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Seniors Sunshine Coast

February, 2017


The Judy Henzell 2017

Sunshine Melodies Concert Series

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2 Seniors Sunshine Coast Monday, February 6, 2017

IN THIS EDITION Feature: David & Kristin 3 What’s On 14 Travel ................................................................ page 15-18 Wellbeing ...................................................... pages 19-22 Live and Let’s Save ...... ........................... pages 28 & 29 Puzzles 31

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Making every day a Valentine’s Day Roses are red, violets are blue. In this month’s Seniors, there’s some great reading for you. Our editorial team has been full of Valentine’s Day enthusiasm for this issue and its theme of maintaining romance and relationships. We also look at how well-worn prejudices – short man/tall lady, gays, young man/older lady – are disappearing in this changing world. It’s also a people paper. We have esteemed, homegrown playwright David Williamson looking back on his many years of

Editor Gail Forrer Media Sales Manager Kristie Waite Now online Get your news online at Advertising, editorial and distribution enquiries Phone: 1300 880 265 or (07) 5435 3200 Email: or Location: 2 Newspaper Place, Maroochydore 4558 Website: Subscriptions Only $39.90 for one year (12 editions) including GST and postage anywhere in Australia. Please call our circulations services on 1300 361 604 and quote “Sunshine Coast Seniors Newspaper”.

fame and love, and how he is just too busy to “bring down the curtain” on his writing life. Alison Windsor is one of 2000 swimmers taking part in World Series Swims at Noosa this month and she talks about her admiration for The Kids Cancer Project, the charity the

has been my happiest assignment yet. I’ve met wonderful, inspiring people who belie their years and I’ve been to places in this beautiful part of the world I didn’t know existed. The good news (for me, anyway) is that Gail has given her okay to me sending in the occasional story or two. So ’til then… * My personal thanks to Jim for a job well done and welcome to our new Sunshine Coast Seniors writer Ann Rickard who will take over from our next edition. - Gail

Queenslanders and pension changes

The Seniors Newspaper is published monthly and distributed free in south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales. The Seniors newspaper stable includes Toowoomba, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern NSW, Coffs and Clarence and Central Coast publications. Published by News Regional Media (ABN 73 064 061 794). Printed by News Regional Media, Yandina. Opinions expressed by contributors to Seniors Newspapers are not necessarily those of the editor or the owner/publisher and publication of advertisements implies no endoresement by the owner/publisher.

THE Federal Government has recently made changes to the pension asset threshold, which will mean thousands of Queensland seniors could lose their part pension entitlement and as a result will no longer receive their Pensioner Concession Card.



festival is promoting. We also have fitness guru Marjie Andrews walking for dear life It’s also time for me to say farewell. After 16 months of bringing you stories about the wonderful folk who live on the Coast, I’ve decided it is time someone else had the pleasure. I was delighted when editor Gail Forrer asked me to join her in creating a “new look” Seniors for Sunshine Coast readers way back then, and I can honestly say in all my 60something years as a newspaper reporter this

Queensland Seniors Card holders will continue accessing the electricity rebate of up to $330 per household per year. The Palaszczuk Government has already had to fill the funding gap left by the Federal Government when they scrapped the National

Partnership Agreement for pensioner and seniors card holders’ concessions. To find out more about concessions call 13QGOV or visit concessions Message from Qld Minister for Ageing, Coralee O’Rourke.

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Sunshine Coast

Monday, February 6, 2017

Seniors 3

When David sang ‘My Funny Valentine’ Forty-five years of marriage and a new play coming right up Jim Fagan

DAVID Williamson is 75 this month. He’s at the age when he could be putting his feet up at his ocean front home at Sunshine Beach and enjoying the fruits of a career spanning nearly 50 years as Australia’s lauded, and leading, international playwright. He certainly has enough grandchildren to play with. He and his author/ journalist wife Kristin have just come home from California where they welcomed their 12th into the world. But no, David is busier than he has ever been. He is currently adapting Rupert, his 2013 play about Rupert Murdoch, for US cable television. It is a six part miniseries and he has finished part one. He also has a Hollywood movie in development but he wants to keep it under wraps for now. His new play Odd Man Out opened in Sydney last month and Noosa Long Weekend festival director, Ian Mackellar, is bringing it to Noosa in March as a publicity and fundraising precursor to the festival. Tickets are now sale at The J. “I’ve had a very lucky life,” he told Seniors when


we called to wish him a happy 75th which is on February 24. “I’m one of those rare playwrights who gets just about every play he writes produced. I get such a kick out of constructing something, seeing it come to life with good actors and then the big buzz of watching the audience react.” And even after household name productions like Don’s Party, The Club, The Removalists, Travelling North and 25 screenplays for hugely successful movies like Phar Lap and Gallipoli and Emerald City the need for the “buzz” is clearly still there. David went to high school in Bairnsdale Victoria and attributes his career path to a teacher, Alan McLeod. “He brought Shakespeare to life for me. The basic human emotions of love, hate, revenge, ambition, all of these things are timeless,” he said. “He steered me to being a playwright by making drama seem interesting, relevant and a real exploration of human nature which it is. “I started by writing some university material in the 60s and, oh my goodness, there you go,

ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL: David and Kristin Williamson with grandchildren in Sydney last Christmas. PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED

and Kristin met during rehearsals for The Removalist at La Mama Theatre in Melbourne. “I was looking for a replacement lead actor and suddenly this gorgeous woman turned up. The problem was we were both married to other people at the time. “We’ve been together 45 years and I’ve just dropped her off in Hastings St to have lunch and go shopping with two of the grandkids. Something must have been right about it.” David believes romance is “important in your life. “Kristin would feel very bereft if I didn’t find some good red roses on Valentine’s Day. It’s been a bit of a scramble sometimes but I’ve always managed it. It’s part of our calendar


I’m still going.” Twelve years ago he developed a heart rhythm problem called atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter. “I had them both and they seemed to alternate. It was stress related. I was working too hard and I went from being a four cylinder car to a three cylinder car,” he said.

“I went on effective medication and I was able to live with it. The fibrillation still reappears from time to time but I have a new lease of life now. The work hasn’t ceased and, fortunately, audiences are still coming in numbers.” David described how he

and I try and take her out for a nice dinner.” The interview ended just as Kristin arrived home. I mentioned Valentine’s Day and she recalled how she and David were in a Chinese restaurant in Umina on the NSW coast. “There was an electric organ and David started playing and singing My Funny Valentine. “Our teenage children were mortified but the restaurant people applauded. Our friend, actor John Bell, who was with us, was astonished. “He hadn’t seen the exhibitionist side of the quiet playwright before that night.”

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4 Seniors Sunshine Coast

It’s your choice Old school rules expanded to let you live your life your way Suni Golightly

WHEN IT comes to relationships, old school rules may still apply, but so do a range of new ones. It used to be that relationships had certain rules: male and female relationships were the norm, the male made the first move, you were engaged for a certain amount of time, marriage and children followed. Pretty soon you were celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. But times have changed says social commentator Bernard Salt. “Back in the 60s it was mum, dad and the kids and that was pretty much it,” he said. “Over the past 20 years we’ve seen the emergence of a range of different relationships and lifestyle options, for example the gay culture is now celebrated.” Relationships that were once taboo – older women and younger men, gay and lesbian partnerships,

living together and not making it official, and even choosing not to have a relationship – are now more commonplace.

... older women and younger men, gay partnerships, living together and not making it official are now more commonplace. Increasing awareness of other people’s lifestyles or preferences, perhaps through greater connection on social media, is behind our change of attitude, believes psychotherapist and relationship counsellor Shirley Hughes of Life Makeovers. Feminism, as well as the Age of Aquarius, also saw a loosening up of old Monday, February 6, 2017

HAVING A GOOD RELATIONSHIP ❚ Remember that, even though you are a couple, it’s healthy to have different interests or even opinions. You don’t have to agree on everything, even if you agree to disagree. ❚ It doesn’t hurt anyone to say sorry, or to be the person who ends an argument by making a compromise. ❚ That said, it’s important to know what needs you consider “essential” in a partnership and expect your significant other to honour those needs. You also need to maintain healthy boundaries. ❚ It’s never too late to begin discussing old issues that are still bothering you, as well as the new ones that will inevitably come up. ❚ It’s true that you should never go to bed angry with your partner. Ask yourself, will this matter in five years’ time?

MARRIAGE OVER THE YEARS POSITIVE CHANGE: Relationships like that of Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart are now no longer considered taboo. PHOTO: FRAZER HARRISON

rules, she said. Then there were television shows like Sex and the City, where sex before marriage and sexual freedom of women was considered completely acceptable. Men, too, can “play the field” without it being thought immoral, except in strict religious terms. The frenzy that surrounded Demi Moore’s marriage to Ashton Kutcher, not forgetting the widely reported liaisons of stars such as Madonna, Mariah Carey and Sandra

Maroochy hoMe Maintenance & care

Bullock with men younger than themselves, also changed attitudes. Recognition that loneliness is not tied to relationship status means more people also feel comfortable with living alone. Says Eric Klinenberg, the author of Going Solo, a book about living alone: “People who live alone do get lonely. “But so do people in marriages.” The old adage “each to their own” is the rule of thumb today.

❚ According to the Bible, King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines — and men have taken multiple wives in cultures throughout the world, including China, Africa, and among American Mormons in the 19th century. Polygamy is still common across much of the Muslim world. ❚ The first recorded evidence of marriage contracts and ceremonies dates to 4000 years ago, in Mesopotamia, where marriage served as a means of preserving power. In ancient Rome, marriage was a civil affair governed by imperial law. ❚ In 1215, marriage was declared one of the church’s seven sacraments, but it was only in the 16th century that the church decreed that weddings be performed in public, by a priest. ❚ Thanks to feminism, marriage law had become gender-neutral in Western democracy by the 1970s. At the same time, the rise of effective contraception fundamentally transformed marriage. Couples could choose how many children to have, and even to have no children at all. If they were unhappy with each other, they could divorce. ❚ Marriage is now seen to be more about love and that has opened the door to gays and lesbians claiming a right to be married, too.

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Sunshine Coast

Monday, February 6, 2017

Looking for love Adam’s online search for sixth wife Tracey Johnstone

AFTER spending almost 18 months coming to terms with the death of his fifth wife, Adam* decided he needed to get himself back into the dating scene. He noticed a surfing friend of his always seemed to have a different girlfriend. “I asked him, where the bloody hell do you meet these girls?” Adam said. “He then told me about this website. “You see, I don’t drink so I don’t go to clubs, so I got onto it.” Adam was 59 at the time and knew he wanted to spend his life with a companion, and maybe even fall in love again. “The only reason you are on these sites is because you are looking for a partner,” Adam said. He registered with, chose a current photo of himself and used the

site’s template to complete his personal details. Adam had three dates, but none of them were compatible. Then he met Shirley* in October 2004. They were married in May the following year and have lived a happy life for 11 years. Adam, 72, said he really doesn’t know where someone of his age can meet single people other than online or at a local club, and if you aren’t a drinker, he recommends a club isn’t the best place to be. (* Names have been changed)

Window to love: Men are also finding online romance.

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Seniors 5

6 Seniors Sunshine Coast Monday, February 6, 2017

Thousands to swim for cancer kids Jim Fagan

’BRILLIANT CAUSE’: Nambour swimmer Alison Windsor will take part in the first World Series Swim for this year. PHOTO: ANDREA FESSELET

MORE than 2000 swimmers will compete in the first of this year’s World Series Swims at Noosa and Mooloolaba this month and in March. For one of them, 62-year-old Alison Windsor, of Nambour, who has been swimming in open water meets for the past eight years, the competitions have a special significance. Since 2015, World Series Swims has staged events in Queensland, NSW and Victoria and this year it is supporting The Kids’ Cancer Project, a national charity dedicated to providing money for childhood cancer research. Cancer is the largest killer of Australian children and the project was founded by Townsville man Col Reynolds, who in

1993 decided to do something to help children with cancer and their families. The project has donated more than $30 million to science for ground-

Alison Windsor, 62, of Nambour, has been swimming in open-water meets for the past eight years. breaking research. As Ms Windsor told Seniors: “I think the charity is wonderful. “I know of a little girl who has been through the cancer thing. She’s been in and out of hospital and, when I see her down at the beach in a wheelchair,

the experience breaks my heart because it is so close to me. “It’s a brilliant cause.” Ms Windsor has been a competitive swimmer since she was five and is an active member of Mudjimba Surf Club, going on patrol every fortnight. “I gained my bronze (medallion) nine years ago and, when I saw how my kids, Sarah and Mark, were doing these openwater swims, I said I can do that.” Sarah has represented Australia 21 times in swimming, Royal Life Saving and Surf Lifesaving teams. World Series Swims Noosa, Feb 11–12 and Mooloolaba, March 5. Enter online at www.worldseriesswims. To donate to The Kids’ Cancer Project visit

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Sunshine Coast

Monday, February 6, 2017

Coast gearing up for our 50th anniversary

Do you need a helping hand?

