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Every candidate says theyʼre different. Well, theyʼre not. Not necessarily. What they mean, generally, is that their skills, experience and interests only stand out enough to be selected for a job, an internship, a date, a spot on an MTV show, or a PTA seat. What I mean by “different” is that a person sticks out because they just arenʼt like the others. They simply donʼt think the same way as everyone else. Being different allows you to look at advertising problems and come up with solutions that arenʼt cookie cutter responses. Being different allows you to bring another perspective. To open up new possibilities for those around you. Iʼm a different kind of different. I was pre-med before I focused on advertising, and Iʼve conducted a lot of hard, numbers-based research. My mind is built to study people both quantitatively and qualitatively. My first internship was at a Bombay agency, studying Western effects on Indian advertising. This helped me view advertising through the looking-glass of a completely different culture. My name is Senesi. Iʼm an African in advertising – a field that our parents never suggest to us as a career choice. Weʼre always told to become doctors, lawyers, engineers. Those of us that choose another path are different enough to fight conventions of what we should be. Iʼm not just into account planning between the hours of 9 to 5. Iʼm into it at every waking moment. Itʼs the way I am. Ever since I can remember, Iʼve been analyzing people – what makes them tick, what makes them laugh, what makes them love. For this reason, I studied Social Psychology in college.

Youʼre looking for someone different. See how my differentness shows through my work.

Senesi Blake 601 West Cary Street, Richmond VA 23220 | (313) 258 3937 |

WHERE I’VE LEARNED University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI (September 2002 – April 2006)

B.S. Diploma: Social and Cultural Psychology, Biological and Physical Sciences (Pre-medicine)

VCU Brandcenter

Richmond, VA (August 2009 - Present)

M.S. Diploma – Mass Communications, Communications Strategy

WHAT I’VE DONE VCU Brandcenter Communications Strategy Track      

Richmond, VA (August 2009 - Present)

Led strategy on integrated campaign designed to introduce brand new awards show, Tomorrow Awards o Campaign (Future Jim) was one of only five selected by CEO of to go live Developed strategy/creative briefs for a variety of brands (W Hotels, Truvia sweetener, Created solutions and pitched business for brands based in Richmond (Barrel Thief wine shop and cafe, Merriment Events wedding planning service) Solved case studies for global and international brands (Red Bull, NBC Universal) Research experience with Simmons and Mintel Caley Cantrell Scholarship Recipient – merit scholarship awarded to one first-year strategist

Digitas, LLC Analyst/Strategist

Detroit, MI (February 2007 – August 2009)

Subject Matter Expert (SME): Social Media Engagement  

 

Provided expertise on how consumers interact with GM brands/products in the social media space; analyses included the evaluation and measurement of consumers’ overall perceptions and opinions of GM and divisions Used social media outlets to conduct primary research of consumers to deliver insights to senior-level GM clients o Insights were used to assist with the development of GM Divisions marketing and brand image recommendations, as well as to drive deeper engagement by GM Divisions in the social space; tactics included direct and indirect dialogue on messageboards and blogs Developed standard reporting methodology to allow for more efficient social engagement reporting and acted as a point of contact among key agency personnel and disciplines for all social media metrics and initiatives Created Social Media outreach strategy for local TV personality, Lee Thomas’ website (; to raise the awareness of vitiligo (a rare skin disease by which he is personally affected) by placing target-specific content in relevant social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Collaborated (with Creative) on the development of an internal daily digital newsletter that exposed colleagues to trends and interesting news in the digital space

Subject Matter Expert (SME): Third-Party Site Optimization  

Conducted perceptual research of GM brands and products on third-party sites such as and; findings contributed to the overall research of third-party research on GM vehicles among consumers Monitored and measured consumer activities within the GM-branded environments on third-party sites

Project and Client Lead: Strong Relationship and Planning Skills 

Lead and managed various partner agency and client relationships across GM Divisions

Webchutney Internet Marketing

Mumbai, India (July 8 – August 29, 2006)

