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Britain has become a melting pot of cultures and Asians (Indians in particular) make up the largest minority group in that melting pot. They add a rich contribution of attitudes and traditions; beliefs, behaviours and cultural practices that add immensely to the British way of life. These same traditions can also be seen as odd and awkward, strange to some eyes. As a young Indian born near London and growing up deep in this environment, my outlook has been coloured by both the Indian traditions as well as my very English outlook. Join me on this unique journey as I set out to explore the cultural and lifestyle differences that how young British Asians have walked through the maze that is a Western world combined with traditions and expectations of older generations at home.

“We have different cultural values”

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restrict verb

“some parents restrict their children from leaving the house after dark” 1. put a limit on; keep under control. 2. deprive (someone or something) of freedom of movement or action: “parents can restrict their children from going out to a club or drinking alcohol” synonyms: limit, set/impose limits on, keep within bounds, keep under control, regulate, control, moderate, cut down on “being an Asian restricts the liklihood of doing an arts subject at university”

“we are far more judged by our behaviour”

“I would feel nervous telling my parents if I was in a relationship”

“Just tell them, they won’t mind”

We met at university. so we kept our relationship a secret. But look at us now, we are married, our families are both happy and most importantly we are both happy. Fairy tales do come true.

Date Of Birth: 29.09.87 Marriage Expiration: 29.09.15

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