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SINCE 1980 — VOLUME 38 • NUMBER 11

By Carolyn Shockey

Gratitude It's not happiness that brings us gratitude. It's gratitude that brings us happiness.







This is the month traditionally set aside to give thanks, but think how different life would be if giving thanks was a daily practice. Why does it seem so much easier to focus on all the negativity? Gratitude is an attitude and an acceptance; that is just as easy to do, but we need to think in a more positive way for it to work. Certainly, life is not easy. No matter who we are, we get our share of heartbreak and bad luck. Often, they are unavoidable. Yet if we look at those situations as learning or self-improvement lessons and pay attention, we may be able to see something positive as we look back. That has been the case with the black clouds in my life. I’ve been able to see the good that came from those experiences, although I couldn’t see it at the time. I am now more able to see my disasters as experiences leading to good somewhere down the line. It is much easier to except the downs knowing that this too shall pass, and it always does. Being grateful multiplies. The more we are grateful, the more we have to be thankful for. That I can still put my feet on the floor in the morning, even

Be Thankful for Every Day though it’s painful, is something to be grateful for. It helps get us through the day when we accept the process of aging and are grateful for what we have, choosing not to focus on the downers. If we force ourselves to become grateful, it will help us stop trying to control outcomes. It is the key to unlocking positive energy in life. For many years, I’ve been consciously doing a “thank you” every time I go to the store parking lot, and it seems like I’m always able to find a spot close to the store, which is wonderful, because walking long-distances is a struggle

these days. Look at gratitude as putting a plug into a wall outlet, getting energized through connecting to our source and all that is available to us. Gratitude turns what we have into more. It helps us make sense of our past and brings us peace and vision for tomorrow. All we need to do is to start today, to be grateful for who we are and what we have. It may help to make a gratitude list to realize there is a lot to be grateful for. It encourages us to see our cups as half full and not half empty.

Busting Myths And Misconceptions About Osteoporosis By BPT One in two women over the age of 50 will suffer a fracture caused by osteoporosis in her remaining lifetime. Despite its prevalence, there are many myths and misconceptions about this "silent" disease. These myths may be part of the reason why osteoporosis is underdiagnosed and undertreated. A fragility fracture (breaking a bone by falling from a standing height or lower) can impact day-to-day life, but it can also be an indicator of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. When you have osteoporosis, even daily tasks such as taking your dog for a walk can put you at risk for a fragility fracture of the wrist, leg, or even hip. Yet a startling 82

percent of postmenopausal women did not identify such fractures as a possible risk factor for osteoporosis, according to results from a recent online survey of more than 1,000 postmenopausal women conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Radius Health, in partnership with HealthyWomen and the National Osteoporosis Foundation. That first fracture should be your cue to talk to your healthcare professional about treatment options that may lower your risk of breaking a bone again. "It is critical that postmenopausal women do not dismiss seemingly insignificant fragility fractures as 'clumsiness,' but instead see them as an important indicator for bone fragility, disease progression, and the need for

intervention," said Dr. Andrea Singer, MD, FACP, CCD, clinical director and trustee of the National Osteoporosis Foundation. This is just one myth about osteoporosis. There are many others. See OSTEOPOROSIS, Page 2




The Remarkable John Harvey Kellogg, M.D.

An Extraordinary & Bizarre Promoter of Well Being bitions and the onset of entertaining eccentricities. Two habits stand out. One was daily exercise and sunbathing in a skimpy loincloth; the other peculiar habit was taking special pride in his bowel movements. To Dr. Kellogg, these specimens testified to the merits of biologic nutritional habits. He bragged to whomever would listen that his poop didn't stink. He said his stools smelled as sweet as those of a nursing baby - and insisted on proving it. The author describes a typical encounter: In the middle of conversations, Kellogg would excuse himself to go to the bathroom and emerge with a container of his most recent specimen. He then proudly placed it under the noses of his companions to demonstrate its odorless qualities. Today Kellogg is rightly faulted for his attachment to and promotion of half-baked theories, which included support for eugenics, electric shock therapy, castration treatments, and immersion of patients in chilled, irradiated water. He also subjected guests at his famous Battle Creek Sanitarium to long marches before and after meager meals. All in all, Kellogg was an amazing character.

by Donald B. Ardell Many fitness and diet promoters are famous today, including Kenneth Cooper, Jack LaLanne, Jane Fonda, and Richard Simmons. None, however, came close to being as famous or as consequential as a medical doctor and entrepreneur who lived from 18521943. That doctor’s career may be unfamiliar to most, but his surname is a household word: John Harvey Kellogg. Some readers may recall the novel and/or the movie entitled “The Road to Wellville.” Both featured the tale of John Harvey Kellogg. Now comes an encyclopedic nonfiction work by physician and historian Howard Markel about Kellogg and his brother, Will, entitled, “The Kelloggs: The Battling Brothers of Battle Creek.” Markel credits Kellogg and his brother with introducing and massmarketing the idea that biologic (i.e., wellness) lifestyles lead to being healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Kellogg campaigned tirelessly against sedentary lifestyles, obesity, stress and anxiety, lead poisoning (from water conveyed through lead pipes), medications, meat, tobacco, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and overeating. He also campaigned for regular exercise, fresh air, massage, clean water, stress management, lots of sleep, soybeans and chopped nuts. He backed social reforms as well, seeking better conditions for the poor and advocating for women's suffrage and energy conservation. Before an eventual falling out over control of the Battle Creek Sanitarian and other issues, Kellogg was a protégé of Ellen and James White. Ellen was a self-styled prophetess, conjuring selfserving visions of varied kinds to raise From OSTEOPOROSIS, Page 1

Myth: Osteoporosis only affects the elderly. Truth: Osteoporosis often affects women after menopause. Natural menopause can occur as early as age 50. The rate of bone loss after menopause is increased with the accompanying loss of estrogen. Osteoporosis is a progressive disease that lowers the density of bones over time, making them weaker and more likely to fracture. Myth: Osteoporosis isn't very common. Truth: 10 million Americans are estimated to have osteoporosis, and more than 8 million of those are women. Myth: Osteoporosis isn't that serious. Truth: More women over the age of 55 were hospitalized in the U.S. for osteoporosis-related fractures than for

money and control her followers. Kellogg's experience in the world led him to believe that people did not like to be reformed, but they welcomed being informed, taught, and encouraged to look on the bright side of life, this one and (in his mind) the next. His beloved Corn Flakes were the culmination of a quest to create the perfect food. Author Markel notes that

Kellogg would be appalled to learn that the multinational firm that carries the Kellogg name today derives its riches in good measure from having fortified its products with tons of sugar and artificial flavorings, including such abominations as Frosted Flakes. The doctor had a flair for the dramatic. Markel describes his later years being marked by freedom from inhi-

stroke, heart attack, or breast cancer. Yet, according to the survey, postmenopausal women were more likely to be concerned with a diagnosis of stroke, heart attack, or breast cancer than osteoporosis. Myth: Healthcare providers will tell you when it's time to test for osteoporosis. Truth: Research suggests only 2 in 10 older women in the U.S. who suffer a fracture are tested or treated for osteoporosis. Further, according to the survey, 96 percent of postmenopausal women who have not yet been diagnosed with osteoporosis and who suffered a fragility fracture were not told by their healthcare provider that it could be linked to osteoporosis. Myth: Getting enough calcium and vitamin D is enough to treat osteoporosis.

Truth: About 3 in 10 postmenopausal women incorrectly believe that drinking milk or taking calcium supplements alone will prevent osteoporotic fractures/breaks, the survey found. While getting enough calcium and vitamin D is critical to keep bones strong, it may not be enough when it comes to treating osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, especially after a fracture. It's important to learn about osteoporosis and talk to your healthcare professional. Myth: There is no way to build new bone after menopause. Truth: About 25 percent of postmenopausal women incorrectly believe there is no way to build new bone at their age, the survey found. The truth is that certain types of treatment for postmenopausal osteoporosis can help build new bone, while others help slow bone loss.

Separating the truths from the myths is an important step in pursuing appropriate care for bone health after menopause. To get more information about osteoporosis, visit the Fractured Truth website at www.fracturedtruths. com. To learn more and find a community of supportive women, visit the Fractured Truth Facebook page at




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Good News!

Regen-Age Now Offers Regenerative Therapy! We are so excited about the results we are seeing with our patients. More Importantly, our patients are excited about living their lives enjoying the activities they enjoy. We invite you to attend one of our upcoming seminars near your home, to learn more about this incredible healing technology and Regen-Age is now offering pain- how it might be able to help you or less, Amniotic Injections for pain and someone you love finally live a pain advanced procedures for arthritic free life. and/or degenerative conditions, especially those found in the knees, We invite you to browse our hips, shoulder, neck and lower back. website to watch the docuThese remarkable treatments can mentary on Stem Cell Regenerrepair tissue in the body that has been ative Therapy. damaged from age, disease or degeneration. They do this by pin pointing the impaired areas, removing the Our FREE Educational Seminars swelling with powerful anti-inflamma- are held several times a week in tory properties and healing them by the following towns: regenerating new cells and tissue. Regen-Age devotes much of its time treating chronically ill patients – especially those in pain. it continues to utilize cutting-edge technology to help restore patients’ health. Regen-Age recently announced its latest stateof-the-art healing procedure: regenerative stem cell therapy.

This innovative therapy is particularly effective in treating such conditions as degenerative arthritis, degenerative cartilage and ligaments, bone spurs, degenerative joint disease, bursitis, tendinitis, and especially Osteoarthritis of the Knee. According to Regen-Age chief medical officer, patients can experience a significant decrease in pain and an improvement in range of motion within weeks of treatment.

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How do we end the violence?