Research Fellow: University of Michigan Center for South Asian Studies  

Conducted qualitative research on the effects of westernization and globalization on Indian advertising o Provided insights for targeted campaign ideation for HSBC and ICICI Bank for Non-Resident Indians Final study results were used by the University of Michigan to enhance knowledge and understanding of India’s urban culture during its economic revolution

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT Interests: Music production (experience with Soundtrack Pro) and marketing; Sports and sports marketing; Filming and Cinematography (proficient at Final Cut Pro); Studying urban culture and its effects on advertising; Ethnographies; International travel; Japanese, Brazilian, and Hindi music; International football (soccer)


Tomorrow Awards Communication Strategy Redesign – Creative Brief A Planner’s World Tour TOMS Segmentation Study Gap Spokesperson POV The New York Mock Exchange Video Projects



The Background The Tomorrow Awards is a brand new advertising award show founded by Ignacio Oreamuno, CEO of A distinguishing feature of the show is that anyone with an internet connection can register and become a judge, allowing them to help decide what work deserves to be awarded. Ignacio looked to us to create a campaign that would promote the show and drive people to want to become judges for the show.

The Results Our campaign was selected as one of only five teams to go live to the general public. The campaign goes live April 5th.

Contributors: Senesi Blake (CS), Stephen Hadinger (CT), Sarah Weeden (CBM), Stephanie Hankins (CT), Allyson Otis (AD), Justine Cotter (CW)

Who We’re Speaking To – Our Audiences: Primary Audience:

The employees of the most influential agencies and advertising publications We didn’t have much of a budget, so we knew that we’d have to go simple. Our main focus was to get the word out to the influencers digitally, and then have them tweet, blog, or report about it on their own. They tell the world their thoughts mainly through this channel, so we wanted to be a part of that conversation.

Secondary Audience:

Everyday advertising professionals that don’t often get to participate in awards shows Because certain agencies and publications are so powerful in advertising, our secondary audience listens to a lot of what they have to say. They want to create good work and see good work created, and they’re very vocal about this – especially in the digital realm. Through twitter and other social media platforms, our secondary audience spreads the word about their own thoughts and about what the influencers say.

What We’ve Learned – The Insights: Main question to answer - Why should they care? 1) Participation is Key: People are more likely to participate if you show them what happens if they don’t (i.e. Vote or Die campaign) “I had to vote because I wouldn’t forgive myself if we had 8 more years of the same policies.”

2) Increased Involvement: Awards show judging is shrouded in secrecy – real people don’t get a say and are therefore less likely to understand why an ad or campaign would win “I honestly don’t understand how THAT got a Gold Pencil.”

3) Make It Relevant: Only the people who have submitted work care about the shows – the rest don’t care because there’s no payoff for them “Awards are a good night out and maybe some PR but that’s about it.”


Inform these people that they control the future of advertising. Remind them of the power they have to see the work that they want created. They can finally exercise this power through an award show they can feel invested in. If they aren’t willing to cast a vote to influence advertising, they can’t complain about where it’s going.


Meet Future Jim. Future Jim is a futuristic citizen that time travels from the future to warn people about the effects of bad advertising - and more importantly - how they could've stopped it.

How Jim Reaches the People – The Tactics Website: Create a central digital place for people to associate with Future Jim – read about him, learn about him, and interact with him.

Viral videos: Entertain future judges with hypothetical situations in which Future Jim comes back from the future and tries to stop bad work from happening.

Viral address:

Cut-Out Future Jim: Allow fans to print out a cutout version for their desks - reminding them to visit and help great work prevail while stopping bad work from influencing advertising. Faxes: Send cryptic messages to people of note at 50 top agencies, imploring them to exercise their influence over the ad world.

Facebook Fan Page / Twitter Statuses: Contact movers and shakers in the current mediums of choice for advertisers and agencies.