Jim Fagan

Window Cleaning and Household Assistance Gardening and Yard Maintenance Handyman and General Helper Services

Handy Helpers are here to help! Ph. 5477 0516 Mob. 0457 819 191 The official opening of the Near North Coast Tourist Office in Nambour in 1957. Sir Kenneth Morris (the then Minister for Labour and Industry) performed the opening ceremony accompanied by Cr D.A. Low, M.L.A., (Chairman of the Maroochy Shire Council). Two years later the first moves were made to change the name of the region to the Sunshine Coast. PHOTO: SUNSHINE COAST COUNCIL

Sunshine Coast” was first mooted in August 1959 at a Real Estate Queensland dinner in Hotel Perle at Caloundra. Previously, the region was known as the “Near North Coast”. It took seven years of carrying the torch for a name change with promotions such as the Rotary Club of Nambour’s little caravan with its free maps and brochures, proclaiming itself “The Doorway to the Sunshine

Coast”. In November 1966 the name was formally endorsed by Landsborough, Maroochy and Noosa Councils. The following year on July 14 it was given the nod of approval by Queensland Premier Sir Frank Nicklin at the REIQ conference at the Caloundra Hotel, Caloundra, and on August 1, 1967, officially accepted by Queensland Place Names Board.


ENTHUSIASM is growing for the Sunshine Coast’s 50th anniversary celebrations which officially start on August 1 and finish at the end of the year. Grants of up to $2000 from the Sunshine Coast Council have been given for: ■ A Seniors Week concert in October organised by the Caloundra Committee of Services to the Ageing. ■ A look back by the Mapleton Men’s Shed at the forestry industry at Mapleton. ■ A 50 Year of Agriculture Goodness Cook book by Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show Society. ■ An Open Cockpit Weekend staged by Queensland Air Museum Inc with family activities including historic aircraft flyovers, jumping castles, StarWars characters, cars club exhibits, active model planes, as well as an exhibition of an historic aviation collection of over 65 aircraft. The name “The

Seniors 7

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8 Seniors Sunshine Coast Monday, February 6, 2017

Smith Family helping kids for 95 years

Men’s Shed health survey

TWO Sunshine Coast University nutrition and dietetic students, Zoe Richter and Shononi Campbell, have been looking at the eating habits of Noosa Men’s Shed members. Their conclusion: Morning teas of bakery made sweet buns, savoury cheese rolls and leftover sausages from Bunnings sizzles are out and fresh vegetables and fruit are in! As part of their public health placement course, Zoe and Shononi recently completed a survey of 45 of the shed members. Their aim was to identify any barriers to healthy eating and to recommend ways to promote healthier food options. As Zoe told Seniors: “We found the top two barriers to a healthy diet were food knowledge and cooking skills. “Among our recommendations are

HEALTHY CHOICES: Noosa Men’s Shed’s Col Staun and students Shononi Campbell and Zoe Richter.

morning tea of fruit from local shops and produce from the shed’s own vegie garden. “The shed is also installing a new kitchen and we’ve suggested introducing the ‘Cooking for 1 or 2 Program’ run by the Department of Veteran Affairs.”

The survey took six weeks and was introduced as part of the shed’s “Men’s Health and Wellbeing Program”. Membership inquiries: Call secretary Neil Watt on 5474 4887 or email noosamensshed@gmail. com.

An excellent organisation, run by women for women

THE Smith Family is 95 years old this year and the story of how it got its name is worth retelling. In 1922, five businessmen walked into a Sydney orphanage with toys and sweets. When asked who the children should thank, one of them, preferring to remain anonymous, said “Smith”. “What about the others?” the matron asked. “They’re Smiths, too. We’re the Smith family.” And thus the national not-for-profit, which looks after disadvantaged children, The Smith Family, was born. The charity has learning clubs in three Sunshine Coast state schools – Maroochydore, Nambour and Burnside – and to find out what the clubs do, Seniors spoke to Toni Kirkpatrick, who has been the Maroochydore club co-ordinator for some years. Toni is a former

Toni Kirkpatrick.

Townsville City Councillor whose portfolio included community services. The 66 year old is retired now and she is proud to be a Smith Family volunteer. “I love what it stands for. I didn’t want to be someone who just supports it. I have a social work degree and I wanted to do hands-on stuff. I love the kids. They are such good fun.

“The children come from families whose parents are unemployed or on a low wage. We help them get a good education and sometimes, when parents can’t afford like camp fees or proper school uniforms, the learning club gives them extra assistance. “It’s the kids that want to do well at school who need that extra bit of help.” Toni said the children come to the learning club in the library. “We usually have three or four tutors, usually TAFE students doing teacher’s aide as part of their course. “We give them afternoon tea, sit down with them with their homework or whatever they need some help with. We have a strong core of 12 children and we’ve had up to 19. Sometimes they just like to have a chat and say what’s in their lives. It’s lovely.”

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Sunshine Coast

Monday, February 6, 2017

Seniors 9


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We are more than just a call centre, we’re a support network available at all times… Stay connected Anywhere / Any place / Any time No lock in contracts Prepaid packages available, for a lifetime of monitoring, at one low cost… YOU'LL NEVER BE ALONE You, your family & friends can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with wearing your safeTwear pendant. Plus the added advantage & benefit of being connected within seconds to our professional response/monitoring centre, who will immediately get you the Help you need

EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES Phone : 1300 699 159 Email : Web :

Limited Seniors Only Offer! Over 65? Call 1300 699 159 You may qualify for a Free safeTwear pendant & KeySafe.

Valued at over $500 While stock lasts.

10 Seniors Sunshine Coast Monday, February 6, 2017

Halcyon Lakeside BLI BLI

tech savvy

Monday, February 6, 2017


Sunshine Coast

Seniors 11

Cyberspace meeting place relationship. Until you get yourself moving you will never find out just how much choice and how much enjoyment you can have searching for and finding a new partner. ONLINE SITES If you are prepared to get online and start talking to potential new friends via the keyboard, there is an extensive choice of websites with many open to registration for any age and persuasion, while a handful are fully focused on the over 50s and over 60s market. Several site names are very recognisable, such as and eHarmony, which are open age sites. Then there are the age-specific sites;,,

10 TIPS ❚ Protecting your identity can seem complicated, so here are 10 simple identity security tips from the Attorney General’s Department: 1. Secure your personal documents at home, when you are travelling and if you need to destroy them. 2. Secure your computer and mobile phone with security software and strong passwords and avoid using public computers for sensitive activities. 3. Be cautious about using social media and limit the amount of personal information you publish online. 4. Investigate the arrival of new credit cards you didn’t ask for or bills for goods and services that aren’t yours. 5. Learn how to avoid common scams at

FINDING FRIENDS: Online provides another avenue. PHOTO: GPOINTSTUDIO, which has sub-sites for differing ages and, just to name a very few. Whichever site you access, you need an email address. Most sites have free

registration, but having a credit card on hand becomes a necessity to progress into the detail of the site. It’s always advisable to click on the Terms of Use. The document contains important information, and interestingly is often

familiar on several sites which are owned by the same company. Take time to have a good look through a website so that you can determine if it is offering the types of contacts you want. Not all sites will

cater for your interests. Be wary; most sites are legitimate, but some are not. There are no hard and fast rules for determining which sites are not real, so start by talking with friends about ones they use and ones they avoid.

ly T! 0 r a U 5 Ne D O 69,9 L 3 SO m $ fro


THE bEsT of boTH worlds

71930 01/2017

Freehold Retirement Homes in a Registered Retirement Community. No exit fees & low body corp fees.


FREECALL 1800 608 377

Display home open Thu-Sun 10am-4pm at 210 Bestmann Rd East, Sandstone Point


THERE isn’t any single answer to the age-old question of where to find true love. Going online allows you to operate almost anonymously, at least to start, so that your friends and family don’t have to know you are reaching out for a new friend. If you go online for dating, always take a moment to read the detail and think about what information you are being asked to share and with whom. There are lots of scams out there that can catch you short either financially or emotionally, or both. But looking for love can be fun. There are lots of good men and women who want friendship, companionship and maybe even a long-term

12 Seniors Sunshine Coast Monday, February 6, 2017

Talk ‘n’

From little

WHAT FUTURE? For some older people housing is a pressing concern. PHOTO: AMMENTORPDK

FIVE months ago I published the first of these stories in Seniors Newspaper ‘Talk n thoughts’ section, and I have since noted there is plenty of talk going on with Australian committees, working groups, governments and private interests. On the other hand some not-for-profit building companies such as Brisbane Housing Company or the Tiny Homes Foundation are flat out with fundraising and building appropriate housing. I have also published a story on Sydney’s Paramatta Council, which is taking a look at alternative housing models through a house sharing initiative. However, right now

FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK GAIL FORRER Group editor Seniors Newspapers network

demand far outweighs available accommodation, and as the older demographic increases so does the urgency of this issue. Nevertheless, in a decent society there are always people who, rather than sticking their head in the sand, raise their hand and take solid initiatives in the quest for affordable housing for the older person. Here, I introduce you to Linda Mina, whose own experience led her to set

up an online housing site, and Anglicare North Coast NSW chief executive officer Estelle Graham, leader of a group who has gone to work to raise affordable housing construction funds. ■ House sharers Gold Coast resident, 68-year-old Linda Mina, has set up Facebook groups to help older people find share housing. She said her inspiration for creating the Seniors Share Houses Facebook groups evolved from personal experience. “At 60, due to ill health, I retired. My children had moved out and I was left with a mortgage struggling to make ends meet,” she said. “I decided the only way to afford any sort of life


The opportunity to be able to examine a real human body is a privilege, and the ultimate gift that someone can give to science and medicine.

ENJOY THE LIFESTYLE at Kookaburra Village CALOUNDRA $2 55 ,00

The QUT Body Bequest Program is a key component of medical education and training at QUT. It is through the generous gift of their body that members of the public play an important role in the training of health professionals such as surgeons, doctors, nurses and allied health workers. QUT needs your support to continue this essential training and ongoing research. More information To request a Body Bequest Kit that will include additional information and registration forms, please phone 3138 6944 or email


Gated over 50’s Lifestyle Village

Halls, Pools; bowls; woodwork shed; small dog/cat ok & bus Mark Rd Information pack available

Inspect two homes priced at $255,000 & $259,000 Inspect Wed & Sat 10am - 2pm or inspect by appointment phone 07 54915888

INDEPENDENT LIFESTYLE FOR THE OVER 50’S 123 Mark Road East (off Daniel St) CALOUNDRA WEST Sales 07 54915888 or Judy 0409132705 Website

GEN-15-2138 21246 CRICOS No.00213J


The gift of your body could make a real difference to medical innovation

Come On Let’s Do The Google This March Tune in, turn on and tap into next month’s technology edition. This March, we’re sharing dozens of user-friendly tips to start or further your use of computers, cameras or phones. There’s so much available to enhance our lives, from new communication techniques to medical devices and very clever cameras.

Pick up your free copy of the March edition at your local stockist or read online at News + LifestyLe + HeaLtH + traveL + fiNaNce + eNtertaiNmeNt


Get savvy and join the tech talk this March in Seniors Newspapers.

Sunshine Coast

Monday, February 6, 2017


Seniors 13 Share your thoughts

on affordable housing initiatives. email to editor@seniorsnew spaper.

