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m tters Navigating the World of Medicare Managed Care


A look back at Third Quarter OCTOBER 2012

from the

Bob Fusco Chief Executive Officer




edicare Managed Care is a trend that continues to gain popularity in the health care industry, including home health services. Medicare Advantage enrollment has accelerated in recent years, with penetration in Florida over 32% and Louisiana just over 20% of total Medicare beneficiaries. In fact, growth in Florida last year was over 12% from 2010. So, one might ask, “How do we address this new trend?” The answer is to embrace it so that we can diversify our payer mix. And, that is exactly the direction we’re headed as a company. Any good business analyst or consultant will tell you that diversification can be good for business for many reasons. However, I have four reasons why I know that navigating our way into the managed care waters will be opportunistic. 1. Improved clinical utilization – Diversifying our payer mix by accepting more managed care patients will allow us to keep our field staff busier, especially during the slower summer months and in markets that have a great deal of excess clinical capacity (more clinicians than they need). 2. Attract the very best – Busier agencies mean we will need to hire more field staff. If

1 | OCTOBER 2012

our clinical staff is always busy and attending to the needs of a diversified patient mix, statistics prove that we’ll attract the best and brightest employees. 3. Increased revenue – Increased patient census leads to greater revenue, allowing Senior Home Care to make more investments and fulfill our company’s mission. 4. Expanded brand visibility -Managed care will allow access to many new referral sources, where previously we had limited success, because we didn’t accept patients from a variety of payer sources. As a result, with the proper focus, our Account managers and Patient Care Coordinators could generate additional Medicare episodic business, which continues to be our priority. While keeping it simple, it’s easy to understand that the company with the most field staff and the most patients will win in the long term. That’s our strategy.

A Note of Caution

This is not a survival strategy or a plan to replace our core Medicare business. On any given day, 94% of our patients on service represent traditional Medicare. While we may see that percentage drop as we take on more managed care patients, we cannot let

the actual number of Medicare patients fall below our expected growth rate and, in fact, we expect it to grow at a faster rate. This is critical for all of us to understand and support. Like I always do, know that I will be watching our company metrics closely, especially our Medicare and managed care patient mix. Our Medicare business, even with the reimbursement reductions in recent years, continues to be our top priority. We need everyone’s help and understanding to do this.

We’re Sailing in the Right Direction

The preliminary final rule was released in July from The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and the effect on Senior Home Care reimbursement is estimated to be a reduction of .7%. This would be the lowest reduction in several years. Like in years past, we are anxiously awaiting the final rule, which will be released in November. However, know that we’re not idle but continuing to sail forward. As members of the executive team continue to meet and negotiate with more managed care organizations, I am excited about this new payer mix strategy and the opportunities that await us. Like always, I welcome your feedback. If you have any questions or ideas, please call or email me.



(From top): Andrea Khaleel, Port Charlotte (left) Jackie Smith, New Port Richey Lourdes Prendes, Broward Paula Rabon, Shreveport (right)




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OCTOBER 2012 | 2

compassion in

ACTION A love note is magic, bringing together the loved and the loving.

According to Corinne Sprain, a Registered Nurse for 14 years who works in our Clearwater, Fla. agency, love notes may even be curative and restorative.


ecently, Corinne began writing notes on Elizabeth Young’s dressings. Elizabeth is a patient with a chronic wound that just would not heal. After months of treatment, her physician told her the wound may never heal, due to decreased arterial blood flow. “When Elizabeth told me this news, she was very upset,” recalls Corinne. “I assured her that she shouldn’t give up hope, and that I would still continue to work with her, caring for the wound. I encouraged her at each visit, and this is when she began saying, ‘I believe it will heal because you are doing the wound care, and your love will heal it.’”

Corinne admits, “It’s amazing that after a few weeks, we began to see improvement and, in a couple months, the wound was completely healed! Other than the love notes and words of encouragement, there had been no other changes to her care!” So, what’s in a love note? Corinne believes it is about taking time to tell patients that they matter. “The notes are a reminder of the power of positivity,” she concludes. Sandy Calvert, Regional Administrator, believes Corinne’s notes are a reflection of her wonderful gift of care giving. “She’s a humble and unsung hero, who very quietly touches so many in her care. She was recognized recently as one of our ‘star’ clinicians and received Oasis certification. Her documentation is as great as her care!”

