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: IBM 000-876 : IBM Tiboli Access Manager for e-business V6 Implementation admin

Version : R6.1    

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1. Administrators are trying to access junction resources and they are denied access between midnight and 8AM.

Which step will allow only these administrators access during these hours?

A. Replace the POP on the junction resources and remove the time of day range. B. Update the WebSEAL configuration file to allow administrator access to back-end Web servers. C. Place the administrators in a group, and give that group B permission on an ACL attached to the junction resources. D. Place the administrators in a group, and place that group into a second POP attached to the junction resources that allows them access during these hours. Answer: C

2. Customer XYZ has multiple Microsoft IIS servers in its DMZ. For business and technical reasons, they are unable to install a reverse proxy within the DMZ. Which IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business (TAMeb) component would address this requirement? A. TAMeb WebSEAL B. TAMeb policy proxy server C. TAMeb plug-in for Web servers D. TAMeb session management server Answer: C

3. What is one key item to enable sharing a session between different replica sets in the same session realm? A. The session configuration parameters must be identical. B. The security servers must all be in the same DNS domain. C. The sessions must be established simultaneously from the first login. D. The session key of the first session must be identical to the replica server. Answer: B

4. Which utility is used to restore critical IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business data? A. pdmgr B. pdadmin    

C. pdbackup D. pdrestore Answer: C

5. What junction option is used to specify the FSSO configuration file? A. -F config-file-path B. -J config-file-path C. -S config-file-path D. -T config-file-path Answer: C

6. What functionality does external authentication interface (EAI) provide that can not be done with external authentication C API? A. ability to authenticate the user with a custom token B. ability to generate custom user credentials for a given user C. ability to interact with the end user to request additional information D. ability to do a write make calls to a centrally managed authorization service Answer: C

7. Which IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business package must be installed on a machine that is running the Administration API? A. ADK B. policy server C. runtime services D. Web Portal Manager Answer: C

8. Which command is used to refresh the IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business object namespace identified using dynamic URL capability? A. server task <server-name> dynurl update    

B. server task <server-name> dynurl refresh C. server task <server-name> update namespace D. There is no command. Modification of the configuration file is all that is needed. Answer: A

9. For an ACL attached to a WebSEAL junction, which entry allows group eng to execute a CGI program on the junctioned server? A. user eng Tx B. user eng Tc C. group eng Tr D. group eng Tl Answer: C

10. What is the correct command to re-enable user account, usera, which has been locked out due to a 3 strikes violation? A. user modify usera lock-out no B. user modify usera account-valid yes C. user modify usera account lock-out no D. user modify usera account-valid unlock Answer: B

11. Which attribute is defined in a POP? A. iv-user B. iv-cred C. user and group names D. IP address/authentication method Answer: D

12. What has to be set to change IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business (TAMeb) audit level? A. audit serviceability option in the TAMeb routing file    

B. logaudit=yes in the auditing-configuration stanza of iv.conf file C. POP audit level attribute using the pdadmin pop modify command D. Web Portal Manager audit tab value to specify one of the three audit levels - permit, deny, error Answer: C

13. Which WebSEAL configuration option will ensure that an initial request is routed to the correct junctioned Web server, even if the junction is missing from the URL? A. URL redirect B. URL rewriting C. -j junction option D. a junction mapping table association Answer: D

14. Given the default IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business password policy, which password is valid? A. tiVoli1 B. t1v0l199 C. tiVoli-999 D. t1vol1--99 Answer: D

15. What directory contains CARS installation error logs? A. /var/cars/log B. /opt/cars/event/logs C. /var/PolicyDirector/log D. /opt/IBM/Tivoli/CommonAudit/server/logs Answer: D

16. When accessing the default WebSEAL root over SSL after an install, what is displayed after a successful authentication? A. IBM HTTP Server welcome page    

B. Web Portal Manager junction creation panel C. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business logo D. error message stating that the user is Forbidden Answer: C

