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October 2015

Sur f in’ Sa l enjoys the ride...

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SURF’S UP: Kingscliff ‘s Sally Hatton shows us how to keep active. Page 6

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Public urged to give rare birds space

KINGSCLIFF’S Jack Bayliss Park has again become home to nesting bush stone curlews and the public is being urged to give the rare birds space. Bush stone curlews are highly threatened, groundnesting birds and Council is asking for public assistance in protecting the breeding pair and their chicks. The chicks have taken shelter under a stand of pandanus trees in the Marine Parade park. “It is wonderful to see the species breeding in Tweed Shire but there is typically a large number of dogs roaming off-leash in this park, even though it is not a designated off-leash area” Natural Resource Management Officer Pamela Gray said. “There is also a chance the young will become separated from their parents if people go too close to the site because the parents will get over-stressed and abandon the nest.“ Ms Gray said Council was imploring residents and

BEWARE: Bush stone curlews are nesting at Jack Bayliss Park, Kingscliff.

visitors to keep their dogs on leash and for safety of the chicks to stay well away from the nesting site, which is well marked with

For more information about having wildlifefriendly pets, visit WildlifeFriendlyPets

Time for a redefinition of numbers FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK WHEN you speak to Sally Hatton (front cover) you realise there needs to be a redefinition of the meaning of age. Thanks goes to Sally who agreed to opt out of her privacy and into front page limelight to show that age doesn’t have to slow you down. At 59, Sally’s healthy, active lifestyle has given her a sense of wellbeing , which along with a vision to plan and an ability to enjoy big adventures is inspirational. In this edition, I have also added Opinion Pages. As we live longer and healthier lives, we are also staying longer in the workforce. But there can be barriers. Let us know what you think on facebooks https:// or go to website – Gail Forrer

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/) !*3E>2C $>, <E/CE355>2C 3D 6/@E !*3E>2C "A32C*D (:>BA 324 A*3E>2C 3>, /E,*E' Page 2 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015

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community news


Burleigh stars at national awards in Darwin


$180.00 + GST

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GC runner-up for cleanest beach tition’s 16-year history. Mayor Tom Tate said coming just behind Western Australia’s Guilderton Beach was another fantastic accolade for Gold Coast beaches.

The world loves our beaches. – Mayor Tom Tate

“The world loves our beaches. “Both visitors and locals are able to enjoy them all year round thanks to the dedication and hard work of many different groups and volunteers,” he said.

“Whether it’s our daily beach sweeps, sand nourishment efforts or dunes protection, we’ll continue to work with the community to make sure this 2.5 kilometre stretch of beach is always a favourite.” Volunteers from local schools, scouting groups, surf lifesavers, the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre and other community, environmental and sporting groups all contribute to ongoing beach care initiatives at Burleigh. The City also runs an ongoing BeachCare Program at Burleigh and other local beaches, coordinated by the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management.

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CITY of Gold Coast is now home to the Keep Australia Beautiful National Clean Beach Awards runner-up trophy. The trophy was formally presented after Burleigh Beach narrowly missed taking out the 2015 awards in Darwin. A favourite with locals and visitors alike, the beach fought off tough competition from some of the nation’s best, including Sydney’s Bondi and Tasmania’s Richardsons Beach on the Freycinet Peninsula. This year’s winner was so close to call, a runner-up award was announced for the first time in the compe-



PICTURE PERFECT: The Gold Coast has won the inaugural runner-up trophy for the cleanest beach.


Level 3, 17 Short Street, Southport Qld 4215

October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 3

Page 4 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015

Tech savvy seniors

CHRISTEL Waters had always thought of herself as an only child with no close relatives. That is, until the research powers of the internet found her a half-sister with a “massive” extended Ukraine family. Now, thanks to the wonders of communication technology, the Sunshine Coast resident regularly talks to Nadiya and her son (Christel’s nephew) Alexander on Skype, and through Viber is able to exchange photographs and text, free. Christel pointed out that Skype lets her see facial features and pick up on personalities, which letters cannot do. The story begins just after the Second World War, when her father left his town on the border of Germany and Poland and became lost in the post-war chaos. His daughter Nadyia went to live in the Ukraine, where she had two

SCREEN SHOT: Christel Waters speaks with a cousin in Germany via Skype.

sons who now have families of their own. Two years ago Alexander, at Nadiya’s urging, set the ball rolling to find where his grandfather had gone. Soon they found out that he had tried to make contact, but war turmoil had shutdown communication. Desperate for information, Nadiya went to a clair-

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voyant, who told her to look in Australia. They thought this was silly, but after two years decided to start looking again, eventually finding her father in Australia The Red Cross in Germany helps to locate displaced persons and they helped Nadiya finally put the pieces together.

Facing our fears with a feeling of safety A RECENT study conducted for the Home Instead Senior Care network identified the top 10 things seniors fear most. 1. Loss of independence: We spend our whole lives learning to be independent and take care of ourselves. The thought of turning that responsibility over to others is frightening. 2. Declining health: Your aging parents see their physical condition deteriorating. They wonder how much longer they’ll be able to do the things they enjoy. Declining health, of course means loss of independence. 3. Running out of money: Many seniors fear running short of funds. Even those who have been prudent and have wisely put aside funds sometimes worry that they won’t have enough. They worry about what will happen to them—and the burden it could put on their loved ones. 4. Not being able to live at home: For most seniors, home is much more than the house they live in. It’s a place packed with memories. It’s familiar. It feels safe. It’s a huge part of their identity.

5. Death of a spouse or other family member: The older our parents get, the more of their friends and relatives they see passing on. In addition to being a reminder of their own mortality, there is a genuine sense of loss of relationships. It’s harder to build lasting relationships at an advanced age. 6. Inability to manage their own activities of daily living: Perhaps nowhere is the loss of independence so acutely felt as in the inability to perform normal acts of daily living, such as eating, dressing, and bathing. Older adults fear losing control of their lives and requiring help in these areas is an unwelcome reminder of that. 7. Not being able to drive: It’s one more act of independence that they have to forfeit. They are no longer free to come and go as they please, but have to depend on others. For men in particular, driving seems to be a significant part of their identity. 8. Isolation or loneliness: We’ve already mentioned that it’s increasingly hard to establish new relationships. And being alone in-

creases feelings of being “unwanted.” 9. Strangers caring for them: We all generally prefer to be around familiar faces. Having a stranger provide care (especially for intimate needs) is extremely uncomfortable. 10. Fear of falling or getting hurt: Most seniors know that they are not as sure of foot as they once were. They know that if they fall or otherwise injure themselves that it will impact their ability to do things on their own. Emergency Medical Services specialises in helping seniors through their fears, keep their independence and stay at home longer through its in-home medical alert systems. Our safeTwear system not only acts as a medical alert, it also detects falls and supports 2 way voice communication to one of the safeTcare 24/7 response team. This month October, you may be eligible to receive a system plus a key safe for free, with any of our prepaid monitoring packages. See full page advert on page 4 or call 1300 78 44 38 Today – limited offer.

8!'"*$# (688$"& += <7@1 7>= %7?2

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('" )' *$%' #$ ($!&

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")%'#$" "!)*',& (#$ #%&/ .-+ (4)) 8-2 872=4+) ;273)2 5,99 00. :/A

-.!" #.$/+'$


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New technology and clairvoyance


#''" %*'' +. (,"" )- $0&& /0! 0!& October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 5

community news

For Sally and Bill staying fit, healthy equals happiness By GAIL FORRER

YES, growing up Sally Hatton was a fan of American surfer girl Gidget, but that wasn’t the inspiration that had her hit the waves at the age of 55. “It’s all about staying fit, maintaining mobility and a sense of wellbeing,” Sally said. Before becoming a Kingscliff local, Sally and her Ipswich family spent school vacations in the family’s holiday home at Palm Beach. “I guess that’s where it started and – ended,” Sally recalled with a laugh. “Dad bought a Midget Farrelly longboard for my sisters and me to carry down the beach. “And we did that, but we never got off the beach.” The blue-eyed, 59-year-old blonde with a naturally inquiring nature and a glass half full attitude, presents with a ready sense of humour. And that’s what she says it’s all about. “I have an encouraging surfboard riding partner and we see it as having fun together. “We treat it as an adventure.” Her surfing adventure gained traction when the couple holidayed on Lombok Island, off Bali, and hired a surf coach.

It’s all about staying fit, maintaining mobility and a sense of wellbeing. – SALLY HATTON

Sally and Bill with friend in Kathmandu before trekking.

“Because it’s a Bay – you can paddle around the waves to get out the back – which makes it a lot easier to learn,” she said. A few more holiday lessons later with more free time due to retirement, the former teacher and civil servant, was not only catching waves, but standing up and riding them. “I’ve always been a water person,” she said “But instead of just floating around like a teabag – I can be more active now.” Not only has retirement bought her more time to surf, her lifelong passion for cooking has led her into the field nutrition and massage. Both Sally and her equally dynamic partner Bill are now a qualified re-

medial and kahuna masseurs. “It’s another avenue to keep you fit and healthy,” she said, Sally said her board riding progress can be measured in board size. “I started with a 8ft 2”, went to 7 ft and am ready to buy a 6ft 4” board – no metric in surfboards,” she said. Sally explained that a bigger board was easier to stay on, in contrast to a smaller board which featured more manoeuvrability. Meanwhile, Sally and Bill are out of the water and on land about a quarter of the way through a Nepal trek. PS: They have promised to keep us in touch with their trekking progress.

ADVENTUROUS SPIRIT: Sally Hatton keeps active.

!16C "?:: 8@4 8B@4D/ :?3/A

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'=KK .-GG -.. >GG 5/ 7I="K ;/E6/A9A=C/58C1AAF1CDF@6 $&(#'!%""

Call Tracey Smith

Page 6 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015

>5E/ ?"KK ". G$7 56KB C=B B5E :=6 76.E/7 G$=G B5E/ 35..7.."56. =68 =..7G. &5 G5 G$7 3753K7 =68 :=E.7. B5E :=/7 =;5EG0 #5"6 J78 '/5.. =G = ?"KK. +5/ !"+7 8=B =68 G=M7 =8D=6G=&7 5+ 5E/ .37:"=K 5++7/9 C$7/7 = .5K":"G5/ :=6 $7K3 B5E 3/73=/7 5/ E38=G7 B5E/ ?"KK0 *B "6:KE8"6& = &"+G G5 J78 '/5.. "6 B5E/ ?"KK B5E :=6 $7K3 "I3/5D7 G$7 K"D7. 5+ DEK67/=;K7 3753K7 =:/5.. ,E.G/=K"= =68 +E/G$7/ =)7K89 I=M"6& = 8"++7/76:7 +5/ &767/=G"56. G5 :5I70

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community news

Getting into the swim of things centres across the city. The pool complexes vary in size and facilities and offer the community a large range of aquatic activities from toddler swimming lessons to fitness squad training for

full kiosk facilities. Aquatic centres have chair lift access into one pool at each facility. Operating hours and activities are subject to change. Confirmation of details is


. The club is Austswim recognised and all instructors are Austswim qualified and CPR certified. Programs are designed not only to teach swimming but to also encourage safe water practices. Synchronised swimming is one of the best ways to advance your fitness and flexibility. There is


low impact and gentle water exercise program designed to strengthen muscle groups and reduce stress on the joints. Active and Healthy classes: low cost introductory aquatic classes subsidised by Active Parks Gold Coast. Come and see what the water workouts are about, and add something unique to your exercise routine.


BRISBANE GARDEN EXPO ................................ 8 Oct SCARECROW & CEDAR CREEK WINERY ........16 Oct PORT of BRIS. & AMBULANCE MUSEUM ....... 28 Oct MYSTERY TOUR.................................................16 Nov BULCOCK ST MARKETS ..................................22 Nov THAT’S XMAS SHOPPING DONE .......................1 Dec XMAS LUNCH TYALGUM.....................................9 Dec

MELB CUP @ NOOSA ..................................... 2-4 Nov THREDBO XMAS ..........................................21-30 Dec XMAS @ COFFS HARBOUR ........................24-27 Dec EASTER @ BUNDABERG ............................25-29 Mar CELTIC FESTIVAL.............................. 28 Apr-2 May 16 WINTER @ BELLINGEN ............................... 1-4 Jul 16 OUTBACK & TROPICAL NTH Q’LD .......... 1-18 Sep 16


LES MISERABLES .........................................13 Jan 16 CATS .............................................................. 10 Feb 16 SOUND OF MUSIC .........................................13 Apr 16

FREE OFFER for Community groups Our experienced tour planner is happy to work with your tour organiser or committee. Take advantage of our years of experience to make your group travel hassle free and more enjoyable. We can offer 33, 53 or 63 seat coaches to cater for all size groups Please contact Patricia for a brochure or to make a booking

available from pool managers.

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Dr Mark Taylor BDS (London), M Clin Dent (Queensland)

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the elite athlete. All aquatic centres are operated by onsite managers and have qualified staff on duty, disabled access and


no age limit to join the club. We offer simple fun and creativity for very little mermaids, progressive development for junior level, professional training for elite athletes and different way of swimming that will help you to improve body awareness, and fitness level regardless of your age. Mature and determined (M.A.D) aqua aerobics: a

6122958ah 6072818aa

SUMMER is well on the way and our warm climate gives us every reason to get into the swim of things, especially with so many public pools offering specialised classes: Here’s a few options that could be right up your swimming lane: ●Tweed Regional Aquatic Centre in Murwillumbah New low-impact aqua fitness classes have become regular inclusions in the program. Gentle aqua fitness classes are now being held at TRAC Murwillumbah on Tuesday mornings at 10.45am to 11.15am for a low impact workout. Classes are gentle and conducted in the heated indoor pool, focusing on improving muscle tone and flexibility. Cost is $8.50 per session. TRAC Murwillumbah is also continuing to host 30minute introductory classes on Mondays at 10am to 10.30am and Wednesdays 2.30pm to 3pm. The cost per introductory class is $6.50. Gold Coast Aquatic centres City of Gold Coast (City) operates eight aquatic

Now Available Magnus Shield tM is available at good pharmacies and health food stores. Ask your pharmacist or call 1300 760 627 for more information, if our lines are busy please call again.

AUST L: 123642 Visit for clinical studies and information. For nearest stockists please call: 1300 760 627

October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 7

community news

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It’s all about inclusiveness at GC Libraries

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BETTER ACCESS: New equipment to help with visual and hearing impairments has been installed across local libraries.

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New technology making it easy

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

NEW specialised equipment for residents with vision and hearing impairments were installed across the City’s Libraries in September to celebrate Disability Action Week. Audio loops, over-sized keyboards and magnifiers are now available in all 13 branch libraries enabling better access to information, literature and news. Clearview screen readers that can enhance visibility and convert text into speech in over 30 languages are also available at Southport and Nerang Branch Libraries. Mayor Tom Tate was among the first to test the new equipment worth $21,700 at Southport

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Page 8 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015

“Everyone... should have the opportunity to engage fully in community life.” equipment opens up endless possibilities for many of our residents,’ he said. He stated that about 16% of residents had a disability and by 2031 more than 20% of our population will be 65 years and older. “Everyone

NJP!#HHPJ 'PVV##R '-JF/JaecF N39[$98,^ %93B$UX3d ',3UI39<;U 'X[1O^U9[< #\B39UO1 N3X?B11X3d HXOU;B3[ '3X11 D[9KB319UC

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is a valuable member of our community and should have the opportunity to engage fully in community life.” Disability Week is held in September each year with the aim of empowering people with disabilities, raising awareness of disability issues, and improving access and inclusion throughout the wider community. Last year the City launched its first Accessible and Inclusive City Action Plan 2014-2019 as part of its commitment to building a stronger, more inclusive community. ‘We’ve already taken significant steps to achieve the outcomes in the plan over the next five years,’ Mr Tate said.

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Branch Library. ‘Our libraries are already great community spaces to learn, connect and relax and this

community news

Open house unlocks the City of Gold Coast PIONEER DEVELOPER: Keith Williams’ Paradise Point Mansion.

people from all walks of life, from those with an interest in architecture and sustainable design to the inquisitive and creatively inclined,” said Mr Ewart. Gold Coast Open House also offers a children’s program with free and entertaining activities available at many of the buildings open to the public. A photographic competition, open to junior, amateur and professional photographers, will be held in conjunction with Gold Coast Open House. Sponsored by Hickey Lawyers, the competition offers prizes valued at $1400 across the three categories. Entry details and categories are available at goldcoast


Gold Coast Open House is calling for volunteers to assist in the facilitation of visits by the general public to the 20+ buildings. To volunteer for GCOH, email volunteer@goldcoastopen or register online at goldcoast More info at goldcoast

Southport School is one of 20 properties listed for the first Gold Coast Open House.

Your Will can change lives

Make or update your Will from $75 Your Will is the only way you can ensure that your possessions and assets go to the people and causes you care about. Join Red Cross at a Wills for Life day and take advantage of our special offer, where a solicitor can help you prepare or update your Will.

TWEED HEADS Thurs 5th November 10am – 3pm (NSW time) Tweed Heads Civic & Cultural Centre Brett St, Tweed Heads

By including a gift to Red Cross in your Will you can help improve the lives of vulnerable people across Australia and further afield, making a difference for generations to come.



Call 1800 811 700 or email Uniting Church, Southport


ON SATURDAY, October 17, the City of Gold Coast will host the inaugural Open House, unlocking the doors of quirky, interesting and significant buildings and inviting Gold Coasters to take a behindthe-scenes tour of private places not typically available for public access. From the old Southport Drill Hall constructed in 1890 to the Hot Tomato on-air studios in High Street, to the iconic 80s Paradise Waters mansion of Gold Coast pioneer Keith Williams, the public can discover what lies behind the closed doors of fascinating buildings and places they may have only ever seen from the street. Around 20 properties are listed for the inaugural Gold Coast Open House. Chair of Gold Coast Open House 2015 and Chair of the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers’ branch of the Australian Institute of Architecture, Greg Ewart, said the list is impressive and diverse. “We have been overwhelmed by the positive response and enthusiasm we have received for the first event and hope Gold Coasters get behind Gold Coast Open House with the same enthusiasm shown for Brisbane Open House, an event that has grown to more than 100 buildings over the past five years. “Open House will provide a snapshot of the future of urban design on the Gold Coast as well as a journey into the past, with a collection of both contemporary and historic architecture open to the public. “The buildings this year will appeal to all ages and

October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 9

Come on, join the seniors conversation WE WOULD like to hear what you have to say about Seniors newspapers topics. You can email us on or go direct to website

where you will see an an area for your opinion/story. Just click onto the online button and

you’re there. This week we publish a reader’s opinion on the article relating to seniors spending their retirement. We look forward to hearing from you. – Gail Forrer, editor

What’s mine is mine Bne Seniors Newspaper Vol 12, Iss 9, pg 11 “Retirees accused of ‘blowing’ their children’s inheritance”.


I REMAIN appalled by people, be they family or friends, who think they have an entitlement to other people’s money. A bequest is choice and gift of the deceased person. No one else owns another’s possessions except the owner. No one should have any say at all as to what they feel they are “entitled to”. The mindset that people have a right to a secured

allotment of money is in the days of yore and has been for a very long time. My children know full well that when I retire I am going to live life to the full and they will get what is leftover. Neither of my children are wealthy but they know what I own is mine to do with in whatever form I wish. The mindset is all based on greed.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, quot epicuri torquatos voluptaria cum id, malis no has, velit omittantur eu his. Nibh ullum eu. Usu ut pertinax vituperatoribus cum tation alterum ceteros, vel tantas constituto sadipscing ei, utinam civibus vituperata duo an. Per no meis summo pericula, ius debet possit ex, ea ceteros accommodare duo. stet Dicam legimus blandit mea an, convenire corrumpit eu nec. Temporibus complectitur per at. Ea utroque inciderint sea, vim ex everti hendrerit te mea, eloquentiam. Vero diceret dolorum ssit tota clita civibus te bi

Each person should make their own way in life and rely on nothing that is not earned by themselves, let alone “accuse” their bequeather of almost daylight robbery. I have sent this email after not finding a “Letters to the Editor” section. Please consider the inclusion of “Letters to the Editor” as I am sure there are a lot of us out there who share the same feeling. Margaret Daly Nundah Thanks for your letter Margaret, we look forward to more comment. – Gail Forrer

Working longer AUSTRALIANS are leading longer, healthier lives and are being urged by economists and politicians to work longer. While many of us are keen to do so, others feel that after a lifetime of hard work they are entitled to an easier life. If you’re not ready for retirement just yet, you might be thinking about your options. You might be considering starting your own business, retraining for a new career or simply up-

skilling for your current one. You may even be looking for a new job or trying to rejoin the workforce. While older job seekers in Australia are known to face the most trouble when it comes to finding work, that doesn’t mean you should be discouraged. Age discrimination in employment has been acknowledged as a significant issue for many decades and Australia has been active in legislating to compensate

those who are victims of age discrimination. National Seniors Australia continues to lead research into age discrimination and the retention of older workers in the Australian workforce, as well as fight for better conditions for mature age workers. Check out the articles at the website below for the latest research and useful information on work and careers – work-and-careers.



*'$)!'( $%#%"& (-

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#T8S. 4;Y S0YM >JNL 79@YL4.7Y /94; @MYY[SU" $SUU1T94. LQ9M94 )T[ LY$1M94. )4 KY/)T9 F)7UL DYLSM4" GMUY)1P HG 'GAH'VK D,B#C HG *G%+ 'GDFGD,B# HG CB,IF %AB+ HG #-VB !##C

! 2 *Y[MSSU @MYYL4)T[9T< ;SUYL ! CY$1MY" QY4 @M9YT[7. <)4Y[ $SUU1T94. ! 'SUU1T94. $YT4MYL ( QM90)4Y <)M[YTL ! FSS7L" &S/79T< )T[ $MSO1Y4 <MYYTL

!MYY$)77 RWJJ =56 >JJ Page 10 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015


C)7YL G@?$Y 25 ZS7[ U9TY D[" GMUY)1 E7[ GQYT 5 %).L RJ)U : 3QU C1T[).:!M9[).


