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May 13, 2013

Senior Valedictory Fericia Garrison

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Letter to Myself & Life Essay

2. Top 5, Pop culture 1, and Art Reflection 2 3. Top Ten list and pop culture 2 4. News Events 1&2 and goals for the future essay 5. Describe yourself, most influential, and miss most/least essays 6. Art reflection

Letter to Myself Looking back from when I was born to all the years between to now, there are some things I would have liked to change. I remember being so careless and oblivious to my surroundings in kindergarten, running around making friends with everyone in school. Then first and second grade was the time I had established my „group‟ of friends. None of us worried about who dressed the best, who was best in what sport, and we never craved popularity. There were days we fought amongst each other, but we never held grudges and were back to being friends a few hours later. As everybody entered junior high, people started to pay more attention on being better than their peers. For most students, grades were the last thing on their minds, putting

their appearances first and trying to fit into a clique. Thinking about it now, I wish there was a way I could have gone back to the past and told myself that other people‟s opinions weren‟t important. Ashamed of the fact that I was so self-conscious, when I entered high school, I just focused on my classes. Now in the last few weeks of my high school career, I hope the future will be better than I can imagine right now.

Life Being a student for twelve years, most of my learning about life has been taught to me in school. Teachers did not always specifically state what the real world can be like and what it would expect of us, which was our part to figure out on our own. To never give up just because something is hard is the most important lesson I have learned. To instead keep pushing through

and overcoming my obstacles will lead me to be stronger. My influences will affect my future, even in the slightest way. Although there may be times I can‟t stop occurrences from happening, I can choose how to perceive it. My attitude toward it can change the expected outcomes. Also there will be instances when I will need to reach out to others and it is okay to be depend-

ent on others from time to time. And blaming others for your mistakes is not going to make anything better. I have to know my personal boundaries and be in charge of my responsibilities. (173)

Senior Valedictory

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Top 5 1. Misanga (friendship bracelets) I chose this was the most important thing to bury as a memory and to pass on because these have a special meaning not only to me, but those promises I have made to my friends and family. 2. Rings: although I have not been wearing the rings as long as my friendship bracelets, reasons for me to wear

then now come up and I cherish those and the memories it holds. 3. Graduating year head band (2013): Before taking my last final on junior year, the senior run was a motivation to get through another and last year of high school for me and the headband that were handed out to represent my graduating class as well as me is a recollection of what I have done to get to this point.

4. Sketchbook: Since junior high, I have taken many art classes and it is probably my favorite class and I have enjoyed taking It in high school as well. 5. Graduation Cap: as a memory of walking across the stage to receive my diploma, the graduation cap is the other memory I have to remind myself I have achieved what my friends and family have been anticipating since I was born. Hopefully, it will influence me in the future to work hard and get me into my first college choice.

Psy– Gangnam Style Known as the hottest trend in music in the year 2012, the Korean pop star is now worldly known for his upbeat song “Gangnam Style”. Not only is the song catching everyone‟s attention, Psy‟s fashion is picking up popularity. Over surpassing the views of Justin Bieber‟s music videos on YouTube, most people are imitating his unusual dance, which are being uploaded to the site as well. Gaining so much

attention from all over the world, Psy has traveled across the world being called to be televised in their country. On the radio, his now famous song has started taking it where the radio has never been before, playing a nonAmerican song. Also, the original music video has been playing on the show MTV. Now, not only is he hitting high on the music charts, people have started to notice other Korean idol

groups. This, I believe, has turned out for the better as America is getting more diverse. In the future, I expect the world to see other cultures‟ idols and famous people to be well known as much as they are known in their own country. (187) gangnam-style-knocks-justin-biebersbaby-off-youtube-throne/

Breaking Benjamin I will not bow– Breaking Benjamin. These lyrics have motivated me through difficult times. For Example, the part in the songs that says “Now the dark begins to rise...Save your breath, it's far from over...I don't want to change the world...All is lost again But I'm not giving in I will not bow I will not break…”. Although there may be times it will seem like quitting is the best choice, this song especially reminds me of what I have been through

in the past. This makes me ask myself if it is worth to give up, how much it would affect my future, and if I did get through it, what would I be accomplishing. In life, my number one goal is to not dwell on my pasts because I know all the memories would do is make me stress and know that I cannot go back to change what was already done. Thoughts like what I could‟ve done differently to change the outcomes, if I did what I thought was

truly right, “what ifs” instead of “oh wells”, and regretting my decisions, thinking my present would be better than it is if only I had gone about acting a certain way, is what I want to avoid as much as I can. (215)

Senior Valedictory

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Top Ten List

1. “The things I have seen, the places I have been, the memories I have made, have made me in the process. I am the sum of each and every part of the planet my eyes have glanced across. I am the combination of all things I have endured.” ~Tyler Knott Gregson Everything I have experienced and chose to do has defined me and who I am today.