17. Which command will restore all WebSEAL files from BACKUP_FILE? A. pdbackup -action restore -file BACKUP_FILE B. pdrestore -action verify -file BACKUP_FILE C. pdweb WEBSEAL_INSTANCE -restore BACKUP_FILE D. pdadmin server task WEBSEAL_INSTANCE restore ile BACKUP_FILE Answer: A

18. Which command is used to map user sean to resource mozart for SSO? A. rsrccreate add sean rsrcname mozart B. rsrccreate create mozart_group add sean rsrcname mozart C. rsrccred add mozart rsrctype mozart_group set -rsrcuser sean D. rsrccred create mozart rsrcuser mozart_user rsrcpwd mozart_password rsrctype web user sean Answer: D

19. What is the correct syntax for creating a transparent path junction on the default WebSEAL instance to proxy the remote directory of /docs/html on the host? A. server task create -t tcp -h -x /docs B. server task create -t tcp -h -T /docs C. server task create -t tcp -h -x /docs/html D. server task create -t tcp -h -T /docs/html Answer: C

20. How are IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business users and groups logically separated within a single policy server? A. by creating multiple object spaces    

B. by installing multiple user registries C. by creating multiple secure domains D. by installing multiple policy proxy servers Answer: C

21. If you receive the error "Rowset not found" while running reports in Crystal Enterprise Server, what could be the problem? (Choose two) A. The CARS server is not running. B. Parameters were left out when scheduling reports. C. Crystal Enterprise Server was not configured correctly. D. Fix pack 2 or greater of Crystal Enterprise Server is not installed. E. there is no connection from Crystal Enterprise Server to the DB2 server. Answer: BD

22. Which IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business server component should be deployed into a DMZ to minimize replication of the authorization database to multiple servers in the DMZ? A. LDAP server B. WebSEAL server C. policy proxy server D. authorization server Answer: C

23. Which command line is run to troubleshoot the accuracy of the authorization policy? A. pop modify <pop-name> set permit yes B. pop modify <pop-name> set warning yes C. pop modify <pop-name> set warning permit D. pop modify <pop-name> set troubleshoot permit Answer: B

24. When trying to invoke the switch user function of IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business, an    

administrator logs in as the administrator sec_master, and then attempts to switch to user user1, but receives an error. Which scenario would cause this failure? A. The user ID user1 is a member of the group su-excluded. B. The user ID user1 is not a member of the group su-included. C. The user ID sec_master is a member of the group su-admins. D. The user ID sec_master is not allowed to invoke the switch user function. Answer: A

25. What is a characteristic of the IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business sparse ACL model? A. Sparse ACLs are not inherited. B. An explicitly attached POP overrides a sparse ACL. C. Attaching an ACL to an object breaks its inheritance chain. D. Any object without an explicitly attached ACL inherits the default-sparse ACL. Answer: C

26. What external authentication C API is most commonly used to make changes to an account password stored in a third-party user registry? A. xauthenticate_chpw() B. xynlist_password_change() C. xauthn_change_password() D. xauthenticate_password_change() Answer: C

27. Which file is created after successfully running the pdjrtecfg command? A. PdJrte.conf B. C. D. Answer: C    

28. What is the correct command-line utility to create a CDSSO key? A. cdsso_key_gen B. cdsso_gen_token C. cdsso_create_key D. cdsso_create_token Answer: A

29. What is a function of the svrsslcfg command? A. Generates a certificate for the GSKit server. B. Creates an entry in pd.conf for an application. C. Manually configures third party applications using the aznAPI. D. Configures SSL flows between IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business servers and browsers. Answer: C

30. Which step enables component tracing? A. specify logtrc parameter in pd.conf B. run the pdadmin trace enable command C. specify logcfg parameter in WebSEAL configuration file D. update the IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business routing file to enable tracing Answer: D

31. After installation of the IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business (TAMeb) policy server, which file is required by all other TAMeb servers in the secure domain to configure secure communications? A. ivmgrd.kdb B. pdcert.arm C. pdmgrd.kdb D. pdcacert.b64 Answer: D

32. During configuration, the name of the IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business (TAMeb) domain would    

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