What has happened to America that we can no longer go to a concert, a game or now even church without looking over our shoulder and being concerned for our own safety? Or worse yet, holding our breath and praying we never get a call that a family member or friend is caught up in a similar tragedy. It is really sad that this is what our country and world has become…a place of indiscriminate violence and terror. A place where respect for someone else’s beliefs, religion or life is no longer respected. A place where we must continuously be looking over our shoulders. To the left the answer is simple…take away all assault rifles and handguns and that will fix everything. Since we know that taking away rifles is impossible due to the need for hunting and protection. But then we must remember the worst tragedy took place in do we take away fertilizer? And last week’s violence in New York…do we no longer allow Home Depot to rent trucks? Evil doers, bad people and murderers will always find a way to commit their acts of violence. It is unfortunate, but true. And with the government desperately trying to control every aspect of our lives…do we really want to give up more of our freedom to them? Do we want to have no protection from those who wish to do us harm? It was a man with a rifle who stopped the tragedy from getting worse, in Texas, this weekend. And I have no doubt that those who seek to harm, steal or terrorize will only be empowered should we become disarmed as a

throughout Florida and North America, email


Carolyn Shockey • Jean Mlincek Donald B. Ardell • Dr. Anthony J. Adams Jane Sandwood • Dr. Wesley Pool StatePoint • Family Features • (BPT) Brandpoint Destiny • June Hurley Young Would you like to write for Senior Voice America? Please email SENIOR VOICE IS A PROUD MEMBER OF Better Living for Seniors The Guardian Association of Pinellas County The Florida Assisted Living Association Senior Voice America is published monthly and is distributed free of charge, courtesy of its advertisers. Distribution area includes Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Sarasota and Manatee counties. Articles and advertising contained in this issue do not necessarily reflect the opinion or endorsement of the publisher, who does not verify advertiser claims and reserves the right to refuse or discontinue any advertising.

Evan Gold


November 2017

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nation. So what do we do? Honestly, I am not sure. But I have a few ideas…better mental health testing and counseling, a database of those who own firearms, better background checks, better vetting of those who want to enter our country and keeping better track of immigrants and their activities. Oh, and if you are here on a visa and are a known criminal or gang member, you are sent packing. We don’t want or need you here if you have committed a felony. Ask yourself just one question..why did Obama not throw out those from MS-13, or other immigrants who were committing serious crimes? Some will say that fewer people go to church or synagogue or believe in a religion and that is why this is happening. But then, I remember, some of the worst atrocities in history have been perpetrated by “religious people.” While we mourn those poor parishioners in Texas, who were gunned down while practicing their faith, and those in NY who were run over, we need not to politicize this. We need to find answers to why this happened and work on feasible ways to stop this from reoccurring. We need our leaders to work together to figure out how to protect the citizenry from those who wish us to do harm. Because putting up more barriers and adding more police seems to only be costing us more money and lives are still being lost.

Novembers make me wistful. The year’s closing propels me forward to its ending even as memories pull me back through the time that came before. It is in that spirit that I again share this letter, first run during a years-ago November.

In the Wistful Almost-Winter

I stepped outside to find the sky stretching at its seams, full of thunderclouds and the thought of rain. Even the grass beneath my wellies shivered in the whipping wind. But this was not an hour for the indoors, for a cozy fire and a cup of tea. I was searching for shelter of a different sort. Away back on the edge of the cemetery that adjoins our property, a yew tree wraps its arms around neighboring laurels and tumbledown graves. As the wind kicked up and the first raindrops began to fall, I laid my hands against its massive trunk and slipped inside. I thought first about the years. About the centuries creaking in and about and around this tree, the millennia of dreamers and adventurers that had come before me. Yew trees hollow out over years like these, their interior trunks succumbing to rot and time while their branches continue to grow out and up. Some say the yew grew first in the Garden of Eden. Perhaps it was the Tree of Life itself, death and choice in a single seed. Some say it marked the terror and inscrutable uncertainty of passing from this world, long before Jesus came in answer. On down the years of human history the yew took on significance, and, for Christians, became a powerful symbol of resurrection. It is green in

every season, and its scarlet berries can end life even as the tree regenerates after every attempt to subdue it. You can prune a yew for lifetimes and never tame it. There in the heart of this ancient tree, as the storm began in earnest, I sat spellbound by the wonder of my being here at all—here inside a yew that has stood watch over village churches for more than a thousand years. I rested in this cradle of safety, carved out over centuries, while death and life raged simultaneously all around me. I don’t know which stories are true about yew trees. All I know is that there is a shelter somehow within and outside of time and that He has a name. There is impossible hope, hope that drives a fierce determination to withstand, to struggle, to grow. And somehow we see it when we see this tree. “Time past and time future allow but a little consciousness. To be conscious is not to be in time. But only in time can the moment in the arbour where the rain beat be remembered…Only through time time is conquered.” –T.S. Eliot

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Trump's Accomplishments

Lauren Potts

In less than one year, President Trump has many accomplishments and by the time he has served 8 years he will have surpassed most previous presidents and will be rated along with FDR and Reagan. Some of his accomplishments are surging economy, stock market gains, more jobs, border and military security, ISIS, MS-13, Supreme Court appointee and replacing regulations established by President Obama, the worst president in history. All of these accomplishments were done without any help from the party of NO, the Democratic party. President Trump has already begun to "drain the swamp" and several RINO's have said that they will not run for re-election and plan to retire. CHUCK GRAHAM Pinellas Park





Second Thoughts About Second Opinions By Jean Mlincek

I hate getting second opinions on medical issues. Hate it, hate it, hate it! I mean, your doctor gets X-rays, BluRays, ultrasound, MRIs, Cat Scans, Dog Sniffing Services and you— what?!—don’t trust his findings after all that? Then there’s the eternal wait to even schedule a second opinion. Whatever the first diagnosis was could very well be a moot point by the time you get to see a second doctor. I also hate when the second doctor concurs with the first doctor’s opinion, but, then, I hate when he doesn’t, because I feel a tinge of betrayal to the first. I mean, does the original guy KNOW I am seeing someone else? Let’s be honest. The problem with getting a second opinion is the fact that it is never just a second opinion. Whenever I have a malady, I ask my sister what she thinks. I ask my friends. I ask the mail carrier. I ask the Wichita Lineman. In other words, I don’t just get a second opinion; I get hundreds of opinions. Every time.

And everyone has a different opinion, natch, which leaves the inquiring mind even more confused: “Oh, I wouldn’t trust THAT doctor!” “Next to Jesus, he’s the best physician around.” “He prescribed WHAT?” “He‘s worth the drive to Tallahassee.” “My brother had those symptoms and dropped dead of a blood clot two days after seeing that doctor.” Gulp. Come on! In this day of medical advances, why are we even put in the position of thinking we need a second opinion? Whatever happened to, “take two aspirins and get plenty of bed rest?” I can’t remember the last time a doctor put a tongue depressor in my mouth and told me to say, “ahhh.” Now, it seems doctors can’t find out what’s wrong with you without total reliance on radiation. I should feel radiant after all I have been exposed to. Invariably, the second-opinion doctor wants to do his own battery of tests, even if you bring an MRI from the first guy that was done a mere week ago. That never sits well with me. If doctors don’t trust these incredible (and expensive) body scans, how can we? I have had more pictures

taken of my knee than Kim Kardashian has posted selfies, and that’s a lot! There’s something terribly disconcerting about the term “opinion” when it comes to the need for surgery, and I am talking both the first AND the second opinion. I can understand asking a hubby, “Red dress or black dress?” But it is pretty unnerving to say, “So, whaddayathink, doc? Kidney or no kidney?” In reality, when we seek a medical second opinion, we are technically questioning a diagnosis by the original doctor, which we all should pray is more than just an opinion! One diagnosis is enough for me. Who in their right mind would want two? I have discovered that many patients don’t even heed the first-opinion doctor, let alone a second. “My doctor told me I needed total knee replacement…five years ago.” “I’ve lived with this for 18 years; I’m not about to undergo surgery at this stage of my life!” Then there’s the most ignored doctor’s opinion on the planet, “You MUST lose some weight!” Personally, I don’t like getting an opinion I did not ask for, let alone a second, third, and fourth, but no less than four of

my doctors (primary-care physician, cardiologist, orthopedic doctor, and podiatrist) have rendered that exact “you need to lose weight” opinion in my presence. Funny, but I have never asked my sister, my friends, my mail carrier, or the Wichita Lineman what they thought of that one! I'm beginning to have the opinion that second opinions aren't a good idea after all.

Jean Mlincek is a freelance writer who resides in St. Petersburg, Fla.





4 Key Ways A Balanced Lifestyle Will Make You Happier And Healthier As You Age by Jane Sandwood We all have different areas of our lives on which we focus during the day. Some examples are relationships, career, mental health, physical health, and spirituality. Keeping these in balance is an essential part of leading a healthy lifestyle. The focal areas of your life shift as you grow older. In your younger years, for example, did you put in 40 hours at the office each week while juggling raising a family and staying fit? You will find that, once you retire and the children move out, the components of your daily focus completely change. Even though your focus areas have shifted, it is still important to maintain balance in your life. This will help you stay happy and healthy as you age. Here’s why. The four ways balance benefits you Here are four ways that a balanced lifestyle leads to health and happiness as you reach your golden years. 1. Longevity A well-balanced social life is a key factor in healthy aging. Research shows that people with healthy relationships tend to live longer than those who live in isolation or surrounded by unhealthy relationships. 2. Lower risk of heart attack The balance between work and play leads to a healthier heart: One study found that men who didn’t vacation were 32 percent more likely to have a heart attack than those who did. Take a vacation and protect your heart! 3. Improved mood Physical exercise has been shown to release endorphins into the brain, and endorphins are tied to feeling of happiness. When you lead a balanced

life, you maintain exercise habits regardless of what is happening in other areas of your life. You will have to adjust your exercise routine as you age, but it should still be a regular part of the day. 4. Health in old age Keep physical health on your list of priorities. People who do not neglect their physical health live longer. In addition to simply living longer, those last years are more likely to be healthy ones. One recent study reported that U.S. adults who did not drink, smoke, and were not obese lived seven healthy years longer on average than those who neglected their health.

What is the right balance for me? Over the years, the focal areas in your life may have shifted. Look at your life now and see what has changed or if something fell off of your radar entirely. For example, when you stopped participating in school fundraisers for your children, did a large part of your social life disappear? Define these areas of your life, and then check in with them once or twice a year as you continue to age. Where is your focus during the day? Is anything getting neglected? How can you fix it? If you notice spirituality is being neglected, for example, order a book on a subject that allows you to meditate on your spiritual

practices, and read it for an hour in the morning or evening.

A well-balanced life leads to hap-

piness and health. We’ve seen that balance provides critical benefits like protecting your heart, and helping you live longer. As you age and your surroundings, schedule, body, and family life all change, be sure to check in with the balance in your lifestyle. This way, you can catch any problem areas quickly. Jane Sandwood is a freelance editor.