How We Know People Are Listening - Measurement To measure success, we’ve got to know if people are coming to Future Jim’s website, interacting with him through media, watching him through video – and ultimately, going to the tomorrowawards site to become judges. Some of our measurement tactics: Website: - Unique visitors Videos: - Views - Time spent on site - Traffic driven - Interaction with to Tomorrow sections (blog, cut-out, Awards site etc) - Traffic driven to Tomorrow Awards site

Social: - Twitter Retweets - Mentions in blogs and newsletters - Entry links from blogs - Traffic driven to tomorrow awards site


The Background NBC Universal was taking another look at their digital properties after the recent partnership with Comcast. We decided to take another look at one site in particular,, and asked ourselves the question “What is the website for a cable channel supposed to look like – specifically one for Syfy?” Syfy is at a bit of a crossroads – its rebranding expanded its audience, but it wants to keep the die-hard fans that are dedicated to the channel. We made the site a place where both veterans and new fans could feel like they were getting more out of their favorite shows.

The Results Because we were able to show that we could allow to accommodate both fan bases, NBC executives were pleased with our ideas and plan to implement our recommendations into the Syfy website.

Contributors: Senesi Blake (CS), Hannah Choi (AD), Vasili Uspensky (CBM), Jeff Hornung (CW), Stephanie Hankins (CT), Jameson Young (CT) Creative  Brief   1)  What  do  we  have  to  do?   Extend  the  content  experience  for  our  fans.  

2) Who  do  we  hope  to  reach?   We’re  hoping  to  reach  sci-­‐7i  lovers.  Everyone  else  has  fans,  but  ours  are  truly  invested  and  passionate   about  science  7iction  –  they  are  truly  fanatics.  To  them,  it’s  a  way  of  life,  a  sense  of  belonging.   What  makes  our  target  unique?   • Joined  by  af7inity,  not  age  –  90%  of  our  viewers  are  evenly  distributed  from  18-­‐54.  A  college  student  is  as   likely  to  be  watching  as  a  mom  of  3.  

• The canon  –  The  biggest  thing  that  unites  Science  Fiction  devotees  is  knowing  and  making  accounts  of  every   little  fact  about  their  shows,  and  discussing  these.  

• The show  doesn’t  end  with  the  credits–  Just  because  a  show  has  ended  doesn’t  mean  that  the  experience   has.  These  fanatics  are  interested  in  anything  that’s  related  to  their  favorite  shows  –  especially  merchandise.  

• Super tech-­‐savvy  –  A  big  reason  not  to  disappoint  them.  If  they  don’t  7ind  the  content  they  want  on  our  site,   they  can  always  go  somewhere  else  and  get  it.  They  don’t  need  our  content,  so  we  have  to  make  them  want  our   content.  

3) How  do  we  give  them  what  they  want?   Three  Ways:   1.  Talk  with  them.    The  forums  are  the  second-­most  visited  section  of  the  site.  Here,  these  fanatics  are  talking  and   bonding  over  their  shared  obsessions.  Their  lives  are  personally  invested  in  these  shows  –  let’s   show  that  we’re  invested  in  our  fanatics.  If  we  can  share  in  these  obsessions,  it  shows  that  we   know  Science  Fiction  like  they  know  Science  Fiction  –  improving  their  experience.   2.  DVR    Provide  access  to  Syfy  content,  including  top  shows.  This  allows  new  fans  to  catch  up  on  shows   and  later  become  fanatics,  while  current  fanatics  can  watch  their  favorite  shows  on-­‐demand.   3.  Simplicity    Organize  the  site  to  improve  how  users  get  to  what  they  want,  when  they  want  it.  

4) WHAT’S  THE  MOST  IMPORTANT  POINT  HERE?   Sci-­‐7i  fans  can’t  get  enough  of  anything  related  to  their  shows  –  7ills  that  need.  