Facing unfair treatment because of their age STEREOTYPES about young people and older Australians are a major factor behind age discrimination. This is especially true for mature workers, who often have to counter negative attitudes held by employers and assumptions about a ‘use by’ date for their skills. The Age Discrimination Act 2004 protects individuals across Australia from discrimination on the basis of age in many areas of public life, including employment, education, accom-

modation and the provision of goods and services. People who experience direct or indirect discrimination can complain to the Commission. The Commissioner undertakes a wide range of activities to help individuals and organisations around the country understand their rights and meet their legal responsibilities, especially in the workplace. The work includes research, policy advice and education initiatives that

Go to and check into our online poll: Have you experienced mature age workplace discrimination? Just tick the box – Yes/No. tackle the attitudes and stereotypes that can lead to age discrimination. The Age Discrimination Commissioner, the Hon Susan Ryan AO, leads this

work. Her focus is addressing the barriers to equality and participation faced by mature workers, older Australians and young people.

Measures are needed to break down age discrimination IN MARCH this year, the release of the Intergenerational Report today confirmed the government's continued intention to cut the age pension, highlights the need for more focus on combatting age discrimination and having a more dynamic workforce participa-

tion policy, and reaffirms the need for a comprehensive retirement incomes review, said leading seniors advocate COTA Australia. COTA Australia Chief Executive Ian Yates said population and demographic changes heralded ‘the age of the senior' which should

Afterwards, I did wonder what the fuss was all about Peta, Surf Life Saving volunteer and mum to teenagers.

be celebrated. "The ageing population means we are going to be forced to better value older people in our society as we will need to rely on them to balance future budgets. A productive future of Australia will need to be a productive older Australia," Mr Yates

Phone 13 20 50 BreastScreen Queensland: quality and care women want

If you’re a woman over 50 phone now to arrange your free breastscreen. Services available at Helensvale, Southport and West Burleigh


said."If we need older Australians to work longer, there will need to be more sophisticated measures and incentives put in place to break down discrimination against older people and encourage employers to keep them on. – COTA Australia

AGE AND DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION COMMISSIONER THE Hon Susan Ryan AO (pictured) was appointed as Australia’s first Age Discrimination Commissioner on July 30, 2011 for a five year term. Susan Ryan is also the Disability Discrimination Commissioner, from 12 July 2014. Up until her appointment as Commissioner, she had been Women’s Ambassador for ActionAid Australia and chaired the Australian Human Rights Group since 2008. She had also chaired the Australian Human Rights Act Campaign Inc. since 2005. Immediately prior to commencing as Commissioner, Susan was also the Independent Chair of the IAG and NRMA Superannuation Plan and had been President of the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees from 2000 to 2007, member of the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors from 2001 to 2007, member of the ASX Corporate Governance Council from 2003 to 2007

and CEO of the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia from 1993 to 1997. Susan has also held a number of positions at the University of New South Wales. She was Pro-chancellor and Council member from 1998, Chair of the UNSW Risk Committee from 2002 and Chair of the Advisory Council FASS UNSW since 2010. From 1975 to 1988, Susan was Senator for the ACT, becoming the first woman to hold a Cabinet post in a federal Labor Government. She also pioneered extensive anti-discrimination and equal opportunity legislation, including the landmark Sex Discrimination Act 1984 and the Affirmative Action Act 1986. In 1990, Susan was appointed Officer of the Order of Australia for her contribution to Parliament. Contact: Australian Human Rights Commission. Ph: (02) 9284 9600. National Information Service: 1300 656 419.

PODIATRISTS GOLD COAST’S TRUSTED FOOTCARE CLINIC • Bulk Billing Medicare Bulk Billing EPC • DVA Provider/Senior Medicare Program Discounts • Customised • Chris Matthews • Luke Kelly Orthotics • Steve Hollands • Melita Budd • Heel Pain • Suzie Watterson • Ingrowing Toenails • Corn - Callous • Medical Sterilised Instruments • Diabetic Care Emerald Lakes Village Shop 17, The Boulevard CARRARA

Robina Shopping Village 195 Ron Penhaligon Way, ROBINA

PH: 5562 5055

PH: 5562 5055

-) #!- !(()" *)#/,& $,+%)#/ $&,#0 (!" ,$$"!.)* $,/')#/0 $,


• Gold Coast’s First Podiatry Fungal Nail Laser Clinic • Specialised Nail preparation by Registered Podiatrists • Safe with No side-effects • No anesthesia required • Clinically proven results • Private Health Rebates

October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 11

community news

Fun at Burleigh Waters Probus Club outings

WE HAVE interesting guest speakers each month, and at our last meeting former state MP Christine Smith gave us an insight into aspects relating to her life and her involvement in politics. During September some Probus Club of Burleigh Waters members enjoyed a picnic lunch at Currumbin, while others played in the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers Association annual Golf Day, and one of our teams took out the winners’ trophy. The Walking Group had a pleasant and interesting walk along the boardwalk and path near Fleays and Tallebudgera Creek. Retired or semi-retired men are invited to club meetings on the third Monday of each month at 10am in the Burleigh Waters Community Centre, 131 Christine Ave Burleigh Waters. Our aim is to provide fellowship, friendship and fun to our members.

OUT AND ABOUT: Burleigh Waters Probus Club members and wives enjoy a relaxing picnic lunch.

Although this is a men’s club, wives/partners are welcome to attend all club meetings and outings and share in the great fellow-

ship. The club has an outing on the first Monday of each month, in addition to the monthly general meeting.

Contact Brian 5520 6332 or Colin 0427 272 829. For more information visit our website – Google Probus Club of Burleigh Waters.

Free breast screening available for older women CONFUSION exists about whether women can continue to attend breast cancer screening after the age of 70. The answer is yes. Women are certainly eligible to continue having a free breastscreen every two years at BreastScreen Queensland services, despite automated reminder letters ceasing after they turn 74. However, when deciding whether to continue with regular screening as they get older, it is important for women to consider both the benefits and harms. Research evidence shows the greatest benefits of screening are for women aged50 to 74 – the age group who are recommended to attend screening every two years. When choosing whether to continue breast screening, women need to take into consideration their health and circumstances. This may include asking themselves if they would be willing and able to undergo

treatment if breast cancer were detected, and weighing up how important the early detection of breast cancer is to them. Age is the biggest risk factor for women developing breast cancer. The average age at first diagnosis is 60 years and figures show one quarter of new cases occur in women 70 years and older. However, whilst breast cancer risk remains high with increasing age, the benefits of mammographic screening in reducing breast cancer deaths in the population is less strong for women beyond age 75. Women are certainly welcome to continue breast screening beyond age 75. There are a number of considerations to weigh up, and women can always consult their health care provider for further advice. For more information, or to make an appointment at your nearest BreastScreen service, phone 132 050.

Refer a friend

WIN $25,000 and



KimberleyCruise Enter online

* Terms and conditions apply – see website for details


property ventures since 1959

Page 12 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015

community news

Gift of a lifetime

ANYONE who needs to make or update their will should mark October 12 and 20 on their calendar, as these are the days Red Cross has organised Community Wills Days in Helensvale and Oxenford where local solicitors will prepare a simple will for just $75 per person. Ian Williamson, national bequest manager for Red Cross says: “Writing a will is one of the most important things you will do in your lifetime and yet just under half of Australian adults still do not have one.” The Red Cross Wills for Life program has so far helped over 5000 Australians get their affairs in order with a new or updated will and many have confirmed a gift in their will to

Red Cross. A gift in your will helps support the everyday work of Red Cross both in Australia and around the world. For more information about Red Cross Community Wills days or to make an appointment phone 1800 811 700 or email Helensvale Community Wills Day will be held on Monday October 12, from 10am – 3pm at the Helensvale Senior Citizens Hall, 37 Discovery Dr, Helensvale. Oxenford Community Wills Day will be held on Tuesday October 20, from 1pm – 3pm at the Oxenford and Coomera Community Youth Centre, 25 Leo Graham Way, Oxenford.

Runaway VIEW

HONOURED GUEST: Mike Grenby was an entertaining guest speaker.

CURRUMBIN Wildlife Park volunteer Mike Grenby was speaker at Runaway Bay’s VIEW Club Sep-

tember meeting. Mike was very entertaining and received wine and champagne as a thank-you gift.

Further information or to RSVP to next meeting on Wednesday, October 14. Ph: June 0419 419 653.

Join in with Banora Point Probus Club THE Banora Point Probus Club meets on the fourth Monday of the month at 9.45am for 10.15am in the South Tweed Sports Club. This is a friendly mixed club for retirees. Visitors are welcome at the meetings and social outings. The guest speaker for October will be a representative from the Department of Fair Trading who will speak about consumer rights and responsibilities. Enquiries: phone Bae at 07 5590 9738 or Google our web site, banorapointprobus.

Girl Guide Get-Together

New Broadbeach National Seniors Branch to start up

THE annual Girl Guiding Get-Together is to be held at the home of Anne Biddulph, Banora Point, on Wednesday, October 21, starting at 10am Queensland time (11am NSW time).

JOHN Worrall, zone chairman of the Gold Coast Zone of National Seniors and also president of Robina Branch of National Seniors, is interested in starting a new branch based in Broadbeach and is looking



All who have been associated with the Guiding movement at any time, past or present, local or interstate, are invited to come along and enjoy a great day. Enquiries or RSVP to Anne on 07 5524 1454.


for interested people. The first meeting is at the Broadbeach Bowls Club, 169 Surf Pde (corner of Armrick Ave) at 9.30am, Wednesday, November 18. The guest speaker is from the Department of Fair

Trading, speaking on scams and protection. Meetings are usually on the fourth Wednesday of each month. John is willing to chair the first meeting of this new branch and would hope

members could elect a president, secretary, treasurer and vice-president in that meeting. For more information, phone 0478 064 529 or email

4%+)0 "))*)'02 !/1*23$) "( $02+2 #(& *2%2+ '0(&10' /()).!,2----


1%*(- "((+(&-/ !.'+/0#(


(Conditions Apply. Not available with any other club promotion offer.)


FOR THE PRICE OF ONE (1) - $6.90

Offer valid for Thursday Morning Melodies from 11am-2:30pm. Expires 31st December 2015

PHONE: 3807 5836

28A Alamein St, Beenleigh QLD


Pre-Paid Plan Available - No Administration Fees Locally owned by Ben & Emma Little Servicing The Gold Coast to Ballina 24 hour essential service

Call - 1300 678 443

$.8C.8/ 6=B #/8 !=@2@8; C= # <.88)!.#,/> # <.88),8 <#)+8/> .#?8 ")#;;8/ :/=")8A-> 08C # ),CC)8 !=@5B-8; #C C,A8-> /84B,/8 A8;,!#C,=@ A#@#08A8@C> @88; #--,-C#@!8 <,C. :,!+ B:> C/#?8) C= #,/:=/C> #--,-C#@!8 <,C. !.8!+ ,@> =/ #/8 -,A:)6 )==+,@0 5=/ # C/#?8) !=A:#@,=@> <8 #/8 C.8/8 C= A88C 6=B/ @88;-7

!.$ /.-( +& $.*),

$1980 includes GST

%,A:)6 !=@C#!C ()8@ '#9C8; "6 8A#,) =/ :.=@8 #@; .81)) <=/+ <,C. 6=B C= :)#@ 6=B/ ,;8#) .=),;#67 */=A !/B,-,@0 =@ C.8 .,0. -8#-> /8)#9,@0 "6 # "8#!. ,@ )B9B/6> C= !.B00,@0 C./=B0. C.8 =BC"#!+ =@ C.8 (.#@> .81)) <=/+ <,C. 6=B C= #--8-- 6=B/ @88;#@; ,;8#) .=),;#6 #@; 89:)#,@ C.8 -8/?,!8- :/=?,;8;7


✓ Loved one taken into our care 24 hours, 7 days ✓ All required mortuary attention and preservation ✓ Completion of all application and registration forms ✓ Doctor's cremation certificates ✓ Environmentally friendly cardboard coffin ✓ Private transport to crematorium and cremation fee ✓ Death registration and official BDM death certificate ✓ Return of ashes to loved one's family or friends

&B/ 0=#) ,- C= :/=?,;8 -8@,=/- #@; :8=:)8 <,C. ;,-#",),C,8- #@ =::=/CB@,C6 C= 89:8/,8@!8 #A#3,@0 .=),;#6- "6 <=/+,@0 <,C. C.8A C= ;8-,0@ # 5#@C#-C,! .=),;#6 #/=B@; C.8,/ !,/!BA-C#@!8-7





(&):031% &140%$1&13 *"&%1% !*3 7!&140:1&% $) !77)+(!*6 %1*0)&% 80$2 %(170!, +1307!, *113% )& $2)%1 8!*$0*4 $21 %17"&0$6 )/ 2!:0*4 ! *"&%1 80$2 $21+ )* 2),03!6'

Order From the Special Luncheon Menu & Have it Delivered to Your Table Within 30 Mins or It’s Free!

#1 !,%) (&):031 ! $&!*%()&$ %1&:071 $) $21 !0&()&$ !*3 80,, 9)). 6)"& ,"44!41 0*5 9)). 6)" 0*5 1%7)&$ 6)" $) $21 4!$15 !*3 %$!6 80$2 6)" "*$0, 0$ 0% $0+1 $) 9)!&3 6)"& -042$'

*)+4$!4 '/6+ &$.468

#,-& (.# &,#

(: +2976$771743)/#"15<)+8;!)%: 000 +2976$77174683)/18$,7$2749$/1$;!)October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 13

community news

Oxenford-Coomera VIEW Club to meet THE Oxenford-Coomera VIEW Club meets on the third Friday of each month at 10.30am for 11am, meeting at the Gainsborough Greens Golf Club, Pimpama.

All ladies are invited to make new friends with a welcoming group, enjoy lunch and a guest speaker. Proudly supporting the Smith Family, the Oxenford - Coomera VIEW

FUN: VIEW ladies enjoyed an outing at Cedar Creek Estate at North Tamborine.


Rental Accommodation for

It’s holiday time, and Glen will get you there and back

Single Pensioners & Over 50’s

* Comfortable, air conditioned & fully furnished rooms with ensuite bathroom or 2 room units (bedroom, lounge & bath) * All meals cooked fresh on the premises * Bed linen & towels supplied * Quiet suburban location; walk to public transport; close to shopping centres; own bus for outings; secure parking. * 24 hour security by experienced resident manager; social & in-house activities * Also available: phone with emergency call, visiting doctor & hair-dresser.

WESTMINSTER HOUSE ROBINA 5 Bourton Rd, Merrimac 4226, Gold Coast


No deposit, bond, entry or exit fees Costs only part of the pension All meals included

Phone: 07 5559 4600

Club is the most northern VIEW Club on the Gold Coast. Please RSVP to Vicki on 5501 9455 for lunch bookings and further information.

WORKING in health care in the army and for many years in remote areas of northern Australia has equipped Glen Maxted well for a new project he is excited about – professional assistance for travelling seniors. A clinical nurse specialist and a former ambulance driver, Glen is business manager of Nurse Assisted Holidays, based on the Gold Coast, where he has spent more than eight years in aged care. “If seniors think they have lost the ability to travel, we can make that desired holi-

day happen by providing registered nurses and caregivers to accompany them on the journey,” Glen said. “Seniors with special medical needs or those wanting the security of having a nurse with them on a holiday can rest easy assured that they have the best of health care. “Our goal is to provide seniors and people with disabilities an opportunity to experience amazing holidays by working with them to design a fantastic vacation. This includes seniors confined to a wheelchair or a wheelie walker or those

who require medication management or get a little confused at times – or simply are looking for a travel companion.” Glen says the services of Nurse Assisted Holidays start at the front door and go all the way to an airport, a train or a ship and beyond as nurses and caregivers take care of travel itineraries, passport assistance, luggage handling, medical needs and special food requirements, accompanying them on the holiday if needed. From cruising on the high seas to relaxing by a beach

in luxury or chugging through the Outback on the Ghan, seniors can rely on a professional team of nurses who will assess their needs for an ideal holiday and explain the services provided. After the planning stage, seniors will get a detailed proposal with fees from Nurse Assisted Holidays – and then it is off on that worry-free holiday! Contact Glen Maxted and his team on 0412 750 240 or email See www. nurseassistedholi


Somerville understands every goodbye is different

Have you written your life story? Do you want to pass a legacy on to your family? Do you have a novel waiting to be published?

Gold Coast’s finest chapel with catering facilities

We are now accepting manuscripts See ‘New Author Information’ on our website to submit your story or ... EMAIL: Saying goodbye to a loved one can be a daunting and emotional time and no-one understands this better than Somerville Funerals.

Th eC

Our funeral homes will help you create a service that is heartfelt, memorable and tailored to the life of your loved one.

Page 14 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015


9 97 1 e lly Family Sinc

✁ 6097343aa


Thinking of finding out more about funeral planning? For a free $200 contribution card Call 1800 644 524 or cut out and post to:

Somerville Proudly Australian | 24 Hours | All Areas | Prepaid Funerals

Use your smart phone to scan the barcode to visit our website

Pre Arrange For Peace Of Mind

All Areas 1800 621 234


CALL (07) 55 755 141

Newhaven Funerals; 1 Central Drive Burleigh Heads Q 4220 Or 21 Quinns Hill Road West, Stapylton Q 4207

Name: Address: Phone: “Proudly 100% Locally Owned Since 1979”

Seniors Newspaper 2015

community news Runaway Bay Probus Club OUR club promotes fun, friendship and fellowship in the community. Here members enjoy morning tea near Toowoomba on their way to see the Festival of Flowers. It was a perfect day to see the magnificent blooms there on display. The club meets on the third Monday of each month at the Paradise Point Bowls Club. A luncheon is held every fourth Tuesday of each month at the same venue. Info: Ian 5537 9914.

Seniors Robina enjoy outings THE National Seniors Robina Branch is enjoying the high numbers of members participating in the branch outings program and especially the bi-monthly free barbecues held at Burleigh. The branch has a very stable and enthusiastic committee. Come along and join us for morning tea, have fun and conversation at the monthly meeting. Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at the Robina Community and Library Centre, Robina Town Centre Drive, Robina starting at 10am. Phone Dagmar on 5559 2717 for details.

Body in the library not just a book character ALL the elements of a suspenseful murder mystery were involved, and then some: A library crime scene complete with a “body” monikered Moira (Moira ingeniously moulded from various bits and pieces into the shape of a person garbed in women’s clothing). Then there were a greedy motive; glaring (or was it?) evidence beside the corpse including a possible murder weapon and large bloodied footprints; a trail of clues scattered teasingly throughout the library (with some suspected clues not clues at all, throwing keen sleuths off the scent and back to HQ for a cheese-and-cracker rethink).

Travelling soon?

Then came eight suspects ranging from a child prodigy, a truly eccentric genius and a paranormal investigator. To help solve the crime, Headquarters (next to the library where Moira’s body was found beside a bookshelf that had one particular book jutting out in clue-like fashion – but was it a clue or a read herring?) was filled with eager amateur detectives and enthusiastic mystery fans. All had been drawn to the scene by a tempting City Libraries Crime and Mystery flyer that listed a host of scarier-than-fiction activities being held at different Gold Coast locations to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Agatha

ON THE CASE: Librarian Louise Pieper (front centre) with crime-solving sleuths.

Christie’s birth, including The Body in the Library Murder Mystery Night at Robina. Special guest on the evening was award-winning crime author Sulari Gentill. Crime-solving prizes (mini-torches, magnifying glasses, and lollies for energy) were awarded to winning sleuths as well as to the stand-out 1930sstyle fashion figure. Oh, if you are wondering ‘whodunit?’ or whether another terrific (and it was a terrific Chapter 1 ef-

fort by library staff, family, and friends) Murder Mystery Night is set to stimulate the senses again in the near future, best person to interrogate is Robina librarian Louise Pieper. Louise may not yet have all the clues to satisfy your grilling (no matter how intense) but she is sure to investigate thoroughly on your behalf. As organisers appeared to have as much fun on the night as everyone else, possibly Chapter 2 already has a gumshoe on the case.

Get travel insurance that provides peace of mind and protection National Seniors Insurance has travel cover that is simple and flexible to use and provides peace of mind and affordable protection for you and your holiday. Plus, we cover a range of pre-existing medical conditions and you can now complete your medical assessment over the phone or online#. No age limit on acceptance Unlimited cover for overseas medical expenses New for old replacement cover for luggage and personal effects* Cover for a range of pre-existing medical conditions now with phone and online medical assessment# Cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits Exclusive discount for National Seniors Australia members!

Call us or visit our website for a competitive quote today.

1300 50 50 99 National Seniors Australia Ltd ABN 89 050 523 003 AR 282736, is an authorised representative of Cerberus Special Risks Pty Limited ABN 81 115 932 173, AFS License No. 308461. This is general advice and you should consider if this product suits your needs. Before you buy, please read the Product Disclosure Statement available from us before deciding to purchase this product. This insurance is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s. *Available on International Premium and Frequent Traveller policies. #Subject to application and approval. Additional premium may be payable.

October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 15

community news ADVERTORIAL

Why pay too much? THE longer I stay in this business, the more I get annoyed that bereaved families are paying too much for a funeral. It’s like when we look to take out a mortgage, we automatically think of the Big 4, but if you did some research, you would find there are a hundred smaller financial institutions who offer the same service but at a better rate. And so too with the funeral industry. When someone passes away, often it is the first time that a family has to face this situation. They need to find a funeral director and often it is one of the major players that come to mind. However, when you look a little further you will find there are alternatives. My name is Krystine Hastings, principal of Cremations Only. I cannot stress enough – you do not need to pay too much for a funeral service. We offer a full funeral service at a chapel or church of your choice from $4850 which in-

cludes GST, transfer from place of death, polished coffin, service, cremation, celebrant, memorial book, death certificate and flowers. You will save between $2000 and $4000. Here’s an idea, give the money you save to your family, medical research or charity. By choosing Cremations Only to take care of your loved one, you will not only save money, you will receive the highest levels of care, respect and professionalism. We are a small family company, a member of the National Funeral Directors’ Association and we treat every funeral as if it’s for a member of our own family. We don’t skimp on anything. So I urge you please, don’t pay too much for a funeral service, visit www.cremationsonly or phone 1300 311 747. We operate seven days a week 24 hours a day and cover an area from Caboolture to Tweed Heads and out past Ipswich.

