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All of  the  students  said  that  they  thought  that  the   mobile  phones  at  school  wasn't  necessary.   specially,  Javier  said  that  he  wasn't  agreed  whith   the  mobile  phones  at  school  because  the  students   would  copied.  Gemma  said  that  she  wasn't  agreed   whith  the  mobile  phones  at  school  because  was   easied  to  distract  when  someone  used  the  mobile   phone  at  school.   Most  people  said  that  they  thought  that  the  mobile   phones  distracted  the  students  when  they  were  at   school.  

Summary by     Sandra  

Most people  said  that  they  thought  that   students  shouldn't  wear  uniforms  at  high   school.  Some  people  said  that  students  should   have  the  right  to  choose  their  own  clothes  to   express  themselves.  However,  Anna  said  that   she  agreed  about  the  uniforms  rule,  because   she  wore  one  everyday  at  school.  Alejandro   and  Gemma  said  that  uniforms  were  a  good   solution  for  bullying.  

Summary by     Gemma  


Some people  said  that  they  thought  that   teachers  gave  a  lot  of  homework.  Anna  said   that  we  needed  time  for  us.  Javier  said  that  he   needed  more  time  to  study  and  Eva  said  that   she  needed  more  time  to  do  the  homework.   A  few  people  said  that  they  thought  that  we   needed  homework  to  pass  our  exams  and   teachers  gave  enough  homework.  Gema  said   that  it  was  better  more  specific  than  general   homework.  Milena  said  that  the  best  way  for   studing  is  by  doing  homework  and  practising   a  lot.  

Summary by     Cristina  

Most people  said  that  violent  video   games  should  be  banned  to  minors.   Also,  most  of  them  agree  the   violence  in  these  games  is  a  bad   influence  on  children  and  teenagers.   However,  a  few  people  said  that   violent  video  games  are  good  to  

Summary by     Alejandro  

experiment the  war,  to  remove  anger  or   simply  because  they  like  them.  


Most people  said  that  they  thought   that  most  children  in  the  city  didn't   get  enough  exercise.  Gemma  said   that  people  needed  to  do  30  minutes   of  exercise  a  day.  Eva  said  that  she   thought  that  people  didn't  have   enough  time  to  do  sport  because   they  are  too  busy.  However,  one   person  didn't  agree.  Javier  thought   that  people  do  do  enough  exercise   like  cycling,  playing  tennis  and   basketball  etc.  

Summary by     Milena  


Summary by     Sue  

All of  the  students  said  that   they  agreed  with  the  idea  of   marking  teachers  ability.   Gemma,  Alejandro  and  Anna   said  that  they  thought  the   general  idea  was  to  have  an   equal  relationship  between   students  and  teachers.  For  this   reason,  and,  as  the  other   classmates  said,  they  would  like   to  give  feedback  teachers.  Aina   said  that  teachers  would  be   able  to  correct  their  mistakes   with  the  students  opinion.  

60 second word challenge is a game of British Council. It's a fast game but you can learn a lot of English vocabulary. They ask you questions and, in our opinion, they are very difficult. The graphics are funny and colorful. You will have to answer quickly if you want to win. In this game, there is a lot of vocabulary to improve your English and learn more words and help your spelling. If you think fast you will be a very good player. To sum up, we are going to download 60 seconds word challenge app to practice English. It's a very useful game and we recommend it.

Phonic Stories

Are you learning to read? This app it's especially for it! :) This app tells the story of two little aliens kids who get in touch with human kids. It contains very good audio, with good pronunciation to read perfectly and to improve more, the subtitles will help you in every moment. The graphics are excellent and the story allows the reader to move some flaps and change the image. About the content, there is the main story and some games to review (to check the oral comprehension). You can learn about good pronunciation of sounds the comprehension of listening and also learn to read, with progressive activities to encourage the young reader. The games will help them to check their skills and to improve their listening abilities and English skills in general.

