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Fighting Depression in a Rehabilitating Pet With good health and lots of loving, our beloved pets do eventually mature into “seniors” just as we humans (hopefully) will. Occasionally, part of this life transformation includes loss of mobility - perhaps a wobble in the knees, or a stumble in the gate. It’s at this crucial stage that pet owners should consider a dog wheelchair for their pet. Fitting an aging pet with a dog wheelchair is nothing new for the creators of the first dog wheelchairs, K9 Carts. The Washington State-based company has been helping older dogs and their owners live longer, healthier lives through the gift of mobility for over fifty years. K9 Carts owner, Barbara Parkes, says - in regard to an aging pet’s emotional state, “They become depressed as they know they will only fall down if they keep trying to get up.” Barbara says she’s witnessed literally thousands of depressed dogs become filled with joy after being fitted with a dog wheelchair from K9 Carts. “They get a restored confidence when placed in their car - (The dog) knows that it can get around on its own again, which can improve every facet of its life tremendously.” Barbara suggests that all owners of an aging pet think carefully about the options available for both they and their senior pet. There are several dog wheelchair options available specific to each pet’s needs, as well as financial, physical and practical concerns for owners. Barbara reminds pet owners that, “Our pets cannot tell us how they feel. That is up to us to determine; and we as pet owners need to make the best choice we can for them...” Barbara tells of the numerous occasions where owners of an older pet had, “given up hope...” before turning to K9 Cart. “It is still so rewarding to see how much difference a dog wheelchair can make in a senior pet’s life. It’s a feeling that never gets old.” For more information











Fighting Depression in a Rehabilitating Pet