“She told me her wound was

healing from the love Corinne put on her dressings ”

This gave Corinne an idea. “I heard of an experiment by Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher who claims that words, or intentions of words, could affect the way water crystals form. He also suggests that consciousness affects health. So, I thought, why not experiment with writing positive words – love notes – on Elizabeth’s dressings to see their affect,” she says. Occupational Therapist, Jason Tuminski, also works with Elizabeth, and says she began showing her dressings to others at her Assisted Living Facility, telling them that love heals wounds. “She told me her wound was healing from the love Corinne put on her dressings!” he explains.

3 | OCTOBER 2012

In a world that offers more ways than ever to connect to people, it seems that the simplest forms of communication sometimes work best. Words that come from the heart build people up. That’s the magic of a well-placed, low-tech love note.

love note is magic, “Abringing together the loved and the loving


OCTOBER 2012 | 4

From left: Amy Clark, Leslie Moore, Robyn Cooper, Judy Miller, Christal Beattie, Robert Paredes, Erika Allen, Jan Barr, Roberta Phillips, Ronda Woble, Katie Kato


lorida Diversity Council’s Second Annual Tampa Bay Talent Summit was held on Thursday, July 12, 2012 at Senior Home Care’s corporate headquarters in Clearwater, Fla., offering an excellent opportunity to showcase our business and corporate culture. The conference is one of several annual events the Florida Diversity Council sponsors in the greater Tampa Bay

Manager II at Fifth Third Bank, and Jan Barr, Vice President of Human Resources at Senior Home Care. “Senior Home Care was very pleased to host this year’s summit as part of our commitment to partnering in the business community, and we would like to thank the Florida Diversity Council for the opportunity,” said Jan.

“We seek input from employees with various personality styles, work styles, professional backgrounds and cultural differences, and then engage our employees through company-wide initiatives

area designed to help companies maximize the talents and skills of current employees, and highlight best practices for promoting diversity and inclusion in the workforce. Guest speakers were Robert Paredes, Vice President and Area Sales

5 | OCTOBER 2012

The half-day event included member representatives from Saint Leo University, Tech Data Corporation, the Polk County Board of County Commissioners, Inroads, Inc., Grow Financial Federal Credit Union and TEK Systems. Attendees from Senior Home Care included Leslie Moore, Katie

Kato, Robyn Cooper, Ronda Woble, Erika Allen, Christal Beattie, Roberta Phillips, Amy Clark and Judy Miller. Jan presented on some of the ways Senior Home Care’s corporate culture encourages diversity. “Because our business is largely represented by clinical staff, many of our candidates come from a restricted pool with specific credentials, like Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists,” she explained. “According to national statistics, those clinicians’ age, gender and education demographics are highly specific. With that challenge, Senior Home Care’s goal is to maximize every opportunity to engage all kinds of business professionals throughout the company. We seek input from employees with various personality styles, work styles, professional backgrounds

PARTNERING IN THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY Senior Home Care Hosts Florida Diversity Council

and cultural differences, and then engage our employees through company-wide initiatives.” Paredes offered tips for recruiting and developing top-notch talent, sharing, “At Fifth Third Bank, we have found that when our focus is on supporting the needs of people first, whether it is our employees or our clients, then everything else will fall into place. Policies on things like compensation, leadership, stability and work-life balance are critical for employees, but it is making time to focus on them as individuals that brings everything together.”

About Florida Diversity Council An affiliate of the National Diversity Council, Florida Diversity Council is a volunteer organization that works with companies, schools and communities in Florida to promote diversity and inclusion. The group seeks to build a community in which people collaborate for success by learning and valuing the stories, viewpoints and history of others. For more information, visit OCTOBER 2012 | 6



ochelle Vallier, a Registered Nurse from our Lafayette, La. agency, has been chosen as one of the Top 50 Home Care and Hospice Nurses in the nation by the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC). To coincide with National Nurses Week in May, NAHC launched a campaign asking its 33,000 members, affiliated associations and the American public to help choose a top hospice and

home care nurse from every state. The program celebrates nurses who distinguish themselves by the size of their hearts, by their professionalism and by their work ethic. Synergy Home Care proudly nominated Rochelle, who has been a nurse with the company for more than 10 years. Her entry was evaluated by NAHC, and then she was selected by a committee of experts to represent the state of Louisiana.