2. “Happiness is not something you pospone for the future; it is

something you design for the present.” Jim Rohn. This quote has inspired me to be or at least try to be happy in the moment no matter what, to see the brighter side of things.

3. Breaking Benjamin-“I will not bow” This song is about not giving up and in a sense, believing in yourself, not letting anyone change who ‘you’ are.

4. Zone- “Secret Base” When I first heard their song, it was

from one of the shows I grew up watching. Now, it represents as a memory of where I used to be and how happy I was to be there.

5. The beach reminds me of my childhood when my relatives and I spent most of our days there.

6. Living near the amusement park, it was a place my family and I often visited.

animals in the zoo every year.

7. This was the one big aquarium that we always visited every year that held many different types of sea creatures.

9. Where I used to live, the summer festival was a traditional place to go every year to celebrate the season.

10. Going to see the flower blossoms in the spring was a tradition in Japan.

8. During the summer, my relatives and I went to go see the


On the eleventh of September in 2001, America had witnessed the most disturbing event that changed history. In the city of New York, it was

a typical day when people were following their daily routines and getting ready for a new day. At around nine o‟clock in the morning, the first hijacked plane had hit the one of the world trade center buildings. Unfortunately, the people inside did not know what had happened until they were contacted by family members worried if they were alright or watching as it happened on the news. Not very long after, the second building was hit and engulfed in flames. The next targeted place was the pentagon, which was hit close to ten. Around that same time, the second world trade center had collapsed, quickly followed by the first. New York, being a big city with many building right next to

one another, was dangerous to be in at the time of the attack. The people in the buildings as well as passerby were directly impacted by the explosions and debris coming from the structures. Family and friends were mourning and praying for their safety all across the world. Today, 9/11 is still remembered, a day to honor those who have risked their lives to save others. (213)

Senior Valedictory

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New Presidency In the 2008 presidential election between Barack Obama and John McCain, people were visiting their voting polls and casting in their votes. On the first Tuesday of November in the year 2008, the news was announced that our forty fourth presidents would be Barack Obama. First to ever occur in America‟s history, Obama was the first African American president to be elected to the white President Barack Obama

house. The Democratic Party and its members were thrilled to have been there to change the nation‟s history. I believe that this event has changed how the world is today as a whole. Although there are laws and amendments that protect those being discriminated based on the color of their skin, people still find ways around that to segregate others. Every race is still faced with the issue today, which is seen in schools, businesses, and different types of services. By having an African American president, I think it has changed how much people have

respect for different nationalities. Obama‟s bravery has given hope to those who wish to be of high authority in the future. Many children in schools see the president of the United States as their role model. (196)

entire building eventually reached to power plants. Damaging it, which lead to the cause of the radiation to leak throughout the city. For too many, the predictions of the Mayan calendars, the world coming to an end in 2012, seemed to come sooner than expected.

japan had recently encountered. News channels everywhere were all desperately trying to cover the story first of the disaster. In America, President Barack Obama spoke to Mr. Kan, the minister of the country before sending military helpers to assist with their world/2008/nov/05/ uselections20084

2011 Tsunami

Sendai City, Japan aftereffects of tsunami

In the year 2011, a powerful earthquake and tsunami left northern Japan devastated. Japan, an island surrounded by water, was hit with pounding waves after waves. The eight point nine magnitudes was the strongest quake they had ever experienced. Bodies were found under massive debris from houses, roads, and buildings. The waves that were strong enough to completely wipeout an

The world, waking up to the seemingly impossible occurrence, saw what

recovery. Receiving such relief from America, the relationship between the two countries has strengthened. (180) http:// asia/12japan.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

Goals for the future My main goal for the future is to be happy wherever I end up. For now, I haven‟t figured out which college is right for me so I have planned to take a year off to figure out which career I should pursue. By working at different kinds of stores and businesses, I can experience what things I enjoy doing. For instance, I would like to work at a clothing store to be more into fashion. I‟ve worked with small children, tutoring them in English, Japanese, and

math. As for where I will live, I would love to live in Okinawa, Japan where I was born and raised. Although I am not fluent in my native language as much as I would have like to be, I believe I know enough to live there comfortably as a regular citizen. Also, being immersed in the language, I know that it will be easier for me to learn if I am surrounded and forced to speak to others. Having no regrets is nearly impossible, but I will try to

learn from every one of my mistakes and encounters. (186)