From the  Fanatics  Themselves  

Quotes that  inspired  our  brief  and  our  executions  

“Children have  a  sort  of  contextual  speci7icity.  Their  interests   don’t  have  to  make  any  sense  at  all,  but  they  have  to  know  every   little  detail  about  them  –  Sci-­‐7i  fans  haven’t  grown  out  of  that.”   “I  scheduled  my  whole  day  around  watching  Battlestar   Galactica.”   “If  there  were  episodes  available  online  –  well  I  probably   wouldn’t  ever  come  back  to  school.”   “When  I  meet  or  speak  to  someone  who  knows  more  about   Star  Trek  than  me,  I  give  them  respect.”   “I’ll  pay  for  a  copy,  expensive  as  it  may  be.  There  are  a  lot  of   other  people  who  would  too.  Look  how  much  money  fans  have   been  spending  during  [Battlestar  Galactica]  auctions…”  

Creative Executions  

Redesigned Video  Page   A  streamlined  video  page  allows  both  new  and   current  Syfy  fans  to  watch  their  favorite  shows   whenever  they  want.    The  page  also  allows  both   groups  to  voice  their  concerns  to  the  IG  council   (more  detail  on  next  page)  on  the  7ly.     In  addition  to  access  to  the  Syfy  Forums  and  IG   Council,  NBCU  Store  merchandise  related  to  the   series  they’re  watching  is  displayed.  This  allows   fans  instant  opportunities  to  own  a  piece  of  their   favorite  shows  and  extend  their  experiences.  

Creative Executions  (cont’d.)   The  Syfy  Imagine  Greater  Council   The   Syfy   Imagine   Greater   (IG)   Council   is   the   governing   body   of   Syfy   fans,   consisting   of   citizens   from   the   forums   section   of   the   site.   The   Council   allows   fans   to   suggest   changes   to   the   site,   to   merchandise   in   the  NBC  store,  or  even  to  Syfy  network  itself.  It  allows  Syfy’s  dedicated   fans   the   opportunity   to   in7luence   a   network   that   they   feel   personally   invested  in.  

The Council  will  be  led  by  100  “Councilmen”  -­‐   members  of  the  forum  most  respected  or   deemed  most  knowledgeable  by  their  peers.  A   member  of  the  forum  becomes  a  Councilman   through  election  by  peers.   The  Councilmen  act  as  arbitrators,  voting  to   take  any  proposed  changes  to  the  head  of  Syfy   network,  and  then  to  NBC  executives.  

We’ve also  brought  the  voting  process  to   members’  phones  –  extending  the  idea  of   bringing  the  Syfy  experience  to  fans  outside  of   the  shows.   The  IG  Council  app  allows  forum  members  to   vote  on,  review,  and  propose  changes  to  Syfy   wherever  they  are.  After  they’ve  done  that,  they   can  share  the  results  with  friends  on  other   social  networks.  

A Planner’s World Tour I’ve been studying and analyzing people all my life, so it’s always a treat to get out of the country and immerse myself among new people. My love of all the different cultures of the world drives my interest in working with global brands.

a planner’s world tour


Parisians are generally nice if you can make an attempt at some guttural French. Once you’ve done that, they sort of take a bit of pity on you, not unlike a three-year-old “playing” basketball with his father. Oh yeah – the architecture is breathtaking or whatever. What this means to you: At restaurants, please don’t ask if they have “an American version” of the menu. Please.

If there was ever a city that was hard to live in, it's Bombay. The city combines the worst parts of New York and Los Angeles - the suffocating crowdedness of the former with the shallowness of the latter. It's tough. A very interesting fact is that being an African in Bombay is a very unnerving situation. Often, locals will assume you sell weed because, well, that's what Africans do there. If you're by yourself, they don't mind staring at you as if you've grown a purple horn out of your head. Kids will pretend you’re a monster. Glorious. What this means to you: If you’re non-African – It’s a rough city. Prepare as if you’re about to visit Brooklyn. If you’re African – it’s an even rougher city. Prepare as if you’re about to visit Brooklyn.

