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Cinderella B: Goodbye! Rats: Goodbye! F. Godmother: Goodbye! Scene 5. The palace. (Cinderella arrives at the party) Stepsister 1: Who’s that? Stepsister 2: I don’t know. Stepmother: Who’s that? Stepsister 2: I don’t know. (The prince talks to Cinderella) The Prince: Hello! Cinderella B: Hello. The Prince: Come and dance. Cinderella B: Yes, please. (The Prince and Cinderella dance) Stepsister 1: Look! Stepsister 2: What? Stepsister 1: The Prince! Stepsister 2: What? Stepsister 1: They’re dancing! Stepsisters: Oh no! Rat 1: Look! Rat 2: What? Rat 1: The Prince! Rat 2:What? Rat 1: They’re dancing. Rats: Aaaaah! Rat 1: What’s the time? Rat 2: 12 o’clock. Rat 1: 12 o’clock. Oh no! Rat 2: Oh no, Cinderella! Rat 1: Cinderella! Rats: It’s 12 o’clock. Cinderella B: 12 o’clock. Oh no! Rats: Run, Cinderella, run. Cinderella B: Goodbye. Pince: Goodbye? Cinderella B: Yes, it’s 12 o’clock. Goodbye. (Cinderella runs away) Prince: Stop, stop! Cinderella: I can’t. Prince: Stop, stop! Prince: Look, a shoe! Rat 1: A shoe! Rat 2: Her shoe. Prince: Her shoe. Scene 6. Cinderella’s house. (The Prince has got a shoe) Prince: Is it yours? Stepsister 1: Yes, yes. Stepmother: Yes, yes. Prince: Oh, no it isn’t. Rats: It isn’t, it isn’t. Fairy Godmother: No, it isn’t.


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Ingles en E. Infantil  

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