“We are pleased to celebrate Rochelle as a distinguished professional in the field of nursing,” explained Monica Rougeau, Regional Administrator at Synergy Home Care. “We are proud of her and the way she gives of herself to care for patients like they are extended family. Nurses like Rochelle inspire us all!” America’s Top 50 Home Care and Hospice Nurses, including Rochelle, were profiled in the May, 2012 edition of CARING, NAHC’s monthly magazine. To learn more, visit NAHC is a nonprofit organization that represents the nation’s 33,000 home care and hospice organizations. NAHC also advocates for the more than two million nurses, therapists, aides and other caregivers employed by such organizations to provide inhome services to some 12 million Americans each year who are infirm, chronically ill, disabled and dying.

Rochelle and 80-year-old patient, Joan Sonnier, as featured in the May, 2012 issue of CARING magazine.

7 | OCTOBER 2012

Rebecca Rachel



linical Resource Manager Rebecca Rachel, from our Alexandria, La. agency, was “arrested” and sentenced to time behind bars in an effort to raise bail (donations) for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) during their 2012 CENLA Lock-Up event May 24. Held at Texas Roadhouse in Alexandria, the fundraiser was a great success, bringing in more than $44,000 for MDA. Rebecca had many well-known and respected members of the community

as cellmates, including a local judge, probation officer and radio disc jockey. “We came from all walks of life, but united to raise money and awareness for this wonderful organization,” explained Rebecca. “It was an honor to be arrested and locked up to help such a worthy cause, which helps provide care for people afflicted by this tragic, debilitating disease.” Synergy Home Care, along with several of Rebecca’s friends and colleagues, was pleased to support her efforts with a contribution so that she was able to donate over $1,100.




uring their homecoming/ football-themed Blitz Week in September, employees at the Shreveport agency had a blast with activities that brought office and field staff together as one team. There were competitions, awards and a crowning ceremony for the office king and queen, Chris Fanning and Paula Rabon. The agency’s objective was to help educate referral sources on how our company is going the distance to prevent re-hospitalizations. They worked and competed to reach out to the community, and then celebrated each referral that came in.

“Our Account Managers are always ready and excited to discuss disease management programs and company initiatives with referral sources,” explained Erin Breehne, Account Manager, “and the extra support of our internal Team Captains created a different blitz this time! Every day of the week was different and included donations, themes and some friendly competition.” Office Coordinator, Brandi Sharpley, who was a Team Captain, added, “We were all able to feel like part of the Account Manager team … helping each other meet our goals. It was great to be able to get out of that every day routine and have extra fun at work!” OCTOBER 2012 | 8


BY Jeré Dye, Corporate Clinical Education Specialist

Our Clinicians Rate Patient Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction Priority #1


n health care, continuing education is a must. Senior Home Care provides many resources to help our professionals stay ahead of the curve. Company-provided educational materials are based on state regulatory requirements, as well as federal and Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) standards. In addition, training revolves around: improving patient care and outcomes; changes in the home care environment and technological advancements. In order to assess educational needs above and beyond industry-required courses, Jeré Dye, Corporate Clinical Education Specialist, created two surveys for clinical staff. One was for Nurses, Therapists and MSWs (those with master’s degrees in social work) and the other was for Home Health Aides. Results showed that our clinicians rank Patient Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction at the top of their list for ongoing education topics. Senior Home Care is responding with company-wide initiatives, including:


Clinicians and clinical management have received a laminated OASIS Process Measures and Outcomes Resource Tool based on what is reported on

9 | OCTOBER 2012

Home Health Compare, as well as education on addressing outcomes on the Droid. The Outcome Improvement Project Team made branch visits during the second quarter of 2012 to offer one-onone instruction on patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. Additional educational materials are planned for distribution throughout the rest of the year. » Patricia Hanks, Director of Regulatory and Accreditation, is currently working with the Outcome Improvement Project Team on a comprehensive Outcomes Education Plan for improving Home Health Compare results. This education will be ongoing with agency visits through the remainder of the year. » A Patient Satisfaction Project Team has been established to develop and provide training to all employees for improving patient satisfaction scores. » In the surveys, Home Health Aides asked for more information on patient satisfaction and keeping patients out of the hospital. They will receive patient satisfaction education as part of the companywide rollout. Additionally, a Home Health Aide section soon will be added to the Clinical Education page of Vital Signs, the company Intranet. It

will house multiple educational resources, including steps for reducing re-hospitalizations. » The Senior Home Care Learning Center (www. seniorhomecarelearningcenter. net) is another great resource for ongoing training, offering more than 500 courses. If you have additional educational needs, please contact your Director of Operations/Supervisor. Or, feel free to contact Jeré Dye, Corporate Clinical Education Specialist or Robyn Cooper, Learning and Development Specialist, for more information.