Royal Qld Art Society hosts Robert Lovett Extraordinary global artist goes on show

THE Royal Queensland Art Society (RQAS) at Broadbeach is set to host an exhibition of works by internationally celebrated painter and sculptor Robert Lovett. A Gold Coast resident and citizen of the world, Robert Lovett was born in Sydney where he studied commercial art followed by anatomy and sculpture in America. A member of the exclusive Australian Watercolour Institute, he has been painting in oils and watercolours for over 60 years; first becoming known for his Outback Australia themes. As official artist to the Snowy Mountains Authority from 1950 to 1968, Robert captured the rugged beauty

ON SHOW: Robert Lovett painting Camels.

of the High Country while owner/operator of an 800hectare cattle property. In 1981 he worked on location with actors Kirk Douglas and Jack Thompson for the filming of The Man from Snowy River. Thompson then opened an exhibition of Robert’s works at the Sydney Opera House by reciting Banjo Patterson’s iconic The Man from Snowy River to the

sellout crowd. This marked a milestone in Robert’s career with him recognised as one of Australia’s leading artists. The Australian Government presented 40 Lovett paintings over the years to heads of state from many countries. The Australian Mint reproduced Robert’s Man from Snowy River image on a limited edition $5 coin.

Robert has painted exotic themes from Asia, Europe, America, the Middle East and the Pacific Islands. The Robert Lovett exhibition opens Sunday, November 1, at 2pm, at the Royal Queensland Art Society, 25 Broadbeach Blvd, Broadbeach and runs until November 14. Free entry. Call 5592 0440 or email:

'!&)(# *$(", %+#!$" #9Q7/ $ MJAN &A?S;SJS-M A9= =AS;/ A?JS2SJS-M S9?;G=S9" @71;M> J-99SM> A3GA A-N7@S?M> JAS ?US> "/:9AMSG:> ?S9-:A> ANJM A9= ?NA&JM> 17N<MU75> =A9?S9"> @S9"7> MS9"S9"> ?A&+> UASN=N-MMS9" MA;79> ?792-9S-9?- MJ7N-> A9= :G?U :G?U :7N-44 '7:- A9= M-- 1U/ SJ SM JU- :7MJ 575G;AN 72-N $.OM N-M7NJ 79 JU- T7;= '7AMJ(

;!," * .%7%',!23 2$ / *3& 1 (%&0225 "25%. *)*!7*(7% .,*0,!3# $025 9+., 8146:--O.IN TT6H4TTT 5K ;7"5)R59&$7(K$J38+75KJM(58 4 G(S$7/;$ *K;1$ < !;R=9+7& D+K: CQ*

F7 #0SJ !--M F7 *7=/ '7N57NAJ!--M F7 '7G9?S; CAJ-M F7 BJA:5 %GJ/ '-9JNA; T7;= '7AMJ R7?AJS79 ,;; U7:-M AN- E19-N E??G5S-= D-J !NS-9=;/ PG;JS5;- ,1AN=


,>,B* >UFFUF# E?'B T.LJ QU%'A@-Q' B'AEB@

A+9$J E"V($ EP$7 G57&+0 35 %K;&+0 4.+8<2P8 Page 16 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015


















IMIGRAN 50mg 4 X 3 Tablets




AMOXYCILLIN 500mg 20 Capsules






AMOXYCILLIN SYRUP 250mg/5ml 100ml






AROPAX 20mg 30 Tablets


KARVEA 150mg 30 Tablets






KARVEA 300mg 30 Tablets






KARVEZIDE 150/12.5mg 30 Tablets


PREMARIN 0.625mg 28 Tablets




KARVEZIDE 300/12.5mg 30 Tablets


PROPECIA 1mg 28 Tablets










LEVITRA 20mg 8 Tablets










AVAPRO 150mg 30 Tablets






AVAPRO 300mg 30 Tablets






AVAPRO HCT 150/12.5mg 30 Tablets












CELEBREX 200mg 30 Capsules


LIVIAL 2.5mg 28 Tablets


SERC 16mg 25 Tablets


CIALIS 20mg 4 Tablets


LIVIAL GENERIC (XYVION) 2.5mg 28 Tablets




CIALIS 20mg 8 Tablets


LOSEC 20mg 30 Tablets




CIPRAMIL 20mg 28 Tablets








MERSYNDOL 40 Tablets




COVERSYL 5mg 30 Tablets




TRITACE 10.00mg 30 Caps








COVERSYL PLUS 5mg/1.25mg 30 Tablets


MICARDIS 40mg 28 Tablets






MICARDIS 80mg 28 Tablets






MICARDIS PLUS 80/12.5mg 28 Tablets






MICROGYNON 20 ED 3 X 28 Tablets


VIAGRA 100mg 4 Tablets


DIABEX 500mg 100 Tablets




VIAGRA 100mg 4 X 3 Tablets






VOLTAREN 50mg 50 Tablets


DIABEX XR 500mg 120 Tablets




YASMIN 3 X 28 Tablets






ZANIDIP 10mg 28 Tablets


DOXYCYCLINE 100mg 7 Tablets


NORVASC 5mg 30 Tablets




DUROMINE 30mg 30 Capsules








NORVASC 10mg 30 Tablets










FLOMAXTRA 30 Tablets




ZOLOFT 100mg 30 Tablets








IMIGRAN 50mg 4 Tablets











We will endeavour to maintain the retail prices for products in this catalogue until 31st December 2015, however we reserve the right to increase our retail prices at any time, should our costs increase due to changes in Government policy and or supplier price increases. Chemist Warehouse will not be held responsible for out of stock items and reserves the right to delete items when supply can no longer be assured. Chemist Warehouse reserves the right not to supply items to consumers where we have professional and ethical concerns. Consumers must always read the label and seek medical advice if conditions persist. For full terms and conditions refer to:

October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 17

community news

(Formerly Stanley Gibbons Aust.)

Velvet Collectables Group



are currently seeking collections of Stamps, Coins, Banknotes, Postcards, Cigarette Cards, Deceased Estates etc. for their Public Auctions (record breaking results) or outright purchase.

Regular visits to South East Queensland Please phone for an appointment on

02 9280 0006


COMPUTER REPAIRS AT YOUR PLACE At last a trustworthy, honest computer person who really cares about giving older people affordable reliable service with all their computer needs in their homes. Call Tony Friend today! He goes the extra mile but doesn’t charge an arm and a leg!

• Laptop repairs • Older machines revitalised • Virus removal & internet security • Custom built systems Ask for your Seniors Discount


PH 0411 327 477

Special treatment for your nails NAIL and Tendon Clinics provides two treatment modalities – Shockwave therapy and Clear Nail Laser Treatment. Shockwave therapy (ESWT) relieves pain and discomfort for tendonitis, bursitis and calcification. Conditions such as, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, hip pain, tennis elbow and sporting injuries can be treated with usually two to three treatments. Our clinic for the Shockwave therapy is situated in Southport. Clear Nail Laser Treatment to treat fungal nail infection for both fingernails and toenails is available at Southport, Tweed Heads and Byron Bay. The Clear Nail Laser Treatment package consists of an initial treatment and a second treatment three months later. Call or email Val on 0409 897 808, for further information. www.nailandtendonclinics .com.

HEALTH AND HAPPINESS: The Tuesday Tai Chi and Exercise Group.

Tai Chi a Seniors Week success SENIORS Week involved a busy time at Southport Meals on Wheels Senior Citizens Association. Members as well as the general public, invited as guests, took part in a variety of activities. The Tuesday Tai Chi and Exercise Group is never short of keen participants. Dancing, including Line,

New Vogue, Scottish, Tap, Square and Social, kept the music flowing and the dance floor bustling from Monday to Saturday. Southport Meals on Wheels Senior Citizens Association yearly membership is just $8 per person, with classes costing $3 each including tea/coffee/biscuits. Both men and wo-

men are always welcome. The club location is 2 Whitby St, Southport, around the corner from the Nerang St Light Rail stop. For more information, phone Peta, 5529 7910; Pamia, 5591 3056, or Wendy, 5537 2214, Or visit:

De Paul



Page 18 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015

community news

A crafty state of mind

TALENT ON SHOW: Residents Heather Humphrey and Pauline Bridie.

played an integral role in the community. Seachange project director Phil Goodman said: “The exhibition is another example of how Seachange residents are actively involved in both their own community and also their broader community. “Seachange is proud to off-

er residents a vibrant lifestyle amongst like-minded people that nourishes the body, mind and soul.” Categories included acrylic open, acrylic beginners, oil open, watercolour open, watercolour beginners, pastel, drawing, charcoal, pen and ink; mixed media/ abstract; portrait; quilts;

knitting and crochet; hand embroidery; cards; and miscellaneous. The Neil Johnson Perpetual Award was awarded to Jeff Niblett for his mixed media work Lay Lines. All proceeds from the event were donated to Gold Coast homeless charity Rosies.

MORE than 300,000 retirees will have their pension reduced or cancelled in January 2017. The new rules will affect pensioner homeowner couples with assets between $451,500 and $823,000 or single homeowner pensioners with assets between $289,500 and $547,000. There are just over 15 months before the rules take effect and there is some hope that the Federal Government will reverse this decision. Of course, there is a new Prime Minister, so that might help – maybe. But importantly, before the pension changes are implemented, we have another Federal Budget in May and a federal election probably late in 2016. Both nationally and locally, Australians in Retirement has been lobbying government and local politicians to have these changes reversed. But, retirees need to be prepared in case the changes remain in place. Gold Coast president of Australians in Retirement, Rob Grover said: “We will be holding a pu-

blic information forum for all retirees who are likely to be affected by these rule changes. “Guest speaker will be Russell Lenehan from Centrelink,” Mr Grover said. “Mr Lenehan will explain the impact of the changes and will answer questions as to how they may impact on individuals. “All Gold Coast retirees are welcome to attend this free forum,” Mr Grover said. The meeting will be held at 9.30am at the Broadbeach Seniors’ Centre, 23 T E Peters Dr, (cnr Havana Keys), Broadbeach, on Thursday, October 8 However, due to space limitations, seating can be guaranteed to members of the public who register their attendance. You can register by contacting Rob Grover at Australians in Retirement is the business name for The Association of Independent Retirees. This is the peak body representing the interests of retirees who are self-funded or in receipt of a part pension.


THE creativity and talent of residents from over 50s lifestyle resort Seachange Arundel were on display at its popular art and craft exhibition at the five-star country club recently. The Seachange Art & Craft Exhibition was back bigger and better this year, with more than 300 arts and crafts lovers attending. Residents invited locals to enjoy the annual event, showcasing their arts and crafts. “This is one of our major and most popular events at Seachange and this year’s event was no exception,” said Seachange Social Club Co-ordinator Brian Dawson. “With our own art room, sewing room and workshop located in the country club, residents were able to produce an incredible array of high-quality art and craft works. “It’s been an exciting opportunity for residents to develop their artistic side.” Visitors to the evening enjoyed wine and cheese and took the opportunity to be inspired by artworks that

Upcoming 2016 changes to affect 300,000 pensions

October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 19

community news Longevity: It's in the legs

OVER the past decade there have been several studies published, outlining the importance of strength for longevity. Typically, cardiovascular fitness was thought to be more important for health and survivability, but research has shown that good leg strength is even more related to longevity than cardiovascular fitness. Some might wonder how this can be true? It seems to come down to overall work burden on the heart. Good levels of strength (leg strength particularly) can significantly lower the required input from the heart to complete even the most simple of daily activities. Another important thing to consider is muscle mass (relative to body height). Muscle is actually an important protein reserve during times of illness and having good leg strength reduces falls risks. For further information on suitable strengthening programs for the older population, contact the team at Burleigh Central Physiotherapy on 5576 0747.

(+#*2.%#$ 3.0#) )',+' "+.0 /!!&-&&& '. /!11-&&&

Friends discuss various topics CHOOSING nouns and adjectives written on slips of paper randomly out of small bowls and then pairing them to create what often turns out to be nonsensical but hilarious prose or poetic fun – though some-

VIBRANT GATHERING: Photographed here by Tosca’s grandson, Entoni Wright, at the Heritage Hideaway Cafe are (from left) Donna, Tosca, Amy, Laura and Olga.

times surprising food for thought as well – is what this group of friends recently enjoyed. The group met over lunch (and a surprise box of quality chocolates) at the Heritage Hideaway Cafe in Tallebudgera Valley. The meeting was organised

Connections for the over-50s TOP Enders connects the over-50s from all areas of the Gold Coast for friendship, fun outings and fellowship. Our group meets on the second Wednesday of the month from 11am–3pm. For more information, phone Sue on 0405 936 330 or email Sam at

aged to join in the interesting conversations, which can include discussions about a wide range of topics. The subjects may include the environment, art, philosophy, nature, spirituality, health, healing, travel and food – and anything

BRUSH up your skills or learn new ones from our experienced teachers. The Gold Coast Bridge Club in Surfers Paradise serves the community by promoting bridge, beginner’s classes and coaching at all levels. We conduct bridge sessions six

Brand New Manual wheelchairs $ From


Walker 3 Brands $$ All each AT each

120 99

Before you buy elsewhere call for our better price!

Merits Colts XL RRP $2990 $ Our price


(7"?:8 C":/C@E?3/ED:/4B"3/4F;17F"6 #/>8 000FE?3/ED:/4B"3/4F;17F"6

%# "0$&0, 1&(00&+ /-&0(.*() /0'&+ 23!


THE Surfers Paradise VIEW Club, proudly supporting the Smith Family, holds its meetings and lunch on the second Tuesday of the month at Southport Golf Club. Meeting at 11.30am for a midday lunch. New members and visitors are most welcome. Please contact Nancy on 5592 6730 or 0421 639 574.



.-GG A)A G9)

Pride Gogo Ultra X Suspension, Portable RRP $2190 $ Special price


& 19<9:9/= ,'-:'! & ,3( :'8!< & <'-934 "8/-:9'/< & 5'!6<;'% & -!3": 3!$3 & =(2 & %$:< +. & 00# 3!$3 & ) %''4< & 79<9:9/= ;39!,!$<<$! & 79443=$ 08< & 2394 ,$497$!( & 490!3!( & ) -480 ;'8<$< 3/, !$-!$3:9'/34 !''2 & 9/,''! 0'54< 3!$3 *** 3/, 28-; 28-; 2'!$ '1E "4 ",,1?4<7/4< <1 3?/0 16E B17/C ?4 " E/:"H/2 ! ?4+1E7": /43?E147/4<5 ,B14/ */44?C8

days a week and two nights, we’re known as the “friendly club” and organise many social functions. Join the club and meet interesting people from all walks of life. For more information contact Cecily or Lynley on 5538 3112 or 0418 984 856.

Brand New Liftchairs $ Our price Elsewhere 1290

else brought to the table. No parameters are set. Nothing is off limits, though respect for one another is understood. Everyone who attends sees it as a great opportunity to discuss and further their knowledge across a broad range of topics.

Surfers Paradise VIEW Club diary

Learn to play or hone your skills with the Gold Coast Bridge Club

%1;"</2 0?<B?4 0":=?4D 2?C<"4;/ <1 CB1,C5 <E"4C,1E< "42 <104 "7/4?<?/C5 $?3/E &:/4 1++/EC ?<C E/C?2/4<C8

Page 20 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015

by Tosca Zraikat. Tosca is a spiritual guidance mentor, writer, artist, mythologist, lifelong student of ancient wisdom, mother, grandmother and good friend to many. The gatherings take place where it is most convenient to all. Everyone is encour-

Pride Sport Rider RRP $6990 $ Our price

5990 4990

(07) 5561 1427 1/29 Bailey Crescent SOUTHPORT QLD 4215

Mertis Interceptor RRP $6990 $ Our price


Pride Gopherrange RRP $3290 Our price $


* No Trade-ins





October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 21

community news Join in beginner classes at Gold Coast Family History

No need to be lonely if you join this friendship group

INTERESTED in starting work on your family history and getting serious about genealogy? We have a beginner class being held on Monday, October 19, at our rooms at

Room 3, Bicentennial Building, Nerang-Southport Rd, Nerang, at 9.30am. Bookings are essential, so please contact Nicol Warren on 0433 770 583.

Kingscliff Mixed Probus KINGSCLIFF Mixed Probus Club holds its meetings in the Uniting Church Hall, Kingscliff, on the first Wednesday of each month at 9.45am and outings on

STILL GOING STRONG: These happy Never Aloners celebrate their fifth birthday.

We are still close by from all walks of life can come and be welcomed by our volunteers and enjoy the company of other likeminded people. The opportunity to sit and have morning tea and a chat with fellow guests and volunteers goes some way to addressing their needs. The centre is self-funded and relies on donations

THE Annual General Meeting of the Gold Coast and Hinterland Historical Society was held in the beautiful grounds of the society’s museum recently. Election of office-bearers took place, with Michael Aird elected president, Bob Nancarrow re-elected as vice-president and Colleen Yuke as secretary/treasurer. Former Gold Coast mayor Lex Bell and Coun-

and grants. It is recognised by many agencies who refer their clients to the centre. The centre operates from the Masonic Hall in First Ave, Burleigh Heads, and is open each Wednesday from 9am until midday. The cost is a $2 donation. For information call 07 5562 2993.

$4@ ':.@< $.4>@0

Who do you call…

222%4.=+@ "4:6@8+,, 9-.>//:6=?

Seniors Card 137 468 or 1800 175 500 (free call outside Brisbane)

0/ ")/.(1 3/.) , 4/-*')'#% 2+)/ , !%'#$&&&

Centrelink: Retirement 132 300 Disability, Sickness & Carers 132 717 Employment Services 132 850 Seniors Enquiry Line 1300 135 500 Department of Veteran Affairs 133 254 or 1800 555 254 (Regional)

&.5 .)17.6 5630<5"01<) ;5<:633 ,1-- +"/6 =<.5 8150= <-8 45<.0 -<</999

(;*#' #&3 1=1:6)$5*;*#7&&'???

! #1-6 %62(5<.01)4 ! $1-1:<)6 %6;-":6+6)0 ! %6;"15 ! (5<.0 *-6")1)4 ! $6"-1)4 ! *<-<.5 $6"- &-8 (5<.0 ! *-6"5 $6"- '6, (5<.0


National Information Centre on Retirement Investments (NICRI) 1800 020 110 National Aged Care Information 1800 200 422

Musgrave Hill Bowls Club Inc Cnr Musgrave Ave & Kumbari Ave, Southport

Linking seniors with community information across Queensland 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Disability Information Service Ph: 1800 177 120 Provides information and referral service for people with disabilities. 6132466aa


Page 22 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015


Council on the Ageing Infolink – COTA Ph: 1300 738 348 COTA assists to find services and information to assist with informed decision making about well being and lifestyle choices.

Operates daily on demand 4pm till late

(07) 5532 1277

*($ )#%( +&"! ++, '",

Deaf Services Qld Helpline Ph: 1800 645 916 Support provided to people (& their families) who are deaf or who have hearing impairment.

Wednesday Night 35 Prizes Raffle 7.30pm Friday Night . . .60 x $15 Meat Trays 7.30pm Sunday FREE 20 Prize raffle 2-4pm Membership Draws: Wed 8pm, Sat 2pm, Sun 5pm - email:


Home & Community Care – HACC Program Ph: 1800 052 222 Program assists people who are frail aged or younger people with disabilities to stay in their homes.

