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SeniorNet Glenfield Newsletter April 2012 Jim Air

Browns Island

Phone:444 2231; email: Full contact details and office hours on page 8.

Where,s Grandma? See page 4

General Meeting Monday 16 April at 2pm See Social Manager’s Report for details.

From the Editor Welcome to our April newsletter which has details from Jack about the monthly meeting on page 5, from Doug about the new version of the website on page 7 and the course schedule for May on the last page. Once again the year is pressing on without asking our permission! Last month Roy provided Windows XP users with some useful tips for resizing photos. This month it’s the turn of those using Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, both of which include an application called Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users can download for free an upgraded version of Image Resizer which lets you custom-size your pictures in measurements like centimetres and inches, as well as those funny pixel things. When we checked the data base recently we found that we had forty nine members for whom we did not have email addresses. We know that some members do not have one but most do and we would like to have that information on our records. To that end Averil is doing a great job working her way through the list and has so far obtained fifteen addresses. There will be times that we will wish to send members details of discounts and special offers notified to us, reminders about courses and meetings as well as events such as the Open Day

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that we will be having later in the year. There is also the Federation’s newsletter Gizmo which will come out six times each year that we will wish to distribute. The best way for us to do these things will be to send out a general email. Separate from the above but on a related topic we would prefer a greater percentage of members to agree to receive the newsletter by email. In an effort to encourage this if you currently get the newsletter by post you will also receive it by email for the next three months if, of course, we have your email address. You may find that you prefer the email version. Colour will not be restricted to the front page, the print size can easily be enlarged for easier reading and you will, if you wish, still be able to print all of the newsletter or parts of it of particular interest to you (with or without colour). If you decide to make the change you will receive a $5 voucher that all members get when they opt for the email version. This can be put towards anything that you pay for such as course fees, membership renewal or the purchase of items like flash drives. If you receive both forms of the newsletter please take a little time to compare the two versions. If you do decide to make the change either phone the office, send us an email or tell us next time you are at the centre. However, the most important thing is that you get the newsletter the way you want it. The decision is entirely yours. Richard Palmer.

Computer Quiz Based on content of the Getting Started Course. 1) Another name for the black box is the CPU. True /False? 2) What is the common name for the screen? 3) What does www stand for? 4) When the mouse pointer is over an icon or a word in the menu, the word will be what? 5) Double click only applies to which button of the mouse? 6) What two letters stand for the programme that makes the computer work? 7) Some icons on the screen have a little curved arrow. What does this tell you about the icon? 8) What do folders contain? 9) What type of keyboard is used on the computer? 10)A data file runs inside what? 11)Where does a file or folder go when it is deleted? 12)When we minimise something on our desktop it closes the file. True/False? 13)What are the the three ways to open an application. 14)What letter of the alphabet will close an application ? 15)We use the round button on the front of the black box to switch the computer on and off? 16)What is the best way to close down most computers?

For answers go to Page 5 . No peeking!! 2

Resizing Pictures in MS Office 2007 and 2010 Open the folder containing the picture. Right-click on its title. In the drop menu hover the pointer (without clicking) on Open With ...


Nome· ..J P_IesParkJPG Poq;Ies P.rk (s.n.I).JPG

~ 2

In the sub-menu which appears click on Microsoft Office Picture Manager. The picture opens in the Picture Manager window.


"'Poq;Ies Park d. PIMypuslJPG ~ PImypus 2, d. PIal;"", 2J ~ Podemelon~ d. PortMhu-.JPG .J Port MtllS 1.JPG ~PortMh",2"

Rooie 00c:kwDe RctQIe Colrterdoc:kwise Setas Desktop8ac:kgtxnd 711:4Sam. 7-Z;p •. !:59 p.m. 11:05p.m. ~Scan 7 9:37~.m.



~ \'mZ;p



l~ij'';+*l·r'.'b! B EOffice Won!

-----.;Part Send To

•. ~PhoIo~

To determine the finished size of the picture we need to know its resolution. In the File menu click on Properties. Properties panel click on More.

In the seniomd:_Iuncb2007

The extended panel displays the horizontal and vertical resolution in dpi (dots per inch). A dot is the same as a pixel.

_ 004.jpg


l~ Type;FGfic Dirnensions:&!Ox433piu!s 5m!:66.4KO Mcdfled: l2/01/"1!YJ39:25:-17".m. Cr~~: l2/01/7fhd9:26:19 a.m. 1.o<ab"" q .•• Read-«ly; No Title:


""""""', ~ds: 1iDrilDnt<lI'~:96~ Verti:2llREsokrtian:S6~ litDa:lth:2-l frameColJ'rt: 1

The Resize panel opens on the right of the screen. It provides a number of options. Click on the button beside Predefined width x height then click the reveal arrow in the slot.