Making the Grade Have You Completed Your Annual Education Courses? Time is running out to meet the October 31, 2012 deadline for required annual education and clinical competencies for ALL employees. Check the Training & Education Page on Vital Signs, the company Intranet, as soon as possible for more information.



enior Home Care is pleased to become the first provider of its kind to earn accreditation for Behavioral Health Home Care (BHHC) from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. (ACHC). Read, share or print the company press release about this accomplishment by looking under Company News on our corporate web site, While our company already holds home health care accreditation through ACHC, we elected to go above and beyond to pursue this additional credential for one of our key programs. BHHC integrates behavioral health interventions into home care services for patients whose mental illness, substance abuse, intellectual/developmental disabilities make it difficult, or otherwise prevent them from receiving care outside of their homes. Services are provided by a psychiatric nurse and other home care personnel, as ordered by a physician.

“This is an elective, specialty accreditation that ACHC released in August, 2011,” explained Britt Welch, Behavioral Health Manager at ACHC. “A home health organization that decides to voluntarily pursue the accreditation is making a statement that it recognizes and seeks to provide the highest quality of care to this unique and growing population in the home care industry.” Bob Fusco, Senior Home Care’s Chief Executive Officer, added, “We are proud to attain ACHC recognition for meeting some of the nation’s highest industry requirements for patient care, administration, transparency and accountability. It also speaks to the level of expertise, commitment and compassion that our clinicians have in caring for our patients with behavioral health needs.” If you have any questions about this or other company credentials, please contact Patricia Hanks, Director of Accreditation and Regulation.

O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2 | 10

11 | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2

August 31 was national College Colors Day 2012 and by the looks of things, the celebration brought out some fan-atic behavior at the corporate office! Wearing gear from their favorite college, folks from all departments showed their true colors with jerseys, beads and banners. Even with some spirited rivalry between them, these pros know they are better together and they’re proud to be one great team! O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2 | 12

Lynne Hebert Chief Operating Officer


13 | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2

Curaspan Health Group builds secure electronic patient-transition networks for hospital, post-acute providers and suppliers to optimize patient care.


ne of our company’s strategic objectives for 2012 is to improve operating efficiencies and increase productivity in order to support the growth of the business. With that focus, we are pleased to announce Senior Home Care has improved response time to referring providers by 32 percent in two months, since deploying an updated Referral Response Plan, which includes ReferralCentral® software, in 18 of our agencies.

ReferralCentral enables us to:

See how that achievement is being spotlighted in a case study by Curaspan Health Group, published on

In all decisions we make, our patients are always our top priority. Web-based technology, like ReferralCentral, provides tools for making our service to patients and facilities even more efficient, and data we need to make our business stronger.


Collaborate with multiple providers on a secured platform » See and share real-time patient data in an instant » Reduce phone, fax and hold time with case managers » Review monthly reports on volume, referralto-placement rates and response times at each of our agencies

If you have questions, feel free to contact me. O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2 | 14


ot just for online resumes, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with over 120 million members – including Senior Home Care!



LinkedIn now offers companies – like ours – the opportunity to post status updates, news articles and photos to tell the world what we’re up to and offer our followers the chance to engage and share in the conversation. Get connected by following our new LinkedIn Corporate Profile at senior-home-care-inc today. For more information, please contact Ronda Woble, Director of Marketing.




orporate Marketing has launched our new company retail logo and specialty store, the Senior Home Care Store! To browse, click Senior Home Care Store under Quick Links on Vital Signs, the company Intranet. Or, visit In addition to custom corporate logo apparel, you’ll find specialty items like umbrellas, beach chairs and Tervis tumblers, available with the Senior Home Care, Synergy Home Care or Med Tech Services logo. Anyone with 15 | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2

a personal credit card can order from the company store. New products will arrive seasonally, so check back for fresh gift ideas. Please note: Senior Home Care does not profit in any way from purchases. Senior Home Care Store is strictly an e-commerce/retail site powered by Helinger Advertising, a family owned, full-service promotional products distributor doing business in St. Petersburg, Fla. for over 35 years. All transactions, delivery and returns are made through Helinger Advertising.