7 Steps to Rid Ourselves of Remorse by Dr. Wesley Pool During our career-building years, most of us stay preoccupied within a vortex of habitual routines. I was driven to be the best I could be in academics, raising a family, competitive bodybuilding, financial affairs, and entrepreneurial ventures, with an insatiable appetite to learn and experience nearly everything. Through midlife, my mind stayed fixated on tasks to be performed, affording little time for remorse. Our lives change as we age, however, slowing our ambition and becoming more introspective. For the most part, this is good. We begin to see an enlarged picture of the life-history we have built. We now view our lives more topographically, examining both our successes and our failures. I have found this to be true for myself and for many of my clients. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines remorse as “a gnawing distress arising from a sense of guilt for past wrongs; self-reproach.” As we mature in longevity, most of us learn to give up resentments against others who have wronged us, because we generally discover that such antipathies never really bring us peace. Forgiving ourselves for actions that wounded us or others is far harder.

One of the scientists who has researched this matter meticulously is psychologist Fred Luskin, Ph.D., director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Project. Luskin has conducted studies and workshops on forgiveness for years. He has worked with men who have cheated on their wives, wives who have cheated on their husbands, kids who have dumped their parents, parents who have dumped their kids, and much worse cases. Amazingly, the biggest obstacle Luskin has found to self-forgiveness may be the tendency we have to "wallow in our own guilt.” "It's not just that we feel bad be-

cause we know we've done wrong," Luskin said, “but some of us draw those bad feelings around ourselves like a blanket, cover our heads, and refuse to stop the wailing.” We may have made decisions at the time based on our best information and intentions, only to find out later that some of our decisions were completely selfish, made too hastily, or brought harm to ourselves or others. Many times, this realization fuels bouts of remorse, personalizing all the fault. This condition is not to our physiological or psychological benefit. Rather, it steals our joy in life and shatters our character. Some bad experiences in our

Affordable Care

lives can live on within our memories, spontaneously popping up to ruin our day. So how can we stop the juggernaut of remorse? There is a process that we can enact to rid ourselves of remorse. Examining this process, I have learned that we can break this self-destructive psychological cycle in seven steps: 1.) Remember every detail you possibly can about your actions that have brought about the remorse. Honestly probe into why you committed the behavior in the first place. 2.) Although you may attempt to explain such behavior with justifications, you must give this up so that you may heal and enjoy life again. 3.) If the remorse is tied to damaging actions against others, you should contact the persons (if possible) who were hurt by your actions and ask for their forgiveness. 4.) Fully realize that you have changed. 5.) Promise yourself never to commit the same wounding actions again in your lifetime. 6.) Unequivocally and completely forgive yourself for the wrongful action. 7.) Close the book on this memory, and vow to never entertain that sad and humiliating memory again. Starting with ourselves, let’s make the world a happier place.

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Taking Responsibility for Health

Dr. Anthony J. Adams, DDS, PA To be healthy people, we must recognize the facts and be responsible. Genetics may be involved. Lifestyle and nutritional choices are factors we must control. To assume that all food we purchase in the marketplace is nutritious, nourishing or good for us is a mistake. To believe a pharmaceutical medicine automatically addresses the cause of an illness may also be incorrect. Pharmaceutical medicine commonly does not address the causes of illness; in most cases, it addresses the symptoms. There is no solution in any government mandated healthcare legislation. Our governing agencies are arguing

about money and control, not wellness. An affordable wellness system implemented would address the true cause or disease. It would educate. It would address the relationship between the FDA, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the centralized medical industry initiated and controlled be John D Rockefeller in the early 20th century to present. With access to information thru the Internet, more and more people are willing and wanting to sift thru the misinformation to discuss the truth. More and more health care providers are also looking for cause. These are valuable people. They are courageous to stand in the establishment and seek, when there can be conflict between what they were taught and what they find. I know because many physicians are open to alternatives and I work with them. I have found new truths in dentistry that are in conflict with what I was taught decades ago. Things do change, but so slow. All I can say is be responsible to your self. Do not assume

others will. Many people come to my office seeking second opinions, I see many diverse situations, and I offer this advice. In choosing your healthcare provider consider 4 questions. First; what education did the provider have and continue to have? Second; How much experience do they have? Third, very important what is their agenda? Fourth; What does your intuitive heart tell you? Remember the title “Doctor” does not mean healer. Only God Heals! “Doctor” means leader and/or teacher. I teach our patients that the least treatment that achieves the desired result is the best treatment. I believe this is true dentistry and medicine. If you come to our office expect a warm, caring reception. Also expect a lot of attention on your total body health as I know you cannot have oral health with illness elsewhere. Oral health and total body health cannot be separated. Poor gum health has been associated with diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory diseases, osteoporosis and others. I do not practice medicine. I practice dentistry and work with phy-

sicians who know and appreciate the value to the patient when a dentist and physician work together to achieve oral health and total body health. Healthy Body Dental, Anthony J. Adams, DDS, PA, is located in the Cypress Point Shopping Center, 25877 U.S. Hwy. 19 N., Clearwater, (727) 799-3123, www. Hours of Service: Monday-Thursday 8-5pm.

Getting Back to Basics: The Lost Art of Writing Things Down StatePoint In this digital age, you may go days without using a pen and paper, but there are many reasons to skip the devices and stick to writing things down the old-fashioned way. From staying organized to planning your week to tracking career growth, here are a few things to take note of when it comes to taking notes. • Taking notes in longhand can help you retain more information, suggests a study from Princeton University and UCLA. Taking notes makes you more likely to process the information and reframe it in your own words. Further, your notepad likely contains fewer distractions than your laptop, tablet, or phone. • Look professional and stay organized at your next interview or meeting. Taking notes will make you look engaged and interested in what is happening, and a professional planner and/or notebook are must-have workplace accessories. Brands like AT-A-GLANCE offer professional yet stylish planners, matching desk pads, notepads, and wall calendars in a variety of styles and formats. Visit for organizational inspiration. • Making comments in your notebook or planner helps you become

the publisher of your story, capturing your life’s moments along the way. These are tools that help you look back on events in a tangible way. • Rid yourself of the ever-present stress that comes with a busy life. Seeing everything written down will

give you a sense of control. You will feel confident in knowing you have it all set, and keeping a record of your tasks in one location gives you an easy, organized way to get a grasp on your days. • Using a planner to track your

schedule can actually help you find missing time. You will have a better grasp on what is coming up and may even see a break that leaves you time to schedule dinner with a friend, try that new recipe you’ve been craving, or time to search for that special birthday present you need for the party this weekend. • Increase productivity by maximizing the 24 hours that you have. Seeing everything on paper will help you plan and prioritize. Having “scheduled downtime” can help you to know when to go full steam ahead and when to take a break and unwind for a bit. • Tracking in one place can also help prevent committing to things you can’t do. Wall calendars for the house are a great tracking tool for multiple schedules, helping day-today tasks run more smoothly. • Whether you’re planning a wedding or a work conference, a planner is among the most important assets you can use to aid your efforts, helping you keep track of all the details, large and small. Find a favorite pen and a favorite planner, and get back to basics. It may have been a little while since you relied on paper, but writing things down helps you keep better track of life’s little details.





The Connection Between Joy and Travel Family Features Many facets of travel – the anticipation, the experience and even the return trip – can enhance your mood. It can create an element of the unexpected and give you the opportunity to gain new, memorable experiences. To explore the connection between happiness and travel, and what makes a destination joyous, Bank of America, Condé Nast Traveler and happiness expert Shawn Achor created “The Joy Index.” Achor delved into the psychology of experiences that awe people and the physiology of adventure to explain the relationship between joy and travel, and identified the 10 most joyous places in the world. He also shared the following tips on how to Photo Courtesy of Getty Images make travel attainable and maximize the joy of your vacations: “The new experiences we have Making Travel Attainable when we travel help us gain perspec- Achor stressed that happiness can Predictors of Happiness tive and remind us that the world is be cultivated wherever you are, but The Joy Index combined Achor’s bigger than our everyday problems,” studies on travel and happiness with Achor said. “Another reason why existing research from organiza- traveling makes us joyful is the contions, including the United Nations nection we experience. Traveling aland Gallup, to identify six “happi- lows us to disconnect from our evness factors” based on the psychol- eryday lives and reconnect with the ogy of joy and travel: environment, friends and family we are traveling wellbeing, culture, connection, ad- with, as well as locals we meet along venture and wonder. These six fac- the way.” tors, which encompass everything from weather to geography and lo- Maximizing Joy on Vacation cal food to the friendliness of the Remembering to be grateful is culture, can have an impact on the crucial for staying in the moment joy experienced when visiting a des- and finding joy in your trips. tination. “Try to think about how lucky “The three greatest predictors of we are to travel and experience the happiness are gratitude, social con- world. When things don’t go your nection and meaning,” Achor said. way, such as an inconvenient rainy “If you have an amazing life but are day, see it as an opportunity to make not grateful for it, you do not have your experience even more memoaccess to happiness. These three rable,” Achor said. things scientifically improve hap- Putting yourself out there and piness, but not just for a moment – engaging with the local culture can they change the lens through which also be crucial for maximizing the you view the world.” joy of traveling. “Learning about different stoTravel’s Effect on Happiness ries of people with different cultures Travel allows you to discover than our own helps us realize and something completely new and understand some of the cool simiunique, which is why it can bring so larities we share and interesting difmuch joy. According to Achor, the ferences based on our backgrounds,” human brain craves novelty. Achor said.

to get the most out of a vacation, planning is crucial. Even though traveling can help increase happiness, many opt out of going on trips because of the cost. This, too, is where planning can help. One way travelers can start saving up for their next vacation is by using a travel rewards credit card like the Bank of America Travel Rewards credit card, which lets you earn points on all purchases that can be redeemed toward travel-related purchases. Your morning coffee and other everyday purchases can help get you closer and closer to affording a joyful vacation. To learn more about The Joy Index, including the most joyful travel destinations in the world for 2017, visit





Managing High Blood Pressure During the Holidays Family Features Managing blood pressure can be difficult, especially during the holidays and winter months. A change in routine, family visits, traveling, illness, holiday menus, and financial concerns can all conspire to derail your best efforts at keeping chronic conditions like high blood pressure under control. If you are one of the millions of U.S. adults with high blood pressure, it is vital to keep your blood pressure stable. Drastic changes can put you at risk for heart attack or stroke. Here are three ways to control your blood pressure throughout the holiday season, from the American Heart Association: Be Wary of Decongestants Decongestants are in many over-the-counter cold and flu medications, but they have some harmful side effects. They can raise blood pressure and decrease the effectiveness of some prescribed bloodpressure medications. It’s best to use them for the shortest duration possible and to avoid them if you have severe or uncontrolled hypertension. Consider alternative therapies, such as nasal saline, intranasal corticosteroids, or antihistamines, as appropriate.