1 fies sefecred Resile settinos Ml*e picbze

fit nsde:




Predefined Docunent

r r

width x height: -large

(10M x 768 px)


. Document - SrnaII (BOO x 600 px) web - Large (640 x 180 px) web - Sma! (_ x 336 px)

- ~::::=A%4:~S::{ Don't take too much notice of the labels - just look at the range of sizes, stated in pixels. If the resolution is 300 pixels per inch = 118 pixels per cm. a picture resized to 800 x 600 pixels would be 2.67 x 2 inches, or 6.78 x 5.08cm. But remember that the resolution of the screen is 96 pixels per inch, so the picture will appear about three times this size when displayed on a screen. For email purposes any size from 800 x 600 down can be used, depending on what size you want it displayed on the recipient's screen. (To help you decide, try sending a picture of various sizes in an email to yourself). For TradeMe purposes use the 600 x 480 size. When you have made your selection click OK. If you wish to retain the original photo, from the File menu choose Save As, and save the file with the original name with "small" added. Close the window. When asked if you want to save changes to the original click Don't Save.

Resizing Pictures in Windows Vista or Windows 7 Download a free program called Image Resizer for Windows. Click on the link below, or type it into your web browser. http://imageresizer.codepl m/ releases/vi ew /82827

Click on Downloads. , .~~torw:nx--:_x

Click on Image Resizer here

+ -;'

c: ••.



Accept the licence terms - click A new button appears on the Status at bottom left.



irMgeresizec.mdepleltromirele8sesfvieM"82827 ~./luc:ldendiWllrlfta-_.

~ ketFuliorl;:~._





Image Resizer for Windows Image Resizer 3 Preview 3


Click on this button. In the dialog box that appears click on Run.





Upcbted:; Feb 29 20U by Sric:aambwn 0-

stMus:Stablr: 0

In the next dialog box click in the check box beside I agree to the license terms and conditions. In the next dialog box click Allow. Click Install. When you see Setup Successful click Close. Image Resizer is now installed on your hard drive in the Programs folder. Open the folder containing the photo you want to send bye-mail or use on TradeMe Right-click on the photo's title. In the menu click on Resize Pictures. After a few moments the Resize your pictures dialog box appears. To select one of the pre-determined sizes click in the adjacent radio button, then click Resize.

Ii : Resize your pictures

(" SmaR (scales to 854 x 480 pixels)


Medium (scales to 1366 x 768 pixels)

r, Large (scales to 1920 x 1080 pixels) ,I

0 Mobile (scales to 320 x 480 pixels)

I Scale to iE1~ o Only slvink pictures o Replace the originals r., Custom:

~ Ignore pidure rotations



I Centimeters G Pixels

To choose your own size click in the Custom radio button. You can then choose to set the size in either pixels, centimetres, inches or as a percentage of the original size by clicking on the reveal arrow. Having made your choice, insert the values in the adjacent slots, then click Resize.

The resized picture is automatically saved in the same folder as the original with (Custom) added to the title.

From the Social Manager March General Meeting: Ian Bonallack, from Takapuna SeniorNet, gave us an interesting presentation on Social Networking. It was dealing with face book: how to enter into it, use it & the pitfalls of using such a system. He pointed out how to use it safely by restricting who reads ones entries, and how to be careful as to whom you ask to ‘be your friends’. Twitter was also discussed, explaining that this system was a way of communicating on line with someone and getting an immediate response. It is a little like talking on the phone but with a limited number of ‘characters’. Roy reminded us about the importance of booking courses correctly. He also gave details about the Page Plus desktop publishing course he will be taking during April which is great for creating newsletters, cards, posters, flyers and much more.

Internet availability With the purchase of a wireless antenna extension, we are now able to link into the internet in the hall. The device is situated in R15. Thanks to Alan who has made a simple but effective stand for the extension, it able to be connected to the modem, pointed in the direction of the hall and viola! Problem solved.

April General Meeting . The April meeting will take the form of a ‘club presentation’. There will be group discussions with questions and answers after which three of our tutors will give us a presentation about their future courses. Dick’s presentation will be about Picasa, Jim’s about Skype and Peter’s about Windows 7. Doug will also show the new version of our website. Exciting stuff!! Jack McCulloch.

