the best world currency? Why?

 undermine 

~~を狭くする、 際どい

Is the Japanese economy narrowing your chances of finding a job?

 Threat 


Is prime-minister Noda undermining the Japanese economic growth?

 narrowing 




Do you like to threat people?

Discussion about the story 1.

2. 3. 4. 5.

What is this story about? What countries in Asia are having financial problems? Why? In your opinion, should the dollar continue to be the number 1 currency in the world? In your opinion, do you think that the next world leading country should be from Asia? Which country in Asia do you think should be number one in the world?

Talking about the Asian problems Part B

Hyuga Noda