Phonics stories is an app exclusive for kids between six and eight years with characters funny appearance the kids will love it. Parents will stay calm because the results of this app are tested, the kids can improve their English thanks to the educational app. Age: 6-8 years Stars: 4 out of 5 Learning: 4 out of 5


ewspaper stories

By Gemma and Alex

Drug Bust! Last week, on thursday 28th March, the Spanish authorites found a big package of cocain, worth 12 million dollars, inside a oil barrel. It was transported by a comercial boat to Barcelona. The drug dealers have been caught and they have been put in prison. The judge give them a big fine and they couldn't pay it, so they were interrogated. Thanks to the good work of the police, it has been possible to discover the boss of the drug dealing mafia. After this fact, the authorities, have been working to make a strict law for drug dealers. In fact, 20% of deaths in Spain are caused by overdose of drugs. This is the 6th case of drug trafficking in the last year. Now, the State has improved the narcotics police.


By Milena and Aina.

A SUCCESS Two nights ago, in the poor neigborhood of the Raval in Barcelona, a woman was phisically abused by her husband. Neighbors heard some painful screams and she phoned the police. Ten minutes later the policemen arrived on the flat and they found the old man who had phoned them. The shouts, the screams and the sound of punches were heard by the policemen. The door was opened by a policeman and the scene was revealed. Into the flat, the neighbor and two policemen, saw a big stain of blood. Suddenly, the husband run to the balcony and they could see the man was committing a suicide; he died from his injures at the scene. The wife was unconscious on the floor. Today, the widow is still in the hospital and her injures are getting better.


Film Review    

Film Review By Cristina Amelie

The fabulous destiny of Amelie poulain Amelie is a really strange movie, but is so simple that everyone like it. It is a 2001 french film, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and it performence by Audrey Tautou. The soundtrack is very famous because many teens like to play songs with piano. The theme of the movie is "Elle va changerta vie" meaning " It will change your life. The plot is about Amelie, is a young waitress who lives in Paris in 1997. Amelie decides to change her life that when she discover that Lady Di died in a traffic accident because the same day she finds in her bathroom a small box with toys, photographs and cards that a child put there 40 years ago and she decides to seek and give the box. If he is happy Amelie dedicates her life to help others with her small acts. I really liked the movie because it is simple, realistic, a little different and teaches you to look at life differently. The movies not action but has many mysteries and if I can say a few moments of love. Sincerely I recommended this film, it is very good.



Film Review – The hunger  Games By Milena

Maybe you know the name of this film, The Hunger Games, but if you have never seen it, what are you waiting for? I'm sure that you will like it. Now I'm going to explain something about it. It's an American film, that comes from the first novel written by Suzzane Collins. The film was released one year ago in the cinemas and directed by Gary Ross. The hunger games is a very striking film, a futurist story about a girl's life some years in the future. During the film there are a lot of special effects and battles between innocent people who never would like to be there. An unforgettable story. It's mostly set in Brevard and Transylvania land. The most important actors are Jennifer Lawrence Katniss Everdeen) and Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark). The plot is about the future of the United States. Before the story began, there was a revolution, and now, the tweleve districts have to be under the power of the Capitol (the richest and the most powerful district). Every year, a boy and and a girl have to fight to survive (they are helped by theirs sponsors and the interpretation of their love, the case of the district 12). Only one person will win but this Hunger Games won't be like every year, something is going to change the lives of all of them. As I told you in the beginning, I think you will enjoy yourself because The Hunger Games has been a very successful production arround the world. Rating: 4,5 starts out of 5


Midnight in  Paris - By Gemma Do you enjoy films where time and past history is confusing? If you say yes, this will be your favourite film. The film was released in 2011 and written and directed by Woody Allen. The plot that has many related stories, will catch the viewer's attention since the first moment. Filmed in Paris, the film take the most parisienne essence. Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams, are the main characters, and both performances are excellents. The plot is based around an American screenwriter who has been writing a TV series but at least decided to write something different. During a trip in Paris with his bride-to-be, stranged things start to happen when midnight hour arrive in Paris. The city returns to the city of the 20', and the screenwriter starts to move between reality (2011) and the 20'. What will happen next to him? He maybe found his true love? You will see. If you like comedy and romantic stories, you will enjoy it. Also you will learn about Paris and culture. 2 in 1, a lesson of history and culture mixed on an amazing film that you must see it.