Answers to Computer Quiz. 1)True. (Central Processing Unit.) 2) Monitor or Desktop. 3) World Wide Web. 4) Selected or Highlighted. 5) Left. 6) OS (Operating System). 7) It is a short cut. 8) Files & or folders. 9)QWERTY. 10) An application. 11) Trash Can/Recycle Bin. 12) False. 13) Two left clicks on the icon/Right click on icon and click open/Left click icon and ENTER on keyboard. 14) “X’ at top right of window. 15) On yes, off NO! Turning off that way is called a Cold Boot and is for emergency situations. 16) The mouse and the close down routine..


Your Committee. Chairman: Ron Powell

Deputy Chair: Roy Pyle

Treasurer: Annette Efford Tuition Manager: DouglasTurner Minutes Secretary:. Mavis Throll

Membership Manager: Christine Britain

Communications: Richard Palmer Social Manager: Jack McCulloch Jim Air

Ray Pollock

The Computer Swallowed Grandma! The computer swallowed Grandma. Yes, honestly, it's true! She pressed 'control’ and ‘enter’ And disappeared from view. It devoured her completely, The thought just makes me squirm. She must have caught a virus Or been eaten by a worm. I've searched through the recycle bin And files of every kind;

I've even used the Internet, But nothing did I find. In desperation, I asked Jeeves My searches to refine. The reply from him was negative, Not a thing was found 'online.' So, if inside your 'Inbox' My Grandma you should see, Please! 'Copy, Scan' and 'Paste' her And send her back to me.

This is a tribute to all the Grandmas and Grandpas who have been fearless and learned to use a computer. They are the greatest!

COMPUTER HELP Hi, I’m Ian Bonallack and I’ve had years of experience with computers, a lot of it with seniors. I can help you if your computer won’t start (or stop) or if you’ve had your grandchildren there and they’ve changed everything around, or you think the computer has a virus. I can make sure that the computer is set up properly to do the jobs that you want it to do and works the best that it can. I charge a special rate for senior members of $50.00/hr - less if you have special circumstances. Phone 479 6771 or 027 271 9642 6

Our Tutors Jim Air 418 1378 Peter Ashley 475 5212 Frances Carrucan 482 0378 Judie Cowie 482 2200 Rhonda Giles 443 1458

Bett Grinder 413 9909 Keith Gudgin 418 0752 Pam Hamblin 444 9151 David Helas 483 7569 Les Howe 479 9773 Jack McCulloch 418 4248

Michael McMahon 3766631 Shirley Nicholas 4431355 Ray Pollock 4809396 Roy Pyle 4449717 Dick Richards 4839990

From the Tuition Manager Greetings. In order to complete a few courses in April, the new schedule starts in week 2 of May. The exception to this is Skype on 1 May. Jack will be running a Digital Camera course in May, which is, for various reasons, the first one of the year. All those who have a new camera – find out how to get the most out of it! There will be three word processing courses in May, OO Writer, MS Word 2003 and MS Word 2007/10. This is the best way to come to grips with all the strange keys on the keyboard. Those with Word 2010 for example – have a very different result from the Alt key. Please give some thought to this though - Frances pointed out that the current handbooks use a letter for practice runs; do we type letters any more? Some ideas from you regarding suitable documents would be most appreciated and can be incorporated in the handbooks. Help would also be appreciated with the website. At the next monthly meeting the next version of the website will be shown. The new one will use a model called Content Management System – CMS. I hope to put it live at the end of the month. Those interested (and registered) will be able to go into the website and add their notes, pictures, videos… for all to see. We might even be able to have advertisements for your hobby sales. I particularly need some help with website metadata. Two years ago we gave out a Birthday Disk with lots of free software. As with all things computer these are well out of date now. One way of obtaining a free anti virus is to use the Link on our website to AVG and Avast! If you need a copy of Open Office or Picasa these can be down loaded but we have a flash drive at the office with copies on it for you to BORROW. Let us know of anything else that we can help you download. See you at the Mayfield Centre Doug Turner


Welcome to New Members Keith Anderson

Victor Davies

Margaret Lumsden

Marcelle Estall

Robert & Maureen Hamilton

Harold & Christine McDonald

Elsie Smith

A wet day, bowls was cancelled and Roy had finished the crossword. What to do? Ah! I know!

Map shows distribution of our membership in March 2012.