Bombay Sydney Berlin Sydney - the best place on Earth. This is where people come to be loved. Other than the Japanese, no one has treated me as nicely as Australians did. The weather is absolutely ridiculous - it’s 68 F on average in the winter. The weather probably has something to do with it, but everybody seems just so calm, like they put Ambien in the water. Wait… What this means to you: Check the water. Actually, on second thought – don’t check the water. It’s better that way.

Berliners are a really nice people, but only if you interact with them. You're not going to get many smiles on the streets. As you might guess, winter is kind of brutal over there. It’s very bleak and almost everyone wears dark colors or earth-tones, so party central it is not. However, if you are friendly with someone from the nightlife scene, you’ll find cool spots. What this means to you: If you can’t help yourself and have to wear the lederhosen, just make sure it’s earth-toned.

I don’t always take copious notes, but I do internalize everything that I experience in every community that I visit. Here’s what I’ve learned, and the implications for you, the current and/or future traveler.

Freetown London Rio de Janiero The number one rule in Freetown: They’ll know you’re a Westerner. You know what that means? Keep your hands in the car, keep your camera attached to your wrist, and don’t keep your money in your back pocket (for the love of God). You’re in their territory now, and they’ll let you know it. You’re probably going to get heckled unless you know someone. Then you’ll just get heckled less. What this means to you: Dull and Slow = Robbed and homesick

Brits are very straightforward about their feelings, especially when it comes to football. This however, doesn’t mean that they’re objective about it. Never ever listen to football fans speaking about football. They have no objectivity whatsoever, and loyalties to players and coaches can change with the wind. The same goes for news shows about sports or entertainment, which are like American tabloids. Brits are also very sarcastic and will tease you a lot. Actually, come to think of it, you probably shouldn’t listen to anything said to you. What this means to you: Take everything with a grain of salt. Especially the food.

One of the best places I’ve ever been is Rio de Janiero. Everyone is so nice and they all want to be your friend (if you’re an American). It’s SO great that I suffered a bit of mild depression when I got back to the States. The sun shines everyday, even in the winter. And the sights – Sugar Loaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer, Copacabana – are so amazing. It’s like a city built by happiness. What this means to you: Rio is a well-documented cause of depression. Make sure your Zoloft prescription is ready when you get back.

Tokyo’s unlike any city you’ve ever been to. The way people interact with each other is way different than we do. In a word – Japanese people are SO MUCH NICER. When we asked an Adidas store worker about her nightlife recommendations, she went out of her way to print directions to a club for us. Usually you have to pay or kill someone for that kind of service (I do not speak from experience). About the city’s appearance: There were just so many shiny objects everywhere that after a while, I just couldn’t take it. Imagine if Avatar was based in a city, and you saw it 23 times. That’s Tokyo. What this means to you: If you ever happen to develop epilepsy from all the lights, the nearest Tokyoite will surely lead you to the closest hospital.


TOMS Segmentation Study TOMS is a unique brand with a strong focus on helping others, as shown by their One for One Movement. Through survey methodologies, we searched for the perfect target market with whom the TOMS brand would be most relevant. After our research, we were able to find four main segments of sneaker wearers and a preferred target within these segments.

Research Objective: Identify ideal target market for Toms shoes based on parallels between that market and core characteristics of Toms

1! 2! 3! 4! Sally B. Different 7% of respondents

Flashy Frank

13.7% of respondents

Diana Diva

8% of respondents


23.4% of respondents

Research Methodology: Survey: 19 Questions 138 responses

Sally’s an in casual shoes 75% of the time, especially flip flops. She spends between $50-75 on these casuals when she’s shopping, which is online or during sales. She’s currently wearing TOMS, but she’s only a small part of the market. Frank, a college undergrad, strongly believes that fashion is a reflection of himself. He likes to wear casual shoes, but only those that would appear “urban” such as Nike Dunks or Air Jordans. He frequents specialty shoe stores or buys limited editions online.

Diana generally falls between 18-25 years of age. She wears casual shoes when hanging out but they must match her outfit. She loves pop music and spends a lot on shoes during her impulse buying sprees.