Association, a 4.2 percent increase in heart-related deaths occurs from Dec. 25-Jan. 7. “Factors like cold weather, sudden increase in activity like shoveling snow, stress, and dietary indiscretion can contribute to a chain of events leading to more stress on the heart during the winter months, potentially triggering a heart attack or other cardiac event,” said Jorge Plutzky, M.D., director of preventive cardiology at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and a volunteer with the American Heart AssociaKeep Track of Medication The winter months tend to bring tion. an increase in both heart attacks and It is vital to keep track of your strokes. According to research from medication and take it as prethe Journal of the American Heart scribed by your doctor to decrease

chances of heart attack and stroke. The American Heart Association’s Check Change Control Tracker is one way to monitor your health, as it allows you to set up text message reminders, text in blood-pressure readings, connect with volunteers or providers, and receive messages from volunteers or providers. Maintain Healthy Eating Habits The holidays can be a bad influence on healthy eating habits. However, it is important to stay active during these times and continue eating healthy. While you are enjoying holiday feasts with family, be aware of sodium, often found in seasonal foods like bread, cheeses, and

prepared meats, which can increase blood pressure. Don’t feel like you can’t indulge a little, but make sure to incorporate healthy meals. Staying active while traveling can be a challenge as well. Try bringing simple exercise equipment like a jump rope or resistance band with you. Consider walking to sights or restaurants nearby or finding a local park or indoor walking path. For more information and tools about blood pressure management, visit Bayer’s Consumer Health Division, maker of Coricidin HBP, is a sponsor of the American Heart Association’s High Blood Pressure website.

Sharon W Jones Medicare Specialist Insurance Professional You have Questions I have the Answers

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Email: Website:





THE SOUTH PASADENA COMMUNITY BAND - FREE CONCERT The South Pasadena Community Band honors the nation and its veterans during its next FREE concert on November 2nd at 7:30 P.M. inside the South Pasadena City Hall at 7047 Sunset Drive South. The music program titled “America, The Beautiful” will feature a medley that salutes the armed forces, “American Patrol”, a moving arrangement from the motion picture “Gettysburg”, along with marches and other memorable tunes. You can find the complete program music list at upcoming-program/. Please join this talented band of 40+ excellent volunteer musicians for an evening of enjoyable music. South Pasadena Band Concerts 2017-2018 All concerts @ 7:30 PM December 13 – Treasure Island Community Center January 31 – Treasure Island Community Center March 7 – Treasure Island Community Center April 11 – Treasure Island Community Center May 17 – South Pasadena City Hall FRIDAY MORNING MUSICALE - 2017 PERFORMANCES The Friday Morning Musicale (FMM) of Tampa has opened its 2017-18 season with the new sounds of the MUSIKONG KAWAYAN BAMBOO ENSENBLE introducing to the Tampa audience the earthy and harmonious tones of its bamboo ensemble, plus the rich voice of Vic Omila, baritone. Musical Director Nhick Ramiro Pacis directed the 19 strong musicians seamlessly. The FMM wishes to invite you to the rest of its 2017 performances. The Club meets the first Friday of months October through June (except in January) at 10 AM followed by FREE performances at 11 AM. There is an optional lunch for $7 after 12 noon. Please call and let us know you wish to attend. Attached please find the 2017 upcoming events. FRIDAY MORNING MUSICALE Since 1902- 2017 Performances December 1, 2017, Variety Show of Music, Song and Dance by all the talents of the Friday Morning Musicale Members, Dee Lobo, Coordinator. 809 W. Horatio St. Tampa, Fl 33606, (813) 251-1990 PAW ART PULSE GALLERY “DARKO’S DEN” October 27-December 15, 2017 PAW ART PULSE Gallery @ Pinellas Ale Works And Funky As A Monkey Art Studio ANNOUNCES NEW EXHIBIT: St. Petersburg, FL: Pinellas Ale Works, PAW ART PULSE GALLERY, 1962 1st Avenue South, St. Pete announces the latest exhibit “DARKO’S DEN”, the art of Darko. The opening reception for DARKO’S DEN is Friday, October 27, and is FREE and open to the public. If you miss the opening reception, DARKO’S DEN” will be exhibited through December 15. Darko is a renaissance man with multiple interests and his employment as a Senior Airman and weather tracker stationed at MacDill Air Force Base. Of his work Darko states, “I capture dynamic vistas inspired by cognitive images translated into creativity.” A full-time meteorologist, Darko grew up in Long Island and joined the Air Force in hopes of traveling and seeing the world. Art became his passion, which he pursued when he discovered his ‘dark paradise” through his plein air work in acrylics, spray paint and mixed media. His practiced techniques convey a sharp, controlled and detailed imagery which mimic his everyday life...full of danger, change and exploding atmospheres which splash onto his canvases through his confidence and bravado. Darko enjoys all aspects of art, creating animated figures, scenic minimalism and art

deco. In between tracking hurricanes throughout this exceptionally busy hurricane season Darko managed to take time off from Irma to create his provocative images, just in time for Halloween. “I have nothing to lose, nothing to gain and nothing I desire anymore, except to make my life into a work of art.” In this endeavor, Darko certainly succeeds, as all who visit his explosive art can attest to in this important exhibit “DARKO’S DEN”. Darko’s art can be further enjoyed and purchased through his website, and his instagram, ARTIST DARKO. Enjoy PAW’s fresh and delicious brews, food truck fare, games, music, outdoor beer garden and more! FREE ADMISSION, Family and Pet friendly, PAW has now extended it’s hours and is open EVERY DAY. Hours are: Mondays-Tuesdays, 3-9pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 3-10pm, Fridays 3-midnight, Saturdays, noon to midnight and Sundays, noon to 8pm. Tim Gibbons, curator of PAW ART PULSE GALLERY as well as several downtown Tampa and St. Petersburg restaurant and brewery galleries can be followed on Instagram gibbons2823, Facebook: Funky As A Monkey Art Studio and Tim Gibbons and Jayne Lisbeth of Funky As A Monkey Art Studio are passionate in supporting the arts in our community. Artists interested in displaying their art can contact Tim at tim@ VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR HOLIDAY LIGHTS IN THE GARDENS EVENT Pinellas County News Release: Volunteers are needed for Holiday Lights. More than 450 are wanted to make holiday fundraising event a success. The Florida Botanical Gardens Foundation is seeking volunteers to staff multiple positions and shifts during the annual Holiday Lights in the Gardens event from Friday, Nov. 24 through Sunday, Dec. 31. Volunteers can choose one or more shifts that run nightly from 5 - 9:15 p.m. More than 450 volunteers are wanted as entertainers, greeters and gift cart attendants during the five-week event. The foundation is looking for talented musicians, dancers and performers to provide entertainment that enhances the excitement and joy of the season. Volunteer greeters will welcome visitors, accept donations, stamp hands and provide directions. Gift cart volunteers will sell holiday-themed items from an outdoor gift cart. For more information and to volunteer, contact the Florida Botanical Gardens Foundation at, or call (727) 582-2247. Since 2000, the Florida Botanical Gardens Foundation has brought the magic of the holidays to Pinellas County residents and visitors with the Holiday Lights in the Garden event, which is the foundation’s largest fundraising event of the year. Every dollar raised goes to maintenance and improvements to the gardens, as well as maintaining and bringing new, exciting displays for next year’s Holiday Lights event. The Florida Botanical Gardens is located at 12520 Ulmerton Road in Largo, with an alternate entrance at 12211 Walsingham Road. The gardens are open from 7 a.m. until dusk every day, with free admission during daylight hours. For more information about the Florida Botanical Gardens, visit, or call (727) 582-2100. Videos of previous Holiday Lights events can be found at

Sign up to receive email updates on the exhibit at www. ET CULTURA November 15 to 19 - St. Petersburg, FL Music, Film, Art, Makers, Yoga, Interactive Festival Various Times and Locations. MAYOR'S LUNCH TRUCK FOOD TUCK RALLY November 15 William's Park - St. Petersburg Every Third Weds. - Mayor's Lunch Truck It Food Truck Rally, Williams Park, 330 2nd Ave N, St. Petersburg. 11 am to 2 pm. Bring your sunnies and hungry tummies to Williams Park every third Wednesday for lunch! Enjoy a variety of choices from your favorite participating food trucks presented by The Gulf to Bay Food Truck Association. Bookings: 813-810-0216 ST. PETE 2017 CHILLOUNGE NIGHT Saturday, November 18 - 6:00 PM-11:00 PM North Straub Park, 400 Bayshore Dr. NE. Expect the unexpected at Chillounge Night's St. Petersburg 10 Anniversary Party! The anniversary party will feature all the stylistic and cool vibe these events have become known for throughout Florida. The magnificent waterfront view of Straub Park will be the backdrop for the ultimate outdoor lounge party. Hundreds of chic daybeds, cabanas and outdoor furnishings will transform the area into a cozy and comfortable setting for thousands to enjoy a festive evening of food, drink and entertainment. Must be 21 to attend. Each stunning performance will be captured live and broadcast onto a state of the art LED Wall using HD Video Streaming and making the performances come alive no matter where you are at this spectacular event. ST. PETE RUN RUN FEST 2017 November 18 and 19 - St. Petersburg Downtown St. Petersburg and waterfront, location varies. 9 am to 4 pm Health & Fitness Market The St. Pete Run Fest will be a twoday festival featuring the St. Pete Half Marathon, Sunshine City 5K, Kids Run, and Health & Fitness Market, which will include live music, local craft beer and food, artisans, and entertainers. The festival will draw thousands of runners and their families to downtown St. Pete, providing a significant economic boost for local businesses and charities. The St. Pete Half Marathon will highlight all that is spectacular about St. Pete. The course begins on the waterfront next to the world-renowned Salvador Dali Museum, the then it heads up Central Avenue, with its unique shops and restaurants, past Tropicana Field (home of the MLB Tampa Bay Rays), and through the Grand Central, Edge and Warehouse Arts districts. The Sunshine City 5K will feature St. Pete’s beautiful waterfront, and will be a fundraiser for the St. Petersburg Free Clinic (SPFC) Food Pantry. As part of their Miles for Meals program, Endorfun Sports LLC will donate $1 per mile run (up to $3 per runner) to the SPFC Food Pantry for all 5K participants. In partnership with the Healthy St. Pete initiative, the 5K will also be a vehicle to encourage the health and fitness of St. Pete residents.