Hurdles, highjumps and solutions

things big things grow was to sell my house and rent.” However, a look at the price of rentals and the realisation that her pension wouldn’t even cover a one-bedroom apartment, meant she had to consider alternative housing styles. “I remembered the share houses from my youth and decided to check Gumtree. I found most were seeking younger people. “Luckily, I did eventually find a flatmate of similar age and interests and we became close friends.” Linda’s career background was in community development and with that knowledge she took a further step and created a specific space just for seniors to

advertise when seeking or offering share accommodation. “You may wonder ‘why Facebook?’, because it might not be considered

months and she told me it had helped many find their perfect flatmate (and friend). “There are currently 550 members and

At 60, due to ill health, I retired. My children had moved out and I was left with a mortgage struggling to make ends meet. senior-friendly,” she said. “However, it is free to use, has the capacity to reach many people, and libraries and community groups are now offering courses in the use of social media.” Linda’s Facebook site Seniors Share Houses Gold Coast has been running for about 18

growing,” she said. This month, due to its success, she has developed a similar Sunshine Coast group. In a little over a week Seniors Share Houses Sunshine Coast had grown to 60 members and has several adverts for people seeking and places to share.

You can search for and join Seniors Share Houses Gold Coast, Seniors Share Houses Sunshine Coast and Seniors Connect on Facebook. ❚ Anglicare North Coast Anglicare CEO Estelle Graham said the North Coast area reached from Port Macquarie to the Queensland border and while on the surface this area represented a sunny holiday destination, there was a problem with affordable housing. Ms Graham said high rental costs were exacerbated by increased demand from the influx of road construction workers, and homes, formerly permanent rentals, reassigned to the Airbnb pool.

HAVE YOUR SAY: Email or go online to

Opal Kawana Waters. A new standard in aged care. Located in the new Oceanside Health Hub.

She also pointed to research by Sandy Darab and Yvonne Hartman from the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Southern Cross University, Lismore, and their studies on the housing situation of older women in the Northern Rivers area. In an article for *ProBono (16/11/2016) the researchers said they had found a “massive problem”. They went on to describe the issue as “a sleeping giant”. In an effort to generate affordable housing funds, Ms Graham said in December last year, Anglicare North Coast launched the Gr8Cleaning business. GR8CLEAN is a specialist cleaning service for Ballina, Alstonville, Lismore and Byron Bay

residents. It does specialised work such as air conditioner cleaning and pressure cleaning of houses/offices, driveways and footpaths. The not-for-profit is run by qualified and trained Anglicare North Coast employees and all profits from GR8CLEAN help Anglicare North Coast continue to provide vital services.

GR8CLEAN Visit the website or call (02) 6642 4345. *https://probono news/2016/11/ homelessness-olderaustralian-womensleeping-giant/ (16/11/2016)

14 Seniors Sunshine Coast Monday, February 6, 2017

What’s on ODD MAN OUT

TICKETS are on sale for David Williamson’s new play Odd Man Out, starring Lisa Gormley and Justin Stewart Cotta which Noosa Long Weekend festival director Ian Mackellar will bring to

from their nests to the ocean. Sign on at 6.15am at beaches across the Coast from Shelly Beach to Marcoola. Free barbecue breakfast at La Balsa Park from 8am.


ON Saturday, February 11, you can help save turtle hatchlings. The first little guys of the season are starting to make their way


HEAD to Caloundra Regional Gallery on February 17 from 7–9pm

for Friday Live. Inspired by the vibrant patterns featured in the current exhibition All of Your Women and Some of Mine, a new event, Friday Live, is all about collaborative fun for the creative spirits. Cost $5. Book:


A MARVELLOUS exhibition by 2016 Sunshine Coast Art Prize winner Michael Cook. Mother is a journey through 13 images of a woman in a deserted Australian landscape. On display until February 26.

LANZA SINGS AGAIN DON’T miss tenor Roy Best singing Mario Lanza’s greatest songs and soprano Alison Jones cloning Kathryn Grayson. Chris McKenna narrates Lanza’s life story and accompanist is Len Vorster. Events Centre Caloundra, Saturday February 11. Book online or call 5491 4240.

Caloundra distriCt indoor Bowling assoCiation WEDNESDAY Start - 7.30pm

THURSDAY Start - 10am

JACKPOTS: $2000 on progressive calls $500 on progressive calls $300 on progressive calls

JACKPOTS: $1000 on progressive calls $500 on progressive calls $300 on progressive calls

JACKPOTS: $1000 on progressive calls $500 on progressive calls $300 on progressive calls

IF YOU’RE a local artist or work in creative arts, and would like to learn more about the (RADF) grants program on February 8 and 15. Book: Sunshine Coast Council website or contact the RADF liaison officer on 5420 8616.


ON FEBRUARY 13, writer Mary Lou Stephens and three guest authors, will




Orange - Parkes - Bathurst - Goondiwindi 7 Days - Sat 18th - Fri 24th March 2017 $1,899 Fare includes: Motels, Breakfst & Dinners, (4) Lunches. All Admissions



Autum Tour - (Easter Long Weekender) 4 Days Friday 14th - Monday 17th April 2017 $999 includes: Motels, Breakfasts & Dinners, (3) Morning Teas and Lunches.


Caloundra District Indoor Bowling Assoc. Start – 1pm m Indoor Bowls Hall, Burke St, Golden Beach


Everyone Welcome Call for further information President: 0407 578 132



Indoor Bowls hall | 55 Burke Street, GOLDEN BEACH TUESDAY Start - 10am

NIGHT OUT: David Williamson’s new play Odd Man Out, starring Lisa Gormley and Justin Stewart Cotta, will be performed in March at the Noosa J.

HOME PICK-UP & RETURN: Sunshine Coast, Caboolture, Redcliffe, Brisbane, Ipswich, Redlands, Gold Coast, Tweed Will mail Itinerary on all tours. Please Phone Sunshine Coast / Brisbane:

3343 6722

Gold Coast:

5520 1499

The Judy Henzell 2017

Su nshin e Melodies Concert Series SIMON GILLESPIE SINGS PETER ALLEN For almost 15 years audiences across the globe have been clamouring for Simon to deliver a purely ‘Peter Allen’ set as only he can. Well here it finally is, performing to standing ovations and encores everywhere!

WEDNESDAY 22 FEBRUARY AT 11AM $19.00 | Grp10+ $17.50 (per show)

Complimentary morning tea is served at 10am | Post-show lunch available

Bookings: 07 5491 4240 or


Coastal Variety Tours

set Cooroy Library burning with their views on romance and writing. 10am–noon. Free, bookings on 5329 6555.


WEEKLY story times for babies, toddlers, under 5s get underway for 2017 this month at Noosaville and Cooroy libraries. Info: 5329 6555.


NOOSA and Mooloobala is where the swimming action is. Compete against Olympic stars Michael Klim, golden girl Libby Trickett and 1960 gold medallist John Konrads in the World Series Swim Festival at Noosa, February 11– 12. On March 5 Mooloolaba will host the festival.



Noosa in March as a fundraiser for the festival. March 23, 24, 25, 7.30pm. Matinee, March 25, 2pm.

Jim Fagan

THE eight-day event starts at Noosa Main Beach on March 4. Old salty dogs in their 80s right down to nine-year-old nippers will compete in their various divisions. There was more than 800 entrants in 2016.

Sunshine Coast

Monday, February 6, 2017

Seniors 15


Travel to new worlds

Ann Rickard takes us out of Australia and into great, new spaces LET’S face it, those in the gay community seem to have far more fun than the rest of us, so it makes sense to follow their instincts and holiday where they do. Check out these ten gay destinations from around the world and around the country.


The Big Daddy of all the gay cities, the place where it all came out in the 1960s and gay pride spread its tentacles all over the world. With its Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard St and those cute cable cars, exploring San Francisco

Group Travel S p ec i al i s t s Trade Travel

is a treat, especially when there is a restaurant, café or bar always a few footsteps away.


If San Francisco is King of the gay destinations then Mykonos must be the Queen. The entire Greek Island is gay – from the seafront tavernas at Super Paradise Beach to the myriad clubs and bars hidden in the maze of cobbled streets in Mykonos town.


This small fishing village with its sunny beaches and quaint old town was

home to a sprinkling of fishermen and their families in the 1960s, until the gay crowd discovered its laid-back charm and arrived in droves. The clubs, gyms and saunas quickly popped up and now Sitges is famous the world over for its vivacious gay nightlife and colourful festivals. It’s a perfect European summer destination for all of us.

all over the world. A sweep of sandy beach fringed with over-sand taverns buzzes with gay women hanging out, having fun. How Lesbos will recover from the massive influx of refugees in the past couple of years won’t be known for some time. It is cheaper than most Greek islands.


Super gay-friendly city, Sydney pulses during the biggest annual gay party in the country each February/March. We all know about Mardi Gras but how many of us have made the pilgrimage to

This small seaside village on the south-west of the Greek island attracts lesbians from


watch the parade? Just once in our lives?


A pulsating city that welcomes everyone and loves the gay community. Berlin enjoys a reputation as one of the world’s most dynamic gay capitals. The gay community has made Berlin a hedonist’s dream destination, why shouldn’t we join the party?


Probably Mexico’s most popular gay destination with more than its share of gay bars, night clubs and hilarious drag

shows. Watching the parade of fabulously fit bodies in Speedos while sipping icy margaritas at a beach-front bar is going to make us seniors hold in our tummies and vow to get to the gym when we return home.


While not exactly a gay destination, Bangkok is known for its myriad bars where the lady boys love to slip into something glam. Thai people are among the most sweet, friendly and tolerant people in the world which makes this city a drawcard for the gay community.

16 Seniors Sunshine Coast

travel Monday, February 6, 2017

Be sure to savour Italy

The beautiful sights and sounds of this wonderful country will stay with you forever Ann Rickard

ITALY is one of the countries on the bucket lists of so many travellers – even though it has suffered heartbreaking disasters lately. But intrepid seniors do not let a potential calamity of nature turn them off their travel plans, do they? Everyone should see Italy just once if it is possible within time and budget restraints. The first time you visit Rome and set eyes on the Colosseum will be embedded in your memory forever. The same goes for St Peter’s. Even if the Trevi Fountain is packed with tourists, and it will be, and you will find it hard to snap a selfie without a dozen others in the background, and you will, it won’t take away from the spine-tingly thrill that you are there, right there at this world-famous landmark. The first time I entered

the Piazza del Campo, the historic centre of Siena in Tuscany, I experienced a feeling of mouth slack. My jaw dropped considerably, not quite to the ground as many a colourful writer would embellish, but it definitely did drop as I took in the sight of arguably Europe’s most renowned medieval square.

We tried to keep our jaws from gaping too much at the absolute Italian splendour of it. The breathtaking architecture of the shell-shaped piazza, the soaring Torre del Mangia,

that slender tower rising from the square, the Fonta Gaia, the fountain that first brought water to the square, halted me on the spot. Our Siena visit was just days before the famous Palio di Siena, the bare-back horse race around the periphery of the piazza where thousands of people cram into every centimetre of space on the ground and hang off the surrounding balconies to watch and cheer. There was much ceremony and colour during our pre-Palio visit, many celebrations with groups of young men draped in brilliant colours, carrying flags, beating drums. We sat at one of the cafes around the edge of the square for aperitvo and tried to keep our jaws from gaping too much at the absolute Italian splendour of it. The first time on the Amalfi Coast was another jaw-dropping experience.

escorted ESCAPES

Enjoy your holiday knowing you have an expert with you every step of the way.



Departs Brisbane: 4 Nov 2017

Highlights Enjoy a small group private tour to this ancient magical land. Explore temples and pagodas in Yangon and Bagan and enjoy the unspoilt scenery of this wonderful country. Relax on a 2 night upstream cruise on the Irrawaddy River from Bagan to Mandalay and explore the tranquil Inle Lake region. Plus breakfast daily, 4 lunches and 5 dinners.