Karaoke every Wednesday 6.30pm-10.30pm &1st Sunday of each month 12noon-4pm 100 Poker Machines....Regular Promos Bingo....Tues, Thurs & Sat 7.30pm Mon & Sun 7.00pm Live Entertainment.....Friday Nights from 6.30pm

Three Excellent Greens. Club Open 7 Days. Social Membership - Only $5.00 p.a. Phone for more info

%.++@+ !>4

Care & Support Services

$11-$16.50 Asian & Australian 3 Course Buffet Open 7 days for Lunch. Tues - Sun for Dinner Friday Night $16.50 Seafood Wednesday & Sunday Night $13.50 Seafood

cillor Dawn Critchlow were happy to continue supporting the museum in their roles as patrons. The museum is open every Sunday from 10am–3pm at 8 Elliott Street, Surfers Paradise, just off Bundall Rd, and by arrangement for community groups. Info: Colleen on 5529 1962, email histsocbun@big or find us on Facebook.


various reasons, find themselves without family or friends to support them, or have little or no social life. Being lonely or isolated can have a significant affect on people’s health and wellbeing and although we do not offer any magic solution to this, we do offer a friendly environment where people

Gold Coast and Hinterland Historical Society meets

Citizens Advice Bureau & Gold Coast Legal Service Ph: 5532 9611 Free confidential legal advice


AFTER five years of service to the community, the Never Alone Friendship Centre has relocated from the Burleigh Heads Uniting Church to the Masonic Hall, just around the corner in First Ave, Burleigh Heads. Over the span of five years we have addressed the needs of people who, for

the third Wednesday of the month. Interesting guest speakers feature at our meetings. New people welcome to attend. Phone Pat on 02 6674 4224.

community news ADVERTORIAL

Hidden risks in snoring ALWAYS feeling tired? Crave a daily nap? Find it difficult to concentrate? You could be suffering from OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea). How serious is sleep apnea? If you’ve ever slept next to someone who snores you will know just how irritating it can be. However, a common side effect of sleep apnea is excessive snoring and this can be much more serious. When we are asleep, our airways relax and start to narrow, causing snoring. In people with apnea, the airway can become closed over, causing it to become blocked, which in turn starves the body of oxygen. Once the brain realises that the body isn’t breathing, it sends a shot of adrenalin to alert the body to wake up. We then take a deep breath (or loud snort) and go back to sleep. The cycle then repeats and can occur several hundred times a night. How do you know if you suffer from it? Some common signs are: ■ Excessive snoring, a choking sensation or wak-

In people with apnea, the airway can become closed over, causing it to become blocked... ing with a loud snort. You appear to stop breathing. Frequent night visits to the bathroom. Continual lack of energy, poor concentration, shortterm memory. Why is it important to do something about it? The quality of your sleep is more important than the quantity. The reason most people with apnea are always tired is their body is still fatigued as a result of poor quality sleep. Health risks directly linked with apnoea include: ■ Type 2 Diabetes, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and dementia. How is it treated? The most effective treatment is with a CPAP or APAP machine, which de-

livers pressurised air through a tube and mask to your face. The airways are held open by the higher air pressure providing a much better quality, uninterrupted and restorative sleep. How will the treatment improve my life? You will likely find you have a completely new lease on life and look forward to waking up. At CPAP Direct (now under new ownership and direction) they first arrange a free consultation to provide you with information about taking a sleep test and the different kinds of treatment options available to you including equipment rental and interestfree terms. The dedicated team are sleep experts and they use the latest technology. Choosing a better quality of life has never been easier! To find out more about our life-changing technology visit Shop 9/47 Ashmore Rd, Bundall (near Harvey Norman complex). Call us on 5504 6181 or email us at

QCWA SE Division A RESILIENT and inventive Make Do and Mend spirit is alive and well in the CWA, according to QCWA South Eastern Division president Mandy Clements. Speaking at the opening of Beaudesert Shire’s 100 years of Anzac tribute to its communities, Mrs Clements added that CWA support for Australians continues to go far beyond war efforts. For more than 90 years, QCWA has provided friendship, fun and support for Queenslanders. QCWA South Eastern Division encompasses 10 branches, from Beenleigh to Coolangatta, Coomera in the middle, and west to Beaudesert, whose members put on a magnificent

THE public are invited to the Queensland Country Women’s Association (QCWA) Mermaid Beach All Pink High Tea on Wednesday, October 14, 9.30am at 45 Ventura Rd, Mermaid Beach.

The annual event celebrates the United Nation’s International Rural Women’s Day and the Breast Cancer Network of Australia. The high tea will feature an array of homemade pink

" ')# %("!) $& 4",, 0/*3


• Problem Solving • Personalized 1 on 1 tuition • On your own computer, tablet or smart-phone • Windows, Android and Apple Operating Systems • Senior with many years teaching experience • Very reasonable $30 per hour rate

MAKING DO: Mrs J. Libke, contributor to Make Do and Mend.

QCWA Mermaid Beach Branch meeting


PHONE Gabriel on 0429 176 909 to make an appointment

morning tea at the opening of Make do and Mend. Uniquely, QCWA South Eastern members were invited to make a Peace Flag to hang in a Peace Exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery and Museum. This beautiful all-white embroidered and appliquéd flag may be seen from the end of October to the end of the year. So if you need an excuse for an outing, why not visit Beaudesert or the art gallery? You won’t be disappointed. Information about the QCWA branches in South Eastern Division: Publicity officer Kathryn Russell, Facebook: QCWACoomera.

delicacies. Entry is $10 per person and RSVP by October 10, is essential for catering. To RSVP call Branch President Helen Heinecke 0412 731 143 or email

-'%8 ' = $?"BE 48+ BBB

.%74C7+> =K 7'+ A+C47%*4N .4K8'%K+ 5=C87E ! < *25.44=, ! #>D: 3E&:,9DB2 5CN=4K>:C JC:>+K8 =**+:8 :+8=:7 87IN+ ! $>.+2 ABD@DB0 "44= 3 $>9:5.0 :+7%:+M+K7 N%3%K( *=: 7'+ =3+: )BL8D H=@C7+> #487 M%K47+8 *:=M 5CN=4K>:CL8 7=1K @+K7:+ O A+C47%*4N A+C@'+8D /+NC0+> O 8+@4:+ +K3%:=KM+K7D 9 <+:*+@7 <NC@+ 7= @CNN '=M+D

! $>.+2 $49:+2E'D:D:+ 3DB) ">C25 (2D@D:+, ! $>.+2 "2>. '28C ! !4@>. &@28B.D8DB0 ?C3 ! %D+) >B B)2 ;>8C 3DB) .44= B4 5262@41 9:52.

0/*3+ ")".,"!,3 2-/* /1,( &$%#'### 6 &? GC:! /=C> ,+87E 5CN=4K>:C 6 F'=K+ /-7< /FGG 6 111D@CN=4K>:C(C:>+K8D@=MDC4 6 2MC%NP @CN=4K>:C(C:>+K8;(MC%ND@=M


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


)$(,! 4-. 4-0 /$4&0446 4' 5(& /,44.(0/2 34&(0 ,$1"0/ 15* 1 710%( +10"(.# 4' *1"7# 7"+"5% 1"*/

<R 2296 67MP

October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 23

###,*4+%074743(+8.,7/5,8& /+ 78.. -'99 22) 1-) Page 24 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015

*$!% ,$'.- & (+##%



%&! 48*! $"#

44 4 $+ &* (/

$036 "836!543

&:@ #%= -7;=! .:@/#%)),=0 %/:@=! A/9,=0 A: 2=! A/%!;- %=! -;/>,#;-" :/ 2=! A.;? A.; (;/>,#; *;=A/%) <%95 (;/>,#; *;=A/%) 2=!- %)) A97;- :4 -;/>,#;-" 7)@- <; #.;#+ A.;91/; 3@%),2;!" ,=-@/;! %=! A/@-A<:/A.95 '.;= ,=!;7;=!;=A $@-,=;--;#%)) 9:@ $%#+ 8 ;%-96

THE Gold Coast cultural precinct’s Stage 1 amphitheatre will be an integral part of the landscape. Embedded in the Stage 1 Artscape, the revised concept forms a seamless green connection between the existing arts centre and the planned Riverside Hub, with its transitional visual arts galleries. Council has unanimously recommended the new concept for inclusion in Stage 1, and the recommendation will now go before a full council meeting. Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said the garden theatre-style concept was a new direction for what will be the precinct’s versatile outdoor space or amphitheatre. “It follows market testing, consultation and feedback from key stakeholders and potential users,” he said. Councillors were given the opportunity to review the previous proposal, ‘The Splash’, and compare it with this new one. “We received a detailed presentation from the design team, led by ARM Architecture. Councillors have now supported this new direction. “It gives us the opportunity to incorporate the design competition-winning voronoi design into the amphitheatre and is still flexible, catering for a wide array of performances, functions and events. It will still be purpose-built with a flexible capacity of 850 to 5000 people, with the opportunity to bump in equipment for larger performances,” Cr Tate said. “This concept performs the same function as The Splash and we have advice that there will be no additional cost.” The new concept includes landscaping over the stage and wings, with potential for grassed observation areas, picnic spots, play equipment and areas for artistic activation. Further detailed design work can now commence. Work on Stage 1 is scheduled to begin early in 2016 with completion by 2018.

It has a flexible capacity of 850 to 5000 people – Mayor Tom Tate

Celebrate this country’s stunning and unique flora

FLOWERS By Friends are beautiful Australian native floral designs using only the best native plants available. Proceeds from sales support the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens. Volunteers source supplies from private growers both locally and in outlying regional areas. All flora are tested for vase life to identify which species can be used successfully in floral design. The result is arrangements, event floral design and other floral pro-

A GROUP of women and men who enjoy machine knitting meet at The Franklin Craft Centre, Mudgeeraba usually on the second Monday of the month. Our next meeting, the last for 2015, is on November 9, starting at 9.30am. Visitors are always wel-

come and help is given to beginners and those coming back to the craft after time away. We look forward to seeing old and new friends at our first meeting for 2016 on February 8. For further information about our activities, please phone 5537 1436.

Security Doors & Screens Servicing Entire District

BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS: Stunning native floral creations from Flowers By Friends.

Have you always wanted to sing in a chorale group? VOICES in Harmony Choir is seeking new members. Men and women are welcome. No auditions are required.

We meet each Wednesday at 9am, Edmund Rice Drive, Ashmore. Please phone Rhondda on 0400 145 514 for more information.

Book winner CONGRATULATIONS to our winner Gabriel Burns from Mullumbimby from last month’s book competition for the book A Migrant’s Hopeful Dawn. We hope that you enjoy your read.

&#'!(+#' &$+!!, )+*%!" " !2)&/&2)&2+& " '&+(,#*$ " .&-+& 0% 1#2)

7mm Diamond & Decorative Doors Midgee Mesh - New Stainless Steel Grills NO BARS


40% Stronger Welded Grills + Steel Bars Special Rates for Pensioners Long established Supplier Quality Products at Competitive Prices

$() '*)+& !'$"+$'#%

$3?>+=+B1 93+>#!5 #B= &B=:9:B=:B!:@ ;+C/ C/: 0:!A3+C5 ?7 93?8+D+C5 C? 7#D+)56 '):B=#): '3#BB5 (#"+B0 93?>+=: !?D7?3C#"):@ 0:)7-!?BC#+B:= #!!?DD?=#C+?B 7?3 :)=:3)5 3:)#C+>:0 ?B C/: 0#D: 0+C: #0 C/: 7#D+)5 /?D:6

$ )6"! -((( ;0:8;9", 53"/,03" %4/"!; $ * &"0! ;:!7.:7!03 40!!0/:& $ )6"! '+ &"0!; "2#"!8"/." $ 1/,8;#7:", 8/,7;:!& 3"0,"!

PH: 3386 0555


=(!"#*2"=@ $8%% 5"2% "@5:%'2"=@5 *@& &%5"#@ *55"52*@'% */*"!*(!%

FREE Measure & Quote

BSA Lic 11 597 62

ducts. Beautiful and unique Australian craft items make wonderful gifts and contribute to a greater knowledge of our diverse and beautiful flora. Floral arrangements include posies, dinner table and special event designs which are ideal as a personal gift, part of decor or presentation for a government or corporate event. Contact us on 0429 412 968 or 0407 580 899 or email

Machine knitters gather


Cultural precinct art arena takes new path in landscape

&4)1>F, 8BCD '-+FF.63A? 79E0 $8%%'*!! E<00 <0E ;E0

1.+0%+ %+*- ,+ ,(&+ '*)(&,0$'(* (* !.+*-0.+ !&0**# "0/'*% %3E%30E%+00 6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 *==3:00 66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 $E(6666666666666666666666666666666 $/?B: 66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666

October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 25

Tweed News

THE Tweed Heads Veterans Access Network (VAN) shopfront will relocate to new premises in late 2015. The decision to move the VAN office was made by Senator the Hon Michael Ronaldson, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, following community consultations undertaken by DVA in January and February

2015. Existing telephone and online services offered by DVA will also continue. Clients can phone 133 254 from within the metropolitan area, or 1800 555 254 from regional Australia for DVA assistance, or access DVA’s online self-service facility MyAccount (

Computer tuition for Tweed TWEED Area Computer Tuition is in the South Tweed Sports Club, 4 Minjungbal Drive, South Tweed, in a great air-conditioned environment. Assistance is offered to people wishing to obtain their first computer, with courses suiting absolute beginners to the more advanced. The tutors work on a voluntary basis and get fulfilment from passing on their

knowledge to help others using the PCs and Apple Mac Computers. People can join at any time, but if they require more direct information, they can attend the next “sign-on” day on Friday, October 30, at 11am to 1pm. Further information is available at the club’s website,, or by contacting Jenny on 07 5524 3057.

Probus Club of Hastings Point Tweed Coast

OUR club meets next on Tuesday 20/10/2015 at 10am at the Tri Care Retirement Community 87/89 Tweed Coast Rd, Hastings Point. New members welcome, inquiries Steve, 02 6676 4641 or web http:// At this meeting Denise Fer-

gusson, president of Kingscliff Branch of Country Women’s Association, will speak. Denise will speak about The Country Women’s Association and the aims of a not-for-profit association. Denise will also give a short history of the CWA.

Tweed Valley Toastmasters CAT got your tongue? Selfconfidence needs boosting? Join us at Tweed Valley Toastmasters club. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month, 10am at Cudgen Leagues

Club, 3 Wommin Bay Rd, Kingscliff. New members welcome. Contact 02 6674 1636. We are on the web at http://

Walk your dog, safely TAKING your dog for their daily walk is great for you, your dog and the community. Where and when possible stick to busy routes and busy times when there are plenty of other walkers about. If you are walking in a park, try to stay in open areas where you can see around you and be seen by other walkers. Consider meeting up with other dog walkers – it’s fun to exercise with others for you and your dog. If you’re walking around the streets, ensure you walk in the opposite direction to the traffic. Avoid wearing headphones or using your mobile phone when you are walking as they may cause you to be distracted and unaware of your surroundings. Inform someone where you are going and what time you expect to be back. Avoid using the same route and going at the same time every day. Aim to look con-

PLAY IT SAFE: Make your walk safe and enjoyable with your pet.

fident and in control of both your dog and any situation you are in. Always be aware of your surroundings and always act on your instincts. If something looks or feels wrong it probably is. Your dog may also be indicating that they could be sensing a situation is not safe. If your safety is threatened,

4?,, O,S@*K




+/)-+'*/% 4)+&44/ A*<?%/

THE total cost to enrol with U3A Tweed Coast Inc for the remainder of 2015 is a mere $20 – that’s approximately $2 a week – and you may attend as many classes as you wish without further charge. As Term 4 gets under way, we have pleasure in an-

nouncing that two new courses have been added to our curriculum. Jennifer Bellair is offering Circle Dancing at Cudgen Leagues Club in Kingscliff on a Tuesday morning, and Bob Ivett has increased his Wednesday Tai Chi classes to five ses-


sions with the addition of Tai Chi for Bones and Joints. Membership application forms and details of courses and timetable are available on our website: or call Lynda (07) 5513 1047.

)%(-!0# ,!& */".(+!'$% %+; $=D>;= &(& ';=>#=< 1E73D>;C # <07)0#G ;?;E-;=@G @7??6=D@#<D7= >;3D@; 0D<+ =7 ?7=D<7ED=- 5;;C 7E @7==;@<D7= @7C<CF *< 71;E#<;C #C # 9/ +76E ;?;E-;=@G @7=<#@< >;3D@; <+#< #6<7?#<D@#BBG @#BBC 61 <7 2 =7?D=#<;> @7=<#@< =6?!;EC #< <+; 1E;CC 75 # !6<<7=F"

‘Jennifer Bellair is offering Circle Dancing at Cudgen Leagues Club...’

A% &%<!C%/ +4 >4)/ &44/ -& !&*4/7& *?' %#1 (<!:7&44#<?= 4/7$#(*" "&$-&*7 #?641<7&

74A !7 -+4/% ?7%% -'44+%/

4A? G S$R$;,B ;$R,J (,; C 4266 1M1 L,QBGQ;= 5&,Q PA8 @8?D&G=, G 4$3,B N$Q, L&AQ, 5$;& 9A?BS,== OGQB=,;


tion of anyone you see committing a crime or acting suspiciously in your community. Always carry your mobile phone on your walk. If you see a crime being committed dial 000 immediately. In non-emergency situations contact your local police station or Police Link on 131 444.

U3A Tweed Coast Inc adds two new courses


#/%*+ /*7#% 4$ (*+"/44: *!&-

respond with assertive communication and take action to remove yourself from the situation. It is better to be rude than unsafe. In an emergency call the police on 000 immediately. Community safety and crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility. You can assist police by providing a good descrip-


.@#= !; 6C;> #C # 0+;;B@+#DE,

';BB06@ 5D 8, E=2.3






+!<+ 9 /%'<!7% */:'"*!/()> 47% #%+ +"% -%'47& 47% "*<$ 1/!'%

A% '*7 -%/C!' >4)/ -'44+%/ 7%A 9 )-%& -'44+%/-

$ 5;!" $ :"#2;!> $ /=""4.=2;!> $ /247;0? +;,> $ )2<=!%%1 +;,> $ 30 5%1" 8"!9;." $ (%0<;0"0." (2!" $ *",;.24 -"?6"2! $ '2;4& -;9;0? +;,> (+00 (+BE0>C *,AB>8 +,A ->,A3 ;EB ;B3>,A02C >5D>B3>,)>A 9>0D ;BE. 0E)+0@

EHC" <M.7 10 0/667 O6>71 : F% ))-' ##+E : ;5,,BI5GS!AQ5&,,S=IDARIG8


DVA’s Tweed Heads (VAN) shopfront to relocate soon

$ 2165 /)1-" $ 03/!41 $ /*06)!#" $ 5*+#))01/1 $ 4)014# $ -*00*5/!4 $ .3*,"230, $ 23,,.(!66) $ 5*0&!66*5/1" $ /%034 /1%

Page 26 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015

Tweed News Wide range of activities at Coolangatta Seniors centre THE Coolangatta Senior Citizens Centre for 50 and over seniors welcomes all Gold Coast and Tweed residents and visitors. The centre has a large range of activities including bingo, sequence dancing (including lessons), broadband for seniors with free computer lessons, card games, choir group, indoor bowls, knit and natter, craft and chatter.Our next Free Monthly Concert will be on Monday, October 26, at 1pm Qld time and will feature “Davo” (David Mitchell). “Davo” has been

TRIP: Tweed Border Branch of National Seniors on a visit to Toowoomba.

Tweed Border National Seniors TWEED Border Branch of National Seniors meets at 10am DST on the fourth Wednesday of each month except December at the South Tweed Sports Club, 4 Minjungbal Dr, South

Tweed Heads. New members and visitors all welcome. We recently went to the Japanese Garden in Toowoomba during the Carnival of Flowers week.

described as a comic genius and with his magnificent voice he impersonates many famous people. We can assure everyone of another wonderful afternoon of entertainment so we do hope you can come along. For further inquiries, events brochure and concert bookings (recommended), please phone 07 5536 4050 or visit the centre at 2 Gerrard St, Coolangatta. We look forward to making you welcome at Coolangatta Senior Citizens Centre.


You can gain peace of mind for the price of a phone call

The flowers were spectacular we were blessed with wonderful weather and a great time was had by all. For furher information contact Jan on (07) 5523 1255.

".& #-%) '(,*&' -/ 1.&&.) .#. 02).+ !. *2$.

SIMPLY replace your existing home phone with the latest emergency alert phone system. This innovative system allows the user to access up to five preselected emergency contacts. Activate the call button on the pendant and a call will be made to the first of five preselected numbers. If the first number is not available the second contact will

be dialled. There are no ongoing fees, no monitoring fees or connection costs. This limited offer includes two free SOS pendants when you purchase a new home phone with separate cordless handset, free delivery and installation* Total Value $429.95, offer price $299. Phone 5536 8841 for more information. *Conditions apply.

U3A Tea and Talk WE WILL be at our new venue in The Common Room at St Cuthbert’s Retirement Complex in Keith Compton Dr, Tweed Heads for our Tea and Talk on Wednesday, October 14 at 2pm (NSW time). Our speaker has made a detailed study of the composer, Paganini. Gertie Krebs would like to introduce us to the music of this famous composer. This is an opportunity to learn more about Paganini, his life and musical compositions. Gertie will intersperse her talk with excerpts from performances of Paganini’s music. In November, which will be our last Tea and Talk for the year, our guest speaker will be Ian Brown who is a fireman. Ian will talk to us about fire safety in our homes. The cost of the afternoon tea is a gold coin donation.

Dr Gavin Mitchell B.D.S. (Syd. Uni) B.Ph. (Syd. Uni.)

*K 79B &CB (/5B (,3G3+) DJ5 BCB 2J5<BDG2 /GE 2AB+3/,32K2 +/5B BGDJ<9 KD 2BB CDJ /2 ABDA,B) GDK 0J2K /2 2DIBDGB F3K9 / A5D-,BI> 'D+KD52 @DH/.DH3+) :HD-DE/ /GE "/IDGK AB52DG/,,C 2BB CDJ /,, K9B F/C K95DJ<9 CDJ5 A5D+BEJ5B 6 53<9K ?5DI K9B ?352K H323K K3,, K9BC /5B KDK/,,C 2/K32?3BE /,, 32 FB,,> @D5 EDB2 K932 93<9 ,BHB, D? +/5B IB/G K9/K CDJ /5B +9/5<BE /G /5I /GE / ,B<> 4B /+K3HB,C FD5. KD .BBA K9B +D2K2 /2 ,DF /2 AD223-,B) /GE A5DH3EB 2B5H3+B2 3G+,JE3G< +/K/5/+K 2J5<B5C) <,/J+DI/) ,3E KJIDJ52) E3/-BK3+ BCB2) 353K32) ,/2B5 2J5<B5C) 2;J3GK2) E5C BCB2 /GE ,3E I/,AD23K3DG2> #G ?/+K K9D2B F9D /5B 3G2J5BE /,2D BG0DC K9B +D2K 2/H3G< -BGB?3K D? DJ5 @D %/A =D,3+C>

'5 =BK/5 @DH/.DH3+


on check-ups, cleans, fluoride, x-rays and mouthguards for all BUPA, HCF and Medibank Private members

'5 &I/GJB, :HD-DE/

49/K82 ID5B) K9B5B82 GD GBBE KD K5/HB, DJK D? K9B ,D+/, /5B/ ?D5 K9B /+KJ/, 2J5<B5C /2 DJ5 2J5<BDG2 DAB5/KB 3G 7FBBE $B/E2> 4B /,2D D??B5 / ?J,, 5/G<B D? BCB +/5B 2B5H3+B2 K95DJ<9 K9B =J-,3+ 9B/,K9 2C2KBI 3G !J5F3,,JI-/9> 49BG CDJ F/GK 2DIBDGB K9/K K/.B2 / 23<9K -BKKB5 +/5B D? -DK9 CDJ /GE CDJ5 9B/,K9) /2. ?D5 79B &CB (/5B (,3G3+> 1DJ8,, 2BB FB 5B/,,C ED +/5B>

Mention this deal Discount for Seniors Card and school children

'5 !BDG "/IDGK

Bulk Billed Medicare Children’s Dental Scheme

Australian Owned & Operated 23 Years on the Gold Coast!

