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Statement of Quali ications

Seneca Companies 4140 E. 14th Street Des Moines, Iowa 50313 800‐369‐5500

Table of Contents Company Information ...........……............... Pages 3‐4 Company History, Mission Statement, Our Commitment to Our Clients, Safety, & Sustainability About Us ………………………………………..…. Page 5 Our Staff, Seneca Companies’ Of icers, & Of ice Locations Our Divisions Petroleum Services .………………..….…… Page 6 Project Experience ………..………………...… Pages 7‐10 Resumes …..……………………………….…….… Pages 11‐24 Environmental Services ……………….…. Pages 25‐26 Project Experience …………………………….. Pages 27‐29 Resumes …………………………………….…..…. Pages 30‐36 Waste Solutions ……...………………….…… Pages 37‐38 Project Experience …………………………...... Pages 39‐41 Resumes ……………………………..….……....…. Pages 42‐50 Industrial …………………...……….……...……. Page 51 Project Experience ….………….……………… Pages 52‐54 Resumes …………….………………..…………..... Pages 55‐56

Remediation ………………………………...….…..… Page 57 Project Experience …………………………………... Pages 58‐60 Resumes …………………………………………………. Pages 61‐63 General Contracting & Aviation Fueling … Page 64 Project Experience …………………………………… Pages 65‐68 Resumes ………………………………………………….. Pages 69‐71 Examples of Seneca’s Clients ……….………… Pages 72 Resume, President Murray R. Nelson ……. Pages 73‐74

BELOW: Seneca Companies, Inc. Corporate Headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa.


About Seneca Companies Company History

Mission Statement

Seneca is a diverse organization dedicated to providing Seneca Companies, a privately owned company, was quality products and services that meet or exceed our founded by Chris Risewick in 1972, with a vision to deliver real value to customers in the petroleum customer’s expectations. industry through supplying quality equipment, Employees are granted high degrees of responsibility innovative service and dependable construction of and authority to act on behalf of the company for the fueling sites. customers’ bene it. This is supported by employee’s growth, customer service and entrepreneurial spirit. With nearly four decades of proven experience, the Seneca team has continued this vision, expanding Seneca and its employees are committed to achieving capabilities and evolving into a unique, results that ensure the sustainability of the company. multi‐faceted service provider.

Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, Seneca currently employs over 300 personnel and has additional branch of ices located throughout the Midwest, Southern and Mountain Regions. Seneca Companies is made up of several unique divisions all working together to serve an array of industries and customer’s needs. Each unit consists of an experienced and knowledgeable team, focused on delivering prompt, full‐service specialty solutions. It is this diversity that ensures we deliver “The Complete Solution” to customers. Seneca Companies’ Divisions:  Petroleum Services (Construction & Service)  Environmental  Waste Solutions  Industrial Seneca Companies strives to deliver unparalleled  Remediation customer service through surpassing customer  General Contracting expectations and delivering quality products and  Aviation Fueling services. The foundation of our successful client relationships include consistency, open communication and detailed follow‐through. As the needs of our clients expand, Seneca Companies continues to grow its capabilities ‐ consistently delivering irst‐rate customer service and quality solutions. Backed by proven experience, an in‐house team of experts, Seneca is able to service a wide array of clients’ industry needs.

