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Landscape Architecture Portfolio Jayden Weisheng Ng

Content 001 // Landscape studio I: Explorations 002 // Landscape Studio II: Site Planning & Design 003 // Site Tectonics 004 // Geographic Information System 005 // Virtual Environments 006 // Graphic Designs 007 // Curriculum Vitae

//Site Plan // Not to Scale

Landscape Studio I: Explorations

//Perspective Rendering of Design

The site that we were assigned to in this studio was an open space next to a cafe within our university campus that was not utilised and maintained. The brief was to design a space that reflects a positive public image of the university as it sits next to a major road in the city.

My design response includes a sheltered study area for students and an area to incorporate cafe seatings. These areas were differentiated by the use of level changes. An informal path next to the site that facilitates circulation is also refurbished to maximise sunlight and also provide a space for interactive exhibitions and notices. //Perspective Rendering of Walkway


Apollo Bay

//Site Analysis Diagrams // Not To Scale

Landscape Studio II // Site Planning & Design

The final master plan developed consists of eco-friendly tourist lodges, a boardwalk with an amphitheatre, artists' studios and a garden that mimics the form of sand dunes but with a more exciting palette of plant materials. The form of the amphitheatre stage was derived from the word apollo, after the name of the town, Apollo Bay. The seatings are also a sculptural piece that was designed by deconstructing a schooner, because the place was named after a schooner that landed there.

//Marker Rendering of Amphitheatre This studio focuses on site planning and design and we were given a site that comprised largely of a marina and a golf course to develop a master plan for. It sits along a very popular coastal tourist route in Victoria. Site analysis diagrams which included climate, vegetation, coastal processes, circulation, viewpoints etc. were produced after a site visit.

//Perspective Rendering of Dune Garden

//Final Masterplan


//Platform Sections // Not to Scale

Site Tectonics

//Construction Details // Not to Scale

//Grading Plan // Not to Scale

This site engineering subject introduced us to the basic concepts of landform manipulation and its importance within landscape design. Basic cut and fill principles, contour modifying methods and drainage were taught. Furthermore, we were required to produce grading plans and construction details at the end of the semester.


Geographic Information Systems

These maps were produced using the ArcGIS software suite. Different layers of information were collected and combined to perform spatial analysis. The types of information dealt with includes contours, soil and vegetation, land use types as well as demographic data. We were required to critically analyse the data provided and produce maps that conveys the analysis in a graphical way.


//Sketches and Concept Models

Virtual Environments

//Digital Model

//Physical Model This was a year one introductory design studio where we were taught the basic methods and processes of design. We were required to produce a physical headpiece by the end of the semester and we were guided through the design process of sketching, concept modelling, digital modelling and physical fabrication.

//Physical Model Being worn


//Business Card

募 招

导 演

编 剧


Melbourne University Chinese Music Group is currently looking for potential scriptwriters and directors for our 2011 annual musical production!

报名方式:今天就将你的姓名和联络方式邮寄到 以索取更多详情 报名截止:2010年10月25日(星期一) 投稿语言:中英文皆可

Graphic Design

Register your interest before 25th October 2010 by sending in an email with your name and contact details to for further information. Scripts written in both Mandarin and English are accepted.

//Director & Scriptwriter Applications

//Musicians Auditions

//Singing Competition Poster //Club Logo


Curriculum vitae Jayden Weisheng Ng +6012 712 3828 Education

6, Jalan Kuning Muda Enam, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

2010 - Present University of Melbourne/Bachelor of Environments/Landscape Architecture 2009 trinity College Foundation Studies /Received award based on Academic Excellence

Work Experience Dec 2010 - Jan 2011 Y. Architects Malaysia /Preparation of landscape architectural submission drawings and local council correspondences /Preparation of Bill of Quantities and Tender Drawings Part-time Work Mar 2011 - Oct 2011 Oldtown Kopitiam Melbourne /Waitstaff Extracurricular Activities University of Melbourne Chinese Music Group Creative Director /Creative designs for posters, tickets, flyers etc. Skills

Fluent in English/Mandarin/Malay Adobe photoshop/illustrator/InDesign AutoCAD ArcGIS Google Sketchup Rhino 3D Microsoft Office Suite




Landscape Architecture Portfolio  

Landscape Architecture Portfolio of a 2nd Year student at the University of Melbourne

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