*8&) 558% %&&& $#%&!&#""


Tweed City Shopping Centre (off the food court) Open Monday to Saturday

Phone: 5524 8888


15 Albert Avenue, (opposite Commonwealth Bank)

Phone: 5527 5585


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October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 27

Walk for Parkinson’s


Downsize your home, but not your lifestyle AS SOON as you drive through the front gates of Lewani Palms Resort in Ormeau, you will notice something very special and different. Set on more than 40 tropical acres, this petfriendly over 50s lifestyle resort is simply like no other. It has wide spacious roads, generous parcels of land, and designer built homes with huge internal layouts, 360 degrees of privacy, and wonderful facilities and activities. Planned with the residents in mind, there is so much on offer at your doorstep it will feel like you’re on a permanent holiday, either full of action or quiet and peaceful. The resort includes two kilometres of walking tracks with beautifully manicured gardens, two swimming pools, a championship-size bowling green with club

Just a stroll in the park

room, a croquet green, function centre and sports hall, two licensed bars, a dance floor and stage, gymnasium, library, and snooker tables. If you have been looking for a lifestyle resort that feels like home, has a wonderful community spirit, and offers true value for money, then you can’t go past Lewani Palms Resort. Centrally located in the leafy semi-rural suburb of Ormeau, Lewani Palms is conveniently located near the M1 and Surfers Paradise and Brisbane’s CBD are only 30 minutes away. Public transport is no obstacle with a bus stop at the front gate and train station within five minutes. For more information, or to arrange a tour, contact the sales office free call 1800 467 500 or visit the website

IT WAS a great Father’s Day turnout at the Broadwater Parklands for A Walk in the Park, the major community fundraising event held yearly in aid of Parkinson’s Queensland. Close to $10,000 has already been raised on the Gold Coast “in support and celebration of all whose lives have been touched by Parkinson’s”. In Australia, Parkinson’s is the second most common

neurological disease after Alzheimer’s and affects one in 350 Australians. It is estimated that 30 people are diagnosed daily with Parkinson’s. The Parkinson’s Support Group meets on the last Wednesday of each month, 9.30am, at Club Helensvale, Discovery Drive, Helensvale. For more information, please call Carole or Alan on 5563-9316 or 0402 467 222.

Councillor Dawn Crichlow with Princess Pookie, Division 2 Councillor William Owen-Jones and Franco Madrussan. Seated: Robyn Issaacs and Carole Farrell.


Advance Care Planning and patients’ rights explained WHO will speak for you if you can’t speak for yourself? Every competent adult has the legal right to accept or refuse any recommended health care. This is relatively easy when people are well and can speak for themselves. Unfortunately, during severe illness, people are often unable to communicate their wishes – at the very time when many critical decisions are needed. By completing an Advance


Care Directive, you can make your wishes known before this happens. You can also appoint someone to make decisions for you if you can’t make them yourself. What is an Advance Care Directive? An Advance Care Directive is a document that states your wishes or directions for your future health care for various medical conditions. It comes into effect only if

you are unable to make your own decisions. Appointing a substitute decision-maker You can appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf about your health care and other personal matters if you are no longer able to do so. The person must be over 18 years of age and needs to agree to the appointment. The person should be someone you trust, who is prepared to carry out


◆ Coins Australian Predecimal & Decimal 1966 Round 50¢,

Retirement Village regrets bring new book

◆ Banknotes Australian & World ◆ Medals & Tokens

YOU may have seen The 7.30 Report recently talking about retirement villages – and the confusion about what moving into and leaving one can cost. It’s an all-too common story, years after the contract is signed the resident (or their estate) do the sums and work out what they get back. The other side of that coin is the people who want to move to a retirement com-

Gold Sovereigns, Australian & World Collections or Accumulations

Boer War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam & Others

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We come to you and pay Cash!  Top Prices Paid  Family Owned  Confidentiality assured  In Business over 30 years

Phone Geoff Yates (07) 5535 5894 or 0412 11 32 11

MONEY ExchaNgE Telegraphic Transfers

Special Seniors Rates No Fees

AUSTRALIA FAIR SHOPPING CENTRE Shop G110 (Just inside off the Nerang Street Mall) Southport Tel: 5526 4944 PACIFIC FAIR SHOPPING CENTRE Shop 187 (Nearly opposite K Mart), Broadbeach Tel: 5570 4933 COOLANGATTA 90-100 Griffith Street Coolangatta Tel: 5536 8217 9am - 5pm HARBOURTOWN SHOPPING CENTRE (Next to Tourist Lounge) Tel: 5537 8662 Page 28 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015


Buy and Sell Foreign Cash Travel Insurance Phone Cards


Ingots, Bars, Broken Jewellery, Rings, Fillings, etc

◆ Stamps

your wishes as far as is possible. Most people appoint a close family member or friend as their substitute decision-maker. Giving the appointed person a copy of your Advance Care Directive means they will have evidence of your wishes. To make an appointment for assistance with Advance Care Planning, contact Professor Colleen Cartwright on 07 5527 5316 or 0411 048 635.

munity but they are frightened by such stories … they delay and delay. When they finally move in they love it and regret not doing it sooner. The answer to overcoming both types of regret is to be informed. Noel Whittaker and I have just released our latest book, The Retirement Living Handbook to help people navigate the maze of retirement community costs. If you are considering making the move to a retirement community these are my top 5 money tips: 1. Find a community you want to be a part of. Normally in real estate the advice is “location, location, location”. Your proximity to family, friends and amenities is an important consideration but a big part of your enjoyment in a retirement community will be the interactions with other residents – to quote a great Australian movie “it’s the vibe” – get to know the other residents by attending open days and other village events. 2. Understand your contract. Your legal ownership has

wide reaching implications so it is important to know what it is, what rights and responsibilities are attached to it and the impacts on your pension entitlement and eligibility for rent assistance. For example, in a retirement village you may be eligible for rent assistance if the amount you pay for you lease or licence is less than $149,000, while in an over 55s community your eligibility for rent assistance is unaffected by your purchase price. 3. Do your sums. The costs of moving to a retirement community can vary widely. If you are comparing the costs of moving to one or another it may help to break the costs into three categories: the ingoing, the ongoing and the outgoing. 4. Have a budget. And make sure that it incorporates the costs associated with living in the community such as the general service charge or site fees together with your personal expenses such as utilities, food and entertainment. If you are going to receive extra services such as meals, domestic help or care make sure you include these on top of the other

charges and then add occasional expenses such as holidays and Christmas so you know you can afford it. 5. Seek advice. Crunching all of the numbers can be complicated, a financial adviser who specialises in this area can help you get it right. It’s also important to seek legal advice to ensure that you have upto-date Powers of Attorney and a valid will to ensure you have a trusted person that will act on your behalf and you don’t have tribunals or courts making important decisions for you. To celebrate the launch of The Retirement Living Handbook, we will be hosting book launch events in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. If you are considering a Tree Change, Sea Change or Downsizing this book is for you. Join us in Brisbane on October 14 at the Easts Leagues Club, Coorparoo from 2 – 4pm. For more details or to reserve your place go to or phone 1300 855 770. – Rachel Lane, principal, Aged Care Gurus

Meditate and focus with clarity

BURST OF SPRING: Helensvale Probus Walking Group on a conducted tour of the Roma St Gardens.

Solace Association

THE Spinal Injuries Australia Gold Coast Post Polio Network meets at 10.30am on the second Monday of the month at Treetops Tavern, 7 Executive Dr, Burleigh Waters. Please phone the facilitator Lyn on 0448 206 856 or Joan on 0413 178 073 for further information and venue location.

THE Solace Association is an organisation for people grieving the loss of a partner. Our meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month, 10.30am at Broadbeach Senior Citizens Centre, TE Peters Drive, Broadbeach. For information, please phone Betty on 5580 7034.

“Cheapest on the Coast” • clean ups • de-cluttering specialists • lawns cut and trees trimmed • furniture • unwanted goods and green waste removal • pick ups & deliveries • best and cheapest rates • DVA and Pensioner Discounts

LET US HELP YOU CLEAN UP Phone Anne 0410 136 223

Anthony nest




5523 3588


5599 2744


5576 3244


5525 0012

Banora Point Shop 2/25 Stuart Street

1894 Gold Coast Hwy

Cnr West Wyberba & Karana Streets



Spinal group meets

REGULAR meditation should improve your ability to focus and think clearly. Our classes include guided meditations, discussions, short talks and the introduction and practice of techniques. Meditation and positive thinking are held Mondays 10.30am to 11.30am. Seeking silence, Tuesday evening meditation 6.30 to 7.30pm Meditation on Sundays 5.30 to 6.30pm and then 6.30 to 7.30pm 27 Bordeaux Parade, Mermaid Waters, Phone 5575 2126 Email: Please contact us beforehand to register your attendance. This program is offered free of charge. To assist us in running these programs, voluntary contributions are gratefully accepted.

Residential Deceased Estates General Household clean-ups Garden green waste


Garden on show


Love your house? Master Lifts have a convenient answer, so you can stay in your double story home. Call us today, and arrange a FREE in home demonstration and quote.

Dr Pamela Weir

1300 454 387

Eye Surgeon

Level 3, Access down corridor between yd & Platypus Robina Town Centre

Cataract Surgery Macular Degeneration Glaucoma

Eyelid Surgery Diabetic Eye Disease Neuro-ophthalmology

07 5592 7900

Have a seat... We’ll take it from here.

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Page 30 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015



Stonestreets are the Aust and international travel specialists STONESTREETS Coaches and Travel has been taking adventurers the extra mile since 1993, operating more than 300 buses and coaches and running more than 30 different Australian tours this year alone. Stonestreets really are the experts when it comes to Australian coach touring. Building upon their knowledge and experience in Australian touring, the Stonestreets Travel team in partnership with Made Easy Tours – licensed international travel agents – has recently begun co-ordinating group tours and private travel to a host of exotic international destinations. Stonestreets’ modern fleet of spacious, air-conditioned luxury coaches provides an exciting alternative to self-drive holidays.

Comfortable touring and 4X4 coaches escorted by experienced guides provide a carefree way to see the sights. Tours scheduled for 2016 are set to include around 50 popular tours to all areas of Australia and 20 exotic international destinations throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and New Zealand, including renowned battlefield tours to Gallipoli and the Somme. To arrange a sneak peek at see the upcoming Stonestreets tours, and to order a free copy of the next edition of their Destinations booklet, jam packed full of fantastic escorted holiday tours, give just give Stonestreets – Made Easy Tours a call today on 1800 673 337 or visit go online to www.stone for more information.

The romance of rail

SEE the vast beauty of Australia in comfort while enjoying the romance of rail on a new release rail package with Holidays of Australia, showcasing excellent value deals on one of the world’s great train journeys. The Ghan offers an enticing taste of the world-class rail journeys available, packaged with a variety of touring options, quality accommodation and flights. Travelling in Gold Class or above with Off Train Experiences, meals and drinks included, this rail journey is an easy way to drink in the magnificence of Australia while travelling from Adelaide to Darwin or return. Dine in style in the Queen Adelaide Restaurant, share stories over a drink with new friends in the Outback Explorer Lounge or just kick back in your own cabin which converts into a sleeper at night. The highly regarded Great Southern Rail operator ensures guests enjoy the jour-

ALL ABOARD: The Ghan offers one of the great rail journeys.

ney with panoramic windows and attentive service. The packages on offer take in the full diversity of the Top End of Australia including places like Katherine Gorge, Uluru and Kakadu. Diverse experiences, dining, landscapes and wildlife are all drawcards, but for

many it will be the subtle and sometimes startling shades of light that will burn in the memory. The various blue hues of skies and water in different parts of the nation, the varied greens and greys of forests, the dramatic sunsets, the ochres, gingers and even purples of the interior

are a photographer’s dream. All trips are designed to maximise enjoyment and comfort. Holidays of Australia’s commitment is to build a long-lasting relationship with guests. Phone Holidays of Australia on 1300 854 897 or contact your travel agent.

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Fun on a festival tour

DON’T MISS OUT: Book a tour and see the magnificent jacaranda trees at Grafton.

AS WE head into the latter half of 2015 there is still limited availability on a few of our tours. This includes the special tour to Grafton’s Jacaranda Festival to see Australia’s longest running flower festival as well as the Grand Float Procession. Another great show tour in Brisbane not to be missed is Les Miserables in December. Then to farewell 2015 we have a great overnight getaway for New Year’s Eve.

We travel to Brisbane for an evening dinner cruise on the MV Mirimar. We have the boat to ourselves with Terry and all the crew from Terry’s Tours to look after you. Watch the early fireworks display on the river. Then return to our accommodation and tuck up in our beds so all the younger generation can party on. A sneak peak now for two fabulous shows at QPAC Brisbane in 2016. We have secured A-reserve

seating to the acclaimed revival of Cats in February. In April we go to the lavish London Palladium production of The Sound of Music. This critically acclaimed production tells the uplifting true story of the Von Trapp family’s flight across the mountains. Tickets for both of these show tours will be on sale from the first week in October. As you can see from the wide range of tours being

2*$*-" (0.)# '0*- / 31+&-1.+!01.4 '0*-

Ultimate Travel Wizard: Time to plan that holiday you have been putting off A TREND gaining momentum is the introduction of online travel websites, offering deals that in some instances cannot be matched by travel agents. So where does that leave people who are not confident to book online travel, let alone know if they’re getting a good deal? Fortunately, www.ultimatetravel has been designed to help users navigate their way around a specifically designed website, finding the best travel deals available without charging a fee to do so. It’s a one-stop travel shop offering cruise, flights, and hotel packages, and now it’s pleased to announce the introduction of Senior Tours. The inaugural all inclusive Tasmania Explorer Tour was thoughtthrough with feedback provided by retirees who

wanted a hassle-free holiday, without blowing the budget. And this tour certainly caters for that. Late January 2016 will see the first Melbourne Tour depart, of which details are being finalised now, followed by a nonescorted cruise onboard the majestic Queen Mary II from London to New York in August 2016. If you would like further information on these tours or help to book discounted travel online, no matter how big or small, contact Michelle at Ultimate Travel Wizard on 0402 298 949. Alternatively, if there are tours you would like to see created or have a group of friends wanting to explore what the world has to offer, send an email to enquiries@ultimate The motto we strive to stand by is “No time to plan? We Can!”

DAY TOURS For more information please call Jan on

(07) 5528 8323 or 0408 908 955 6158413aa


offered, Terry’s Tours provides a range of local and further afield extended tours. This is just one reasonTerry’s Tours has proved popular with Tweed/Gold Coast community for more than 17 years. Whether it be a day tour or one of their many extended holiday tours you are assured of a wonderful time. For more information phone Terry’s Tours on 07 5590 9380.



%)!"'+),'')*+ & !&#% %&$" $"!%# !%#

1!)?<=($< ?' 5+8 #+$"$'0 &#C<2!#9 =B *>" ?6=5 ; %<>0!#9 5 (#) ?6=, C:85 )S)J8R; PY9"). ?2TT. [5&Q63["$ T2/26.M30Q 85T)R"L3Q26 85 3:[ 2T38S)3[ 0). 3Q 5O[R" 3:[ ?[5381[ 5[)5QRN ,2&UT)R"$ C:[ *). Q? X5T)R"5$ -)83QSQ$ EQ3Q62)$ -[TT8R;3QR$ G[T5QR$ ':6853&:26&:$ F2[[R53Q0R )R" 5Q S2&: SQ6[@

;'+.7: FE!%

(302** @#" 5@DBAC

2$:"+>+"0< -. 39)-,+

'#)9 *>:#2C<2>0 C@ "1@@0> 82@+ -) ?6=, ;!?EC FE!% !#:$ C:[ &[R3[R)6. .[)65 )6[ 3:[ O[6?[&3 38S[ 3Q 18583 3:[ ()33T[>[T"5 )R" (4--* ;'+.7: S[SQ68)T5 Q? !6)R&[$ *[T;82S$ I8(.)$ #;.O3 )R" Z)TT8OQT8 8R 6[S[S(6)R&[ >?:: 7E!"B?EG 8=8@:87:G #!') Q? 3:[ ,G+,' )R" ?Q6[8;R 36QQO5 0:Q ?Q2;:3 )R" "8[" 8R O)53 &QR<8&35N

1$,7;$7'@ *.)?/$

%1<20!#9 =3 '#9 ; &#C<2!#9 A6 '#9 ?6=, C)U[ ) P49%). ?2TT. [5&Q63[" 5)?)68 3Q QR[ Q? 3:[ 0Q6T"L5 T)53 08T"[6R[55[5N Z[3 2O &TQ5[ 3Q ,?68&)L5 *8; = 8R 3:[86 R)326)T :)(83)3$ 5[[ 3:[ 0QR"[65 Q? A8&3Q68) !)TT5 )R" [/O[68[R&[ 3:[ &2T326[ Q? ')O[ CQ0R )R" VQ:)RR[5(26;N

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(990-** @#" 5@DBAC

$>! ?6 / '@) ?5 (#)<#29 ?6=, #)&: V)R2)6.$ 3:Q25)R"5 Q? O[QOT[ ([;8R 3:[86 O8T;68S);[ 3Q 3:[ :[)63 Q? GD-$ 3Q ;[3 3:[86 )RR2)T >/ Q? &Q2R36. S258& )3 3:[ C)S0Q63: 'Q2R36. H258& ![5381)TL5 T81[ [R3[63)8R[65 )R" 0[TT URQ0R O[6?Q6S[65N = R8;:35N

;'+.7: FE!%

%<>0!#9 =. '#9 / '@)!#9 , (<)> ?6=, 7?= *#904 C:85 Q".55[. 3Q '[R36)T ,2536)T8) :8;:T8;:35 3:[ ([)23. Q? 3:85 2R?Q6;818R; T)R"5&)O[$ )R" 18583 835 SQ53 ?)SQ25 T)R"S)6U5 W BT262$ K)3) C723)$ K8R;5 ')R.QR )R" ,T8&[ DO68R;5N %85&Q1[6 &2T326[$ :[683);[ )R" &:)6)&3[65N

;'+.7: FE!%

%+0 1+'=)+

(+"$*.+0**+. &0-'*# ! /-,* %-.+ &")0.

&" %#!" $$$$ ''',CA!#GCAEGGAC,"!%,8?

Page 32 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015

Enjoy an exciting day out where every stop is a new adventure . . . Margaret Olley Centre & Sphinx Rock Cafe....................................15 Oct Foodies Tour with “Choc & Chat” Tour ...........................................27 Oct Tour Brochure Roma St. Parklands, Museum of Brisbane & available NOW! Brisbane River Lunch Cruise ........................................................ 17 Nov Eumundi Markets & Ginger Factory.............................................. 28 Nov Xmas Lunch in the Samford Valley ............................................... 03 Dec Please phone Jan Tamborine Mountain & Markets ................................................... 13 Dec to make sure you Manly Harbour Village ......................................................... 16 Jan 2016 receive your copy Australia Day BBQ............................................................... 26 Jan 2016

**Private Coach transp

Northern European Splendours Places



6?&?E$ 1!8"B

Then join MSC Opera for a magic voyage to Gdansk, Riga, Tallinn, St Petersburg, Klaipeda, Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

27 august 2016 - 21 days from $6800* (Land/Cruise only)


6?&?E$ 1!8"B


Private coach touring including Munich, Prague, Dresden, Cesky Krumlov, Berlin and Hamburg.

* Private coach travel, private guides, accommodation, most meals and entrances whilst on tour. * Inside cabin on MSC Opera, including meals and shipboard gratuities and a range of shore excursions during the cruise.

s for Ask u iled a t a de ry a e itin r

Canterbury tours Ph: (07) 3345 9423

Best of both worlds

Coach tour with a cruise presents value for money

CANTERBURY Tours is offering a great combination holiday to the Baltic States in 2016 – Northern European Splendours. After an eight-day tour in a private air-conditioned coach, and utilising private guides in Munich, Cesky Krumlov, Prague, Dresden and Berlin, the tour joins the newly refurbished MSC Opera in Warnemunde for a relaxing cruise. The cruise not only sails to Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, but also includes two full days in St Peters-

Canterbury tours have been catering for mature travellers for many years and offer private, well planned itineraries.

burg, and stops in Gdansk, Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen. After the cruise we transfer you to the beautiful city of Hamburg. The package is priced from $6800 per person share twin, inside cabin.

This represents great value for money and certainly a great way to combine a coach tour with a cruise. Canterbury Tours has been catering for mature travellers for many years. We offer private, well-

planned itineraries with many important inclusions. We visit exciting destinations and ensure that there are very few hidden extras as all the sightseeing detailed in our itineraries is included in the tour cost. We have a reputation for value, care and wonderful holidays. This holiday is filling fast. There are limited cabins on MSC Opera, so you are advised to book in early. Naturally, you are able to upgrade to an outside ca-

BREATHTAKING: Come and discover Northern European Splendours.

bin, a balcony cabin or even a suite, depending on availability of course, if you prefer. The full and detailed itinerary can be seen on our website Or you can request details

at or don’t hesitate to phone on (07) 3345 9423. Our tours are aimed at likeminded people, many of whom have become firm friends as a result of meeting on a Canterbury Tour.

Newly installed ‘Smiley’ speed signs a reminder for drivers to slow down and stay safe TO SUPPORT the crackdown on speeding motorists and boost driver education, interactive electronic speed awareness signs are being installed at hot spots across the Coast. Excessive speed is a lead factor in around one third of Gold Coast road fatali-

ties and it is hoped the “smiley’’ signs will help reduce road trauma. Speaking from Ormeau Ridge Rd where the first sign was installed, Mayor Tom Tate said the portable speed signs would be installed at other priority locations as determined.