Our Commitment

To Our Clients


Our Commitment To Safety

At Seneca Companies, we are committed to the safety of our clients, their sites and our employees. To maintain these high standards, we have developed training programs that help ensure we have not only taught proper procedures but that each employee is current on the latest methods and practices for the industries we serve. Seneca Companies is committed to “Lending a Hand for a Sustainable Future”. Our Sustainability Project Seneca Companies received the Iowa‐Illinois Safety Council’s promotes green business practices in the following award ive consecutive times for areas:   maintaining a safety record below the  Facilities  Purchasing national average.  Operations  Design & Construction Activities Our efforts have led to progress in recycling; waste minimization; energy ef iciency; sustainable design; Seneca goes above and beyond to ensure the safety and education. of our employees and compliance with the law. Our Sustainability Project provides us with internal Our Regular Training includes, but is not limited to: improvements and at the same time prepares us to consistently scheduled safety meetings focused on a meet our Customer’s expectations for sustainable variety of topics including accident prevention, design, construction, and operations. equipment training, procedures review, time of year hazards, Lock Out Tag Out, OSHA training, critical Reduction of waste is our top priority and we believe in safety training, grain bin rescue, con ined space a grass roots approach to tackling this challenge. Each entry safety, CPR and electrical safety training. For employee is responsible for eliminating disposable some Seneca divisions, this can occur as often as material waste by using ceramic coffee mugs as once per week and we have online classes required opposed to paper coffee cups, reduce printing for all divisions. unnecessary emails or documents, and to print on both sides of the paper when applicable. Our of ice employees are also encouraged to learn about safety issues, as monthly meetings are held in Every desk in our of ices has recycling bins placed next our Corporate of ice. In addition to this, more than to the garbage bin in order to assist with this initiative. 110 Seneca employees have undergone 40‐hour Additionally, our Staff in the Remediation Shop recycle Hazwoper training which also includes an 8‐hour their waste products, such as fuel ilters, excess wood, refresher annually. The company also employs two cardboard, paper, and extra metals. Our Sustainability certi ied instructors of OSHA of training. project is an on‐going initiative which we hope to expand in years to come.

To Sustainability


About Us

Of ice Locations

Our Staff


Seneca Companies’ staff is comprised of over 300 employees throughout 14 states. Our strategic 4140 East 14th Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50313 800‐369‐5500 * 515‐262‐5000 * Fax: 515‐262‐2469 locations and diversity set us apart when in providing the highest quality products and services BRANCH LOCATIONS in a timely and ef icient manner. th 1863 NE 54 Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50316 Paramount to Seneca’s success are the 800‐369‐5500 * 515‐309‐1280 * Fax: 515‐261‐7703 relationships that we have established with our customers. These relationships are developed on a 7241 Gaines Street Court, Davenport, Iowa 52806 foundation of honesty, excellent communication, and 800‐728‐6900 * 563‐332‐8000 * Fax: 563‐332‐9465 attention to detail. As a result, many of our customers chose to do business with Seneca time 13915 Century Lane, Grandview, Missouri 64030 866‐961‐1270 * 816‐761‐1270 * Fax: 816‐761‐8351 and time again. 458 N Hwy 48, P.O. Box 60, Oreana, Illinois 62554 All of Seneca’s divisions are staffed with experts in 866‐876‐1005 * 217‐468‐2393 * Fax: 217‐468‐2617 their respective ields, including Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineers, Geologists, Certi ied 4444 S York Street, Sioux City, Iowa 51106 Environmental Groundwater Professionals, Licensed 800‐369‐5500 * 712‐258‐4025 * Fax: 712‐258‐0144 Petroleum Installers, and Master Electricians. Unity between Seneca’s Divisions ensures we are able to 456 Windance Drive, Baldwyn, Mississippi 38824 deliver a complete solution for all of your needs. 662‐365‐3233 * Fax: 662‐365‐9799 200 S Raritan Street, Denver, Colorado 80023 Our staff continues to improve our services through 800‐332‐3800 * 303‐744‐2125 * Fax: 303‐744‐2457 on‐going education, training, and listening to our customers. 1806 N. 106th E Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74116 918‐838‐0494 * 866‐304‐7136 * Fax: 918‐838‐0743 2600 West 3rd St., Grand Island, Nebraska 68803 308‐384‐8830 * Fax: 515‐264‐4303 Chris Risewick, Owner/Chief Executive Of icer Please contact Gayle Tate, Executive Assistant

Seneca Companies’ Of icers

Email: Phone: 515‐264‐4377

Murray Nelson, President/Chief Operating Of icer Email: Phone: 515‐261‐7716

Phyllis Jones, Chief Financial Of icer Email: Phone: 515‐264‐4330

Al Hillgren, Vice President Email: Phone: 515‐264‐4366 5

Petroleum Construction and Service Division Seneca Companies is a premier construction and BELOW: UST piping installation at a convenience store. service provider with expertise in petroleum engineering, comprehensive containment and dispensing solutions. For over 40 years, Seneca had been building relationships with petroleum marketers by providing high quality petroleum equipment, innovative service and a wide variety of dispensing solutions. BELOW: UST installation before inal back ill.