Snow White  and  the  Huntsman  by  Anna   Maybe you don't like princess stories and fairy tales, but this modern version of Snow White will catch your attention. This film was released in 2012 on the 1 of June and directed by Rupert Sanders and produced by Sam Mercer, Palak Patel and Joe Roth. The music is by James Newton Howard. The main actors are; Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Clafin. It was made in the United States and in the United Kingdom and it is distributed by Universal Pictures.      

Film Review    

The plot is based around the popular story that has been told to young girls by their parents since the beginning of time for ages. This film talks about the famous Snow White and her evil queen want to destroy it with the help of the huntsman. But it turns when the huntsman joins with Snow White to kill the queen. They have a lot of adventures, and they are a lot of breath taking moments and unexpected situations. If you like action, suspense scenes and a bit of romance, special effects in medieval atmosphere, this is definitely your film!  


Film Review  by  Jordi      


If you love action films then this will give you enough action for the whole week! The Expandables is an action film because the protagonists make moves and there are also weapons fire. The actors of fil are Sylvestyer Stallone, Norris,Statham,Crews,Jet Li, Randy Couture, Bruce Willis, Ludgreen, Hemsworth,Van Damme and Schwarznegger. The director of film is Simon West. There are many types of weapons. The film was made in 2012.The film runs 103 minutes.The films happenes in America, USA. The plot of film is Mr. Church reunites the Expendables for what should be an easy paycheck, but when one of their men is murdered on the job, their quest for revenge puts them deep in enemy territory and up against an unexpected threat. My opinion of film is very interesting and not boring. I recomended you see this film because was interesting and the actors was know.


Film review  


F Fil m Re vie ws   ilm   rev iew s    

2012 is a film that the Earth will dissapear and a lot of milions of people will die. the USA and others make a boat in this boat have old the animals and the rich people

The main character is one writer who separates from his wife and learns the end of the world and goes to the boat. The type of the film is adventure and action the actors are; Woody Harrelson, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton, Oliver Platt, Amanda, Peet Chiwetel, Ejiofor, John Cusack, the director is Roland Emmerich.

By Javier

For my opinion is a great film and you feel very involved with it and it is very emotional. This film is not for a sentitive person


P.S I  Iove  you  

If you like the love films, this film is perfect for you. But may be you don't like the romantic films, that film it's to make you thinking and it provides you a lot of reflections to do. i'm going to introduce a little bit more of this story. P.S I LOVE YOU it's a film created in 2007, directed by Richard LaGravense. This film was inspired and based on a dramatic Cecelia Ahern's novel with the same name. The protagonists of this film are Hilary Suank (Holly), and Gerard Bulter (Gerry), and more actors like Lisa Kurdow (the sister of Holly) or James Masters (the best friend of Gerry). Now, I'm going to explain a little bit the plot of this film. Well, this film begins with a love story between Gerry and Holly. They are two middle age persons who lives together and share a beautiful life. They need each other to live and, one day, to prevent if Gerry are not in side with Holly, they invent 'The list' of all the thinks




– Film Review

Titanic was filmed in 1997 and was directed and produced by James Cameron. This film has an excellent sound track. The main characters are Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Gloria Stuart and Billy Paxton. It's a romance and tragic film. The plot is based on two people who fall in love on a ship called Titanic, but the family of her don't want to marry a poor and classless boy, her family want to marry her with a boy has money and class. Because an iceberg breaks a part of the ship and begans to enter water until the boat sinks and people have to save their lives. Do you want to know what's happen in the end of this film? Watch it. I recommend you Titanic if you like the romantic teenagers stories with a little bit tragic. You can watch this film with your family, your friends, your boyfriend,... Watch it and then tell me your opinion!!!


Film Review - 300

300 directed by Zack Snyder Written by Alejandro Maybe is not a true story but allows you to have a good idea of the spirit and warriors of Sparta in this period. This movie was filmed in 2007, directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Frank Miller. This film has incredible images of war and at the same time, an amazing soundtrack. The star is Gerard Bulter who acts as the King of Sparta. The plot is based on the attack of Persian army, lead by the King-God Jerjes ( played by Rodrigo Santoro), at Sparta. The spartans with their estrategy can resist the Persian attack in the Termopilas. This is a fantastic movie for who love war, history, honor and loyalty. But maybe is too bloody so isn't a movie for good for sensitive people.



Senior Four 2013  
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