$6745* * solo traveller from $8295 from


Departs Brisbane: 29 Apr 2017 Highlights Cruise through the Panama Canal in style on the luxurious Celebrity Infinity. Visit ports of call in Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico. Includes 3 nights in Miami and 2 nights in San Diego with included sightseeing and touring. Plus breakfast daily, 14 lunches and 17 dinners.

from solo traveller from





Departs Brisbane: 30 Jun 2017

Departs Brisbane: 10 Sep 2017


Highlights From stunning Cape Town, we head north to Fish River Canyon and the amazing sand dunes of Sossusvlei in Namibia. Enjoy game viewing in Etosha and Chobe National Parks and explore the Okavango Delta in traditional mokoro. Finish in Victoria Falls with the ‘Flight of the Angels’ helicopter ride. Plus breakfast daily, 2 lunches and 18 dinners.

$12,950* * solo traveller from $14,550 from


Highlights Visit the Sagrada Familia, travel through the Andalucia region, view the dazzling architecture in Seville and visit the Alcazar of Seville. Explore the charm of Lisbon and the Douro Valley wine region in Portugal. Full day tour to Toledo, the former capital of Spain. Plus breakfast daily, 2 lunches and 4 dinners. from solo traveller from

$12,835* $15,995*

1300 722 079 *Travel restrictions & conditions apply. Prices are correct as at 1 Jan 17 & are subject to change. Quoted prices on sale until 8 weeks prior to each departure date or until sold out prior. Prices are per person, twin share and subject to availability. Prices shown are for payments made by cash in store and are fully inclusive of taxes, levies, government charges and other applicable fees. Payments made by credit card incur a surcharge. Visa information based on Australian Passport holders. Where a visa is required the cost included in the trip price (Australian passport holders only). Arrival and departure transfers included up to the return value of $100 pp. If costs between your home and Brisbane airport exceed this you can either choose to pay the difference or have the $100 pp refunded and make your own arrangements to and from Brisbane airport. Participants must be a minimum of 18 years of age. Escorted Escapes product is exclusive to Qld and Nth NSW Escape Travel stores. All cruises are based on lead-in inside cabin twin share. All Escorted Escapes are subject to minimum passengers booking, paying and travelling together. Escape Travel reserves the right to cancel the tour should the numbers travelling not meet the required minimum. Should this occur a full refund will be provided. Please ask your Escape Travel consultant for further details. ^Interest Free: Approved applicants only on a Lombard 180 Visa card. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply including a $99 Annual Fee charged on the account open date and annually on the anniversary of the account open date. Minimum finance amount applies and is valid on holidays over $999. Interest, currently 22.99% p.a., is payable on any balance outstanding after the 12 month Interest Free period. Ask in store for details. Offer ends 31 Dec 17. Credit provided by Lombard Finance Pty Limited ABN 31 099 651 877, Australian Credit Licence number 247415. Lombard® is brought to you by FlexiGroup ®. FROM BRISBANE. Flight Centre Travel Group Limited (ABN 25 003 377 188) trading as Escape Travel. ATAS Accreditation No. A10412. ATAS Accreditation No. A10412. ETEEM75452


Monday, February 6, 2017

Sunshine Coast

Seniors 17

on your next holiday The huddled towns of Positano and Amalfi clinging to the cliffs, the death-defying ride on the local buses around the hairpin bends of the coastal mountains that plunge to the sea, it was all so thrilling, despite the hundreds of steps up and down to the beach; they allowed us to eat and drink more, there is always a positive side. The Cinque Terra was another first that offered a buzz beyond words as we walked along the cliff faces to each of the five villages, stopping for refreshments in each one, wondering if we had the stamina to walk on to the next. We did, but only after fortifying gin and tonics. Even though it took an entire day and there was much climbing and puffing and cursing along the Cinque Terra towards the last town of Monterosso, it was one of the most unforgettable experiences of all our travels. Now if I am fortunate to

visit the Cinque Terra again, I would take the train or boat between villages – a much more senior-friendly option. Florence is another Italian joy never to be forgotten. The art, the culture, the food and wine, the leather markets. Ensure you reserve your tickets before you go to the Uffizi Gallery in the Piazza della Signoria and avoid the three-hour wait in the queue. Even if you have to queue it is worth it just to stand before Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. The same ticket-savvy rule applies to the Accademia Gallery where you will stand beneath a naked David and hold your breath in enthralment. Then there are the hundreds of charming small villages and pretty seaside towns in Italy waiting for exploration. Best you plan and then stay as long as time and money will permit.

AMAZING PLANET: Scenic picture-postcard view of famous Amalfi Coast with beautiful Gulf of Salerno, Campania, Italy. PHOTO: BLUEJAYPHOTO


n Play & r e t s e W t Grea al toUr. stay MUsIC ptember 2017 17th-27th Se

Come join us on this great western play & stay music tour with 12 country singers. We take the music to the west on this tour.

Saturday 18th March 2017 BRISBANE TO YANDINA Steam train from Roma Street to Yandina return. Coach from Yandina to Noosa or Mapleton Falls. Saturday 29th April 2017 BRISBANE TO TOOWOOMBA Steam train from Roma Street to Toowoomba. Celebrating 150yrs of the railway opening. SUNSHINE EXPRESS RAIL TOURS G. P.O. BOX 682, BRISBANE, 4001 Office Hours Tues/Wed/Thur 10am-3pm only Phone 3252 1759 Fax 3252 1767 Website: Sunshine Express Rail Tours – Upcoming Tours Email: Australian Railway Historical Society Queensland Division

Lic No TAG 1446

$2200 pp

G&D ROSS Bus Charters

Phone 4129 7132 | Mobile 0427 297 132

2017 ADVENTURES Exciting escorted Australian and international group tours




(07) 4687 5555




$1,795 pp Dbl / Tw Share

2 From

$1,795 pp Dbl / Tw Share


This tour will sell out again

1 From

$4,995 pp Dbl / Tw Share


$3,195 pp Dbl / Tw Share

17 DAYS From

$8,439 Dbl / Tw Share





including, bus, accommodation, breakfast, evening meal and entertainment. 10 different tour locations.

3 Limited Seats!


$3,995 pp Dbl / Tw Share







En njoy a short escape including th he race that stops Emmaville,, a ch harrming town north of o

Timed perfectly for the Melbourne Flower Show, this tour reveals the best of Melbourne and surrounds. • Melbourne Interna!onal • Flower Show • Sky High - Mt Dandenong • Puffing Billy journey Lakeside to Belgrave • Old Melbourne Gaol • Eureka Tower Skydeck • Melbourne Highlights Cruise • Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

Experience the true Australian Outback by dusty outback tracks on in a purpose built luxury 4 Wheel Drive coach. Travel through three of Australia’s most iconic and unique deserts via the Birdsville, Oodnada#a and Strzelecki Tracks. Stay at the historic Ray Sta!on and Birdsville Hotel, visit Lake Eyre, the Burke and Wills Dig Tree, Cameron Corner and William Creek. Limited places s!ll available.

Take a 4x4 coach through some of the most rough and remarkable terrain to uncover Queensland’s best kept secrets. • Cania Gorge Na!onal Park • Kroombit Tops Na!onal Park • Blackdown Tablelands • Mount Bri#on • Eungella Na!onal Park • Reef HQ, Townsville • Magne!c Island • Atherton Tablelands

A must-do adventure through one of the world’s last unspoiled wildernesses to the !p of Australia. • Rainforest Lodge Stay • Cape Tribula!on Beach • Cooktown Sightseeing • Visit Old Laura Homestead • Moreton Telegraph Sta!on • Giant Termite Mounds • Kuranda Scenic Rail Journey • Thursday and Horn Islands • Stand at the Tip of Australia

27 March 2017

18 May 2017

15 July 2017

6 August 2017

The fall season along the Eastern American and Canadian border offers a stunning array of vibrant autumn colours amongst some of the most famous North American ci!es. Explore the natural wonders of The White Mountains, Lake Ontario, Niagara Falls and the surrounding colourful forests. Experience the culture and cuisine of Boston, Quebec, Montreal, O#awa, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Washington and New York. Tour the best of the US and Canada with and Australian tour escort and local guides.

it’s taery!

• Private Marquee at • Emmaville Sheep Races • Dogs of Law show • Ballandean Estate Wines • G Gllen Innes Local Tour • Na!o !onal TransportThals • Flight included


10 March 2017

12 September 2017

18 Seniors Sunshine Coast


A good drop of regional Victoria’s fine culture

Last Minute Luxury Cruising All-inclusive Tour Packages

BENDIGO, Victoria. Best known for its 19th Century Gold Rush history, its Chinese Museum and unique Bendigo Pottery. And maybe the famous Shamrock Hotel with its wide verandas peering down on the main street delightfully called “Pall Mall”… the early Colonial settlers certainly had a sense of humour. Irish, no doubt. But what of today’s Bendigo? We decided to find out for ourselves, so after driving less than two hours from Melbourne we’re sauntering along Pall Mall observing the rejuvenated heritage listed buildings as well as a smattering of more recent architecture, and lots of green space. Surprisingly, some trendy boutiques and streetside cafés as well. So far so good. Next we check in at a new hotel, the Schaller Studio not far away (in fact next to the hospital) and are immediately struck by the artwork and sculptures dominating the entire building, including all the guest rooms. Mark Schaller, after

18N | From $3169 | Departing 14 Mar, 2017 Vessel: Volendam, Holland America Line EXPLORE ASIA WITH VOLENDAM

✓Return airfare to Tokyo, returning from Hong Kong ✓2N 4-star hotel Tokyo; 2N 4-star hotel Hong Kong ✓14N Asia cruise from Yokohama to Hong Kong Offer ends 28 Feb 17 or until sold out.

23N | From $5599 | Departing 02 Sep 2017 Vessel: Sea Princess, Princess Cruises AUSTRALIAN TOP END SAIL & RAIL

✓3N 4-star hotel Sydney ✓3N Indian Pacific Rail Journey from Perth to Sydney ✓17N Northern Australia Explorer cruise aboard Sea Princess from Sydney to Perth Offer ends 28 Feb 17 or until sold out.

13N | From $4499 | Departing 21 Jul, 2017 Vessel: Celebrity Reflection, Celebrity Cruises MEDITERRANEAN CELEBRATION Monday, February 6, 2017

✓Return airfare to Rome ✓3N 4-star hotel Rome

Wine Bank Cafe, Bendigo.

whom the hotel is named, is a contemporary Victorian artist well known as one of the founders of the expressionist group, Roar Studios. Schaller says: “Bendigo is really romantic…the vibrant art centre for regional Victoria… (growing) into a unique destination for art lovers around the world”. The Bendigo Art Gallery is proof of this. With its long history dating back to 1887 and modern, well-lit extensions, it’s arguably Australia’s finest gallery outside a capital city. Another example of an

✓10N Mediterranean cruise aboard Celebrity Reflection

20N | From $4229 | Departing 02 Oct, 2017 Vessel: Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Cruises


INCLUDES: Airfares, Taxes, Accommodation, Touring, Meals, Visas & Gratuities

✓One-way airfare from Sydney to Honolulu

Please call us for full itinerary details

✓2N 4-star hotel Waikiki Beach ✓18N Celebrity Solstice cruise from Honolulu to Sydney Offer ends 28 Feb 17 or until sold out.


13 - 20 May 2017 15th - 24th Nov 2015

✓Return airfare to Rome, return from New York City ✓3N 4-star hotel Rome; 3N 4-star hotel New York City

Rhythms of the South, USA

✓15N ms Koningsdam cruise Amsterdam roundtrip


15 - 29 May 2017

Convict’s Cup Social Croquet Tournament

16N | From $4749 | Departing 10 Sep, 2017 Vessel: Brilliance of the Seas, Royal Caribbean ✓2N 4-star hotel Barcelona; 2N 4-star hotel Dubai ✓12N Mediterranean cruise aboard Brilliance of The Seas round trip from Barcelona

17 - 24 June 2017

Sensational Singapore ESCORTED TOUR

715th - 14 August 2017 - 24th Nov 2015

Offer ends 31 Mar 17 or until sold out.

Maroochydore p. (07) 5451 8600 Pelican Waters p. (07) 5437 4000


✓Return airfare to Barcelona returning via Dubai

*Conditions may apply. See instore for details.