“These temporary electronic signs will encourage drivers to slow down and drive safely. It’s a reminder to motorists to check their speed,’’ he said. “The presence of speed awareness signs has achieved significant reductions in vehicle speeds.

We’re focusing on the message that road safety is everyone’s responsibility.’’ Motorists will not be issued with infringement notices as a result of speeding detected by the signs. They are intended as a clear warning for motorists to be aware of their speed.

Australian research confirms the risk of fatality in a crash approximately doubles for each five kilometres an hour increase in speed. The speed awareness signs are part of Drive Safe, a community initiative of the City’s Road Safety Plan

It’s a reminder to motorists to check their speed – MAYOR TOM TATE 2015-2020.


ready yourself for an incredible, one-of-a-kind experience



travel between 01.12.16 – 31.01.17 and save up to $260 per person 13 night Ghan Expedition & Top End Highlights • Return flights from Brisbane. • 5 night premium escorted coach tour. Highlights include Darwin city sights, Litchfield National Park, Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, Wangi Falls, Adelaide River War Cemetery, and Katherine Gorge & see ancient rock art, Edith Falls, Kakadu National Park, Nourlangie for spectacular views, Climb to the top of rock art galleries of Ubirr in Kakadu and Enjoy a safari cruise on Corroboree Billabong. • 5 night stay in Darwin including breakfast. • 48 hour Hop-on Hop-off Experience. • Darwin Harbour Sunset Buffet Cruise. • 3 nights aboard The Ghan Expedition travelling from Darwin to Adelaide in Gold or Platinum Service including all meals, drinks and Off Train Experiences. pensioner


mid season 30.09.16 - 26.10.16

$ 7,499

$ 7,629

high season 03.08.16 - 29.09.16

$ 7,759

$ 7,869





8 night Ghan, Darwin & Kakadu Spectacular

11 night Ghan, Top End & Red Centre Explorer

• Return flights from Brisbane and 1 night stay in Adelaide. • 2 nights aboard The Ghan travelling Adelaide to Darwin in Gold or Platinum Service including all meals, drinks and Off Train Experiences. • 4 night stay in Darwin including breakfast. • 48 hour Hop-on Hop-off Experience. • Darwin Harbour Sunset Buffet Cruise. Enjoy a live interactive commentary on the Darwin Harbour, enjoy your complimentary welcome drink from the fully licensed bar, while watching the famous Darwin sunsets and fish feeding. • 2 day/1 night Kakadu and East Alligator River Tour. Escape to the Top End and discover a paradise, view Aboriginal rock art at Nourlangie and Ubirr, cruise Yellow Water Billabong and East Alligator River in search of crocs then go ashore in Arnhem Land.

• Return flights from Brisbane. • 3 night stay in Darwin including breakfast. • 48 hour Hop-on Hop-off Experience. • 1 night aboard The Ghan travelling Darwin to Alice Springs in Gold or Platinum Service including all meals, drinks and Off Train Experiences. • 7 night National Park Explorer Tour in superior accommodation. Enjoy a complete Red Centre experience, watch the must-see Uluru sunrise and sunset and be mesmerised by the sacred culture of the region as you explore the West MacDonnell Ranges, Palm Valley, Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon and Alice Springs. • 1 night aboard The Ghan travelling Alice Springs to Adelaide in Gold or Platinum Service including all meals, drinks and Off Train Experiences.

low season 01.04.16 - 25.04.16 & 04.11.16 - 31.03.17 mid season 26.04.16-29.05.16 & 30.09.16-03.11.16 high season 30.05.16 - 29.09.16

1300 854 897

or contact your Local Licensed Travel Agent



$ 4,179

$ 4,239

low season 01.04.16 - 25.04.16 & 04.11.16-30.11.16 & 01.02.17-31.03.17



$ 5,659

$ 5,749

$ 4,289

$ 4,349

mid season 26.04.16-29.05.16

$ 5,739

$ 5,829

$ 4,549

$ 4,609

high season 30.05.16 – 27.07.16

$ 5,879

$ 5,969

Terms & Conditions: Valid for new bookings only. Rates are subject to change, seasonal surcharges and availability. All from prices are based on Gold Service, per person twin share. Package prices are costed using Everyday Fares and Advance Purchase Fare discounts will be applied (if available) at the time of booking. Package prices are correct as on 22.09.15. Prices exclude insurance, visas and charges collected by a third party. Travel on all Great Southern Rail train services is subject to certain additional Conditions of Carriage which you accept when you travel with Great Southern Rail. The full Conditions of Carriage (“the Conditions”) may be obtained from your booking agent or any office of Great Southern Rail upon request, and can also be found on Great Southern Rail’s website at Prior to July 2016, Pensioner Concession Card Holders and certain Veterans may be entitled to Concession Fares that are partly or fully funded by the Commonwealth or State governments. To qualify for Concession Fares, an Australian Pensioner Concession or Commonwealth Seniors Health Cards must be presented at the time of booking, must be valid at the time of travel and must be carried at all times during travel. Not all sectors are included in arrangements for the funding of concessions. Funding for concessions may be withdrawn subsequent to the printing of this document and any prices quoted may therefore change. Concession fares are subject to availability and are not available on all services. For full terms & conditions contact Holidays of Australia. E&OE - TTA237981 HA5195

October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 33

7U10OK=0O5K 14U9O=MO101 +H8-,??) -=!<9L#77,*?# '-?7-9,??) -=H:-#



NUKJ= 05 9=4U05-K %-(*)$"& * .$'()$#( !' ,(#!-$(+

0PU M/,/2O5/1 ;M/U 02=OK 42U052O= 05 9=4U 05-K .O9052O= T=MM1 KE!>@C!G =BC@<&W!G 1&>&A$&:!G K$@>@A$@>@ 9>E:&>G MEY& LEAQE>EG LE<E! LE>E

050=MMJ /KO3/U %F10=2 P5MO7=J U,4U2OUK9U

(&31 (6?9$-2) 5),).>), (&31 B62) 0A B<) 8)-.

REST STOP: Lilypad ducklings contributed by Donna Mroz Turcic.

162)+ A0. B<) ;0.4+ A-20@, ="$5*1"7: 7% 1#& /"!'&(&&31 U,9M/1O.UG 4U215K=MO1U7 U19520U7 1L=MM R25/4 05/2 ILES!8B +[ ?E>:!*!?EA:<H

LEFT: This Channel-billed cuckoo was spotted at Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area on the Gold Coast. Channel-billed cuckoos are said to be the largest cuckoos in the world and brood parasites, meaning they lay their eggs in the nests of other birds which then raise the cuckoo young. Contributed by Donna Mroz Turcic.

%-(*)$"& * .$'()$#( !' ,(#!-$(+ 30(2%&#)

+3*"+*#). (-1,*#4#0)3$# )3!4')##30! / 1#+2)

4>!*& !A*WX =WW TW!$#:< &S ;>!<CEA&G 9@B?>&#&A<!6& 1!$#:F<&&!A$G % 1:E> =**@BB@(E:!@AG L&EW< V =WW 0>EA<?@>:

*#87 EA2. ,!9H',= 7<-9

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EF "(B/ 6 "K1 . ,DID/G EA2. MEA$33A11 KC *05/&(4K

*$%#" )&!! (+"' ',?? 7<%,) !<9 7J# '<>;?#7# *9<'J-9#

4P5KUX +'DD [%) "ZZ

Page 34 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015

Handy app gives you the best travel deals AS ITS name suggests, the handy Skyscanner app allows travellers to scan hundreds of sites to come up with the best deals for flights, hotels and car hire. The app is available in more than 30 languages. Skyscanner links users directly to airline sites or relevant travel agents, thus avoiding handling fees, and bookings can be made via the app. There is an â&#x20AC;&#x153;Everywhereâ&#x20AC;?

function so if holiday inspiration is lacking, suggestions will appear. The search function covers all classes of airline, and users can look at prices across a weekly or monthly period to choose the best deal. Visit www.skyscanner. for more information. BARGAIN: Skyscanner lets you avoid booking fees.



INTS of cinnamon and nutmeg seem to magically weave through every Christmas market in London and Paris. It is likely the mulled wine, which doubles as a hand warmer for the near-freezing winter days, that wafts between the mouth-watering wares of the delicatessens, fromageries, bakeries and sweet stalls. But the generous choice of gingerbread houses and buttoned ginger men also might be the welcomed spicy culprit. Places like the Borough Market in London and the marches de Noel – selling delicious delights from wooden chalets along Avenue des Champs-Elysees – in Paris make Europe a fabulous time to visit during the festive season. Throw in ice rinks, winter wonderland amusement rides and must-see shop windows; the anticipation of a possible white Christmas grows exponentially. But department store windows should be at the top of the list. Catch the London Underground to Oxford Circus and make your way west along Oxford St. John Lewis’s “the gifts they’ve been dreaming of” theme with penguins last year was a treat. Check out the House of Frazer

The crisp December days are worth the chance at a Christmas-card perfect scene.

lights, enjoy the pop-up carollers and bands, the odd Santa Claus and the street decorations as you make your way to the department store everyone raves about. Selfridges&Co – made more famous when its history became a TV show – is renowned for its legendary window displays. The 23 windows in the 2014 extravaganza were not your average bedtime stories, rather traditional fairytales like Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin or the goose that laid the golden egg, with a modern twist. Apparently there were 197,000 baubles, 10,000 laser-cut leaves, 1005 Christmas trees and 600 cans of gold spray paint used store-wide. Imagine what magic 2015 might hold. If you have time, do Harrods too, near Knightsbridge station, but everyone in London seemed underwhelmed at recent offerings. Want some mulled wine, gingerbread and quality trimmings (tip: go for the truffle brie) for a Christmas get-together? Borough

PURE ENCHANTMENT: Every December Europe becomes a Christmas winter wonderland that will enchant the family. Market – open Wednesday to Saturday – is enchanting. Just Google London Christmas markets and ice-skating rinks for many more options. A train ride under the English Channel on the Eurostar will have you checking out all charming Paris has to offer in just more than two hours. Start with a Nutella crepe near the Eiffel Tower, wander through Trocadero Christmas

markets and take a skate around the ice rink and then settle in for a hop-on hop-off boat ride on the Seine. Wander through Jardin des Tuileries to Avenue des Champs-Elysees. We might be used to beach time or chilling with the air-con on full blast, but the crisp December days our European counterparts enjoy are worth the chance at a Christmas-card perfect scene.

YOU have only until the end of this month to take advantage of the earlybird offers on Europe River Cruising. Guests can enjoy significant savings of up to $6090 per couple on 2016 Europe river cruises with free return flights to Europe including taxes. Or they can fly for $995 per person including taxes – a saving of up to $3640 per couple. Other special offers available on the 2016 river cruising program include no single supplement payable by the solo traveller and business class flights to Europe from $2995 per person. Aleisha Fittler, GM Journey Design, said with free return flights to Europe, now was the best time to book. “We stand by our earlybird philosophy and protect those that book early with us, so these deals will never be repeated,” she said. MORE DETAILS: 13 81 28 or visit

!$//+0. !",/.


Book a white Christmas

Get in early for a river cruise

-&) *'-%!(%#

!-(2 "*-/0 $ 2/,-% -/2 -1 -&+ 1"/'")'.! !"# '& )$%)(!)! '-&+)# 10*,3 #% ''&# &$(# 2*/ *)/ ."+3-+ !/*40)/3

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-+/!'+=? (*==/55: +"% :)-!'*= (/!-(*7%

-!"$'% "# , )"+0 *(.%/&

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'TV? $U@ 8T9U 9U 3:? >0U $U@ ?LR?59?U]? $WW 3:? ;W93HY ;W$VT05 $U@ W$0;:4 3:$3 .9WW "? 405? 3T R03 $ 4V9W? TU JT05 >$]?O -E+B XF'I+%#A[ I0L05J 'T$]: 35$/?WY *04 A3TR D9]7 0R4 $U@ %5TR T>>4Y C0$W93J ,]]TVVT@$39TUY *5?$7>$43Y *0>>?3 %9UU?5 $U@ N, B?4?5/?6 -9]7?3O


26> 26>;E, +0., -1<>6

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'?W?"5$3? 3:94 F?. &?$54 #/? 9U 3:? V$;9]$W ]93J T> *594"$U?O #U8TJ 3:? ?$5WJ =5?.T574 >5TV 3:? >$"0WT04 /$U3$;? RT9U3 T> 3:? 59/?5O A?? 3:? "5?$3:3$79U; $V"?5 :0? "?>T5? @059U; $U@ $>3?5 3:? =5?.T57 @94RW$J $WW .:9W? ]50949U; TU 3:? G959V$5 .:9]: 9U]W0@?4 $ "0>>?3 @9UU?5O

-E+B XF'I+%#A[ I0L05J 'T$]: 35$/?WY I0U]: %$J S Q%$J 1 T.U ?LR?U4?P %9UU?5 $U@ '5094? 9U]W0@9U; F?. &?$54 #/? #$5WJ !95?.T574Y I0L05J ,]]TVVT@$39TU$3 $3 BTJ$W TU 3:? D$57Y !0WW *5?$7>$43Y &$3$W$ D9? )9493


26> 26>;E, +0., -1<>6


26> 26>;E, +0., -1<>6

October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 35


RESTFUL HOLIDAY: Picturesque Kingaroy.

WHERE: Kingaroy and surrounds WHAT: Lovely area of the South Burnett, well known for peanuts and a rather famous former Queensland premier WHY: Showcasing many of the things that make rural Australia great, Kingaroy and its surrounding areas offer some enjoyable agricultural experiences, some beautiful

scenery, a comfortable climate and a charming alternative to the cities and beaches. Within easy reach of Brisbane, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast, this area is a great spot for a short break. BUDGET EAT To visit Kingaroy without trying the local peanuts would be just plain wrong! With over 20 different flavoured varieties to choose from (including those

with a chocolate coating), there is something for every taste. The Peanut Van, 77 Kingaroy St. SLEEP For lovers of caravan holidays, Kingaroy offers two great options – the Kingaroy Showgrounds and the Big 4 Kingaroy Holiday Park. The showgrounds have pet-friendly, basic amenities with both powered and unpowered sites available and room for tents if

camping is more your style. The Big 4 has air-conditioned cabins and villas as part of their offerings. DO They say: “The best things in life are free” and this is certainly true of the experience to be had at the Bunya Mountains National Park. About an hour’s drive from Kingaroy, this beautiful area is home to some superb views, crisp mountain air and enchanting wildlife including wallabies, pademelons and hundreds of native bird species. Every last Sunday of the month, an arts, crafts and food market is held in the carpark area. BOUTIQUE EAT Capitalising on their extensive culinary experiences in Europe, the UK and Australia, the team at Cassis@Booie offers seasonally based menus utilising local produce whenever possible. Housed within

an Italian-inspired structure, the restaurant provides a flavoursome dining option for visitors to the region. SLEEP Taabinga Homestead accommodation offers a very special experience for visitors wishing to experience life on a working cattle station. Nestled in the grounds of the Heritage listed Homestead, both self-contained or catered B&B options are available. Hosts, Colin and Libby, really make you feel welcome. Great place for the grandkids! DO For a bird’s-eye view of the region, why not go on a scenic flight? Pratt Air Services, located at Kingaroy’s aerodrome, offers just such a service. For more information on Kingaroy and the South Burnett visit

Taabinga Homestead.

Tropical island of smiling faces LOCATED in the Indian Ocean, the teardropshaped island of Sri Lanka offers a wealth of attractions for visitors. Whether your interests are historical, geographical or gastronomical, the nation known for its smiling faces provides it all. A rugged land of rainforest, diverse wildlife and endless beaches, it is famed for its ancient Buddhist ruins Here are a few things to know before you go.


Formerly known as Ceylon Capital city is Colombo Sinhala and Tamil are the official languages of Sri Lanka, but English is widely spoken Sri Lankan rupees are the local currency and there is a wide network of ATMs; credit cards are also widely accepted The climate is generally tropical, though the Hill Country is somewhat cooler. December to April is usually the most popular time to visit Pay a visit to the Hill Country with its tea plantations and relics of British colonialism Try out the beaches and laidback approach to life in the south of the country Call in at the historical township of Galle with its mixture of Dutch, Portuguese and British architecture Take a wildlife safari. Sri Lanka boasts some amazing wildlife including elephants, leopards, deer, crocodiles and a colourful and varied array of birdlife including wild peacocks Sample some of the local food including the must-try hoppers and impressive seafood offerings

EXOTIC: Sri Lankan tea plantations.

Enjoy an 8 day/7 night Tasmania Explorer for only $2,700* per person/twin share. *Single supplement $550 Includes return economy airfare**, luxury 5 star coach, 7 breakfasts, 6 dinners, Day Cruise around Peppermint Bay, a half day scenic steam train journey including lunch, a relaxing winery tour plus much more.


Early Bird Discount to Seniors for bookings prior to 29th November 2015

Specialist in online travel for seniors. Call Michelle on 0402 298 949 or email

Page 36 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015

*Conditions apply **Fare is Ex Brisbane Please enquire about other departure cities


9th to 16th November 2015 SOLD OUT Next Tour 29th January 2016

Escorted Rail, Coach & Air Tours New 2016 Tours

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

6 days $2,699*

in Melbourne & Great Ocean Road Tour

*Per person twin share Single supp $500

• Fully Hosted with Excellent Accommodation and all meals included • Flights Ex Brisbane to Melbourne Return • VIP Edinburgh Military Tattoo Gold Jubilee Package Dinner and Show • Coach Tour of Great Ocean Road including Anglesea, 12 Apostles, Cape Otway Ranges,Warrambool, Apollo Bay • Flagstaff Hill multi million dollar lazer light show, Ballart, Historical Gold Rush Sovereign Hill,Werribee Park Zoo • Melbourne River Cruise, Eureka Tower Sky Deck, Crown Casino, and lots more !!!!!

Tour Dates 8th Feb and 13th Feb 2016

Norfolk Island Cairns

person twin share. 8 Days $2,790* *PerSingle supp $450

8 Days

* $e1r p,ers2on6twin9silhfaarere. ra *P plicable plus ap supp $330 le g in S

*Per person twin share plus applicable rail fare. Single supp $500

Longreach & Winton • Accommodation in Longreach • Meals • Sunset Cruise on Thomson River with dinner at the “waterhole” & Larrikin & Legends Show. • Stockman’s Hall of Fame • Qantas Museum & Tour of 747

7 Days $1089* *Per person twin share plus applicable rail fare. Single supp $320


8 Days $998* *Per person twin share plus applicable rail fare. Single supp $290

• Return flights flying Virgin Airlines ex Brisbane • Accommodation in Hobart at the Mid City Hotel • Meals & Coach Transfers and commentary • Christmas day Luncheon at Wrest Point Casino • Coach Touring Hobart City, Mount Wellington, Salamanca Markets , Port Arthur,Tasman Arch, Blowhole , Devils Kitchen,Richmond, Custom House, Botanical Gardens, • Peppermint Bay Cruise and much more

Tour dates: April - October 2016

Cairns & Townsville 8 Days $1,089* Gold Coast person twin share. *Per person twin share plus applicable rail fare. 5 Days $1,289* *PerSingle Discovery supp $395 Single supp $290

• Accommodation at Cairns & Townsville • All meals • Skyrail, Kuranda Village & Jaques Coffee Plantation • Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge & Daintree River Cruise • Innisfail, Paronella Park & Cassowary Coast • Magnetic Island Day Tour • Castle Hill,The Strand & Museum of Tropical North Qld • Helpful fun tour host

Tour dates: April - October 2016

Tasmania The Great Escape

Tour Date: March 2016

8 Days $2,690* *Per person twin share. Single supp $480

• Includes return flights from Brisbane • Accommodation & meals • Interesting day tours to Hobart, Richmond, Port Arthur, Cadbury Chocolate Factory, Queenstown, Gordon River Cruise, Sarah Island, Strahan, Cradle Mountain, Stanley, Pearn’s Steamworld, North West Coast, Launceston,Tamar Valley and River Cruise, Wall in the Wilderness and more • Friendly Tour Host experienced Coach Captain

Both couples & singles welcome! Tour Operator Accreditation No.: 900464760


*Per person twin share 7 Days $1,499* plus applicable rail fare. Single supp $490

person twin share. 6 Days $2,490* *PerSingle supp $390

• Winton, Waltzing Matilda, Age of Dinosaurs • Strathmore Station • Harry Redford Tent Show • Helpful fun Tour Host

Cairns, Daintree & Cassowary Coast • Accommodation at 4 star Cairns Queenslander • Meals on tour • Gorgeous Green Island • Paronella Park, Innisfail, Scenic Cassowary Coast • Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge, Daintree River Cruise • Skyrail, Kuranda, Mareeba to Jaques Coffee Plantation • Helpful fun tour host

• Return flights flying Air New Zealand ex Brisbane • 7 Nights Castaways Hotel cooked breakfast daily & dinners • Night as a convict • Half Day Orientation Tour • Progresive dinner • Fletcher's Mutiny Cyclorama • Clifftop Island Fish Fry • Wonderland by night • Fletcher's Fate • Convict Settlement Tour • Pizza under the Pines • Culla and Co or Christians 4WD • Christmas Lunch

• Accommodation at the Cairns Queenslander • Meals, Coach Transfers and commentary • Christmas Day Luncheon at the Banquet Room Pullman Cairns Casino. • Harbour Cruise the Trinity Inlet • Coach Touring City sights,Port Douglas,Mareeba, Jaques Coffee Plantation, Mossmon Gorge. • Kuranda Skyrail and markets • Daintree River Cruise & Mossmon Gorge

• Coach pick up from Hervey Bay , Sunshine Coast , Caboolture , Brisbane and Gold Coast • Beautiful Accommodation with high Floor Ocean Views Broadbeach. • Meals & Coach Transfers and commentary • Christmas Day Luncheon spectacular in the Grand Ballroom Jupiter's Casino. • Cruise the Waterways • Coach touring the city, Byron Bay, Mount Tamborine, Coolangatta, Point Danger, Murwillimbah, Sanctuary Cove ,Tweed Heads. • Tweed River luncheon Cruise and more.

