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Stepmother: Girls! Are you ready? Stepsisters: Yes, yes. Stepmother: Cinderella!!! Cinderella: Yes? Stepmother: Stay here! Cinderella A: Here? Stepmother: In the kitchen! Cinderella: In the kitchen? Stepmother: Yes, clean the kitchen! Cinderella A: Clean the kitchen? Stepmother: That’s right! Stepsisters: Goodbye! Stepmother: Goodbye! Scene 4. The kitchen Rat 1: Look, it’s Cinderella. Rat 2: She’s crying. Rats: Poor Cinderella. Rat 1: What’s the matter? Cinderella A: I’m tired. Rat 1: Cheer up! Rat 2: What’s the matter? Cinderella A: I’m sad. Rat 2: Cheer up! Rat 1: Don’t cry! Rat 2: No, don’t cry. The Fairy Godmother appears. Cinderella A: Who are you? Fairy Godmother: Your fairy godmother! Rat 1: Who’s she? Rat 2: Her fairy godmother! Cinderella A: My Fairy godmother! Fairy Godmother: come on. Your wishes! Cinderella A: What wishes? F.G. and Rats: Come on! Come on! Your wishes. Cinderella A: Oh, my wishes! Fairy godmother: Number 0ne? Cinderella: A dress, please. Fairy Godmother: A dress! (change the actress) Cinderella B appears. Rats: Oh! A dress. F. Godmother: Number two? Cinderella B: Shoes, please. F. Godmother: Shoes! Rats: Ooh! Shoes. F. Godmother: Number three? Cinderella B: A car, please. F. Godmother: A car! Rats: Ooh! A car. Cinderella B: Thank you! Fairy Godmother: OK. Goodbye! Cinderella B: Come on rats. Rats: Goodbye, goodbye! Fairy Godmother: Wait, wait! Cinderella B: What? F. Godmother: Come home at 12 o’clock. Cinderella B: OK. 12 o’clock. Rats: 12 o’clock.


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