Norfolk Island Country Music Festival

Offer ends 31 Mar 17 or until sold out.


China’s Pearl River Delta

10 - 19 May 2017

21N | From $6879 | Departing 03 Oct, 2017 Vessel: ms Koningsdam, Holland America Line ROMAN TREASURES & NEW YORK AT LEISURE

■ ■ ■ Phil Hawkes was hosted by Art Series Hotels – The Schaller Studio.

1300 551 997

Offer ends 28 Feb 17 or until sold out.


arts-related project is the Ulumbarra Theatre complex. Built in and around the bones of the 1860s Sandhurst Prison, this is as attractive an arts venue as we’ve found anywhere. There’s a spirit about these places which makes “tree change” start to sound like a good idea… all the benefits of a big arts-conscious city without the hassles.

17 Day Luxury African Wildlife Safari FULLY ESCORTED TOUR

4 - 20 Nov 2017

Prefer to travel independently? Call us for a quote


3NightsinHongKong,3Nightsin Guangzhou,3NightsinMacau,9x Breakfast,5xLunches,6xDinners, ChinaVisa,GratuitiesGuides& Drivers,TrainfromHongKongto Guangzhoubasedon PremiumClass


7NightsAccom-TheCastaway Hotel,7xFullCookedBreakfasts 4xDinnersincluding:IslandFish Fry. HalfDayOrientationTour, Fletcher’sMutinyCyclorama, BreakfastBushWalk,PLUSNorfolk IslandCountryMusicFestival PlatinumPass


14 Nights Dallas, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, B’fast Daily, Gospel Brunch at House of Blues, Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum,Beale Street, Graceland, Sun Studio, New Orleans. Opt add-on 7 Night riverboat cruise

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per person Twin Share ex BNE, Single supplement $350

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$2,255 $3,998

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9 Days of wildlife game drives in exclusive 4x4 vehicles through out Masai Mara, Amboseli & Serengeti National per person Twin Share Parks, 12 nights of luxury ex BNE or SYD, Single Sopa Lodge, Opportunity to supplement $980 visit Masai Mara villages, Boat ride on Lake Naivasha.


TERMS & CONDITIONS *Price is per person Twin Share fully inclusive. Single Supplement applies. Credit card surcharges apply. Deposit of AUD$500-$800 per person is required to secure tour. Tour requires a minimum number of passengers to depart. Prices may fluctuate if surcharges, fee, taxes or currency change. Prices current as at 11 December 2016. Go SeeTouring Pty Ltd T/A Go See Touring Member of Helloworld QLD ATAS Accreditation A11320 ABN: 72 122 522 276

Sunshine Coast

Monday, February 6, 2017

Seniors 19


ACTIVE AGING WEIGHT-bearing and resistance exercises are the answer to helping your bones get stronger. Osteoporosis Australia exercise specialists say hopping and jumping, and progressive resistance training such as lifting weights in the gym, are the most effective exercises for improving and preserving bone strength throughout life. Other exercises that involve the feet making impact with the ground such as running and jumping, tennis and dancing are all good for bones. OA’s Professor Belinda Beck recommends regular exercise that raises the heart rate is important for reducing the risk of common lifestyle

diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. “But we know that aerobic exercise on its own makes little or no difference to bones,” Prof Beck said.

.. .hopping and jumping, and progressive resistance training such as lifting weights in the gym, are the most effective exercises . . . “Bones need to be stressed in very specific ways in order to get stronger.”

To get successfully active, you should: ■ Be regular – exercise for about 30 minutes, at least three times a week. ■ Exercise intensity should increase gradually over time – the amount of weight used, degree of exercise difficulty, height of jumps, and so on, must increase or vary over time to challenge the bones and muscles. ■ Routines should be varied rather than repetition. ■ Exercises should be performed in short, intensive bursts. ■ Regular short bouts of weight-bearing exercise separated by several hours are better than one long session. ■ Lifting weights quickly is more effective for

improving muscle function than lifting them slowly. ■ Rapid, short bursts of movement such as jumping or skipping are more effective than slow movements. Exercise specialists recommend that before

HEALTH HELP: Strengthen your bones using regular weight-bearing and resistance exercises. PHOTO: OSTEOPOROSIS AUSTRALIA

anyone starts exercising, particularly those people who have osteoporosis or already had a fracture, a qualified exercise

professional should be consulted so that an appropriate program can be designed to obtain the most benefits.

The single, retired and invisible need feel alone no longer WHEN WE look at most of the promotional literature produced by the retirement industry, we see lots of pictures and stories of attractive couples on cruise ships, at parties and walking along beaches. When was the last time you saw a picture showing a single retired person in any of these situations? Many single retirees complain that they feel invisible. It’s as if the whole idea of life in retirement is only about couples having a good time. The reality is that there

TUNED UP FOR THE THIRD AGE PAUL McKEON are currently more than one million single people over 50 in Australia and the numbers are growing fast. While singles have the distinct advantage of not having to compromise with a partner when deciding what to do and where to go, they generally have to manage a range of

St Vincent’s Care Services Maroochydore

issues which are quite different to those facing couples. These include having to pay the dreaded “singles supplement” when travelling, having to fund living expenses out of one income, having only one salary going into your superannuation, and being solo in many social occasions. Not only do singles have to make all their decisions on their own, there is virtually no assistance or information which can help them prepare for the transition from full time work to some form of retirement.

We decided to offer some assistance to this group and have put together a book that covers most of the issues that single people are likely to face in retirement. It’s titled How to be Happy, Retired and Single. This book covers a wide range of issues including – finances, housing, travel, managing change, social activities, retirement planning, health, fitness, emotional issues, future work, spirituality and the law. Details www.mylife

20 Seniors Sunshine Coast

wellbeing Monday, February 6, 2017

Staying together for longer KEEPING older Australians and their pets together is the goal of the national lobby group, Pets and Positive Ageing which is the first of its kind. The voluntary organisation is a specialised advocacy group which is helping to find ways for domestic pets to stay with their elderly owners at home or in retirement villages, in hostels, at independent living units and in low care areas of nursing. President Jan Phillips said the organisation realised from very early days that pets and ageing was a national issue. Since 2012 it has confronted and challenged the issues surrounding when older Australians need to move to supported accommodation and the vexing problem of what to do with their pets which can at times stop people from making the choice of moving to more suitable accommodation. Ms Phillips said PAPA is continually engaging with several animal welfare and in-home pet support programs across

Australia. Its community consultations have led PAPA to offer, “practical initiatives such as promotion of support services in other states, holding public forums on key issues, talking to key senior groups and service providers, and mentoring community organisations looking to emulate the PAPA programs,” Ms Phillips said. The group’s newest campaign is focused on pet support becoming one of the standard services offered to home and community Care clients within home care packages. Other PAPA projects on the table for 2017 are developing advice on end-of-life for pets, promoting the use of emergency or home alone contact cards, and opening discussions on taking dogs into public places and onto public transport. For more information on the group, go to www.petsandpositive This is the first story in a series on Pets and Positive Ageing.

PET SUPPORT: PAPA president Jan Phillips with her dogs Kirsty and Mintie.

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Live Independently With:


Read past editions and more Seniors News on our website – embracing ageing.

• On Site Managers • No Lock In Contracts • No Bond • No Exit Fees • Fortnightly Rent Payment • Rent Assistance Available from Centrelink (for eligible people) • Modern 1 bedroom unit with ensuite • Your own Private Courtyard

• Secure Gated Complex • Fully furnished or bring your own furniture • Weekly Linen Service included • Some organised activities • All meals supplied, home cooked on the premises • Public Transport at the Entrance • Close to shopping centres & doctors etc.

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Tracey Johnstone

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Sunshine Coast

Seniors 21

Walking back to a healthy place Marjie driven to create a group for silver fitness enthusiasts IN 1970 Helen Shapiro was belting out Walking Back To Happiness and the then 30-year-old Marjie Andrews was getting ready to leave Melbourne to live on the Sunshine Coast. Today, the British pop star’s hit could well be Marjie’s theme song as she has one simple piece of advice for anyone thinki ng of getting fit –it’s never too late to start walking. Marjie, who now lives in Maroochydore, started a Welcome to Walking for Fitness, Fun and Friendship class three years ago and among her members are a 90-year-old (”she’s wonderful”), a few men and women in their 80s, and some younger. And for someone who’ll be 77 this year, Marjie is pretty sprightly herself. She told Seniors how

ACTIVE AGEING: Marjie Andrews walking for fitness and fun.

the idea came while she was driving along the South Bank of the Maroochy River. “I saw the good folk enjoying the fresh air and the ambience as they strolled along the riverside path,” she said. “There and then I decided to start a class which would combine walking with exercise interludes, including Tai

Chi for arthritis management, and falls prevention.” The idea caught on and Marjie’s current class of silver fitness enthusiasts showed their appreciation when they nominated her as Senior Citizen of the Year in last month’s Sunshine Coast Council’s Australia Day Awards. A former school

teacher, she has had lifelong interest in health and fitness. In 1986 she attained accreditation in both group exercise and aqua-fitness and conducted classes in Woombye and Maroochydore until recently. She believes much of the physical decline associated with ageing is due to inactivity rather than disease. “My aim is to keep people healthy, away from doctors and out of hospital. I love what I do.” The walking group meets at the Cod Hole Boat Ramp Vehicle Park in Bradman Avenue at 9am on Mondays and Tuesdays. It’s $5 for two hours and classes resume for 2017 on Mon-Tues, February 13-14. Phone Marjie on 5448 4229.

Retirement to suit You!

SAVE CASH: Relax and enjoy your travel.

How to spend less so you can travel more

FOR THOSE looking to save money for travel but are unsure where to start, we offer our top five tips to spend less. One of the most common excuses for not travelling is finances. But those who seriously commit to goals and spend on basic necessities only such as rent, utility bills, groceries and insurance, will see serious savings.

cycling everywhere you go. Cconsider alternative modes of transportation. Or take the train or bus instead of a taxi.


Getpaid to stay in pet owner’s homes (known as “house sitting”) to take care of their pets while they are away. Travel, earn and save money. See for details.

Did you know that in over one year on average you can spend nearly $600 on takeaway coffees?


Increase your fitness by


Research what’s happening around town before forking out. During summer, there are usually myriad free movies and concerts in local parks and city museums.


Immanuel Gardens Retirement Village Two-bedroom units newly refurbished

10 Magnetic Drive, Buderim

Phone: 07 5456 7600

With beautiful, landscaped gardens and a commanding elevated position that captures the best of the sea breezes, Immanuel Gardens is the perfect place for you to sit back and simply relax. Unit 55 – $340,000

Unit 49 – $275,000

Unit 82 – $340,000

Unit 13 – $365,000

Unit 52 – $350,000

St Paul’s Lutheran Aged Care Village Two-bedroom units newly refurbished

10 Tomlinson Road, Caboolture

Whether it’s the quiet country lifestyle, coastal breezes or the urban lifestyle you want to enjoy, Lutheran Community Care has a retirement village that might be just what you’ve been looking for. Our villages have been developed to give you the space, privacy and community feel that has been our hallmark, with modern villas designed to ensure you have all the comforts you expect. Come and see for yourself!

Phone: 07 5495 1300

Country quiet with city convenience could be yours! Set in meticulously landscaped gardens in a tranquil, rural setting, our spacious and private villas mean you can simply put your feet up and enjoy life, knowing that you are part of a vibrant community with all the care you might need, when you need it. Unit 24 – $295,000

Unit 18 – $285,000

Unit 9 – $252,000

Unit 22 – $285,000

Lutheran Community Care. Experienced enough to trust and small enough to care.

22 Seniors Sunshine Coast

Surprise on a Greek Island


RESEARCHING for this month’s travel top 10 gay destinations (see Page 17) brought back so many memories I laughed out loud at my own writing. The first time we stumbled on a gay beach, my husband – usually a very open-minded man – was discombobulated. It was 25 years ago on the Greek island of Mykonos, what a surprise?


We had no idea we were entering a gay beach as we stepped off a wooden boat that chuffed us around a series of bays.