If you have any product ideas or questions, please contact Christal Beattie in Marketing.

Save Money with


cell phone bill BY Ashley Perry, LPN, Transitional Care Coordinator


hile the price of just about everything is skyrocketing, Senior Home Care offers ways to save on your personal cell phone bill! Because the company is contracted with Verizon and AT&T, employees have access to the following discounts:


Verizon Wireless offers up to a 22% discount off qualifying Verizon wireless plans and up to 25% off accessories. » AT&T Wireless offers a 24% discount on qualified voice and data service, as well as a 45% discount on most devices.

For Verizon discounts, employees can register online through the Verizon Web site at discounts or by visiting any Verizon Wireless authorized dealer. Jacob Speerstra, Sales Analyst at Senior Home Care’s corporate office, has taken advantage of the Verizon discount since 2008, and uses it toward his individual wireless plan, including talk, text and internet. “Signing up was easy and quick,” he says. “Aside from seeing devices discounted, I couldn’t ask for much more.” Scott Bentzel, Director of IT, began taking advantage of the Verizon discount in July of this year and uses it toward his family plan. He finds the discount helps offset ongoing price increases on phone service. “Applying the discount was easy. I had to supply some information on the Verizon Web site, then the sales person at the store took care of the rest,” Bentzel said. For AT&T discounts, visit wireless/vha. An 8-digit code will be needed for enrollment. You can find the code and additional information about all wireless discounts on the Employee Discount Programs page on Vital Signs, in the HR Employee Resource Center. If you have additional questions, contact Robyn Cooper, Learning and Development Specialist.

O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2 | 16

That’s the Spirit! Port Charlotte’s recent Team-Building Day focused on promoting Senior Home Care brand recognition in their community. Here, they’re proud to show off their team spirit and some new uniforms and branded shirts that are sure to be noticed around town. GO RED! (Back, from left): Rachel Trainor, Andrea Khaleel, Monalee Pigeon, Annmarie Bachman, Pallavi Lowery, Samuel Grafton. (Front, from left): Tricia Gilchrist, Jackie Mcintosh, Laura Avant, Nancy Baptiste, Rose Tordecillas, Vicente Lima, Lorraine Harrison, Kelly Warner, April Brewington

Sales Training JUNE & SEPTEMBER 2012 A warm welcome to all those who were part of the week-long Sales Training Classes at the corporate office in June and September! Attendees included Account Managers and Patient Care Coordinators from across the company, led by Leslie Moore, Director of Sales Training and Recruiting and James Carter, Director of Field Development. (Back, from left): James Carter, Carmen Scallan, Candace Blumrich, DeAnn McCarthy, Alfred Belle, Leslie Moore, Tracy Hilibish-Lichtenger, Michael O-Connor (Front, from left): Kylie LaHaye, Mary Prescott, Amy Anderson, Leanne Seay, Jessica Kimball, Kristine Richard

(Back, from left): Gabe Malak, James Carter, Nikki Clark, Danielle Inman, Angela Micai, Lorie Henderson, William Mayes, Michelle Sharpe, Samantha Ofeldt, Bea Cooper, Billy Mcilvaine, Leslie Moore (Front, from left): Donna Deal, Lauren Walker, Lynne Oliver, Nicole Girouard, Candace Daigle, Yoni Portales, Alina Felhandler, Linda Puryear, Emily Lee, Holly Vida

17 | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2

Marksville Team Gives Hurricane Isaac the Boot! Even Hurricane Isaac couldn’t keep our team in Marksville, La. from gearing up and going out to make sure patients were okay. They were an “unstoppable force” in matching Louisiana State University boots! GE A U X TI GE R S !

From left: Kathy Daigrepont, Susan Ducote, Jessica Lachney, Susan Brouillette, Kim Lemoine, Brooke Clark, Charlotte Dubroc

O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2 | 18



ur Marksville, La. agency hosted an Open House celebration on June 27, 2012 at their new location on North Main Street.

Nearly 100 people from Central Louisiana took part, including Marksville Mayor John Lemoine, members of the Chamber of Commerce, former patients, staff and referral partners. Chamber members coordinated a ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by a tour, some great food and a Complete Compassion Award presentation to Kateri Lemoine, a Registered Nurse at the agency.