Jeremy’s a 25 year old graduate student who lives in casual shoes. He’s into sports, reading & music (especially Indie rock). He’s conscious of world affairs and participates in programs like The (RED) Project. He loves his worn-in sneakers and isn’t often going shopping for new ones.

Through our research, we found Jeremy to be the best fit for TOMS. Like TOMS, he wants to make a positive change in the world. He also believes that clothes should be comfortable and practical – he’s into simplicity, not flash. When he finds a pair of shoes he likes, he sticks with them. A pair of TOMS can be that for him.

desired target!

Contributors: Senesi Blake (CS), Drew Phillips (CS), Kelly Mertesdorf (CS), Morgan Welch (CBM), Carrington Faulk (CS)

GAP Spokesperson POV The GAP has been struggling the last few years. It was looking for a new spokesperson for their 40th anniversary initiative in order to really get the brand closer to their target, adult women aged 25 to 35. This is a recommendation on who this spokesperson should be.

For the  Spring  2010  ad  initiative,  we  recommend  Anne  Hathaway  as  the  new  face  of  The   Gap.  Anne  brings  many  bene@its  to  the  image  of  the  retailer  and  can  be  an  iconic  symbol   for  current  and  potential  fans  of  the  brand.   Classic  Beauty   Anne  has  rare  (but  much  desired)  classic  beauty.  Her  physical  attributes  could  be  used  as  a   fashion  plate  in  any  time  or  era.  The  Gap  is  celebrating  its  40th  anniversary  -­‐  a  classic  look   like  Anne’s  would  be  a  powerful  complement  to  the  brand’s  timeless  style  and  @lair.   Because  of  her  look,  Anne  would  be  versatile  in  any  kind  of  collection  that  The  Gap  would   like  to  display  on  outdoor  and  print  –  especially  if  the  initiative  will  have  a  more  historical,   celebratory  focus.  She  could  @it  in  any  Gap  style  from  the  60’s  to  current  trends.   Represents  effortless,  youthful  elegance   Her  styles  of  choice  are  simple,  timeless  pieces  -­‐  whether  she  is  at  an  awards  show  or   simply  picking  up  a  bite  to  eat.  It’s  very  common  to  see  Anne  in  a  cardigan,  solid  colored-­‐ shirt,  jeans,  and  @lats.  She  understands  that  “less”  is  a  very  powerful  fashion  statement.   The  Gap  understands  this  as  well  and  styles  its  pieces  as  such.  Anne  and  The  Gap  are   perfect  matches  for  each  other.   Respected   Anne  has  an  understated  and  mature  personality.  This  should  resonate  with  women,  who   at  this  point  in  their  lives  are  becoming  more  re@ined  and  sophisticated.  She’s  a  celebrity,   but  she  doesn’t  appear  fake  or  inaccessible  –  rather,  she  seems  like  a  person  that  the  target   could  shop  with.  The  Gap  isn’t  about  showing  out  or  showing  up.  It’s  about  “simplistic   cool.”   Acclaimed  Actress   Anne  appears  in  movies  speci@ically  directed  at  this  audience  –  The  Devil  Wears  Prada,   Rachel  Getting  Married,  and  Bride  Wars.  These  are  @ilms  that  speak  to  the  women  in  this   demographic.   Few  women  embody  the  key  factors  of  The  Gap’s  style  of  simple  self-­‐expression  and   individuality  like  Anne.  Even  fewer  could  speak  to  as  many  different  women  in  the   demographic  as  she  does.  