As we trudged along the sand we were confronted by row upon row of naked bodies, mostly men. My own man didn’t know where to look. “I’m not comfortable here,” he said. “I’m comfortable here, I love it,” I told him. When the men got up and began throwing frisbees, the husband declared his intention to Monday, February 6, 2017

depart the beach. We spotted a bar on top of a hill above the beach. “This is better,” the husband said and pulled up a bar stool. We could see the nakedness cramming the beach below but we were distanced from it. We felt comfortable, until an hour later when the naked men donned tiny Speedos and joined us at the bar.

“They’ve all come up here,” the perplexed husband said, lowering his eyes and dipping his nose deep into his mojito. “It’s their space,” I said. “If we don’t like, we must leave.” We didn’t. We ordered another round and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon on this gayfriendly beach and we’ve been back every year. .

Playgroup event for young and old

Grandparents and carers gather for support and social time Jim Fagan

Linking seniors with community information across Queensland 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday


JUST over two years ago Michelle Poole had the idea that grandparents who look after their grandchildren while parents are working might want to do it in a playgroup setting. Michelle works for the not-for-profit Mons Playgroup Centre at Buderim and, as she told Seniors, “We have 10 at the moment and there is room for more.” Michelle said she had looked for ways the Centre could adapt to the changing needs of the local community. “I did a bit of research and discovered there were grandparents and retired couples living near the centre looking after their grandchildren,” she said. “Mons Playgroup is on one acre of land with 200 member families and wonderful facilities. “To me it made sense to offer what we had to

COLOUR FUN: Grandparents and children at Mons Playgroup Centre.

anyone in that position of caring. “They could come together socially and be a support group as well. “I started putting on local events to give awareness about what Playgroup could give to families. “We call it the Grandparents and Carers

Playgroup and as well as family members we also have some people coming along who are looking after someone else’s children.” The two-hour sessions are held on Wednesdays at 9.30am. Cost is $3 plus membership of Playgroup Queensland. Michelle said: “The

sessions are run by the families themselves and they have the use of the sandpit, cubby house, community garden, plenty of toys, paints and crafts and equipment.” For information call Michelle 5453 4938 or email mpoole

Submit your photos, stories, events and notices online. Look for the ‘share your event or story’ box on our home page. Visit us at


It’s Good to Share

Sunshine Coast

Monday, February 6, 2017

Seniors 23


last year by then president Noelene Hughes after Penny was nominated for this award by the Nambour club’s 2016 management committee for her outstanding contribution to the club. Penny joined the club in 2002 when she came to live at Nambour from Bowen where she had her own nursery.

TO ALLOW for readers’ requests for the publication of more neighbourhood news, please keep notices short and to the point (100 word maximum). If you would like to submit a photo please ensure it is at least 180dpi with faces in a nice and bright setting. The deadline for the March issue is February 22. Email Nicky or Chris at communitynotes@


WE WOULD like retired single men to join us, over 65 to 75 is our age group. We need a balance of men and ladies to enjoy our social outings. Theatre, home dinner parties, barbecues, picnics and dining out are some of the venues we would like to share. These are the outings one doesn’t enjoy on one’s own. Phone 5443 7663 after 5pm.


JOIN a choir and sing some heavenly harmonies. Andrew Emmet, former chorister at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, UK, directs three A Cappella (voice only) choirs in Tewantin and Cooroy. One


FRIENDSHIP DINNER: Caloundra Evening VIEW club members Val Lawrence, Clare Seddon, Sandra Jones and Debra Peut celebrate a new year and new friends.

“Classical” and two “Popular”. Andrew creates many of his own original arrangements, particularly for the “Popular” choirs. If you would like to sing in one of these choirs, email Andrew at andrew or phone 5474 1498.


AT THE beginning of each year, the Caloundra Evening VIEW Club holds a Friendship Dinner for members and guests. This is the opportunity for us to renew acquaintances and gain new friends. It is a largely informal evening which is much enjoyed by

members who spend time with catchups and introductions. This event was held at the Pelican Waters Golf Club on Tuesday evening.


OUR next luncheon will be held on Friday, February 24 at 11am at the Maroochydore Surf Life Saving Club. The cost for the delicious two course meal is $28. Newcomers are always welcome and if you would like to attend this meeting or hear more about our VIEW Club, phone Terri on 5390 9783.


OUR Club’s Meetings/Lunches are held on the first Wednesday of the month

at Buderim Tavern, 81 Burnett Street at 11am, the next on Wednesday, March 1. Cost is $28. There are always interesting guest speakers and also a social activity on the third Wednesday of the month. Have lunch with a friendly group of ladies and make new and lasting friendships. Phone Pat on 5445 6329 to make a reservation.


MEMBER Penny Hegarty recently received the Ann Williams Clark medallion for outstanding service by a member of an affiliated club with the Garden Clubs of Australia. Penny was given the award late

A SUCCESSFUL Christmas lunch for the seniors of Bribie Island and near surrounds was held in memory of the local Lions member who instigated this project some five years ago. Lions have decided to rename this function as ‘Phil Carnes Memorial Senior Christmas Luncheon’. Seniors were dined and entertained in a lovely Christmas atmosphere in the hall of The Bribie Island Primary School. They were entertained by One Voice and Golden Entertainers. Some 360 meals were prepared and served by Lions members (dressed in lovely Island-style shirts). The Lionesses, in their lovely stylish uniform,served morning tea of Lions Christmas Cakes. Organiser Graham Cole said this was a way of giving back to the community.


MAROOCHY North Shore Lions Club are proud to announce that they are sponsoring one of their members, Nicole Carty as an entrant in the Lions Medical Research Personality Quest 2016–17. This quest is open to all women over the age of 18 and is run over 12 months. Maroochy North Shore Lions look forward to the support of the Local Community in this most worthwhile project. Phone Carol Goldsworthy, publicity officer on 5450 5721.


FIFTY Shades Darker. $20 includes a drink and nibbles. Caloundra Big Screen Cinemas Bulcock St, Caloundra on Thursday, February 9 at 6.15pm for a 7pm movie start. Contact: Debbie 0407 110 073 or Kristy 0447 833 234 for tickets. All proceeds to Cancer Council Queensland.


OUR monthly meeting will be held in the Buderim Bowls Club, Elizabeth St, Buderim at 9.30am on Monday, February 27, morning tea will be served. Cost is $5 per person. Coral from the CONTINUED ON PAGE 25


TFM Awards Formally known as

Holiday in the Hinterland

FRAME D’ART / TROPHIES WON Preserving Your Memories and Achievements

Same Friendly people, Same Great Service, JuSt a new name

at Clouds of Montville

Replica Medals, Miniatures & Badges - We can create miniatures for you to share with your y grandchildren g dc

Monday to Thursday

3 nights accommodation for 2 in a self-contained, ground floor studio apartment including fabulous cooked breakfasts served to you each morning...

TOTAL PRICE $355 per couple or

Upgrade to a 1st floor 1 bedroom apartment for an additional $20 per night. King bed, balcony and our iconic views to the coast.

Have your medals professionally cleaned and mounted: • Swing Mount • Court Mount • Ribbon Bars

TOTAL PRICE $415 per couple

5 night packages also available beginning Sundays.


Morning or Afternoon Tea at the beautiful Secrets By The Lake overlooking Baroon Pocket Dam.

Preserve your precious memories in a frame - and still have accessibility to them

So bring your Bowls, bring your Golf Clubs, there’s lots of fun to be had at Clouds. A big fabulous cooked breakfast will set you up for a big day, every day!


Call us Now

07 5442 9174

166 Balmoral Road, Montville 4560 Not available with any other offer Subject to normal availability

624726 6247269ab

24 Seniors Sunshine Coast Monday, February 6, 2017

Laguna Estate - a lifestyle choice ADVERTISEMENT

Is ‘grandma’s ghetto’ your idea of a retirement village? If so, stop right there! There is nothing further from the truth. In the past, most residents entered these villages aged in their seventies as part of a move to downsize, decrease maintenance responsibilities, experience a greater sense of safety and security, or for health and lifestyle reasons. Today, younger retirees from age 55 are seeing the benefits of relocating to a retirement village, with the emphasis on lifestyle and making the move a liberating experience. To those who say that they are not ready for such a move, many of the residents at Laguna Estate say that they wish they had made the decision earlier. It has given them the freedom to travel, visit family or just pursue new hobbies without any of the worries they previously had with the upkeep and security issues of their previous home. Combining outstanding resort facilities with stylish homes in a fully landscaped environment, this village strikes the perfect balance between privacy and independence whilst encouraging a vibrant and rewarding community in which to live. There are spacious villas and serviced apartments from which

to choose, all in a quiet, peaceful location yet so close to all the vibrant action of Noosa. The range of facilities is cleverly geared towards anyone over the age of 55, whether you are physically active or prefer a quieter lifestyle - and the grandchildren are welcome here. so what will sell you on your decision to make Laguna Estate your home? It is a combination of many things – particularly the smart community facilities and the activities which cater for all lifestyles, but also the quality finish of both the new and the refurbished villas, the resortstyle feel, the professional and hugely cheerful staff and the low monthly fees. At some time in the future you may need living assistance but this too is catered for at Laguna Estate with assisted care apartments available. Three meals a day, cleaning, weekly towel & linen changes and 24 hour on-call emergency staff are all part of the service. Laguna Estate is a class act – phone 1800 012 049 for lots more information and an appointment to view this special retirement estate at 21 Lake Weyba Drive, Noosaville. You could soon be making the best choice of your life! 6184687ab

NEW! Atrium Styled Bay Villas’ - NOW SELLING

This is a unique opportunity to join the vibrant over 55's

• Spacious 2 & 3 bedroom Villas

community of Laguna Estate in the heart of Noosaville.

• Single garage with automatic door

Architecturally-designed villas, finished to

• Covered entertainment area

the highest standards, combine the pleasures and practicalities you would expect for retirement living. Enjoy the breeze while entertaining friends in the privacy

• Raked ceilings, internally & externally • Walk-in wardrobes

of your villa, or take advantage of the Estate's resort-style

• Ensuited and main bathroom

facilities and the surrounding area's famous attractions.

• Ducted air conditioning

Call us today to arrange an inspection.

neighbourhood news

Monday, February 6, 2017 FROM PAGE 23

stroke foundation will be our guest speaker. All over 50s are welcome to join our group of happy seniors who enjoy each other’s company. We have regular outings to places of interest, restaurants and picnics. Phone Robyn on 0458 773 387 or 5476 9032.


HEADLAND Buderim Croquet Club will be having a come and try day on Sunday, March 5 between 2–3.30pm at the club at Syd Lingard Dr. Come along and expand your physical and mental skills in a fun and new way. Comfy and closed in shoes are the only requirement. For more information phone 0423 534 909.


OUR next event is featuring Brad Leaver’s Quartet. Sophisticated, super suave Brad (vocalist) has been melting hearts world wide for 15 years. His Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett style takes you back to the romantic area when ladies were wooed by handsome strangers. At

Sunshine Coast

the Currimundi Hotel, Buderim St 2–4.30pm. Doors open 12.30pm. Cost: Non members $25. Seniors / U3A $22.50. Members $20. Bookings: Carlyn on 5444 7502 or 0403 405 420.

Care Portal with real-time live demonstrations. Learn your consumer rights and how to compare care providers, their fees, hourly rates, exit fees and service agreements. At libraries: Caloundra – February 7, 10–11.30am. Beerwah -– February 9, 10–11.30am. Kenilworth – February 10, 10.30am–12pm. Kawana – February 20, 10–11.30am. Coolum – February 23, 2–3.30pm. Bookings essential: library.sunshinecoast. Legal-and-Finance/ Senior-Care.


IF YOU need computer technology help or assistance with an updated program, Sunshine Coast Computer Club Inc may be able to help. Come as a visitor to a weekly meeting at Buderim or Caloundra and have an introductory chat and see what goes on at a meeting. Have a cup of tea or coffee with the Clubs friendly members as a start to getting to know your computer and technology devices. Information Line: 5492 1005, visit the website: or email: sccc@internode.


A CARBOOT sale is held at the Tewantin State School, Poinciana Ave on the second Saturday of the month, between 7–11am. The next carboot sale is on February 11. $10 per car bay and all funds go to local projects.