91-Year-Old-Patient Hits High Note

Even 91-year-old patient, Anna Ponthieu, came by from Oakmont Estate Assisted Living Facility to play her harmonica for everyone. “Our Physical Therapist, Brenda Wood, has been working with Mrs. Anna to help improve functionality in her hands and to improve her endurance,” explained Susan Brouillette, Director of Operations. “Mrs. Anna’s goal has been to continue to play her harmonica again and, with Brenda’s help, she met her goal as witnessed on this special day! “What a testimony that was to the care we provide and our commitment to our patients!” Susan added.

A Note of Thanks New Iberia Team is ‘Amazing’


enior Home Care, Synergy Home Care and Med Tech Services are pleased to be part of our patients’ lives, creating extraordinary experiences for them every day. We are proud to share a personal note from Hazel André, explaining how she feels about the care her husband, Robert, receives from the team at the New Iberia agency of Synergy Home Care.

19 | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2

July 19, 2012

group in New Iberia is amazing! “Your They are all pleasant, efficient,

competent people who know their jobs and discharge them in such a caring manner. They are always cheerful and interested in my husband’s progress. I am truly impressed with this entire group. They have provided so much help for us! Sending my deepest appreciation!

(From left): Area Directors of Sales Mark Withee, Sharon Cooper, Jackie Alexander and Fred Schaaf show their team spirit at the Senior Home Care tradeshow booth and display.



eamwork: Achieving Our Mission Through Passion and Dedication” was the theme at the sixth annual Florida Assisted Living Association (FALA) Conference and Trade Show held August 21 through 24 in Orlando. FALA is the largest network of assisted living providers in Florida, representing nearly 500 assisted living facilities (ALFs), adult family care homes and more than 175 associate members. The Senior Home Care and Med Tech Services team was happy to participate, attending seminars, connecting with ALF representatives

and vendors, and showcasing our company’s services at a colorful tradeshow booth and hospitality suite. Booths were sold out with about 500 companies attending. “The conference began as the Summer Olympics wrapped up,” explains Jackie Alexander, Area Director of Sales, who helped coordinate our company display. “The excellence in teamwork focus was a great fit, adding extra energy and inspiration at the conference this year. We had gold-medal Olympic-themed signs, invitations and colorful promotional gear to market Senior Home Care.

We were able to have some good meetings, and each Area Director of Sales is following up now on many potential opportunities we received. We would especially like to thank all the people who helped with the booth, display and hospitality suite. We were so proud of our winning Senior Home Care team, especially when some of our ALF communities stopped by to compliment our clinicians, Account Managers and Patient Care Coordinators. They called our employees by name and remarked about their outstanding service.”

O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2 | 20

Jan Barr Vice President of Human Resources


21 | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2


he Ultipro onboarding process went live this summer and has been implemented in every agency. This electronic system allows the Human Resources contact in the agency to enter newhire information directly into Ultipro, and makes the new-hire process almost paperless for the office and the new employee. The objectives for automated onboarding include:


Getting a new hire “on board” and ready to work faster » Providing accurate employee information; data is pulled from the e-recruit site and is integrated throughout the

new-hire process, eliminating multiple data entries » Delivering a more efficient process to Human Resources contacts at each agency » Supporting our technology direction toward paperless processes; forms and policies are automatically uploaded and stored in onboarding site » Making steps intuitive and easy to use for agencies and candidates Over 250 people have completed electronic onboarding as of September 1, and an average of 25 candidates are in different stages of the process every day.

A special thank you to the Human Resources contacts for patience in overcoming the speed bumps that accompany new process implementations. That talented team of individuals has learned how to maximize onboarding! If you require assistance with onboarding, please do not hesitate to contact me.

O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2 | 22

Mitch Morel Chief Financial Officer




or those who have been in home health care for any amount of time, you know that we work in an ever-changing environment. With baby-boomers hitting the Medicare rolls in record numbers and the country going through an economic decline, the government and other payers are trying to figure out how to take care of more patients at a lower cost with fewer resources. Home health care is right in the middle of this tugof-war and may be positioned as a leading provider of care in the future.

government is attempting to off-load the risk of providing care by developing several different strategies, including: Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), bundling, capitation with managed care and so on.