Petroleum Service As with any equipment, over an extended period of time routine maintenance and repairs will be required. When that time comes, our clients rely on Seneca’s team of more than 50 expert service technicians, available 24‐hours a day, to ensure customer sites are running ef iciently. Each Technician undergoes re‐occurring factory training to keep them familiar with the latest petroleum equipment. Petroleum Construction If you need to reach our Central Dispatch for any Petroleum Service needs, please call: Seneca’s team of trained professionals and licensed 1‐800‐515‐3690 . installers utilize only the highest quality equipment, the best construction materials available and a complete project management Seneca Petroleum NAICS Codes procedure that separates us from the competition. 236220 Commercial and Institutional Building From the early stages of construction right through Construction the grand opening, the Seneca team is on‐site making sure deadlines are met and the equipment 238990 All Other Specialty Trade Contractors is installed safely and operating properly. 423440 Other Commercial Equipment Merchant Wholesalers Our dedicated professionals provide the 811219 Other Electronic and Precision information, equipment, installation and service to Equipment Repair and Maintenance each of our more than 5,500 customers. Whether developing a fuel dispensing system design, or the 811310 Commercial and Industrial Machinery development of an entire site layout, our and Equipment Repair and Maintenance specialists streamline the entire process. 6

Petroleum Construction Experience Center Point Travel Plaza Center Point, Iowa

Contract Value


Client & Contact Information River Products Company, Inc.

Period of Performance


Tom Scott, (319) 338‐1184

River Products Company, Inc. is an aggregate mining and distribution company in Central Iowa whose relationship with Seneca Companies had historically been limited to the purchase of back ill materials from River Products by Seneca for utilization in underground storage tank installation. This Center Point Travel Plaza was a new endeavor for River Products Company. Seneca was contacted by and met with this client from the initial inception of the project. Seneca was instrumental in the development of the site con iguration and traf ic patterns within the facility. Seneca’s team also assisted the client in determining the most ef icient entrance and exit locations to minimize any traf ic con licts between automobiles and semi tractor trailers. Seneca served as system consultant and reviewed the requested delivery rates and the equipment performance needs of the dispensing systems. Seneca then identi ied and speci ied the appropriate delivery systems to meet these needs. Upon completion of the design and layout con iguration stages of the project, Seneca proceeded with the installation of the fueling system. The startup and testing procedures implemented were completed without incident.

ABOVE: Steel UST installation.

ABOVE: Center Point Travel Plaza.


Rooftop Helicopter Refueling System Des Moines, Iowa Contract Value


Client & Contact Information Iowa Methodist Medical Center (515) 241‐6212

Period of Performance


Seneca Companies served as the system design consultant and component selection advisor for the con iguration of a rooftop helicopter refueling system located atop the 9th loor of Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Upon design completion, Seneca assisted in the presentation and review of the system con iguration and components to the Des Moines Fire Department for permitting approval. This included system functionality as well as the materials and components implemented to ensure the safety of the system. Under Seneca’s supervision, the project began with rigging and installing the 90 foot tall, one (1) piece, double wall steel, vertical discharge pipe to the rooftop fuel dispenser into the air intake duct of the hospital by utilizing a hydraulic crane with a 180’ boom. Seneca was also tasked with overseeing the placement of sensor devices throughout the system to alert hospital security and personnel of any breach in the piping. In the inal stage, Seneca conducted precision testing of all system components. The most challenging task included the coordination and transport of more than 200 gallons of barreled Avjet A fuel through the internal elevators system, without the disruption or notice of patients and medical staff.