Seniors 25

VIBRANT VOICES: The Sunshine Statesmen are offering a four-week voice training program.

Book your bay in advance, phone 0422 862 810.

5485 2007 for more information.



EVERY Tuesday from 7–9.30pm, Pat and Norm Young organise a social evening at the Pomona Memorial School of Arts Hall. The cost is $4 which includes supper. It is a very enjoyable evening with New Vogue and Old Time dancing. Come and be a spectator and see if you will enjoy it. Everyone is welcome. Phone

THE first tour for this year will be departing from the Blue Care Centre, West Tce, Caloundra on Monday, February 20 at 8am. On arrival in Brisbane, we will board the MV Neptune for a two-hour cruise of the Brisbane River. While cruising and viewing the great sights of Brisbane from the river, we will enjoy a Devonshire

Morning Tea and an entertaining commentary, then board the coach to take us to the Broncos Leagues Club for lunch. Fare includes coach, cruise and lunch. All inclusive fare: $75 pp. For bookings, call Gloria on 5492 3318 or Nancy on 5492 2442.


JOIN Falon Newman to gain a clear understanding of the government funding referral process and how to navigate the My Aged


MONTHLY meetings and blooms competition are held at Woombye School of Arts Hall, Blackall St, Woombye on the second Sunday of each month at 10.30am and finish at 12pm. Come along, bring a friend and experience the beauty of the modern exotic hibiscus at its best. Learn the techniques to grow and propagate your own beautiful blooms and enjoy the ongoing benefits from membership of society. Visitors are most welcome. For more, call our secretary on 5476 2771. CONTINUED ON PAGE 26

The resort lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Secure Gated Community

Waterfront Place, Sandstone Point, QLD 1800 674 266 ·

First Class Resort Facilities

Sales Centre Open Monday to Friday · 9:30am to 4:00pm

Boutique Resort Size

Call Karen

1800 674 266


No Stamp Duty or Entry/Exit Fees

26 Seniors Sunshine Coast

neighbourhood news Monday, February 6, 2017



WEDNESDAY’S in Tewantin with Ruth Eedy. 9.45am. $5 donation. Phone or text on 0467 250 757. Everyone welcome.


WE ARE looking for volunteers to assist with the management and care of our new farm animals at our five-acre hobby farm for people living with disabilities located in Cooroibah. We have welcomed two goats, two mini dexter cows, a donkey and two sheep to our Butterfly family and need some farm hand assistance or animal husbandry care. If you are experienced with drenching, worming or hoof trimming. Register your interest: email admin@sunshine or phone 5470 2830.


Visitors cost is $25. Full annual membership is $148.


HAVE YOU thought about the health benefits of singing? Singers use diaphragm breathing which has huge advantages for your bodies aerobic system. More oxygenated blood flows through the arteries to allow greater oxygen uptake by your vital organs. The Sunshine Statesmen Barbershop Chorus will present a four week voice training program for men at their Buderim rehearsal rooms. The Wednesday night training will be hosted by the chorus members and led by musical director Brian Martin from Maleny. No previous experience is necessary and you do not need to be able to read music. The free course, begins with an introductory night at 7.30pm on February 8 at the Buderim Uniting Church Hall, corner Gloucester and King St. Phone Graham Nicholson on 0401 261 840 or: www.sunshinestatesmen.


LEARN more about anxiety and how to manage it. Join us for four, two-hour sessions over four consecutive weeks. Noosa: February 9–March 2. Caloundra: March 3–24. Maroochydore: March 16–April 6. The Sunshine Coast Hospital & Health Service. Contact a social worker on 5449 5944.


MEETING at 1pm on the fourth Thursday of each month. The next meeting is February 23. Meetings are held in the Catholic Church Parish Hall, 61 Edmund St, Caloundra, circuit books, stamp displays, accessories and bargain table. New members and visitors are always welcome. For more information: phone secretary Jill Hughes on 5494 7233.

CHANGING SEASONS CONCERT A SELECTION of fabulous musical numbers to highlight and celebrate


NEXT LECTURE: Venice, Canaletto and his rivals. ADFAS is a not-for-profit organisation providing superbly illustrated monthly presentations on diverse topics within the arts and related disciplines. The goal of ADFAS Sunshine Coast is to enable members and guests to learn more about the arts in a friendly, welcoming environment. Our monthly raffles raise funds to support local young art projects. The next presentation on March 13 at 6.45pm at the Drama Theatre, Matthew Flinders College, Buderim. Bookings: phone Karin on 5479 0550.

ASSIST AND HAVE FUN: A group of happy volunteers from the Sunshine Coast Riding for the Disabled.

AUSSIE PRIDE: 70 Pebble Beach Freehold Retirement Community residents turned out to enjoy their annual Australia Day Breakfast, cooked fittingly on the barbie. :

the arrival of the Band’s 2017 season on Sunday, February 26 at 2pm. What better item to launch the year than Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” and a selection of wonderful music featuring vocalists Tanya McFadyen and Dave Stygall? Come and join maestro Ken Chadwick OAM and this fabulous group of volunteers as they support the work of fellow volunteers in Rotary Club Maroochydore and the Maroochy Men’s Shed. Kawana Community Hall, Nanyima St, Buddina, cost is $15 pp, includes afternoon tea. Tickets available at the door or to be sure of securing a seat phone 0417 649 686 or contact Rotary Maroochydore at secretary@maroochydore


A CONCERT will be held at 2pm Sunday, March 19 at Buderim War Memorial Hall, Main St, Buderim. Quirky humour and lively tunes represent the Irish way of life, and this variety concert will be an enjoyable afternoon of the Irish harmony and humour. Top artists will perform, including entertainer Ken O’Flaherty with his McGuiness Irish band, singers Bev Gourlay and

Aart Schouten, piano accordionist Christina Hanley, Irish dancers and Irish poet Joe Lynch. It will be a toe-tapping, exciting afternoon – and all for the good cause of raising funds for the Buderim Historical Society’s Pioneer Cottage in Buderim. Ticket cost is $20 and includes an Irish afternoon tea. Tickets will be available at the old Buderim Post Office and at Pioneer Cottage Buderim or at the door. Enquiries: Bev Gourlay on 5444 8675.


THIS month’s guest speaker at the Caloundra Family History Research Inc’s general meeting will be local historian, Paul Seto, with his presentation on “Emily Hemans Bulcock OBE – Our Forgotten Poet”. Paul’s talk will begin at 1.30pm on Thursday, February 16. Upon payment of a $5 fee, members of the public can attend guest speaker appearances, or to research their family at the SCTC, GATE 2, Pierce Ave, Little Mountain. Opening hours of the library and resource centre are on the group’s website, together with a

calendar of events to March at www.caloundra or phone Roz 5493 1197.


ARE YOU recently retired and looking for a worthwhile cause to support? Do you have specific skills to share or just some spare time? Then we have the answers for you! A fast-growing, fast-moving volunteer organisation and we are looking for motivated and reliable people to assist. There are so many opportunities for people to help. For more information: www.sunshinecoastrda. com or phone us on 5472 7280.


MEETING Friday, February 10 at Flame Tree Baptist Church hall, 27 Coes Creek Rd, Nambour at 9.30am. Come along and bring a friend and enjoy an inspirational message and worship. Entry $8 includes morning tea. Phone Melva on 5443 5752 or Dorothy on 0487 425 657.



All yo

For igur n Exche nee ange ds a one s t the to shop p

Geoff Lyons

Cnr. Centaur Street & Omrah Ave, Caloundra Qld 4551 P: (07) 5491 2422






5 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS: Indooroopilly, Toowong, Carindale, Aspley, Loganholme NOW OPEN!!

Ph: 1300 392 426


(Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws majoring in Wills & Estates) • Wills (simple & complex) • Powers of Attorney • Estate Administration • Claims on Estates • Elder Law issues

Sunshine Coast

Monday, February 6, 2017

Seniors 27

Finance What to keep an eye on throughout 2017 THE main topics to keep an eye on in 2017 are: The US economic policy under President Trump – in particular whether the focus is on fiscal stimulus and deregulation as opposed to starting a trade war with China; How aggressively the Fed raises interest rates – faster inflation could speed it up putting more upwards pressure on the $US; A rapid rise in bond yields – this would be bad for shares and growth assets but a gradual rise would be okay; Elections in the Netherlands, France, Germany and maybe Italy which could reignite Eurozone break-up fears if anti-Euro populists win. However this is thought to be unlikely. Whether China continues to avoid a hard

landing in their slow down phase; Whether non-mining investment (housing activity; retail; resource export) picks up in Australia – a failure to do so could see aggressive RBA easing – and how a surge in apartment supply impacts property prices. And of course effects of any geopolitical flare ups e.g. the South China Sea. With all these factors playing on the global stage it is a good idea to stay in touch with your financial adviser and ensure your investments suit the climate.

For more information, contact Mark Digby at Maher Digby Securities Pty Ltd - Financial Advisers – AFSL No. Phone: 07 5441 1266 or visit This document was prepared without taking into account any person’s particular objectives, financial situation or needs. It is not guaranteed as accurate or complete and should not be relied upon as such.

Be aware of pitfalls of reverse lending THE latest round of figures showing rising home values means many Australian retirees could have a valuable resourceat their fingertips. For senior Australians, home equity can be a source of retirement income. It’s all thanks to the availability of reverse mortgages – a financial product that allows homeowners, usually aged 60-plus, to draw on home equity with loan funds secured by their home. No repayments are necessary with a reverse mortgage, at least while

THINK MONEY PAUL CLITHEROE you live in the place. Interest charges and fees are added to the loan balance with the total to be repaid when the property is sold or the last borrower has passed away. It’s an option for asset-rich, cash-poor seniors to boost retirement cash. But reverse mortgages do have downsides. For some retirees

MORTGAGE OPTIONS: Retirees finding it tough to meet the cost of living may find a reverse mortgage is the answer.

finding it tough to meet the cost of living, a reverse mortgage may be worth considering. But it is an area where good legal and financial

advice is essential.

Paul Clitheroe is a founding director of financial planning firm ipac, chairman of the Australian Government Financial Literacy Board and chief commentator for Money Magazine.

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28 Seniors Sunshine Coast Monday, February 6, 2017

Live and

Are you interested in

DOWNSIZING - or - Retirement Living and don’t know how or where to start?.... Then call Margaret at Inspired Outcomes for some answers..

Love don’t cost a thing... 6349862az

One stop shop for Seniors moving forward

Call Margaret today for a free, no obligation consultation

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funeral directors

family owned & operated since 1897 Caloundra 5491 1559 Maroochydore 5443 9953 Nambour 5476 2866 Noosa 5470 2664


For caring, professional service call

Who do you call... Seniors Card 137 468 or 1800 175 500 (free call outside Brisbane)

Seniors Enquiry Line 1300 135 500 Department of Veteran Affairs 133 254 or 1800 555 254 (Regional) National Information Centre on Retirement Investments (NICRI) 1800 020 110


National Aged Care Information

LOVE: Show it with a little extra care and attention.

The way to bake a Persian Love Cake

Centrelink: Retirement 132 300 Disability, Sickness & Carers 132 717 Employment Services 132 850

1800 200 422

...OR does it? Is Valentine’s Day just another day of the year or a special day to spoil your loved one? The most popular gifts usually BE THRIFTY AND THRIVE purchased are flowers, NICKY NORMAN chocolates, pamper products, alcohol, jewellery, candles and appreciate and use the lingerie. We should all items. Some suggestions keep the fire burning in can be pamper products, our relationship without alcohol, favourite using a “Day” as the main cheeses and sweets. reason to indulge but if ★TAKE A DRIVE you would like to show GRAB a picnic basket your appreciation for your filled with goodies and a one and only, here are blanket or fold-up chairs some less expensive and and drive to a special more personal ideas for location. Switch off from any day of the year. the world and wine and ★DANCE CLASS dine at a local park or THERE are local scenic lookout and enjoy classes available to learn your day together. how to salsa, samba or ★COOKING CLASS tango to name a few. LOOK at what cooking Ignite some passion and schools or restaurants fun and reconnect with have to offer in your area your partner, this could and cook a meal be a new experience. together. This then gives Some restaurants have you the opportunity to sit free learn to dance back and appreciate your classes available too. creation and each other, ★LOVE PACK over a drink and a chat. MAKE a list of some of ★GET ACTIVE your partner’s favourite It’s important to stay things and put together a healthy and exercise, so love pack that not only why not do it together? shows that you know Go for an early morning what they like but you bike ride, swim or take a know that they will walk at sunset.