Full contact details and office hours. SeniorNet Glenfield Inc P O Box 40056 Glenfield Auckland 0747 Telephone 444-2231 Email: Website: Clubrooms 5 Mayfield Road Office Hours 10am to Noon Monday to Friday Member of the Federation of NZ SeniorNet Societies Inc. General Meeting every 3rd Monday in the month 2pm Senior Citizens Hall



Has your house paint faded?

New Work Home renovations & presale repairs

Houses can look tired. A coat of paint can give you and your house a lift. If your house needs a smarten up

WOOD: Decks, w/boards, steps, shelves, fencing, Window repairs prior to painting CONCRETE: paths, drives, block walls, Plastering, retaining walls


J & G PAINTERS No job is too small

TILING; Bathroom, kitchen, laundry

Quotes are free Ph Geoff Newton 480 8538 Mobile 027 6474765

PLUMBING; Leaky taps, blocked drains, Shower, bath etc

Jack McCulloch 418 4248 Mobile 022 6064593

Phone 4182609 Mob 02102605747

I can do most household repairs

Discounts for Senior Net Glenfield Members The following is a list of suppliers who have offered discounts to Senior Net Glenfield Members. Sale goods will not usually be included in this discount pricing activity. Be aware that computer and accessory prices are negotiable. This applies to the wider computer retail industry. The Senior Net Glenfield Membership Card should be shown and at times you may need to ask for the Manager to negotiate the best price.. Cartridge Centre Akoranga Drive, Northcote P.B.Technologies, Porana Rd Noel Leeming (Ian Bryant) Wairau Park! Harvey Norman Wairau Park Dick Smith, Glenfield Nuttalls, The Jewellers, 21 Mokoia Rd, Birkenhead

- 10% on Cartridge Refills - Senior Net Discount - Cost plus 12% ! - Use Gold Card - 10% off Retail - 20% off watches & Jewellery

DISCLAIMER We try to ensure that information you are given in our newsletter and/or our classes is correct. However, no responsibility will be taken by any club member if any problem ensues. Likewise, tutors and/or assistants give information to you in good faith and will not be held responsible should you encounter a problem. 9

Schedule for May-2012 Every Monday Last Friday in Month

Welcome Club Afternoon

10-12 1.30 p

Meet and great new and prospective members The monthly topic(s)will be announced



No. of Session

Start date

SKP Skype





1-May 15



Video phone calls between computers via the internet

TDM TradeMe





8-May 14



Buying and selling in an on-line auction

EM1 Email & Internet Pt1





29-May 15



Send & receive emails; surf the internet

Tue 1.30pm



29-May 15



Creating text documents using OpenOffice

UPC Using Picasa

Tue 1.30pm



29-May 14



Managing, enhancing and sharing photographs

DGC Digital Camera

Wed 10am



30-May 15



Manage your camera and the photographs

C7O Intro to Computers with Win 7

Wed 10am



30-May 14



Starting to master your computer with Windows 7.

FAF Files & Folders

Wed 1.30pm



30-May 14



Manage, store and retrieve your work on the computer

GTS Getting Started

Wed 1.30pm



30-May 15


WP3 W.P. MS Word 2003




10-May 31-May 15



Create documents using MS Word 2003

WP7 W.P. MS Word 2007




10-May 31-May 14



Create documents using MS Word 2007



Course name

Word Processing Open Office

Finish date Room Tutor

Dollar cost Comment

Free The course for members with no computer experience


How Do Iâ&#x20AC;Ś

Thu 1.30pm


10-May 10-May 15




Introduction to Photo Elements

Thu 1.30pm


10-May 31-May 14





11-May 11-May 15



BLP Bring in your Laptop


We try to help solve your particular difficulty Photo enhancement for the serious photographer Find out what is on your laptop; what can SeniorNet offer you?

If you cannot attend class please contact the Tutor or the Office (10 - noon, Mon - Fri) 444 2231 Course Booking and Payment To book a place on a course either phone Roy Pyle 444 9717 or book on line in the Members section of the website: Code snetg11 When you have made the booking complete the payment slip (on the right) and send with the fee to the office. If you make a payment to our bank account please make sure that the entry includes your name and a) the word Sub if you are paying for a membership subscription and/or b) the Course Code if you are paying for your course(s). Account: SeniorNet Glenfield (Inc). Account Number 12-3072-0486111-00

May-2012 Course Payment

When your place has been confirmed please circle the course code(s) here and send this slip with payment to the Office. Cheques payable to SeniorNet Glenfield. Name .......................... Amount $........

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