The New York Mock Exchange  I love comedy and I love writing for comedy even more. As part of my ongoing study of popular culture and its effects on advertising, I love to study comedy and why certain things are funny. My roommate also likes to write for comedy, and we often comment on certain trends. We'll discuss why

The New York Mock Exchange Quarterly Performance Graph (graphs make things official) 150 130 110

Quarterly Performance Hilarity

90 70 50 30 10 -10

1Q 2009

2Q 2009

3Q 2009

1Q 2010












































Change 2Q 2010 3Q 2010 from last Current Price (Projected) (Projected) quarter

lasers the word "awesome"


The Situation the word "sassypants" Chuck Norris does ____




someone tripping (OUCH)

3Q 2010

1Q 2009 2Q 2009 3Q 2009 4Q 2009 1Q 2010 (Projected) (Projected) 27 40 55 65 80 90 105

small woodland animals (SWA) lasers (LAZ) the word "awesome" (ASM) The Situation (GTL) the word "sassypants" (SASS) Chuck Norris does ____ (CN) someone tripping (OUCH)

small woodland (SWA) animals

2Q 2010 3Q 2010 (Projected) (Projected)

2Q 2010

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4Q 2009

52 52 wk wk %Change high low

Shares Mkt Outstanding Cap

80 130

90 127

105 +15 120 +5

+23% +4%

80 125

27 1B 75 20B

80B 2.6T

110 120

95 90

85 -10 40 +20

-9% +20%

150 120

110 150B 0 5B



80 -5



75 125B


-20 60

-40 63

-20 -20 55 +8

N/A +15%

35 60

-20 300B 50 500B

N/A 30T

16.5B 600B

"lasers are so hot right now" or or why people will make unicorn jokes until they beat that dead horse (no pun intended). So I've created this Exchange to very (very) informally track the popularity of certain terms. The implications of this study? 1)  To stop anyone that studies the graph from embarrassing themselves from telling a truly terrible joke. 2)  To stop comedy writers from becoming hacks. That helps no one.

News Alerts and Notes Small Woodland Animals (SWA) Lasers (LAZ)

The Word “Awesome” (ASM)

The Situation (GTL)

The Word “Sassypants” (SASS) Chuck Norris does ____ (CN) Someone Tripping (OUCH)

- Feb/Mar 2009: Squirrels, Bunnies are hilarious. Esp. rabid ones. Will you get embarrassed if you reference this?: NO

- July 2009: Blog “WE HAVE LASERS” becomes way more hilarious NOTE: Lasers are a very hot pick right now. However, since it’s getting to that overused point, you may want to hold off buying this stock to see if it reverses. Will you get embarrassed if you reference this?: NO. NOT YET. - Jan 2009 – Present: Slowly becoming overused to the point where only a slight chuckle ensues. If used in correct context, can be very hilarious. For example, on “The Office” or by President Obama. Will you get embarrassed if you reference this?: AS LONG AS YOU’RE NOT TRYING TO BE FUNNY. - Dec. 2009 – Term and reference became wildly popular with ragtag bunch of crazies on “The Jersey Shore”, especially a very devious tanned one. Self-named The Situation. NOTE: Like most topical jokes, will be gone soon. DO NOT ATTEMPT. Will you get embarrassed if you reference this?: DO NOT ATTEMPT. NOTE: Safe pick, providing lots of return over the past 20 years. Will you get embarrassed if you reference this?: WORTHY INVESTMENT. WORKS EVERY TIME. NOTE: Reached peak in like 2006. C'mon dude – it’s truly not very funny anymore. Will you get embarrassed if you reference this?: CLEARLY. NOTE: Used forever. Low return, but low cost. Like a single in baseball. Will you get embarrassed if you reference this?: ONLY IF TELLING A STORY. DON’T PLACE IN A TV SHOW. EVER.


Video addresses are directly below each picture.!

Victoria’s Secret Brand Manifesto! A different take on what Victoria’s Secret means to the women that love it.! Senesi Blake, Drew Phillips, Lindsey Neeld! Voiceover: Claire Wyckoff!

Video address - !

Levi’s :30 Commercial! How a real Levi’s owner treats her most prized possession. ! Senesi Blake, Ben Johannemann, Diandra Mintz, Colin Bierne. Actress: Raihana Halim!

Video address – !

Nike SB Brand Essence! A video describing Nike SB sneakers – and the fans that wear them.! Senesi Blake!

Video address – !

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