Servings 16 people, prep time 15 minutes, cook 60 minutes. Ingredients 3 cups almond meal, blanched; 1/2 cup desiccated coconut; 1 & 1/2 cups coconut sugar; 1/2 cup (120g) butter, softened; 1 tsp salt; 2 large eggs, lightly beaten; 1 cup sheep’s

Seniors News

milk yogurt; 4 tsp ground nutmeg; 1 tsp ground cardamom; 1 tsp ground cinnamon; 1/2 cup pistachios, roughly chopped; 1 cup creme fraiche, thick cream or yogurt for serving. Instructions You will need a 23-25cm springform cake tin for this recipe.

Preheat oven to 160C (fan-forced), butter a 23-25cm springform cake tin and line the base and sides with baking paper, in a large bowl combine the almond meal, desiccated coconut, coconut sugar, butter and salt and mix until it resembles breadcrumbs. Spoon half

of the mixture into the cake tin and gently press it evenly over the base. Add the eggs, yogurt and spices to the almond mixture and beat until well combined. Pour over the base and smooth the top. Bake the cake for 60 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean. Add cream/yogurt to serve.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

let’s save

ALES & SHETL D S AN E D DS Y AT STRATHGORDON L C The Gentle Giants and their Tiny Cousins. Meet them, feed them and photograph them.

$7.50 per person

Creating with love


Group Bookings Only

Working demonstrations. Heavy horse memorabilia. Learn the history of horses. Visit our gift shop.

Harry & Marlene Churches

Phone/Fax 5496 1590 Woodford Qld HOME COOKING CHRISTINE PERKIN


■ 12 fresh cooked prawns ■ Iceberg lettuce ■ 1 mango sliced – optional ■ 1 avocado sliced – optional ■ Lemon juice Cocktail sauce Make your own with 1 cup mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons tomato sauce and 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce. Just mix ingredients together and taste then adjust accordingly. Slice lettuce and place in serving dish add prawns, layer mango and avocado and squeeze lemon juice over salad then drizzle with dressing and serve.


■ 50g unsalted butter ■ 1 large onion, finely chopped ■ 500g chicken mince ■ 2 cups (440g) arborio rice ■ 1 cup white wine ■ 1L liquid chicken stock

SILKY SMOOTH: Delicious Toblerone mousse.

■ 1/2 cup (50g) grated parmesan, plus extra to serve ■ 100g sliced mushrooms ■ Few sprigs of thyme ■ 3 slices chopped bacon ■ 1 cup rocket leaves ■ Olive oil, to drizzle ■ Salt and pepper to season Step 1 Preheat oven to 170°C and place a five-litre ovenproof dish in to heat. Step 2 Melt the butter in a saucepan over low heat, add onion and cook for 2–3 minutes until soft. Add bacon, brown then add chicken and cook for 2–3 minutes. Add mushrooms and cook until starts to colour, then add the rice and cook, stirring for one minute. Add wine and stock and bring to boil, then add thyme. Pour everything into the preheated dish. Cover tightly with a lid or foil and place in the oven for 15 minutes. Remove and give everything a good stir, then cover again and return to the oven for a further 15 minutes.

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■ 2 x 110g Toblerone chocolate (or milk chocolate if you prefer) melted ■ 2 cups of beaten cream ■ 2 eggs separated Melt chocolate, cool slightly, add egg yolks one at a time and mix, then add cream. Beat egg whites until stiff then fold though chocolate mix. Grab a piping bag or plastic bag and cut corner off so you can pipe into glasses. Chill overnight. Garnish with a raspberry or flaked chocolate.

1300 135 500

Also ask about Time for Grandparents, a program providing time out for eligible grandparents, activities for grandchildren, grandfamily camps and support with school camps.


SAVERS 5474 0447

Do you need information?

Stephanie Shaw


If you would like more information on this space please call

Are you raising Grandchildren?

Dental Prosthetist

and Help Support Our Pensioners

• New Dentures • Repairs • Relines 6061477aa

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By this time all liquid should have been absorbed. If not, return to the oven uncovered for a further five minutes. Step 3 Remove and add parmesan, rocket and basil, and season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with extra parmesan and drizzle with olive oil.


way to impress, always a delight and not too heavy. Finish with a good coffee and some beautiful home-made chocolates.

Ph 5478 2994

• Free denture examination and quote • DVA gold card holders welcome • 5% Discount for pensioners

Friendly, relaxed environment Shop 5, 84 Bulcock Street, Caloundra, 4551


THE ABILITY to cook is a lovable trait in a person, whether it’s home-made pasta or just making a really yummy piece of cheese on toast. There is quite simply no restaurant in the world that will light you up in the eyes of a significant other in the same way as a meal you’ve prepared yourself. With this in mind, I have put together a few ideas for a fail-safe homespun romantic meal! The “home made is always better” rule applies to most things in our romantic lives. I have designed a menu that will be truly special and simple with minimal time in the kitchen. The first thing to do is set the mood. Buy some nice wine or special drink, nip out into the garden and pick some fresh flowers or foliage, light the candles and turn on some soft music. Now get out your best glassware and crockery and set the table. You’re ready. Simple Prawn Cocktails are easy and can be made ahead of time. I like to use a glass for serving this dish or you can use a small bowl. Oven-baked Chicken and Mushroom Risotto is easy as it can cook while you’re having your entrée, just ensure all your preparation is done beforehand. If you have room for dessert, Toblerone Mousse is such an easy

Seniors 29

30 Seniors Sunshine Coast Monday, February 6, 2017

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Appliance Repairs

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Alternative Concepts Concrete Services

Experienced white goods specialist Fridges, W/M, D/W and fridge seals Prompt Courteous Service Free quotes* conditions apply Home visits all local areas Till 9pm No extra charge!

No Service Cremations from $1,980 Cremation Services from $3,850 Pre-paid & pre- planning service available.

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Home Renovation Specialists

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Slabs, exposed, driveways & decorative finishes.

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Awnings & Blinds

All caravans wanted We come to you All areas, Cash today!

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All mAjor brAnds. dealers for Toshiba, Carrier, daikin, mitsubishi Electric

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Monday, February 6, 2017 1






Across 5/8 Who said “Money can’t buy you happiness but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery”? (5,8) 9 Used in computing, what number system has a base of 8? (5) 10 Using linseed oil, pigments, rosin and pine flour, what did Frederick Walton invent in 1860? (8) 11 What is the capital of Belarus? (5) 14 What drilling tool is held in a brace? (3) 16 Which short-lived republic broke away from Nigeria 1967 to 1970? (6) 17 What is anti-aircraft fire also called? (3-3) 18 What is the abbreviation for trinitrotoluene? (1,1,1) 20 Formed in 1791, what was the Berlin SingAkademie? (5) 24 In what ornamental needlework are pieces of fabric attached to another? (8) 25 What is a promontory more commonly called? (5) 26 What is used for sharpening a writing quill? (8) 27 Which Chicago tower was the world’s tallest building from 1973 to 1996? (5)


8 9 10 11 12





17 18






24 25 26 27



Fill the grid so every column, every row and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.








8 9


Down 1 What is a young salmon? (5) 2 What, striking on steel, produced an igniting spark in early guns? (5) 3 Which orchestral instrument is tuned an octave above the cello? (5) 4 Which lively 1960s dance shares a name with a Central-African people? (6) 6 What Japanese form of pinball is enjoyed in noisy parlours there? (8) 7 What bag is carried on a soldier’s or hiker’s back? (8) 12/13 Who won a Bafta in 1990 for her role in the film Dangerous Liaisons? (8,8) 14 What type of creature is a serotine? (3) 15 What is to make an intricate type of looped cotton lace using a hand shuttle? (3) 19 Which Scottish mathematician (John ___) invented logarithms? (6) 21 What is the flat bladelike projection at the end of the arm of an anchor? (5) 22 Reaching a length of 18m or more, what is the world’s largest invertebrate? (5) 23 How many eclipses, lunar and solar, are possible in a single year? (5)


Insert the missing letters to make ten words — five reading across the grid and five reading down.

Solve the anagrams. Each solution is a one-word anagram of the letters beside it, and the five solutions are sequential. For example, if the fiveletter solution starts with J, the six-letter solution starts with K, and so on.













Down 1. Scratch (8) 2. Review (5) 4. Affirmative (3) 5. Conference (12) 6. Ape (7) 7. Require (4) 8. More and more (12) 12. Got up (5) 13. Perseveres (8) 15. Doubly (7) 19. Molar (5) 20. Smear (4) 22. Lout (3)


Across: 1. Aura 3. Lynchpin 9. Recants 10. Noise 11. Supernatural 14. Opt 16. Aloft 17. Eye 18. Police states 21. Among 22. Odorous 23. Badlyoff 24. Thus. Down: 1. Abrasion 2. Recap 4. Yes 5. Consultation 6. Primate 7. Need 8. Increasingly 12. Arose 13. Persists 15. Twofold 19. Tooth 20. Daub 22. Oaf.


How many words of four letters or more can you make? Each letter must be used only once and all words must contain the centre letter. There is at least one nine-letter word. No words starting with a capital are allowed, no plurals ending in s unless the word is also a verb. TODAY: Good 23 Very Good 31 Excellent 39


Love Baking g? The Perfect Gift for Christm mas






Across: 5/8 Spike Milligan, 9 Octal, 10 Linoleum, 11 Minsk, 14 Bit, 16 Biafra, 17 Ack-ack, 18 TNT, 20 Choir, 24 Appliqué, 25 Bluff, 26 Penknife, 27 Sears. Down: 1 Smolt, 2 Flint, 3 Viola, 4 Watusi, 6 Pachinko, 7 Knapsack, 12/13 Michelle Pfeiffer, 14 Bat, 15 Tat, 19 Napier, 21 Fluke, 22 Squid, 23 Seven.





Across 1. Atmosphere (4) 3. Person vital to an operation (8) 9. Retracts (7) 10. Sound (5) 11. Paranormal (12) 14. Choose (3) 16. In the air (5) 17. Look at (3) 18. Totalitarian regimes (6,6) 21. In the midst of (5) 22. Strong-smelling (7) 23. In financial trouble (5-3) 24. As a result (4)







Note: more than one solution may be possible.










acid acidly acrid acridly arid aridly auld card cardy chad chard child clad crud curd curdy daily dairy dial diarchy diary dray drily dual ducal duchy duly dural hard hardily hardly hardy hydra HYDRAULIC hydric idly idyl lady laid laird lard lardy laud lucid lurid raid yard



12 13


What better treasured gift for someone special (who loves bakiing) than this fabulous reprint of the original 1959 QCWA Cookery Boook? 180 pages of the same cherished Australian recipes, with many of the original homely hints, methods and commeents. These ‘collector edition’ copies are available from Sunshine Coast Daily front c counte er or phone 4690 9467 to arrange postal delivery.

JUST 2 Newspaper Place, Maroochydore





F 11

Seniors 31



Sunshine Coast


Postage Extra

m the Recipes fro

okery Book 59 QCWA Co original 19


32 Seniors Sunshine Coast Monday, February 6, 2017

LIVE THE LIFESTYLE YOU DESERVE AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD International award winner Living Gems leads the way in resort style living. People who are working or retired can live it up in a master planned, pet friendly community with five star facilities. Live within easy reach of shopping centres, medical facilities and the beach.

3 Award-winning homes 3 Pets welcome 3 Gated community 3 Convenient location 3 Outstanding resort facilities 3 Country club, bowling green 3 Heated swimming pool & spa 3 No entry or exit fees 3 Professional management 3 Caravan & boat storage* (T&C) | PACIFIC PARADISE 1800 279 782 | 596 David Low Way, Pacific Paradise Qld 4564

Sunshine Coast, February 2017  
Sunshine Coast, February 2017