Call 1300 722 661

• Accommodation on Daydream Island Resort and also at Airlie Beach Colonial Palms Hotel. • Meals, Coach Transfers and commentary. • Ferry transfers from Port of Airlie to Daydream. • Christmas Day Luncheon Daydream Island with all the trimmings • Cruise Whitsundays to Hamilton Island and island Discovery Bus Tour. • Coach Touring Airlie, Proserpine, Bowen areas and more


Norfolk Island • Return flights flying Air New Zealand ex Brisbane • 7 Nights Castaways Hotel cooked breakfast daily & dinners • Night as a convict • Progresive dinner • Clifftop Island Fish Fry • Fletcher's Fate • Pizza under the Pines • Culla and Co or Christians 4WD • New Year's Eve Dinner • Half Day Orientation Tour • Fletcher's Mutiny Cyclorama • Wonderland by night • Convict Settlement Tour • Behind the Hedges Tour

person twin share. 8 Days $2,750* *PerSingle supp $450 E:



• Acommodation in Cairns, Georgetown, Karumba, Cobbold Gorge, Undara. NEW • Meals and transfers TOUR • Fully escorted • Coach touring in comfort • Gulflander train from Normanton to Croydon • Savannahlander train from Forsayth to Cairns Tour dates 23rd • Cobbold Gorge Cruise, Sunset Beachfront BBQ Gulf of Carpenteria April, 25th June & • Georgetown Terrestrial Centre and Bush Brekky at Ringers Camp. 17th Sep 2016 • Undara Lava Tubes, Atherton, Kuranda and much much more !!!!!!!

* All tours subject to changes due to unforeseen circumstances. Includes travel time.


10 Days $1,990*

Gulflander & Savannahlander

Adventure Tour


Christmas Tours 2015

October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 37

Serenely paddle your cares away

ONE of the greatest ways to enjoy the water is out on a kayak, and whether you choose to paddle your way down a freshwater creek, an inland river or head out to the open ocean, it can be truly exhilarating. Of course there is a certain amount of skill required to understand the basics of paddling, but you don’t need to be an expert by any means. Most places that hire kayaks will give a basic rundown before you head off, whether you are part of a kayaking tour with a guide or you are venturing out on your own. You will find river kayaking can be quite different from sea kayaking and the good news is there are plenty of places to do both in Far North Queensland. One of the best things about kayaking down creeks and rivers is often the scenery, as every winding twist and turn in the river leads to a new destination. In FNQ, lush green rainforest is often the backdrop as you paddle your way down the many rivers.

sy paddle to reach the destination pick-up point. Another great operator is Ingan Tours in Tully which runs full-day guided kayak tours down Bulgan Creek, providing initial training in the morning, afternoon tea and indigenous interpretation throughout the tour. There are a few rapids so the river is best tackled with a guide, but nothing too dangerous as many kids al-

how deep the water is when out on the open sea and you need to be mindful of marine animals that frequent the area you are kayaking, as well as jellyfish during stinger season. Some top spots to enjoy sea kayaking are on Fitzroy Island and also Cape Tribulation. Raging Thunder runs three-hour kayak tours and also hires kayaks by the

One of the best things about kayaking is the scenery. Every winding twist and turn in the river leads to a new destination.

PEACEFUL PACE: Kayaking the coastal Esk River at Iluka.

The rivers without crocodiles are preferred by most kayakers for obvious reasons, but also because you can stop for a swim along the way in the knee-deep and usually refreshing water.

Two great places to enjoy river kayaking are Babinda and Tully, with both Babinda Creek and Bulgan Creek being croc-free. Babinda Kayaks set you up with single or double kayaks and life jackets and

send you off down Babinda Creek in the direction the current flows, so you don’t need to paddle against it. There is no guide but you don’t need one as there are no rapids, the water isn’t too deep and it is a fairly ea-

so do this tour. Kayaking on the open sea requires some confidence as well as a fairly flat, calm ocean if you are not an experienced kayaker. However, sea kayaking can be good fun, although it is still important to be aware of your limitations, wear a life jacket and be able to swim if your kayak tips over. Often it is hard to tell

hour at Fitzroy Island. Paddle Trek Kayak Adventures runs various kayaking tours at Cape Trib with kayaking out to Snapper Island, off Cape Kimberley, kayaking around the Cape headland and also kayak fishing tours. All of these are with a guide and in small groups. Kayaking is something everyone can enjoy.

&!99>;7 &).97 $ *6%92!97 '467 ;K45( ;58 75O4B 457 4- 4F/ -;5I;.I"9 %;B 4/ #CI75878 >4F/.

'6)-! =5 88+=+0:= -4/ 4F/ K;I7.I :/49&F/7 (9 1))3 %2 ).9 -!, ,!#742! ,,,<2!99>72).97<")/<%. G58$H/8 %7976:7/ GA3)

N4"5 >7//B -4/ ;5 4E7/5"(&I (7I;D;B ;. D7 7C27/"7597 I&7 75I&/;KK"5( .I4/B 4- :/4M75 8/7;6. ;58 F5/70F"I78 K4E7 ;58 ; I7.I;675I I4 I&7 &F6;5 .2"/"I1 ="I& :/7;I&I;M"5( .9757. ;58 ;5 "5.2"/"5( 6F."9;K .94/7 I&". D"KK :7 ; .&4D 54I I4 :7 6"..78 DICF WS'UC%#E( U303M/ '8-)> JM-2";& *3L EJ86 H=)< 36L -9$ %M86 8VVLP G3-;=J/ ,))8::8$-J=89& *M"-<V-LJ& *3VV"J %=99"M -9$ O, F"L"M2"N D=)<"JP

0%,#)## ".' ".'&+- 2$/- !(1'.

6$%13/. 5(-/%3/$,3' 7042 !)$*%'" #$&2 !2'0&%+3& 33I& $ 3GI& %7976:7/ GA3)

N4"5 I&7 K7(758;/B O4F/57B ;58 97K7:/;I7 '&/".I6;. "5 !"(& '4F5I/B .IBK7 ;I ,F.I/;K";5 @FI:;9M ?279I;9FK;/ D"KK I/;5.-4/6 I4 97K7:/;I7 *F.& '&/".I6;. "5 I&7 !"(& '4F5I/B1 DICF WS'UC%#E( U303M/ '8-)> JM-2";& *3L EJ86 H=)< 36L -9$ %M86 8VVLP U303M/ ,))8::8$-J=89 -J E"- A8M;$ F"L8MJ& ,VJ"M9889 J"-& ,3LJM-;=-9 I3J+-)< *3L> '>M=LJ:-L E>81 =9);3$=9? 5 '83ML" '>M=LJ:-L %=99"M -9$ - %M=9< 6;3L *3VV"J *M"-<V-LJ J>" V8;;81=9? :8M9=9?P

0%*#)## ".' ".'&+- 2$/- !(1'.

$(%+ '%&0/ *,%" )#0#!&0 -0.#/%

DICF WS'UC%#E( U303M/ '8-)> JM-2";& U39)> %-/ 7 R%-/ 4 819 "06"9L"Q& %=99"M -9$ 'M3=L" =9);3$=9? S"1 @"-ML #2" #-M;/ !=M"18M<LP U303M/ ,))8::8$-J=89 -J F8/-; 89 J>" H-M<& !3;; *M"-<V-LJ -9$ @-J-;- H=" B=L=JP

0%,#)## ".' ".'&+- 2$/- !(1'.

Page 38 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015


'7K7:/;I7 I&". J7D <7;/. #E7 "5 I&7 6;("9;K 9"IB 4- */".:;571 #5O4B I&7 7;/KB +/7D4/M. -/46 I&7 -;:FK4F. E;5I;(7 24"5I 4- I&7 /"E7/1 ?77 I&7 :/7;I&I;M"5( ;6:7/ &F7 :7-4/7 8F/"5( ;58 ;-I7/ I&7 +/7D4/M 8".2K;B ;KK D&"K7 9/F".7 45 I&7 L"/"6;/ D&"9& "59KF87. ; :F--7I 8"557/1

Buskers by the Creek is back

MORE than 200 street entertainers are set to strike the right chord with Gold Coasters and take over Currumbin’s Winders Park mid-October. This is all part of the twoday award-winning Buskers by the Creek festival. After being named as Live Music Event of the Year in the Gold Coast Music Awards, the Currumbin festival is back and bigger than ever. In 2014 over 10,000 took to the shores of Currumbin Creek with this year’s attendance expected to be a crowd pleaser for Connect-

ing Southern Gold Coast, Gold Coast City Council and the Queensland Government who are supporting the event. Music fans and those who simply love to be entertained will be strung along by award-winning performers to talented teens; from swing to sword swallowing and banjo to high energy shows. There is a mixed bag of sweet sounds and fabulous tunes for all to enjoy. Festival director Cindy Jensen spent months reviewing over 500 performer applications and looks for-

ward to showcasing the high quality of talent included in this year’s lineup. Buskers by the Creek is a free community event supported by Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Coast to Creek Realty. Free park and ride bus services will be running throughout Currumbin and Palm Beach. Location maps and times along with the event program are all available from The festival will run 10am-6pm, October 17 and 18.

Are you a retired entertainer or musician? SIDESPLITTERS Gold Coast is a not-for-profit club for retired entertainers and musicians. We meet on the first Tuesday of the month and like to support our members. If someone falls on hard times, we help them financially. It’s important for us to raise money in order to assist them. On October 6, we held a ladies’ day with a difference by celebrating the passing

of Johnny O’Keefe. It’s been 37 years since Johnny passed away. Dennis Knight and the swing sisters joined us singing some of Johnny’s hits. We would like to see more male members join our club, so come along on Tuesday, November 3, at the Surfers Paradise RSL Club at noon. We have entertainers to help us make it a great day, and also have a

guest speaker to talk to us. We have had Mayor Tom Tate and guest speakers from channel 9 to help us. Join us on Tuesday, December 1, for our Christmas break-up. If anybody would like to join our club or for more information, please contact John “Catfish” Purser on 0418 476 549 anytime, or email jpurser@bigpond

November 12th - 28th

Evening Shows: Thurs, Fri, Sat: 7.30pm (qld time) Matinees: Sat 14th & 21st: 2.00pm (qld time) TICKETS: Adults $15, Concession $12, Groups 10+ $12pp Venue: Tugun Village Community Centre. 414 Coolangatta Rd. Tugun Cabaret Style Seating,BYO Drinks & Nibbles

Opening Night: Complimentary Cheese and Wine Supper 6158564aa

Bookings with Mandy: 0449 788 486

TOP BEAT: Imamba Community Drummers will be performing.

Hungaro Festival set to bring best-ever program of cultural diversity and fun THE Gold Coast Hungarian Association is now only weeks out from the Gold Coast premier event, the Hungaro Festival, as it opens its doors for the most comprehensive entertainment program to date and with an unprecedented line-up of quality entertainers and speakers. We are excited to announce that the local Minister’s Address at the Opening Ceremony will be delivered by Steven Ciobe, MP. The president of the Gold Coast Hungarian Association, Samuel Kerekes said: “This is an event you are waiting for to experience as we are preparing the best Hungarian food and sweets that can be

done from local ingredients”. The program will include Hungarian folk music, dancing, Operett, Jazz & Rock, Gypsy Band, Musical and much more. Hungarian specialties will be available such as Langos, Kurtos Kalacs, and several types of Goulash for you to enjoy. You can participate in Moustache, Apple Pie and Rubik’s Cube competitions. A Jumping castle will be there for the kids. More than 65 volunteers will assist you with the fast-food services and the top program during the day from 10am-6pm. I also would like to express my appreciation to the 2000 local and interstate visitors for their contribu-

tion last year in helping us make this Hungaro Festival a successful event and thanks to all our sponsors and supporters. The annual Hungaro Festival is dedicated to enhancing knowledge and appreciation of Hungarian culture within Australia. We love to celebrate our cultural diversity, and promote community awareness of multiculturalism. The festival provides an opportunity to embrace our common values by sharing food, music, and entertainment. Call the Event Organiser: Gyongyi Horvath on 0427 748 505 or email:

, !?#>?/' ;</; -?8%>= 5#& ;# -#;< ;<A '7=8$8/%= /%" ;<A /7"8A%$A) 6A@?A=<'A%; /; 8%;A?4/1 8%$17"A")

)1-,0(1# &" 34*'6/'0 1- 7.$+26 ),5(1# &! 34*'6/'0 1- %.$+26 97AA%=1/%" ,$/"A'8A= 2<A/;?A 0(. :"'7%" 68$A *?84A+ 3#7;<!#?;

October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 39


Music for happiness THE Gold Coast Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Mark Turpin present a weekend of concerts on Saturday, November 14 at 7.30pm and Sunday, November 15 at 2.30pm. The venue is the theatre at the Queensland Academies for Health Sciences, 102 Edmund Rice Drive. The venue has good parking in the grounds of the academy, and signs will direct you to the theatre. The program includes music that brings joy to the musicians and the audience and explores events that make us happy. Opening with Festive March by Dvorak, the program also includes Joyous Youth Suite by Eric Coates, Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity from The Planets by Holst, Satchmo, a medley of the music of Louis Armstrong, including What a Wonderful World, A Big Country from the 1958 movie by Jerome Moross, Promenade by Leroy Anderson and more. A special performance by the 2015 Youth Concerto Per-

JOY AND JOLLITY: A weekend of Gold Coast Philharmonic Orchestra concerts focuses on music and events that bring joy and happiness.

formance Opportunity recipient, Jessica Walther, will feature Jessica performing Concertino for Flute and Orchestra by Chaminade. During interval, coffee, tea and refreshments will be served, and guests will mingle with the musicians. This is all included in the ticket price. Funds raised go towards providing more opportuni-

ties for our talented Gold Coast musicians. A multidraw raffle, including a hamper of decadent delights, will be won at each concert. Children attending the concert can receive a personalised certificate celebrating their attendance. For bookings and information, see or phone 5539 6076. Tickets

include refreshments at interval. Bookings at Concert tickets may be available at the door if not sold out prior. Adults $25, concessions/ students $23, Friends of the Philharmonic $20, children 5â&#x20AC;&#x201C;15 $5, and children under 5 free when accompanied by a paying ticket-holder. Family tickets are available online.


You get fantastic rewards with trips to the movies SENIORS are reaping the rewards and enjoying their trip to the movies more often, thanks to the Cine Buzz for Seniors club at BCC and Event Cinemas. The club boasts a fantastic range of benefits including $8.50* movie tickets every day and members can earn points towards free movies. The club also offers members free breakfasts with eligible stays at Rydges Hotels and resorts and discount tours at Sydney State Theatre. Anyone over the age of 60 can join the club for free online or at their local BCC or Event Cinema. BCC and Event Cinemas also reward their Cine Buzz for Seniors members with regular special events that consist of a screening of a new release or pre-release film that appeals to this discerning market and a complimentary morning tea with a selection of

treats and a tea or coffee; all providing the perfect opportunity for seniors to catch up with friends and enjoy a quality film. The next Cine Buzz for Seniors morning tea and screening will be for stylish drama, The Dressmaker, starring Kate Winslet, on Wednesday November 4. Based on the best-selling novel by Rosalie Ham, The Dressmaker is a bittersweet, comedy-drama set in early 1950s Australia. In the film, a glamorous woman (Winslet) returns to her small town in rural Australia. The film also stars Judy Davis, Liam Hemsworth and Hugo Weaving. Tickets for the screening come on sale from October 15 at the local box office or online at *+$1.20 online booking fee applies. Visit for full terms and conditions.




7 Days a Week Conditions Apply


new Trading hours

11.30-3.00pm & 5.30-9.00pm LinDfieLD RD




Page 40 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015

We ARe heRe

Live music to party on

The Boy from Oz musical THE Boy from Oz is a musical biography/tribute to the late great Peter Allen. This musical is a class above all other “jukebox” musicals. The late Nick Enright skilfully weaved his plot around the life and complexities of Peter Allen. Directed by Tony Alcock at Spotlight

Help sing the praises of Australia’s grandparents

ORIGINALLY celebrated in America, Grandparent’s Day is now a national day in Australia, and on Sunday, October 25, Currumbin RSL is offering a special live show for Grandparent’s Day. Local favourites The Banderas Band will team up with country music legend Lee Conway from 1.30pm. This collaboration has taken place before and to great applause. Lee, an Australian country singer, was brought up in Fitzroy, Melbourne, and started playing guitar in his early teens. In 1968 he was dared to get up and sing at the 20 Plus Club and from then on he has never looked back. In 1970 Lee supported Jerry

Lee Lewis in Australia and they became firm friends. He has toured most cities in England with Slim Whitman and later spent time in the United States appearing on many television shows. Lee has shared the bill with top-line acts such as Rick Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Hank Snow and Loretta Lynn and he and Slim Dusty were the first two country acts to perform for the Queen and Prince Phillip. Formed in early 2013, The Banderas Band performs and records works of master songsmith Brooke Banderas. They’re no strangers to the stage with recent performances at the Mudgeeraba Muster, performing along-

Community Variety Shows


side the cream of Australia’s Country Rock talent. They also have a debut EP released called Summer Rain and are ready to get the Currumbin community on its feet. Come along and enjoy great classics like Seven Spanish Angels (Willie

(*5"() (*5"()


!2,74!')(5*) 6*"0" &0" &0"$ $ 6*"0" &0" &0"$

5$(*" 3'. )("*() /5*5 7/,7(,+ *5%"*6)

3'. )("*() /5*5 3*55 0,&-5 (-745()

5$(*" 3'. )("*() /5*5 7/,7(,+ *5%"*6)

3*55 0,&-5 (-745()

*,0".75 =D-9H@= /H@-9-> ;D0 0,&-5) ".6 0,*5 *,0".75 0,&-5) ".6 0,*5 3'. )("*() /5*5

Theatre, 185-187 Ashmore Rd, Benowa. Enjoy community theatre (tickets $26) on Thursday October 29, 7:30pm; Sunday November 1, 2pm; Saturday November 7, 7:30pm; and Saturday November 17, 7:30pm. Phone Doreen on 0403 810 940 or email:

Nelson), Good Hearted Woman (Waylon Jennings), Maybeline (Chuck Berry), Walk the Line and Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash), In The Ghetto (Elvis) and more. Support Aussie country talent with Lee Conway and The Banderas Band.

THE Northern Gold Coast Community Variety Show has grown and is now a popular event for many seniors and the disabled on the northern end. Shows are held at the Upper Coomera Centre on first Wednesday from 10am to noon at 90 Reserve Rd, Upper Coomera; Runaway Bay Youth Centre on third Wednesday from 10am to noon at 379 Oxley Dr, Runaway Bay and Helensvale Cultural Centre on fourth Wednesday

from 10am to noon at 62 Sir John Overall Dr, Helensvale. Featuring special guest artists, sing-alongs and prizes. All shows are $5 and include morning tea. For catering purposes, please call us to RSVP on (07) 5582 9327 or email us For more on our upcoming community days phone on (07) 5582 9327 or visit

604 /4'& ,.&&,4 !,$/ .+ &04 3*(,-

&0"$ &0"$ 1,26 72"))

1,26 72")) 7/,7(,+

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&0"$ &0" $ (*5"()

5&5.( 7-.50")".6 "7(-,. (*5"() 5$(*" 0,&-5) 0,*5

7,056# 0,&-5) ".6 0,*5 *5%"*6) +,+7,*. &0"$ "$ *,0".75 7,056# (*5"() 1,26 *5%"*6) 72")) +,+7,*. &0" &0"$ 7,056# *,0".75 3'. )("*() /5*5 (*5"() 5$(*" 1,26 3*55 0,&-5 72")) (-745() !-115)( 3'. )("*() /5*5


5&5.( +,+7,*. 7-.50") "7(-,.

&0"$ &0" $



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*,0".75 7,056# 5&5.( 7-.50") "7(-,.

0,&-5) ".6 0,*5 7/,7(,+ 3'. )("*() /5*5

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!-115)( 5&5.( 7-.50")7/,7(,+ "7(-,. (*5"() 5$(*"



0,&-5) ".6 0,*5

1,26 72"))

1,26 72"))


&0"$ (*5"() &0"

*5%"*6) *5%"*6) 1,26 72")) 1,26272")) 3D+-D=+0L -H6D/.D@ 0,&-5) ".6 0,*5 !5.53-() !5.53-() :'0/ * A@DD /H@-9-> ;D0 :'(4'0/ * A91/

3*55 0,&-5 (-745() *,0".75 7,056#

0,&-5) ".6 0,*5 7/,7(,+ !2,74!')(5*)


3'. )("*() /5*5

*5 5$(*" 3'. )("*() /5*5 7/,7(,+ *5%"*6)

3*55 0,&-5 (-745()

&0" &0"$ *,0".75 6*"0" 0,&-5) ".6 0,*5 (/".4)






1,26 72"))


5&5.( 7-.50") "7(-,. (*5"() 5$(*"

0,&-5) ".6 0,*5 7,056#*5%"*6) +,+7,*. &0"$ &0" 9- ,9-D/0= 7) H,;H.D@ *,0".75 (*5"() 1,26 72")) 3'. )("*() /5*5

7%7(%/. 5$(*" 1*) $+99

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&0"$ (*5"() &0"

*5%"*6) 1,26 72")) 0,&-5) ".6 0,*5 !5.53-()

! 53, )("*() * 3'. /5*5 ; 26-

7%7(%/0 3*55 0,&-5 (-745() "3#5 $/%% .%5#3/. *,0".75 7,056# 7%7(%/. ,3&*)8 ,#'!%,.