Senior Valedictory

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Describe yourself There are pros and cons in being the youngest sibling. Having both an older brother and sister has affected who and how I act today. Taking things for granted is a too often feeling I go through when I think about the different hardships each of us bear. Sometimes we don‟t understand one another, why we act the way we do, but there are times when only a sibling can relate to and offer advice than given advice from our parents. Being the youngest, I have seen right from wrong without actually experiencing them. I learn from my sibling‟s mistakes and choose not to repeat what they have done. But also having my

own mind, I have made those bad decisions I know I shouldn‟t have made. When we were younger, I used to imitate my brother. Only three years apart from him, it didn‟t matter to me if he was a boy, he was my role model; the way he dressed, I dressed, the friends he had, I wanted to be friends with too, the music he listened to, I forced myself to like, the way he acted, I tried to be the same. I know now that he was annoyed with me, but let it show, even if it meant it was going to be affecting his social life. For that, I respect him more because i know how difficult it is to figure out who you are at that age, let alone others. Today, I feel as if we‟re closer in age than we actually are. I try to give back

his moment to be taken care of, instead of having to take care of me. I used to deny the fact that people always say that the youngest siblings are the most spoiled, which now I believe is true. Although I don‟t like being so dependent on others, I am glad to be the „baby‟ of the family. (322)

“He is my most

My Most Influential As the youngest child in the family, my two older siblings have influenced most of my decisions in life. Knowing the outcome of some of the choices, it has helped me choose the best action. Only three years apart from my older brother, ever since we were young, I‟ve looked up to him as if he was my role model. Wanting to have the same friends, play the same games, dress similarly, and act as if we were the

beloved friend and

same age, it has impacted how I am and what I do now every day. Thinking back to all those years, I realize that he was mature enough to take responsibility for being the older one. Although my brother wasn‟t the eldest, he was the only boy in the family we grew up around so no matter how much older our cousins all were, he had to behave as if he was. Acting like a motherly figure, my sister and I have

not been as close as most siblings. Around her, I have wanted to make her proud of the things I‟ve done, show off to her friends, and have pride in having an older sister like her. Today, although we have grown up and chose our separate ways, we all value having one another to talk to, support, and lean on. (221)

and most annoying part of being a student. Only to sit through seven classes each day for almost an hour that took up most of my day. Over the years, I gradually began to not care more about my looks than getting to my classes on time. Starting out as a freshman, looking nice was all that mattered, that I got up just to straighten my naturally curly hair and put on makeup. My sophomore and junior year, I decided I didn‟t care

what my classmates thought of me because they were the same people that I have been going to school since junior high. I realized there was no point to try impressing them. As a senior, all I focus on is passing all my classes, maybe exempting some of my finals and getting the required credits to graduate. Having a schedule I can control, I anticipate, would be nice. (218)

Miss Most and Least Attending Fishers high school for four years, there are so many experiences I have encountered. Now in the last semester of my high school career, I think back to recognize what I appreciated and the things I would miss. On the other hand, there are memories I am happy to leave and forget. Waking up ever morning at six, I have to admit, was the most difficult

my bitterest rival, my confidant and my betrayer, my sustainer and my dependent, and scariest of all, my equal.” `Gregg Levon

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Starry night-Van Gogh

Relativity-M.C. Escher

Scream– Edvard Much

Artists Since junior high, I have taken art classes as my electives. Although I do not have one favorite artist, there are a few that have intrigued me. One of them is a very famous artist in the world, Van Gogh. Gogh, a Dutch painter, started and found his artistic talents since he was young. Because the painting was created from his own memory of the actual scenery from his window, the structures and colors are from Gogh‟s imagination. M. C. Esch-

er, also a Dutch, was an artist that used more mathematical perspective in his works. Shown above, the stair drawing is believed to be an evidence of his lack of knowledge in math, showing the stairs going both ways. Last but not least, Edvard Munch‟s famous painting, Scream, is to be said is his personal favorite work. While painting these four different times, he was exploring and learning about his soul. The „Scream‟ character in the project is im-

plying the difficulties of mankind. There are also the blurry figures in the background that represents their sorrow and devastation. Not only does the face of the character give the emotion, the cool colors used present the mood of the scene. (199)

Senior valedictory  

Senior Valedictory

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