Home health care continues to provide services at the lowest cost and, in our opinion, provides some of the finest care. As was the case in the 90s, the


23 | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2

Growth Initiatives

In order to maintain and grow our existing business, we must reach out to these new payers, as well as find efficiencies in our operations. Management is exploring several options including: Aligning with and/or contracting with ACOs » Participating in a CommunityBased Care Transitions Program

» »

Partnering with hospitals Contracting with managed care plans » Identifying ways to operate more efficiently. One option we are currently implementing is the development of contracts with managed care and other payers. We have recently signed contracts with United, Humana and Vantage, and are in negotiations with two other large third party administrators (TPAs) in Florida. Although we are contracting with these entities, our core business, Medicare, has not changed and will not change in the near future. The number of

Medicare beneficiaries transferring to managed care continues to increase but is still around 30%. That means traditional Medicare continues to be our largest customer and best payer for the foreseeable future. Contracting with managed care allows us access to more patients and the ability to reach new referral sources that we have been previously unable to secure. In no way do we want to sacrifice our traditional Medicare business by taking too much managed care business.

Strides in Efficiency and Productivity Senior Home Care is committed to improving operational efficiencies

throughout the company. Last year, we invested in our new software system, Homecare Homebase (HCHB). The process-based software has made us more efficient in many areas and has exposed other areas where we can improve. It enables everyone to track each step of the patient’s process throughout the system, from referral to discharge. Our Directors of Branch Support Services continue to explore better ways to use the system and identify opportunities to increase productivity. We encourage all HCHB users to identify and communicate areas we can improve upon.

must continue to push ourselves and others to be the best we can be, while remaining strong and nimble enough to adapt. With some of the best and brightest employees in the industry, we know we can work together to be successful.

In order to maintain our market share and be a leader in the industry, we O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2 | 24

Un l


ea s h th

Gi an t

William Mayes Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

“ By doing everything with a sense of pride and giving a little bit more every day, we could exponentially change the market place and the communities we serve


25 | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2

The 2012 Summer Olympics included some of the most amazing stories of athletes who have overcome unthinkable odds. Their focus, determination and power have pushed them beyond limits that most of us will never comprehend.


ake runner Lopez (Lopepe) Lomong, for example. As a child, he was a victim of the Sudanese Civil War. He was kidnapped by rebel soldiers when he was six years old. He was held prisoner, experiencing hunger and violence. One night, he escaped and ran for three straight days through the African plains, ending up in a Kenyan refugee camp. He lived there for years as a “Lost Boy” until he was brought to New York by an American foster family. Until then, Lopez had never even owned a pair of shoes! In time, Lopez discovered a passion for running. He began to compete in track and field and this new-found passion unleashed a giant inside himself that ultimately led him to become one of America’s top middle-distance runners

… and, now, one of the most recognized Olympians in the world! Away from the track, Lopez is studying hotel management and sends money to help his mother, Rita, who now lives outside Nairobi, Kenya. He also partners with World Vision “4 South Sudan” to help bring healing to the people who struggle to survive in his home country, and plans to return there one day to help build a business community. This story got me thinking about how we can all unleash the giant inside ourselves. If we can harness this power, it can drive us to do great things. But, how do we ignite that passion? How can we keep a “get it done” mentality going each day? That may be the million-dollar question. There is a massive need out there for compassionate, quality care for the elderly. Yet, we are only scratching the surface of what we could do for people. Consider this: 78 million people will be hitting the Medicare books over the next 10 years. That is a tsunami of aging people who need care, a personal touch, a voice and ongoing support. So, what can we do? First, we have to remember that our job is about making a difference in the lives of people. Our patients are always our top priority and our organization takes great pride in this driving principle.

Then, we need to ratchet up staff, motivating and unleashing their giants. Each person is driven by something. We need to captivate this power; power that can drive momentum. This power can activate other key personality drivers in people, which helps them move forward, achieving goals. Another thing we can do is better manage details, better manage planning and, more importantly, better manage the execution of the planning process. Simply put, make more of our time, visits and sales calls every day. By doing everything with a sense of pride and giving a little bit more every day, we could exponentially change the market place and the communities we serve. In competition and in life, Lopez Lomong’s commitment continues to inspire millions all over the world. You and I may not be Olympic athletes like him, but we can work toward unleashing the giant within ourselves. Let’s run the race. People are counting on us! You can learn more about Lopez Lomong’s foundation and the new book about his life at

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