0,&-5) ".6 0,*5 7/, 7/,7(, 7(,+ .B$ $!BI EC"<KEG 8E EFK 5!& !JJC"K !I 8E K?K#E"C#K%8G("!%(8B

0,6*. 3&-$) 126"2' /11!"2# %''- 4"5"+'( ."+'.-

5*&4- %")2 #4'& !,$/ .+ 7*,- !*1'&

October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 41

To advertise, call 1300 136 181 or visit to view more ads online. Jobs

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The primary roles/duties are to develop and implement strategies to promote; 1. Corporate/ Social/ Competitve events 2. Coaching programs 3. School and community participation 4. Increase publicity for lawn bowls. Approximately 12- 15 hours per week This is a new paid position and it is desirable, that the applicant has an understanding of lawn bowls. Please post your expressions of interest and resume to; CEO - East Lismore Bowling Club Ltd PO Box 5012 East Lismore NSW 2480

Tho u Com sand mis s on sion

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For sale, new or secondhand 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. We can modify to suit your needs including lock boxes, windows, doors, whirly birds, cladding & power. And deliver to you

Call Eve 0407 624 532

GR8 SCAPES Landscapes

Specialising in Design & Construct Constr ct of Landscaping • Concrete & Concrete Resurfacing • Retaining Walls • Lawn & Garden Care • Water Features • Irrigation • Outdoor Stairs

• Paving • Decks • Pergolas • Fencing • Mulching • Turf

Free Quote Call Michael

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• Aluminium Handrails, Ballustrades & Gates • On-Site Welding • Trailer Repairs • Structural Beams, Columns & Stair Stringers • General eneral Fabrication • No job j too small

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We look to provide service to our clients like no other, ranging from fast delivery response to effortless regular routine delivery runs which require no thought about gas orders whatsoever.


AAAGUTTERGUARD Aluminium or Stainless Steel Mesh

- Water in, leaves, debris and vermin out - Maintenance free and Australian made - Bushfire safe and inexpensive - Supply and install or supply only - Free quotes - Also roof cleaning & gutter cleaning

Ph Graeme 0427 648 981 6143969aa

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*Please note, this is an advert. Classified sizing is not built to scale nor is it representative of available classified advertising sizing. or call 1300 557 917

Gold Coast & Tweed



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You can spend hours calling around trying to find trades and services, or find them the Service Central way. Service Central finds all types of services, plus we check theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re qualified, insured and trustworthy. Then independent businesses call you back â&#x20AC;&#x201C; easy!

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You Can’t Miss This!


Make more than a meal Eat, drink and be merry are key Italian ingredients in recipes for entertainment


Angela Casley I LIVED in Italy for a short time and one of the many things I fell in love with was the pasta. We would devour it around the family dinner table where the discussions could get heated and dramatic, or under the grape vines in the garden on a summer’s day when the conversations were much more languid and relaxed. There would often be three generations enjoying a traditional carbonara or a fresh pesto, made with loads of garlic, herbs and cheese. To do these pasta dishes justice, you need to use good quality ingredients: a fine olive oil or parmesan, and of course, a fabulous homemade sauce. The tomato sauce is great to have in the fridge – delicious with gnocchi, on a pizza base or in a lasagne. It only requires a few ingredients that can be found in most pantries. For winter, tinned tomatoes are a great alternative to fresh ones. And you can jazz it up with a few capers and lemon zest. It’s so tasty you could almost do without the parmesan. Likewise, this anchovy sauce is so flavoursome, you won’t need to add salt (just don’t forget the pepper). Although it is creamy, it’s actually relatively light. Most supermarkets sell gorgonzola but if you can’t find any, use another creamy blue cheese. The versatile egg is another handy ingredient for an Italian meal. An omelette filled with rocket and gruyere would have to be my favourite stand-by, ready in five minutes. Or you could whisk eggs with some parmesan, add hot pasta and a few extra flavours and a meal is ready in no time. In Italy, prosciutto is not usually cooked, but here it adds a subtle, light flavour. If you want to crisp some in the pan for garnish, just be careful not to burn it. Eat your pasta like the Italians, who don’t flood the plate in sauce. A coating is all that’s required. You can never

Add an attention getter to make your ad really stand out from all the rest.

To advertise, visit Page 44 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015

add too many fresh herbs to pasta. And don’t forget a little parmesan on top. The most important component of Italian entertaining is good conversation. People gather together to interact, communicate and, of course, for entertainment, so invite people who you love and who make you laugh. Invite people who perhaps do not know each other well so you have a chance to spend time with old friends and get to know new ones. Eat in a group and share your mealtimes with others. For Italians, eating together is the most intimate act of sharing. Create an informal atmosphere where friends and family of all ages are welcome. There is something special about a group of people coming together to eat and it is a very Italian way to enjoy a meal. Take your time. The best thing about Italian entertaining is that it is a long, drawn-out process. Eat several courses over several hours, and take your time to stop and talk in between. Drink beautiful wine. Italy produces some of the most spectacular wine in the world and it is part of Italian hospitality to offer beautiful wine to complement a lunch or dinner meal. Always finish a meal the Italian way, by sipping a small glass of beautifully balanced limencello or


Basic tomato sauce Makes 2 cups Ingredients 2 tbs olive oil 1 onion, chopped 4 cloves garlic, crushed 420g tin chopped tomatoes 200ml tomato puree 2 tsp balsamic vinegar 1 tsp brown sugar 2 tbs fresh thyme leaves ½ cup torn basil leaves To serve: grated parmesan extra basil leaves Method Heat oil in a medium size pot. Add onion and garlic. Cook for 4 or 5 minutes without browning. Add tomatoes, puree, balsamic, sugar and thyme. Bring to a simmer over a low heat. Cook for 20 minutes until sauce has thickened. Add basil and season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve with spaghetti or your choice of pasta plus plenty of grated parmesan and extra basil leaves.

Chicken and mushroom larb on noodles Serves 4 Ingredients 2 tbs oil 1 tsp sesame oil 500g chicken mince 2 spring onions, sliced 2 tbs grated ginger 1 chilli, sliced finely 1 clove garlic, chopped 2 kaffir lime leaves• 200g shitake or mixed mushrooms, quartered ¼ cup oyster sauce ¼ cup soy sauce 1 tsp fish sauce ¼ cup water 400g noodles, cooked to packet

instructions ½ cup coriander leaves Method Heat oils in a frying pan. Add mince and cook until lightly browned. Add spring onions, ginger, chilli, garlic, lime leaves and mushrooms, cooking for a further 3 or 4 minutes until mushrooms have softened. Stir through oyster, soy, and fish sauces and water. Cook until sauce has thickened slightly. Serve on noodles, with coriander.


It’s so good it feels bad This dish is so simple yet delicious, it almost feels like cheating


HEEMSKERK 2010 Chardonnay Pinot Noir A STUNNING bottle and a great wine to flow from it. Excellent bubbles from one of Australia’s best producers of this style.

Shannon Newley A COUPLE of weeks ago I wrote about a rather successful date involving chorizo. Though ever so slightly a food snob, I was quite endeared to a man who didn’t know what chorizo was and called it terrazzo. Despite not knowing what it was he was quite taken with the Spanish cured sausage. I decided to cook him another chorizo dish to score even more brownie points. Though this dish is so incredibly simple it almost felt like cheating, it was definitely the favourite. Because there’s so few ingredients, I would recommend you buy the best chorizo you can afford and make sure the tomatoes are red and ripe. I have cooked this dish a few times, once with an artisan lamb chorizo sausage from a food market and once with just a cheap and easy one I grabbed from the fridge section of the supermarket. While both worked well and there’s no issue with the supermarket version, the spicier and smokier market-bought one definitely had a greater depth of flavour. I have also cooked this dish with prawns as an addition. To add prawns, buy eight green prawns, peel and de-vein them, leaving the tails on. Throw them in the pan halfway through cooking an onion. If you aren’t a fan of basil, throw in parsley. If you don’t like parmesan, ditch it. You really don’t need it. I definitely consider this dish and the date a success. But I might need to diversify for next time. There’s only so much chorizo/terrazzo a per-


Chef's tip

Depending how fatty the chorizo is, you may not need oil.

FOOD: Pre-dinner canapes RATING: 95/100 RRP: $59.99


2008 Perle Vintage Rose

BLEND of Pinot Noir and Meunier is complex and elegant. Reveals berry flavours and has aromas of orange sherbert. Easy drinking bubbles.

FOOD: Cheese platter RATING: 93/100 RRP: $24.99


2012 Sparkling Shiraz IF YOU haven’t dabbled into a sparkling shiraz, then let this flavoursome bubbles enchant you for the first time. Chill down and enjoy on a warm Sunday afternoon.

son can handle.

Easy chorizo pasta Serves 2 Ingredients 1 chorizo sausage, chopped roughly 1 brown onion, diced 3 cloves of garlic, diced 4 ripe tomatoes, chopped roughly 1 teaspoon of sugar Olive oil Salt and pepper to season

Basil to garnish Parmesan cheese to serve 1/3 of a packet of spaghetti Method Place pasta in a pot of boiling salted water and cook as per packet instructions. Drain and set aside conserving half a cup of the pasta water. Meanwhile, heat a large pan. Put chorizo in the pan, no oil is needed. Cook for a few minutes until the pan becomes oily from the sausage. Add a splash of oil if need-

ed. Add the onion and cook for another seven minutes. Turn the heat to medium-high if onion is starting to brown. Add garlic and tomatoes to the pan. Season with salt and pepper and add sugar and half a cup of the pasta water. Turn heat up to high and cook for 15-20 minutes, until tomato breaks down, stirring occasionally. Add pasta to the pan, stirring to heat through. Serve with basil garnish and parmesan cheese.

FOOD: Barbecue RATING: 94/100 RRP: $26.99


2011 Abel’s Tempest Chardonnay Pinot Noir ANOTHER easy drinking bubbles from this quality producer. Soft and enticing, you’ll be watching the bottle closely to make sure you get the last glass.

FOOD: Fruit platter RATING: 94/100 RRP: $31.99

| Peanut cookies are simple and take just minutes to prepare

Peanut cookies

Makes 25 Ingredients 125g softened butter, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 egg, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 ¾ cups plain flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 ½ cups blanched peanuts. Method Heat an oven to 160C. Place the butter and sugar in a mixer bowl and beat until light and fluffy. Add the egg and vanilla and beat again. Sift in the flour and baking powder and combine. Lastly, mix through the peanuts. Place tablespoons of mixture on a greased baking tray. Press gently with a fork. Bake for 15-20 minutes until golden and cooked through. Remove and cool on a rack.

October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 45

From page 47 Sequence: 1. L (signs of the zodiac starting with Aries, Libra is missing) 2. Ruby (wedding anniversaries) 3. DC (initials of actors who have played James Bond) 4. R (the next consonant) 5. 26 (the sum of the previous two numbers) Mini Fit: TAD

Crossword answers from P47 C A L E N D A R


BALLET shoes, new leather, two pairs one green/one blue, made in Scotland size 5.5 UK $20 a pair. Phone 5513 1989 Banora Point. CANON Printer in good working order $25. Phone 5522 5459 Elanora. CHAIR, leather recliner new cost $500 sell $200. Phone 5577 4532 Coombabah. CHAISE lounge for sale 5 seater. White bonded leather, removable beige linen



base cover 9’6” x 5’6’ $400. Phone 0432 382 665 Varsity Lakes. ELECTRIC blanket double very clean works well $12. Phone 5578 7241 Robina. FOUR Volvo wheels and tyres 195’55 2R15 excellent condition $250 the lot. Phone 5592 4425 Broadbeach Waters. LADIES new walking boots, Kanga Roos make, size 7.5 $45. Phone

Over-50s stay active THE Halcyon over-50s community at Hope Island runs weekly boot camps, bowls days, tai chi, yoga and water aerobics classes for home owners, who also have free use of three community kayaks. The kayaks are very popular. We encourage new home owners to take a circuit of the island, which is nearly four kilometres long, and they love it. It is encouraging to see the members of our community, who are self-motivated

COMMUNITY KAYAKS: Carolyn and Ian Clark enjoy the outdoor activities at Halcyon.

and get out there every day. Many remark they’re more active in retirement than

they were 10 years ago. People have established friendships within the com-

munity, so these activities are social engagements as much as they are physical.

$250. Phone 02 5599 2072 or Mob 0406 157 608 Tweed Heads. PENSIONER wanting CPAP machine as second unit for TV room. An old model would be OK. Phone Alan 07 5546 7334 or Mobile 0428 298 959. PIANO keyboard, Casio CT350 never used, has plug- in cord, no need for

any batteries. Not heavy weighted. Music books included $150. Phone (07) 55970204 Southport. RECLINER with stool, black leather $50. Phone 5535 7232 Burleigh Waters. VIDEO camera Pendo cam HD brand new still in box $80 ONO. Phone 0435 391 183 Banora Point. WARDROBE never used, sliding mirror doors 243W 229H 59D cost $729.95 sell

½ price. Phone (02) 5536 2780 Tweed Heads. Conditions Apply: Free 4 Sale classifieds are for private party advertising only. You can submit one (1) item each month and write up to 20 words. Items for sale must not exceed $500 in value. Post to GCT Free 4 Sale, 2/12 Project Avenue, Noosaville, 456 or email:

CLASSIES 4 SALE 5524 4836 Banora Point. LEATHER suit, black, ladies size 12, straight skirt, zippered jacket excellent condition $120. Phone 5510 8435 Hope Island. MOBILITY walker, freedom brand cost $129 used twice sell $80. Phone 5523 9899 Banora. PALE grey suede manual recliner, new condition

'= -=2: 5=&@*#!7 @*#!7

!==" !#"& 5$#7>

>#H#@ L,#! < @%L'JL *!#L#*H

'D FD0 1+K<

6;DC<G 81D0I?<; D; +GF )D?F A+.G> (< A+.G 6;<< +4+.G9

5IB:&5KB:5/$/9 =--7:G/ F2 G5 4)2 5- G&7 =8EMG 353EM=G$5I1 ?/$I( G&7 K5/G 350G=;M7 =I8 7--7:G$D7 M=/70 G7:&I5M5(B G5 70=8$:=G7 -EI(=M I=$M 8$/7=/7 07/EMG/ $I G&7 (05CG& 5- :M7=0 I=$M/ 5D70 /7D70=M C77"/1

• Super and Standard 8 Films to DVD • Slides and Photos to DVD

7J.88 'DID;EI+83 &H3;+ED;AD;<+I 71DE, /+K< 51<;+AF

• Camera/Video Tapes to DVD • LP Records & Audio Cassettes to CD

PH 1300 730 430 or 0412 757 144


%0G4+I G+.I ?.8<+8<B K78$:=MMB 07-70078 G5 =/

Transfer 8mm Films to DVD

))).20%#02+,(2+12-#%2%-/.-1! ' *&*3 "3$ "*"

15% OFF 8mm Film Transfers

FREE Pickup & Delivery

Must present this Coupon Valid till 31/10/2015


Brain training answers

)&' ()$% 0145 '+7+%2&;) -&6!292&7 ( ,!.2:42&7 8 /1!!#942&7 *#';& +$9#66 31;;&6.+&" 1 *6 +;37+568 != 9.5 %562;";:= 3095+63 1 #99,99<!" $75+;2 &"586;3 1 '6)+:+9.3 <95;+;2 06" 056"03 1 (5"40 +86"3 ,+0/ 5+:-5": !5"+8



" *#

*:#-+#!+6 -C '67.#16CB. #++ >:60 &=66C.+#C9 #C9 '>0B/60C '%$5 (C2=-0-6.< ?#++ 4, 3DA4 A@;4 >0 0=B/.=!.?0-!6"#8C5?>)5#= Page 46 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015

Seniors Twospeed Crossword

ACROSS 2 Rebuffs 7 From a distance 8 Notion 9 Inclines the head 10 Finishes 11 Put in 13 Salvation 16 Account 18 Agitate 19 Tittle 20 Fermented grape juice 21 Small trucks 22 Beguile









8 9







DOWN 1 Almanac 2 Open footwear 3 Professionals (abb) 4 Housing 5 Nap 6 Be clothed in 12 Speculate 14 Pressed clothes 15 Record a piece of music 17 Way out 18 Upright prop

Cryptic Clues



18 19


21 22 Auspac Media - Answers on Page page 46

2 Scornfully rejects a horserider’s device from opposing directions 7 A long way off hidden leaf arrangements 8 Plan a thought 9 Bows in agreement back on final words 10 Tips completions 11 Enter in early September as a last resort 13 Hand over the broken cane as a formal pronouncement 16 Make a complaint about a loud explosive noise

18 Get moving in prison, perhaps 19 Jot some radio talks 20 Hock moselle or the like 21 Within the minutest handy vehicles 22 Hoodwink, and take for a ride DOWN 1 Scattered and clear timetable of important dates 2 Briefly walks, and allows for a type of lightweight shoe, with straps 3 First principles of old style street walkers

4 One who lives in special ends allocated for housing 5 Is back on time for a rest in the afternoon 6 Have on new earrings 12 Alter these, or I will conjecture 14 Pressed metal outside England 15 Record a piece of music back on the London art gallery 17 Once it became an egress 18 Dust up the breeding horse 6134031ab

Straight Clues

community news

A fun day out at SWELL ($%)#+& !)#"'*) )#"'*) *'+ $)+ #%% &!( &!('" %3)!2 /37; 4+80-< )9!=,621: % 4!2/="#! &" -#.#2=#- % +#3#0!2/; ( ,8/8=;#! % ,#1&!823 0&&5 % 97238;' .&":/ % +!#12;8&/ % )3&!23 4!807;# % +<2$#3 =#!68.# % *&.;&!= .#!;8:.2;# % *#2;< +#!;8:.2;#

"'* ! +'%-)/ 0!*1$1++ ,,,, )'& !) 1#.1)(-%1 ')1 Donna Mroz Turcic (left) and Pamia Little

mia’s first visit to SWELL but she says she is already

looking forward to next year’s celebration.



What should replace the question mark in these sequences?

1 A, T, G, C, L, V, ?, S, S, C, A, P

Mini Fit

!" "/+&0( +, 4+-'%1//.


Which one of the listed words won’t fit in this mini grid?

*;:?<:7<- !>6/:5 A3 @B>,E/:5 AB?E #4A37-, G 5"(&./ ><<4664:>."45 -40 F "5 > /8I-$<45.>"58:; (04E5: +440 /.E:"4 >2>0.685. "5<IE:"5( ->=EI4E/ <44K8: =08>K->/./ /80D8: .4 B4E 8><& 6405"5(111


.4.$6 207"8 3%%/ (1' 5*!(,1 *'

3 SC, GL, RM, TD, PB, ?

?2(0>:8 .4 > 3/. +440 3 =8:0446 >2>0.685. -40 >5 >::"."45>I 9FA 280 5"(&.1 %"5( =8:; =>I<45B >5: 4E0 "<45"< D"8C/ .4 .&8 <4>/.1


5 4, 6, 10, 16, ?, 42, 68

.4.$6 207"8 3%+/ (1' 5*!(,1

) 5"(&. 2><K>(8/ >08 >I/4 >D>"I>=I87

'*(=&#=! (#$=!

Memory Jog

!405"5( 40 ,-.805445 @8> >. .&8 =8>E."-EI H8<08./ *B @&8 #>K8 4D80I44K"5( *>0445 J4<K8. '>61

Give yourself two minutes to memorise this list of twenty one words. How many of them can you recall on a separate piece of paper in another two minutes?



















%< #5/)2 =<.5 (<>+3! #5/)2 =<.5 &<+4 '+.#3! 0185873 +<03 <4 4.) 0< #8 1$: $0 '+<.:39 * #/2 4$#.+<.3 "<<-8: #58$-4$30 >/++ 380 =<. .; 4<5 $ #/2 :$=! 8,85= :$=6

"2// &( 3+$



*== $32$1 (3)1"$92 # &' ! ???5!32;$.)79179=>5!7;5$,

!+/102# 1- '*. !1-'.)/2-0


&)'(* $#!! #$$ "%"

+ ($)+- ")%'#$," "!)*'+&


Welcome to a puzzle fitness workout aimed at improving your brain power. Boost your mental agility with a session every day in the Mental Gym. Record the time you take to complete each puzzle and you can keep track of your ever increasing mental strength.



LINE dancing friends Donna Mroz Turcic and Pamia Little from Southport made a fun day of it at the SWELL Sculpture Festival at Currumbin Beach in mid-September. Thousands of visitors of all ages explored the 55 eclectic artworks spread for close to a kilometre alongside the footpath and on the sand, with the southern-end finale a large bejewelled crown-like piece titled Queens Land, by Jerome Frumar, atop prominent Elephant Rock. Donna has “thoroughly enjoyed and never missed’’ the annual 10-day SWELL Festival since its beginnings. This year was Pa-

9& /--# +)&-

0DD (:<93,:< "3:/1 %36A;?<<- C)D2 888.4<3>/E3+936A;?<<-.439.:> L4. >D>"I>=I8 C".& >5B 4.&80 4--80 HE=M8<. .4 5406>I >D>"I>="I".B


October 2015 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors- Page 47


A sea of

possibilities at your fingertips...


Over 50s Living at its Best

Tweed River

Unparalleled absolute waterfront living on the pristine banks of the Tweed River. Rarely do you find a location with such beauty and uniqueness, offering private marina berths, pontoons and a jetty – all for your exclusive use. Our homes have been specially designed to capture the stunning views of the river and surrounding bushland.

Award Winning Clubhouse The heart of the Palm Lake community is the Award Winning Clubhouse offering: • • • • • •

STAGE 3 NOW SELLING New homes from $485,000

No entry or exit fees! 2 Barneys Point Road, Banora Point NSW 2486 Ph: 1800 881 041 OPEN 7 DAYS Page 48 - Gold Coast/Tweed Seniors - October 2015


Tweed River Best Clubhouse


Tweed River Best Medium Density Project

Indoor Heated Pool & Spa Fully-equipped Fitness Centre Cinema Bistro Craft Room Library


Tweed River Best Exhibition Homes

Gold coast tweed seniors newspaper october 2015  
Gold coast tweed seniors newspaper october 2015