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Newsletter August 2012

Phone:444 2231; Full contact details and office hours on page 7. Greetings and welcome to our newsletter for August. The cover photograph is of Muriwai Beach taken by Connie Bonar. Although she says that she doesn’t know much about the technical side of photography she certainly knows about composition. Great photo Connie.

A busy time is approaching with the Open Day taking the place of our monthly meeting next Monday and then the AGM follows on the 17th of September. In addition to the details given on pages 5 & 6 the Open Day will have displays by members from the Picasa, Photoshop and Desk Top Publishing workshops. On page 7 you will find details of printer/scanners that are

offered on a first come first served basis. In his ‘Ramblings’ Ron farewells three valued committee members whose positions we will need to fill. SeniorNet will only continue to be successful with the support of members willing to be involved in its day to day operation. See you on the 20th.

General Meeting Monday 20 August 1pm - 4pm Open Day and Trade Expo. 1

Committee. Chairman: Ron Powell Deputy Chair: Roy Pyle Treasurer: Annette Efford Tuition Manager: Doug Turner Minutes Secretary: Mavis Throll Membership Manager: Christine Britain Communications: Richard Palmer Social Manager: Jack McCulloch Jim Air Ray Pollock.

Tutors Jim Air 418 1378 Peter Ashley 475 5212 Frances Currucan 482 0378 Judie Cowie 482 2200 Rhonda Giles 443 1458 Bett Grinder 413 9909 Keith Gudgin 418 0752 Pam Hamblin 444 9151 David Helas 483 7569 Les Howe 479 9773 Jack McCulloch 418 4248 Michael McMahon 376 6631 Shirley Nicholas 443 1355 Ray Pollock 480 9396

Ron’s Ramblings When Glenfield SeniorNet was first formed some twelve years ago, things had to be done in a hurry and the format used for the Constitution was taken from another Centre which obviously had the same problem. Don’t know how they got on in the end. Ours has been altered once or twice to correct some of the errors which had been found but it was felt that now’s the time to make a proper job of it. Ray and Roy have spent a lot of time going through the constitution and have adopted the policy of “how should they be and how are they at this time”. So it became a case of start again and do it properly. We’d like your comments on the result. As usual there are vacancies for committee members due to a variety of reasons. In the newsletter you’ll find a Nomination Form for you to fill in. We are losing Jack this year as he is moving from this shore to another shore further north. It’s been marvellous for us to have heard all those

speakers with their expertise on different subjects that he’s brought to the meetings. We shall miss him greatly. Another person we shall miss is Christine our Membership Manager. She is a member of other committees and finds it too much to keep up with. Third to mention is Ray who has been a stalwart for many years and who is full to the brim with knowledge. He now feels that he must move on.


Jack, Christine and Ray for your contribution to the Centre over the past years. So now we are looking to fill those places. Don’t be shy in coming forward. We all have skills acquired over a lifetime so give some serious thought to putting your name forward as a committee member or as a helper in some other capacity.

Roy Pyle 444 9717 Dick Richards 4839 990 Doug Turner 418 0700

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.



Special General Meeting and Annual General Meeting SeniorNet Glenfield Inc. Notice is hereby given of a Special General Meeting called for the 17th September 2012 at 2pm at 5 Mayfield Road to consider and vote upon alterations to the Constitution of SeniorNet Glenfield Inc, as recommended by the committee. This will be followed immediately by the Annual General Meeting of SeniorNet Glenfield Inc. for the purpose of presenting reports and the election of committee and officers and any other relevant business Copies of the Constitution and the suggested alterations will be emailed upon request to those members for whom we have an email address and hard copies may be obtained from the SeniorNet Glenfield office.

Welcome to New Members Earl Gordon

Neal Kearney

Kantha Soni

Joan White

How is your computer performing?


If you open your web browser and type in you should be able to see whether your broad band is up to scratch. A customer had a download speed of 0.73 which is less that ‘dialup’ speed and was paying for broadband. The above is a snap of what is pretty good.

Item reproduced from Rotorua SeniorNet newsletter

They begin the evening news with 'Good Evening,' then proceed to tell you why it isn't. 3

Your Story The club meeting held Friday 27th discussed the concept of using photographs and other media including text from the past and present as a basis for recording the story of one’s life, family and adventures; everyone has a story to tell and much of it is already in albums and shoe boxes.

The thinking at the moment is that over four weeks: 1. We start with a workshop that would encompass the gathering of material by scanning printed photos or transparencies or negatives or flash drives and converting it to a digital format. 2. With discussion and coaching, time is spent editing the images and saving them in a format for printing and/or cd/dvd for display on TV or computer or in Facebook or similar on-line storage. Editing could be done in Picasa or Photoshop

There was sufficient enthusiasm for the group to discuss how this should be done and to start it was decided that a workshop format rather than a formal course would work best.

3. The text is started most likely in Word. This could include captions for the images, dialogue for Powerpoint or the draft of a book.

There are several options for printed matter ranging from high quality hard back books to office laser printed colour pages.

4. The various forms of text and images are joined up to form the final presentation.

Further down the track music from long player records or narration could be added as could movies stored on vhs tape or from cam-corders and film and cameras. The addition of family trees will be considered.