YOGA CRAFTART FESTIVAL Sunday, November 12 and 26 - 1:00 PM Nov. 18 10am-5pm • Nov. 19 10am-4pm $7.50, First Class FREE! Increase your strength and flexSt. Petersburg ibility using yoga postures. All levels. Ages 18 and up. Boyd The crossroads of Central Ave. and 5th Street in St. PetersHill Nature Preserve, 1101 Country Club Way South St. burg, Florida CraftArt is a nonprofit organization reprePetersburg, FL 33705, 727-893-7326 senting the contemporary fine craft artists of Florida. The annual CraftArt Festival is a two-day contemporary craft REBEL, JEDI, PRINCESS, QUEEN: STAR WARS AND THE POWER OF COSTUME festival produced by Florida CraftArt, featuring the best November 11 to April 1, 2018 fine craft artists in the country. http://www.floridacraftart. Museum of Fine Arts 255 Beach Drive NE, St. Petersburg, org/ FL View 61 handcrafted costumes SHOPAPALOOZA PART I and concept drawings by top professionals in the film industry, on loan from the archives of the Lucas Museum Saturday, November 18 - 10 am to 5 pm of Narrative Art, founde by Star Wars creator and film- South Straub Park, 198 Bayshore Dr. NE, St. Petersburg, maker George Lucas. Included in the exhibit are he robes FL.; www.shopapaloozafestival. of Jedi masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker, com. Launch the holiday shopping season! Our biggest Darth Vader's armor, the hirsute Chewbacca costume event of the year brings together locally owned shops, resmade with yak hair and mohair, the storm trooper cara- taurants, art galleries, service providers, and community pace, elaborate gowns of Queen Amidala, Queen Jamil- organizations offering great shopping discounts! Join us lia and their handmaidens, the outfits of senators Bail for prizes and surprises during the 8th annual LocalShops1 Organa, Mon Mothma and Mas Amedda, and the armor community festival, featuring more local businesses, artof bounty hunters Jango Fett, Boba Fett and Zam Wesell. ists, food trucks and nonprofits! Estimated attendance is




SENIOR HAPPENINGS 5,000+ shoppers each day. Shopapalooza returns on November 25 for more great fun and savings!! FREE ADMISSION! SR GOLF EVERY WEDNESDAY ON ROTATING COURSES Sr. Sports offers golfing every Wednesday at rotating courses. Have fun and meet new golfing friends! We play all over Pasco & Hillsbourough Counties/courses.For more information call Walt Bockmiller at 813527-8211 or email him at! HIDDEN SPRINGS ALE WORKS PRESENTS: CHANGING SEASONS November 17 - January 5, 2018 • 7:00 PM Tampa 1631 N. Franklin Street, Tampa Heights, Tampa, Florida. Opening Reception: November 17, 7-10pm. The latest Hidden Springs Ale Works presents CHANGING SEASONS, the work of nine artists, November 17-January 5, 2018. Opening reception is Friday, November 17, 7-closing. Our newest artists begin with Dorothy “Dore” Anderson, whose sensational work in paint and collage, from traditional to steampunk, explode from her canvases. Dore, an experienced exhibitor and artist has curated and exhibited at the the Carrollwood Cultural Center, and has served on the NTAL Board. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout the Tampa Bay area and beyond. Linda Leckey displays her giacometti-esque, poetic bold and energetic impressionistic paintings. Linda is a follower of the Russian Romantic Anarchy art movement and finds special inspiration in Nikolai Fechin and Leonid Gervits. Maggie Arnold has exhibited her magnificent botanic painting from Washington to Florida. Maggie portrays the flora of our world in sensitive and meticulous life-like paintings. Jodi Loson, photographer as well as an artist of collage and found objects, finds her inspiration through musical sensory experiences, abstract expressionism and impressionism. Jodyi exhibits her “altered state” photographs through her mission to create degrees of self-consciousness and self-awareness through her photographs. We are fortunate to be once again exhibiting the art of Judy Bales, master printmaker. Judy’s career began with her vocation of Graphic Design in the world of advertising and publishing. Judy displays her talent in well defined and expertly created prints ranging from animal and sea life to religious expression. Terry Klaaren’s art is a representation of over 20 years of world-wide travel. In the USA Terry has focused on over 50 National Parks, Monuments,

sites of historical interest and natural beauty. Terry, a true plein air artist, sets up his easel to paint scenes on site in all their natural beauty. Kirsten Matteson’s artistic interpretations are created from personal experiences taken from her photographs which she then transforms into unique mixed media, utilizing semiA HOLLY JOLLY BREAKFAST! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE precious gemstone mosaics and acrylic paint. Other FOR IMMEDIATE November 7, SantaRELEASE is2017coming to Safety Harbor for Breakfast with San7, 2017 returning artists are Tim Gibbons with his exploding November A Holly Jolly Breakfast! ta. This event takes place at the Florida Sheriff ’s Youth Ranch wild and imaginative images and Goose Pekarek, reA Holly Jolly Breakfast! Santa is coming to Safety Harbor for Breakfast with Santa. This event takes place at the Florida Sheriff’s Enterprise Rd E.) This takes place9on December 9 from turning to display her work in charcoal and photogra-Santa is(3180 Youth Ranch (3180 Enterprise Rd E.) This takes place on December from 9:00-10:30am and costs $6 coming to Safety Harbor for Breakfast with Santa. This event takes place at the Florida Sheriff’s per child and $3 per adult. This event is appropriate for children age 11 years and youger. (3180 Enterprise Rd E.) This takes $6 placeper on December 9 from 9:00-10:30am and costs $6This phy. All art on exhibit is available for sale. Tim withYouth Ranch 9:00-10:30am and costs child and $3 per adult. and $3 perwith adult. This event is appropriate forones children 11 what yearsthey andwant youger. Breakfast Santa is the perfect time for little to tellage Santa under their tree while his wife, Jayne Lisbeth are passionate in their supportper childevent appropriate for children age 11they years and youger. enjoyingis a delicious holiday-themed breakfast. Space is limited and pre-registration is required. Breakfast with Santa is the perfect time for little ones to tell Santa what want under their tree while of our local arts community and art in public places.enjoying aFor delicious holiday-themed breakfast. Spaceis is limited and pre-registration required. Breakfast with theat 727-724-1530. perfect timeis for little ones more information, contact the Santa Community Center For more information, or if you are an artist interFor more information, contact the Community Center 727-724-1530. to tell what they want under their tree while For moreSanta REAL Fun! events and classes, check at out or likeenjoying us on ested in exhibiting your work, please contact tim@ Facebook by searching Safety Harbor Recreation to keep up with all the exciting things we have going on! Or, Fun! pick up your copy of REAL: Recreation, Events, Arts, and Leisure Magazine at anyusSafety a delicious holiday-themed breakfast. Space is limited and For more REAL events and classes, check out or like on Harbor, 813.231.2579, jaynelisbeth@Facebook city facility. Safety Harbor Recreation to keep up with all the exciting things we have going by searching pre-registration is required. on! Or, pick up your copy of REAL: Recreation, Events, Arts, and Leisure Magazine at any Safety Harbor SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS AND OUR ### city facility. For more information, contact the ARTS COMMUNITY! TAMPA BAY DANCE CLUB Dances Every Friday Night Music to the 50's, 60's, 70's, Latin & Country Western. We like to be referred to as "The Senior America Bandstand". BYOB, Snacks & Setups available at reasonable prices. Everyone is welcome to attend. Dress code casual. November Schedule: 11/03 Music by DJMike Unwin - Cha-Cha Dance Lesson 6:30 to 7:30 pm; 11/10 Music by DJ-Joey Royal - Veterans Day Celebration. Bring finger food to share. 11/17 Music by True Identity Band - Latin Night - Dance Lesson Salsa 6:30 to 7:30 pm - Cuban Sandwiches; 11/24 Music by DJJeremy Eubanks - Music of the 60's & 70's. Doors open @ 7pm, Dance starts @ 7:30 to 10:30 pm, Admission is: $10.00 Non-Members / $8.00 Members. Location: 5601 Hanley Road, Town N Country (33615) 2 story building behind Family of Christ West Church. For more information, call Roger @ 813-390-7160.

### Community Center at 727-724-1530. For more REAL Fun! events and classes, check out or like us on Facebook by searching Safety Harbor Recreation to keep up with all the exciting things we have going on! Or, pick up your copy of REAL: Recreation, Events, Arts, and Leisure Magazine at any Safety Harbor city facility.

Dr. Bonnie Sanchez, DPM, ABPM

Dr. Gregory Cook, DPM

A Season Of Award Winning Dramas STOP YOUR FOOT PAIN! by June Hurley Young

It all begins Nov. 18, when Asolo Repertory Theatre opens the 2017-2018 season with Andrew Lloyd Webber's magnificent musical, “Evita.” Eva Peron used her beauty and charisma to rise from poverty to become the first lady of Argentina at the age of 27. She was the angel of the poor, providing them with free medical care by forcing physicians and surgeons to donate their services. They called her Santa Evita. One of the most famous political figures, she traveled worldwide. Her life was short, but the poor will never forget her. “Shakespeare in Love” opens Jan. 12, 2018. It's the stage version of the Academy-Award-winning film. Critics promise that it is “an absolute joy from beginning to end.”

Two unusual comedies are added to the revolving repertory schedule in January and February. “Morning After Grace” explores life in the autumn years as Angus and Abigail discover that love is ageless. Next comes “Rhinoceros,” a farce and a tragedy. In March the blockbuster “Roe” concerns the young lawyer who argues her case in the Supreme Court unleashing the controversy still politically sensitive today. Spring brings three outstanding productions, “Gloria,” “Ragtime,” and “Jungle Book.”

FOOT PAIN RELIEF WITH A GENTLE TOUCH BY BOARD CERTIFIED FOOT SPECIALIST! Our expert Podiatrists quickly and effectively help you with your foot pain; FOOT, ANKLE, TOE AND TOENAIL Now Featuring: Prosthetic Nails - making ugly nails beautiful in one treatment.

Offering you and your loved ones: Diabetic Foot Exams, Custom Orthotics, Braces and not so ugly Orthopedic Shoes. If you experience, Joint problems: Ankle Sprains, Bunions, Crooked Bent Toes, Arthritis or Gout, we can help you. If you have skin or nail problems: Athlete’s Foot, Thick, Ugly or Discolored Nails, Dry Cracked Heels or Warts or other ugly spots, we can help you. Achilles’ Tendon, Heel, Arch or Ball of your foot Pain; we can help you. Burning, Numbness or Tingling, we can help minimize your awful symptoms. Walking Problems; Unsteady Gait or Balance, please call us so, we can help you!

It's possible to subscribe, and select your seat at preseason prices by calling (941) 351-8000. Asolo Rep is on the grounds of the Ringling Museum, 5555 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34243.

With any problem we get you out of pain as soon as possible and then work on the root of your problem! For Quick Effective Relief of Your Foot Pain — CALL NOW!

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Tips to Reduce Holiday Spending, Without Cutting Back on Cheer StatePoint Amid the merriment of the holiday season is a hard reality -- nearly six in 10 Americans don’t have enough savings to afford an unexpected expense like a $500 car repair or $1000 emergency room bill, according to a Bank survey conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associations International. While 83 percent of U.S. consumers are expected to spend $1,189 this holiday season, an amount equal to or more than they spent last year, there is no reason to enter the new year in bad financial standing if you do some smart planning and spend wisely. Here are some great ways to reduce your seasonal spending, without cutting back on the cheer. Know your limit Figure out how much you can spend on gifts, decorations, etc. Divide the total amount into a per-gift limit. If it doesn’t add up, cut back the gift list or consider making a baked item or other homemade gift, or giving a gift certificate for a service you might provide, such as babysitting, car washing or house cleaning. Shop wisely Watch for special sale days and coupons. Many online retail sites offer free shipping, discounts and other promotions during the holiday season. After the holidays, look for deep sales on wrapping paper and greeting cards to save for next year’s celebrations. Spend differently New ways to pay for items can make the task of budgeting organized and straightforward. Check out specialty e-retailers like Purchasing Power, which is offered by many employers as a voluntary benefit, and gives workers an opportunity to shop for thousands of brand name products they need now, for which they can make manageable payments over time through payroll deduction. With no credit checks, hidden fees or interest, it’s a service you may find gives you more flexibility over a traditionally expensive season. “It’s not always possible to pay for big ticket items in-full when you need them, whether you’re buying a tablet for your teenager for the holidays or a family vacation package next summer,” says Elizabeth Halkos, Chief Operating Officer for Purchasing Power, LLC.

“We created this solution to empower people to budget more wisely, and buy the things they need, while avoiding penalty fees and ballooning interest associated with other payment options.” Ask your employer if an employee purchase program and financial wellness benefit like is available to your workforce. Some additional cost-friendly options for the holidays: Suggest a family gift exchange Spare the expense and frustration of trying to find gifts for each member of your extended family. Instead, pull names from a hat and find something special for just one person. For extra fun, play “Secret Santa,” keeping giftgiver identities concealed until the gift exchange. Spend time together In lieu of gifts, bring everyone together over the holidays. Have a board game night or a day of service, such as serving meals at a shelter. Enjoy the season There are many ways to celebrate spending little to no money. Curl up for a holiday movie marathon, bake cookies or look for free holiday concerts in your local area. Shopping malls and community centers typically offer a schedule of no-cost holiday entertainment. For a better financial start in the new year, spend wisely this holiday season. Smart budgeting and new payment options can make it easy.





Turkey Neck By Destiny

A turkey neck can mean a lot… no not the one you put in a pot. One that is earned and adored by you. An old woman that is your future smiles scornfully as she looks in the mirror. She is feisty as she mimics her grandchild’s words. “Turkey neck!” “Turkey neck!“ She touches the worn skin on her neck and thinks to herself, These ropes and folds hold the wear of a life. A life when I knew I had one. A life that existed before grey hair. A nostalgic look enters her stare… She remembers… When I was needed, The times I spent when I fed their mother my breast until she settled to rest. Times that made me whole and fed my soul, With a husband to hold, A house not yet sold, A woman not yet old, This neck is my story told! Yes, I will hold up my neck…my turkey neck… What the heck, THE MEAL WAS WORTH THE CHECK! Destiny is a local poet who finds her motivation by watching her readers’ reactions. She has written more than 1,000 poems and stories. She is glad to be part of the community and would be happy to share many more of her stories and poems with you! You can reach her by email at or on her website,, or via her Instagram page, @beingwithdestiny.

St.Petersburg Senior Smorgasbord GOOD DEALS

50th ANNIVERSARY It’s a Party All Year Long, and You’re Invited!

Tampa Bay Times Masterworks

Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No. 2

Dec 1 - 3 Sunday Matinee!

Special Concert

Handel’s Messiah Dec 21 - 23

50th ANNIVERSARY Holiday Pops

Coffee Concert

Sounds of Celebration

Dec 6 & 7 Matinees!

Tampa Bay Times Masterworks

Jahja Ling Conducts Beethoven

Raymond James Pops

Dec 15 - 17

Two Matinees!

By June Hurley Young

Coffee Concert

Musicians in the Spotlight Jan 10 & 11 Matinees!

Jan 6 & 7 Sunday Matinee!

LISTEN LOCAL | Concerts in Tampa, St. Pete & Clearwater | 727.892.3337 or 1.800.662.7286

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Living on a limited income is a challenge for most retirees. With an ounce of ingenuity, it's possible. Here are some helpful suggestions. While many restaurants have an economical early-bird menu, there are more savings at 3 p.m. Paired with a hearty breakfast, this can become a healthy lifestyle. The fast-food restaurants have saving incentives. Wendy's has a value menu and free senior drinks. A dollar donation buys a Frosty charm that gives you a mini Frosty for the year. Visit Arby's weekdays 2-5 p.m., and you can

buy sliders, French fries, shakes, and cookies for $1. Senior drinks are $0.50. At Olive Garden, you can eat your fill of soup, salad, breadsticks, and a mint for dessert, all for a low price. Have a soupa-thon, and sample all their varieties in one visit. It is hard to beat Pasta Fasuli. Cheddar's on Park St. in Pinellas Park has many entrees ranging in price from $7.95 to $14.95. and the portions are large enough for sharing. There's a gourmet dinner every Tuesday for $14.95, and many appetizers are ample enough to be a meal on their own. Last, remember to shop Beall's on Tuesdays for the 15 percent senior discount!




ENTERTAINMENT LA TRAVIATA Thurs, Nov 16 - 7:30PM, Sun, Nov 19 - 1:30PM, Tue, Nov 21 - 7:30PM Sarasota Opera House Violetta, a famed Parisian courtesan, has lived a life of lavish parties with influential friends. She abandons it all to be with her beloved Alfredo, but when her past threatens his family’s honor, she must forsake her dream of love. Verdi’s awe-inspiring music combined with a heart-breaking libretto has made La traviata one of the repertoire cornerstones of opera companies around the world.

Rich Ridenour, Duo-Pianists. You have the unique experience of sitting on the stage of the Sarasota Opera House with the performers to enjoy this concert of classic songs, dances and Americana. Critics hail as “amazingly versatile, masterfully musical and wickedly funny.” Rich is a concert pianist who performs as soloist with orchestras throughout the country and Stacy is our own Sarasota Opera Development Director. Sign up now as space on stage will be limited. 6:30PM Wine and hor d'oeuvres – Lobby and Courtyard, 7:30PM Concert on stage. Admission: Individual $40.00. Proceeds to benefit Sarasota Opera.

OPERA HOUSE TOURS Mon, Nov 17 - 10:30AM Sarasota Opera House Join us on Mondays during opera season for a tour of the historic Sarasota Opera House, complete with backstage tour. You'll hear some great stories, and discover why the Sarasota Opera house is at the very center of Sarasota's cultural life. Single Ticket: $12.00

POINSETTIA LUNCHEON Friday, Dec 8 - 11:00 am Social Hour Noon Luncheon Bird Key Yacht Club, Sarasota Sarasota Opera Guild presents their 33rd Annual Poinsettia Luncheon Phashions of the Opera. Costumes from the Opera will be featured. Bird Key Yacht Club, 301 Bird Key Drive, Sarasota

THE 5TH ANNUAL - "A CELTIC CHRISTMAS" Sunday, December 3 - 7:00PM William E. Schmidt Opera Theatre at the Sarasota Opera House The globally award winning City of Dunedin Pipe Band presents the 5th Annual ‘Celtic Christmas’. This concert will transcend you into the Holiday Spirit while capturing the Celtic flare of Christmas through traditional Scottish Bagpiping, Highland and Irish Dance, and classic holiday music. Performers will include award winning actress Davenia McFadden, the beautiful vocals of Sarah Combs, the champion winning Isle of Skye Highland Dancers, Riverview Kiltie Pipe Band and Highland Dancers, and the Sarasota Military Academy Pipe Band. City of Dunedin Pipe Band has also partnered with the Sarasota YMCA to help those less fortunate during the yuletide season. A portion of the proceeds will go directly to Sarasota YMCA Safe Children Coalition (Foster Care) children. Donations of unwrapped toys will be extremely appreciated at the front door.

DITCHFIELD FAMILY SINGERS - "CHRISTMAS JOY" Fri, Dec 8 - 7:30PM • Sat, Dec 9 - 2:00PM Sarasota Opera House Known throughout the country for their superb harmonies, rich blend and genuine family warmth, The Ditchfields present their 18th Annual Christmas Show, full of happy holiday memories, nostalgic favorites and lots of special surprises! Join this remarkably talented family for an unforgettable's "Christmas Joy" with The Ditchfields.