The work involved in the various processes can match the skill level required. It is possible that some processes might take up more than the time allocated, and in this case further time can be negotiated. (This might be a standard four week course).

SeniorNet Glenfield has the equipment, courses and programmes needed to enable members to assemble albums, scrapbooks in print or digital formats; all that is required from members is the enthusiasm and time.

Friday morning was the best time for those assembled last Friday, and the first workshop will be the first Friday in September.


From the Tuition Manager F

Next month we have a range of our popular programmes and a few new to our repertoire. We include the word processing courses necessary to get members able to manage the keyboard; digital

cameras, the open source spread sheet and others. Given the time of year, Roy will look at card making, and mail merging labels will be covered. The new VHS tapes to DVDs workshop and turning still

images into movies workshop broaden our field; as does the opportunity to try a tablet computer. The first My Story session is described elsewhere. Doug Turner.

But... Before the Lord Mayor’s Show comes the glitter of the



AND TRADE EXPO The Trade Expo will be in the Senior Citizen’s Hall – together with refreshments, and the Centre will be open to all comers

There will be demonstration lessons in Room 15,


There will be computers in action in Room 15 - 30 Minutes in the Life Of.

The following companies will be represented.

Telstra Clear

Xpress Art

will have items from their ‘shop’, covering such things as mobile phones, GPS, easy to use products, net gear and internet packages.

is mainly in the business of printing photos on to canvas, displaying photo restoration techniques and colour restoration of ‘faded’ photographs.


Jaycar deals with computer accessories and will have a number of these on display.

has been asked to bring along copiers and cameras that would be attractive to Seniors.

P B Technologies will be displaying items from their shop SeniorNet as we, which members would be interested in – computers, monitors, lap tops, flash drives, card readers and more.


Laser Printers Available from SeniorNet

SeniorNet Glenfield is offering its three HP Laserjet 1200 printers to its members. These machines were given to us by Kiwi Bank but have not been put to good use. The plan is to replace them with networked machines. They are black laser printer/sheet scanners. We have used them to print, but have not investigated their scanning facility. They are about 10 years old and each comes with a box of toner which will print about 3000 sides. We don’t know how much toner is presently in the printers. Drivers for these printers are available on line. A demonstration is possible – Contact Doug The printers are offered for a donation on a first come first served basis.

COMPUTER HELP Hi, I’m Ian Bonallack and I’ve had years of experience with computers, a lot of it with seniors. I can help you if your computer won’t start (or stop) or if you’ve had your grandchildren there and they’ve changed everything around, or you think the computer has a virus. I can make sure that the computer is set up properly to do the jobs that you want it to do and works the best that it can. I charge a special rate for senior members of $50.00/hr - less if you have special circumstances. Phone 479 6771 or 027 271 9642

SeniorNet Glenfield Inc P O Box 40056 Glenfield Auckland 0747 Telephone 444-2231 Email: Website: Clubrooms 5 Mayfield Road Office Hours 10am to Noon Monday to Friday Member of the Federation of NZ SeniorNet Societies Inc. General Meeting every 3rd Monday in the month 2pm Senior Citizens Hall 7



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Discounts for Senior Net Glenfield Members The following is a list of suppliers who have offered discounts to Senior Net Glenfield Members. Sale goods will not usually be included in this discount pricing activity. Be aware that computer and accessory prices are negotiable. This applies to the wider computer retail industry. The Senior Net Glenfield Membership Card should be shown and at times you may need to ask for the Manager to negotiate the best price.. Cartridge Centre Akoranga Drive, Northcote P.B.Technologies, Porana Rd Noel Leeming (Ian Bryant) Wairau Park! Harvey Norman Wairau Park SNuttalls, The Jewellers, 21 Mokoia Rd, Birkenhead

- 10% on Cartridge Refills - Senior Net Discount - Cost plus 12% ! - Use Gold Card - 20% off watches & Jewellery

DISCLAIMER We try to ensure that information you are given in our newsletter and/or our classes is correct. However, no responsibility will be taken by any club member if any problem ensues. Likewise, tutors and/or assistants give information to you in good faith and will not be held responsible should you encounter a problem. 8

Nominations for Committee 2012-2013 Nominations are sought for the following positions:Position



Ensuring the Committee adopts good governing practice, general oversight of society affairs, conducting meetings, liaison with community agencies.

Deputy Chairperson

Deputising for and assisting the Chairperson.


Keeping meeting minutes, handling correspondence, notifying details of meetings.


Handling and recording all payments and receipts, preparing annual accounts and arranging for audit.

Membership Manager

Maintaining the membership data base.

Tuition Manager

Preparing and overseeing tuition programmes, engaging tutors and assistants.

Social Manager

Arranging monthly meetings and other social events.

Property Manager

Ensuring the equipment and furniture are kept in good working order.

Communications Manager Maintaining effective communication between committee and members. General Committee

Assisting the above portfolios as necessary.


SeniorNet Glenfield Inc. Nomination for Committee 2012-2013 We nominate......................................... for the position of.............................................. Name of Mover-............................................. Signature................................................... Name of Seconder-....................................... Signature................................................. I accept this nomination..................................... (signature of nominee) Date-.................

Please hand nominations to the Secretary prior to the Annual General Meeting. Further copies can be found at the office if required.



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