4-HAND GRAND Mon, Dec 4 - 6:30PM Sarasota Opera House Presented by Bradenton Opera Guild featuring Stacy and


THE NUTCRACKER Sunday, Dec 10 - 4:00PM Sarasota Opera House Under the artistic direction of Darya Fedotova and Sergiy Mykhaylov, The School of Russian Ballet will present the beautiful traditional Christmas ballet “The Nutcracker”. Original choreography is by Professor Vadim Fedotov and is set to the music of Pyotor Tchaikovsky. The School of Russian Ballet dancers will be joined on stage by international world-famous dancers. This spectacular performance is a wonderful holiday tradition to share with your family, friends, and children of all ages. Sarasota Opera House 61 Pineapple Ave. Sarasota 34236. Ticket Prices: VIP (children and adults) $45, Adults $25, Children (under 13) $17 WIZARDS OF WINTER Thu, Nov 16 - 8:00 PM Capitol Theatre, Clearwater The Capitol Theatre presents Wizards of Winter performing a holiday rock opera, Tales Beneath A Northern Star, .on Thursday, November 16 at 8 pm. Wizards of Winter is a holiday rock event for the whole family, featuring former members of The Trans-Siberian Orchestra and rock industry veterans from Rainbow, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent Band and others. Join them on a musical journey inside a snow globe in search of the true meaning of Christmas. The rock opera is based around the music of their self-titled CD and their album The Magic of Winter. WOW will bring their musical intensity, stage theatrics and holiday fun to venues across the nation again this year. This 12 member ensemble boasts soaring vocal harmonies, precision string instrumentation, powerful percussion and stunning keyboard work, layered around a rich storyboard that evokes December’s past! Tickets are $49, $39, & $29. Performance is at the Capitol Theatre, 405 Cleveland St, Downtown Clearwater. MILES DAVIS ELECTRIC BAND Fri, Nov 17 - 8:00 PM Capitol Theatre, Clearwater Celebrate the music and legacy of Miles Davis as the Miles Davis Electric Band make their Capitol Theatre debut! The Miles Electric Band is now a featured part of the Davis family’s plan to bring Miles Davis’ music to a new generation of music lovers through festival appearances and recordings. Tickets are $55, $45, and $35. Performance is at the Capiol Theatre, 405 Cleveland St, Downtown Clearwater. New this season! Clear Sky Dinner Package Menu A: $135. Clear Sky Dinner Package Menu B : $125

RANDY NEWMAN Sun, Nov 19 - 8:00 PM Capitol Theatre, Ckearwater With songs that run the gamut from heartbreaking to satirical and a host of unforgettable film scores, Randy Newman has used his many talents to create musical masterpieces widely recognized by generations of audiences. This fall, experience the songbook of Randy Newman in person when he arrives to the Capitol Theatre in beautiful downtown Clearwater. Tickets are $79.25, $59.25 & $39.25. Capitol Theatre, 405 Cleveland St, Downtown Clearwater. With every ticket purchased for Randy Newman’s fall tour, you’ll receive a choice of either a standard physical or standard digital copy of his upcoming album, Dark Matter. You will receive instructions via email on how to redeem your album after ticket purchase. THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER Wed, Nov 22 - 7:00 PM Capitol Theatre, Clearwater Prepare to be Thunderstruck! Direct from Las Vegas, the Capitol Theatre presents the men of Australia’s Thunder From Down Under. Dynamic dance routines, barely-there costumes, state-of-the-art lighting and chiseled abs have been making women swoon for over 22 years. There is no doubt that the internationally-acclaimed male revue, Thunder From Down Under, is the ultimate girls’ night out. Tickets are $57.50 & $49.50. Performance is at the Capitol Theatre, 405 Cleveland St, Downtown Clearwater. THE MAVERICKS Sat, Dec 2 - Sun, Dec 3 Capitol Theatre, Clearwater The Mavericks are returning to the Capitol Theatre and are sure to deliver an intense and amazing show once again for the Clearwater crowd. With a Cuban-American lead singer, garage band ferocity, and their genre-defying sound, this will be one you don't want to miss. The Mavericks combine Country, Tex-Mex, and Latin Rock to form a unique blend of music. The group has won Grammy and Country Music Awards. The Mavericks encourage the audience to stand up, dance, & have a good time! Tickets are $74.50, $56.50 & $46.50. Capitol Theatre, 405 Cleveland St, Downtown Clearwater. WELLRED COMEDY TOUR Fri, Dec 8 - 8:00 PM Capitol Theatre, Clearwater Stand-up comedians, Trae Crowder (The Liberal Redneck), Drew Morgan and Corey Ryan Forrester are coming to Clearwater for their Capitol Theatre debut! The trio are touring in support of their best-selling book, Liberal Redneck Manifesto: Draggin Dixie Outta the Dark. wellRED: From Dixie With Love, is about celebrating everything great about the South and telling stories from a place of love. It’s about dancing to country music at a gay wedding. It’s about loving your neighbor whether you have the same religion, skin color, or sexual preference, as long as they cheer for the same college football team. It is about leaving behind bigotry, but remembering the fried okra. FOR MATURE COMEDY FANS. Tickets are $55 (includes preferred seating plus access to VIP Meet & Greet after the show) and $32.50. Performance is at the Capitol Theatre, 405 Cleveland St, Downtown Clearwater. DAVID CROSBY & FRIENDS Sat, Dec 9 - 8:00 PM Capitol Theatre, Clearwater Returning to the historic Capitol Theatre after sold-out solo performances in 2015 & 2016, legendary singer-songwriter David Crosby is a two time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, inducted as a member of both the iconic folk-rock band The Byrds — with whom he first rose to stardom — and the iconic Woodstock era-defining group Crosby, Stills & Nash. Tickets are $99.50, $79.50, $69.50, & $54.50. GIN BLOSSOMS Sun, Dec 10 - 7:30 PM Capitol Theatre, Clearwater Grammy® nominated rock band Gin Blossoms return to the Capitol Theatre after a sold-out performance in 2014! Gin Blossoms hits have crossed over in five different formats, taking the airwaves by siege, and holding MTV hostage for a good portion of the '90s. The band continues to




ENTERTAINMENT burn up the road performing all over the US as they ready a brand new record release in 2017. Don’t miss all your favorite hit songs and new music! Tickets are $75 (includes a Meet & Greet), $45, & $35. Performance is at the Capitol Theatre, 405 Cleveland St, Downtown Clearwater. THE OUTLAWS Fri, Dec 15 - 8:00 PM Capitol Theatre, Clearwater Country-rock band The Outlaws return to the Capitol Theatre to celebrate their 4th annual homecoming concert Green Grass and Yuletide Jam! Formed in Tampa in 1972, The Outlaws are known for their triple-guitar rock attack and three-part country harmonies. Joining them is the Artimus Pyle Band featuring Legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and Former Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer Artimus Pyle, performing all of your favortie Lynyrd Skynyrd hits! Tickets are $129.50 (includes a pre-show Q&A, a Meet & Greet and a signed poster), $69.50, $49.50, & $39.50. Performance is at the Capitol Theatre, 405 Cleveland St, Downtown Clearwater. CIRQUE DREAMS HOLIDAZE Friday, Nov17 - 7:30PM RP Funding Center, Lakeland Cirque Dreams Holidaze lights up the 2017 season with its 10th Anniversary National Tour created by Cirque Dreams Founder and Broadway Director Neil Goldberg. This critically-acclaimed holiday stage extravaganza is a cirque spectacle …Broadway musical…and family show all in one! Audiences around the country continue celebrating the most wonderful time of the year at this multi-million dollar live stage production. ***BUY 5 SHOWS AND GET FREE PARKING*** Center Stage Buffet available for $17.95 per person. BILL GAITHER & THE GAITHER CHRISTMAS HOMECOMING Thursday, Nov 30 - 7:00PM RP Funding Center, Lakeland Celebrate “the most wonderful time of the year” with Bill Gaither and his HOMECOMING Friends including the Gaither Vocal Band, Mark Lowry, The Martins and more! Ring in the Christmas season as the Gaither Christmas Homecoming Tour commemorates the hope of Jesus’ birth. Enjoy many of your favorite Christmas songs and don’t miss Mark Lowry sing “Mary Did You Know.” ***BUY 5 SHOWS AND GET FREE PARKING*** Group Tickets: 863834-8137

AN EVENING WITH RON WHITE Fri, Dec 1 - 8:00PM RP Funding Center, Lakeland Ron "Tater Salad" White, best known as the cigar smoking, scotch drinking funnyman from the "Blue Collar Comedy" phenomenon, makes his return to Lakeland with his new stand-up show. MANNHEIM STEAMROLLER CHRISTMAS BY CHIP DAVIS Wed, Nov. 15 - 7:30 p.m. The Mahaffey Theater, St. Petersburg Get in the holiday spirit early this year when Mannheim Steamroller Christmas by Chip Davis stops in St. Pete to entertain audiences. Known around the world, this year marks the 33rd Anniversary that the group offers uplifting songs that have WOWED generations for years. Tickets start at $46.50. Enjoy a Pre-Performance Dinner at 6:00 p.m. $35.95 per person at our own BAYSIDE BISTRO! Diners MUST also have a ticket to the performance. Entertainers do not attend the dinner. TFO MASTERWORKS: JEFFREY MULTER PLAYS BRUCH Sat, Nov. 18 - 8 PM The Mahaffey Theater, St. Petersburg The Florida Orchestra’s virtuoso Concertmaster Jeffrey Multer shines on Bruch’s ever-popular Violin Concerto No. 1. Also: the famous melodies of Schubert’s unfinished Symphony No. 8 and Hindemith’s fantastically fun Symphonic Metamorphosis. Larry Rachleff conducts. Tickets: $15 - $45 THE AUSTRALIAN BEE GEES SHOW: A TRIBUTE TO THE BEE GEES Sunday, Nov. 19 - 7 PM Mahaffey Theater, St. Petersburg It's Saturday Night Fever every night with The Australian Bee Gees Show – A Tribute to the Bee Gees. One of the most successful and adored acts in musical history is recreated in a 75-minute multi-media concert event. You'll hear hits like "Staying Alive", "You Should Be Dancing", "How Deep Is Your Love" and "Jive Talkin'". The performers authentic take on the trio’s clothes, style and moves showcase five decades of the Brothers Gibb's success as rock and disco legends, while audiences groove to their memorable music and are immersed in the disco era. Tickets: $39 - $59. Enjoy a PrePerformance dinner in our beautiful Bayside Bistro before the performance at 5:30 PM. $35.95 per person. TIM ALLEN Thu, Nov 16 - 8:00 PM Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater Emmy® nominated actor and stand-up comedian Tim Allen returns for his 2nd per-

formance at Ruth Eckerd Hall on Thu, Nov 16! Allen is a comic force to be reckoned with. Most recently seen in the hit sitcom Last Man Standing and soon to be reprising his role as Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 4, Allen has been a constant and hilarious presence in both TV and film for decades. Get ready for a night of uproarious comedy, but leave the kids at home. This show is for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY, adults 18 years of age or older. Tickets are *$150, $115, $79, $59, and $45. *$150 Dinner Package includes a premium seat and pre-show dinner. Artist does not appear at Dinner. AN EVENING WITH NICK DUKAS Fri, Nov 17 - 7:30 PM Murray Theatre @ Ruth Eckerd Hall Four years ago, after many years performing Greek music, Nick decided to sing and perform American music as he started with in high school. During these last four years he has recorded 5 original songs that he cowrote and sang. Four of them have received Silver Medals for male vocalist and lyrics from the venerable Global Music. Nick has performed recently with Tommy Mara and the Crests, Terry Sylvester of the Hollies, Gary Puckett, Paul Wilson and other well know artists. CELTIC THUNDER Fri, Nov 17 at 8:00 PM Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater Celtic Thunder returns to Ruth Eckerd Hall with their new and highly anticipated show, Symphony Tour 2017! They will perform many critically-acclaimed hit songs from their Legacy, Mythology, Voyage, The Show & It’s Entertainment Shows along with songs from their chart-topping albums, Christmas & Classic Christmas and their upcoming Celtic Thunder Inspirational album. Celtic Thunder’s five male soloists Damian McGinty, Ryan Kelly, Emmet Cahill, Neil Byrne & Michael O’Dwyer will perform solo and ensemble numbers in a dynamic live music experience accentuated by the instrumentals of full symphony orchestras. It’s a show not to be missed! Tickets are *$175, $79, $65, and $45. *$175 Dinner Package includes a premium seat and pre-show dinner. Artist does not appear at Dinner. MUTLU Sat, Nov 18 at 7:30 PM Murray Theatre @ Ruth Eckerd Hall Soulful singer-songwriter, Mutlu makes his way to the Murray Theatre for his headlining debut! Mutlu has collaborated and toured extensively with legendary duo Daryl Hall & John Oates and holds the distinction of having made the most guest appearances on Daryl Hall's acclaimed, award-winning TV/Internet show "Live From Daryl's House". Don't miss Mutlu only at the all-New Murray Theatre! Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 day of show. WQYK 99.5 GUITAR PULL Nov 15, 2017 - 7:30 PM Straz Cente - Carol Morsani Hall The 3rd Annual 99.5 QYK Guitar Pull presented by Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay, is back on November 15th! Just the stars and their guitars. Some of Nashville’s New Country hit makers on one stage at one time swapping stories for a truly unforgettable night! The lineup will include Big & Rich, Jon Pardi, Joe Nichols, Chris Janson, Danielle Bradbery and High Valley.

TONY FURTADO Nov 20, 2017 - 7:30 PM Straz Center - Jaeb Theater Slide guitar, cello-banjo, baritone ukulele, bottleneck guitar and five-string banjo make the list of intriguing, eclectic instruments in songwriter Tony Furtado’s repertoire. His gorgeous playing and mastery of the breadth of Americana sounds – from traditional bluegrass to alt-country – mix in his original songs to deliver a glorious homage to his heroes Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal. Tickets start at $30.50 Balsam Hill presents Christmas with Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith with Full Symphony AMY GRANT AND MICHAEL W. SMITH Nov 26 - 7:30 PM Amelie Arena, Tampa Balsam Hill® presents Christmas with Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith with Full Symphony. Multi-platinum, GRAMMY® winners Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith co-bill their popular Christmas tour this holiday season, which will be joined for the second consecutive year by Republic recording artist Jordan Smith, Season 9 winner of NBC’s “The Voice.” Incorporating a full symphony orchestra at each performance under the direction of Musical Director and Conductor David Hamilton. Ticket Prices are: $35.75, $55.75 and $121.25


Sarasota Opera House 61 N. Pineapple Ave., Sarasota FL (941) 328-1300 The Historic Capitol Theatre 405 Cleveland Street Clearwater, FL 33755 Telephone: (727) 791-7400.

RP Funding Center (The Lakeland Center) 701 W. Lime St. Lakeland, FL 33815. Telephone: (863) 834-8100 The Mahaffey Theater 400 1st. St. South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. Telephone: (727) 892-5798. Ruth Eckerd Hall 1111 McMullen Booth Rd. Clearwater, FL 33759. Telephone: (727) 791-7400. The Straz Center — 1010 North Macinnes Place, Tampa, FL 33602. Telephone: (813) 229-7827. Amelie Arena 401 Channelside Dr. Tampa, FL 33602. Telephone: (813) 301-6500. Van Wezel Perf. Arts Hall 777 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34236 (941) 953-3368




SENIOR TO SENIOR Senior to Senior Abbreviations

WOMAN SEEKING MAN S W F NS ND seeking M NS 58-65, likes to walk, flea markets, dining, relaxing at home. Only sincere reply, I’m 55+, 5’3”, 125 lbs., LTR. Answering machine, leave a message. Hernando County (352) 556-4147. Retired lady, widow, late 70s, I like dancing, tennis, dining out, theater & movies, have a dog. I seek someone with same interests who is honest and nice. New Port Richey (727) 232-2272. W F NS ND 60, young at heart ISO a loving, honest, caring, loveable gentleman, who loves to go places together. If that’s you call me. Tampa (813) 802-5640. Sincere, romantic SWF, affectionate, blonde, blue eyes, seeking SWM, NS, SD,69+, HWP, R to enjoy life. LTR, beach, short trips, some church. Largo/Clearwater (727) 247-9253. Away we go- Let’s pamper one another, bus trips, dine, social events, etc. Enjoy life’s laughter and pleasures. SWF 65+ devout Christian ISO gentleman to match, retired. Pinellas (352) 817-3103 3pm-7pm. F, C ISO someone with a private home, Clearwater/St. Pete area to have a yard or garage sale. Come on, we will make some money and meet new people. (727) 3198899. Hi. It would be so nice to meet someone with the energy and interest that I feel. I’m romantic, warm, honest and very lonely. Let’s meet. Could be fun. (727) 562-9662.

M: Male F: Female S: Single D: Divorced WD: Widowed W: White B: Black H: Hispanic J: Jewish

Meet that Someone Special with a FREE listing in SENIOR TO SENIOR MAN SEEKING WOMAN

C: Christian ISO: In Search Of LTR: Long Term Relationship NS: Non-Smoker ND: Non-Drinker SD: Social Drinker SOH: Sense of Humor

Ballroom dancer: CWM, young, healthy, slender, 68. God-directed life. Super clean, organized, affectionate and committed. Let’s enjoy full life. ISO skilled dancer and friend/companion. Clearwater (727) 7121906. SBM 68, 6’1”, 170lbs, retired, homeowner with SOH but versatile ISO older woman able to spend quality time together. (813) 961-2825. FRIEND TO FRIEND

ISO S D or WD C F, HWP, to share a home Hola, W F NS ND 60 years, ISO a friend to with as a personal asst. No drugs, ND NS. go shopping, out to eat, or just enjoy comRent and utilities includes, but need job for pany drinking ice tea. It’s just so lonely, your cash. I’m a R-USN vet, M, C needs a please call. Tampa (813) 802-5640. little help around the house. No drama please. Zephyrhills (352) 206-0453. SENIOR TO SENIOR™ Mail to: Senior Voice America D W M 68, looking for a P.O. BOX 1379, Lutz, FL 33548-1379 NS lady for romance. No Email: hang ups or baggage. If Fax: (813) 422-7966 you’re looking for someone with great moral values I am a:  Lady  Gentleman  Friend to Friend and clean lifestyle, call me. Please include the following FREE AD of up to 30 words Pinellas Park 1-(203)-214- describing me or what I look for in a friend or a date: 4711. ___________________________________________________

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HOME & FAMILY Gift-Giving Tips and Inspiration

StatePoint Looking for “just the thing” for a special occasion? Whether it’s an important birthday or an anniversary, you can raise the bar on gift-giving with thoughtful items. The experts at Bed Bath & Beyond are offering some inspiration for better gift giving. Foodies and Party Hosts Home chefs will appreciate new gear to spice up their cooking and entertaining. Consider stylish, high-quality items such as those available in the Artisanal Kitchen Supply line. Long-lasting pre-seasoned cast iron open stock cookware adds both form and function to kitchens, and two-piece salt bowl and spoon sets make setting the table more fun. Tech Lovers For techies, give the gift of a smarter home and greater peace of mind. Tools like the Nest Cam, for example, allow users to stream live video to one’s smartphone for remote monitoring of the home, kids or pets, night or day. The camera will notify users if sound or motion is detected in a place that should be empty. Nest also makes an outdoor security camera and a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, which connect to one’s devices for alerts away from home, as well as a voice-operated thermostat that learns your schedule to help you save energy and money. Give your recipient the ability to control ambiance with a touch of a button. From a smartphone or tablet app, the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit allows you to change bulb settings and color throughout your home. Personalized Fun Consider personalized housewares, such as monogram wine stoppers or barware or state-shaped cutting and serving boards. Both functional and decorative, your recipient will appreciate the extra thought that went into the gift. More and inspiration can be found at: bedbath By discovering great gifts for every hobby, interest and aesthetic, at every price point, you can make giftgiving more fun for you and everyone on your list.






YOU DESERVE SENIOR-FOCUSED PRIMARY CARE Senior-focused Primary Care means your doctor: • Takes the time to listen to your questions and concerns • Explains your care and treatment so that you understand • Works with your specialists for your overall care • Reminds you of preventive screenings and tests

3 Convenient Locations in Tampa Land O’Lakes 21507 Village Lakes Shopping Center Drive

Plant City 228 W. Alexander St.

South Tampa 200 S. MacDill Avenue, Suite 100

Medicare Friendly! Senior-focused, specializing in Medicare Advantage health plans.

Interested in becoming a new patient or learning more about Senior-focused Primary Care?

Call 813-421-9051 or visit Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm

Continucare does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. ATENCIÓN: Si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística. Llame al 1-877-320-2188 (TTY: 711). ATANSYON: Si w pale Kreyòl Ayisyen, gen sèvis èd pou lang ki disponib gratis pou ou. Rele 1-877-320-2188 (TTY: 711). CON-12703 - E_PN_Deserve_SVA_11.1_FINAL.indd 1

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