300,000 Gallon Bulk Storage Facility Oskaloosa, Iowa

Contract Value


Client & Contact Information Period of Performance  New Alliance Farm Service 2003

Jim Reed, (641) 672‐2589

Seneca Companies assisted the client in the design and performance criteria for a ten (10) tank 300,000 gallon aboveground storage and loading facility located at the New Alliance Farm Service in Oskaloosa, Iowa. The performance of this system was designed and con igured to be capable of loading bulk delivery trucks at rates of 250 to 300 gallon per minute (gpm). The system was constructed with electronic fuel management and inventory controls. The facility’s piping was comprised of over 1,200 feet of 4” welded Schedule 40 pipe and ittings. The ABOVE: A view of the installed bulk fuel facility. piping layout was such that product directional changes were minimized to eliminate as many negative impacts to the low rate as possible. Due to the elevation variances of the vehicles to be loading at this facility, Seneca designed the loading platform to accommodate multiple vehicles of several different heights through the utilization of adjustable swing step walkways. These walkways were equipped with railings and were designed for use with fall protection harnesses. The transport delivery connections were located on the opposite side of the bulk facility to eliminate any con licts in the loading and of loading activities as well as better enhance the overall ef iciencies of the system.

ABOVE: Close‐up view of the bulk fuel facility piping.


Casey’s General Store #2687 Hawarden, Iowa

Contract Value

Client & Contact Information Casey’s General Stores


Galen Karas, (515) 965‐6160

ABOVE: A view of Casey’s General Store.


Period of Performance


Seneca Companies has served Casey’s General Stores for project management, as well as a systems design consultant and a component selection advisor, for hundreds of ground up C‐stores, or convenience stores. The Casey’s General Store #3009 in Sioux City, Iowa consisted of a complete ground up convenience store building, fuel storage, and dispensing system. Seneca was tasked with the construction and management of this project from a bare ground ungraded site through the production and opening of a completely new and functional convenience store. The activities required of Seneca for this project included, but were not limited to: permitting, utility installations including sewer, water and power, installation of the underground fuel storage system and piping, fabrication and construction of the convenience store building including all interior and exterior inishes and looring. They were responsible for landscaping and hard surface installation for all parking and drive areas. Numerous changes to the building structure and inishes were encountered during the construction phases of this project and Seneca incorporated these changes with lexibility and continuity in order to maintain Casey’s projected store opening schedule.

AL HILLGREN Vice President of Seneca Companies, Inc.



UST and Dispensing System Installations Mr. Hillgren has amassed a total of 40 years of Kum & Go LC experience in various roles within the petroleum Various Sites (11 States) industry including, but not limited to: the installation of steel and iberglass UST’s, the Mr. Hillgren has served as Project Manager and installation of metallic, iberglass and composite systems design consultant to Kum & Go for hundreds of underground piping systems both single and petroleum storage and dispensing systems double wall, installation of UST’s and product installations and replacements. He was responsible for delivery systems utilized for roof top helicopter the initial systems design and layout as well as the refueling systems at hospitals. scheduling of activities to minimize daily business impact and maximize project ef iciencies. He His experience also includes the design and con irmed that proper safety measures were adhered to installation of steel aboveground bulk storage tanks and OSHA compliance was observed in all projects and fabrication of welded steel piping systems. He facets including but not limited to excavation, crane has personally conducted Petro‐tite precision tests operations and all aspects of the system assembly, of over 1,200 underground storage tanks and testing and startup. Mr. Hillgren was also responsible piping systems. Mr. Hillgren also has designed, for con irming that all required State Licensing and con igured and installed numerous aviation fueling Certi ications of installation personnel were met as well systems for various airport facilities as well as the as completion and submission of all State assembly and fabrication of aviation, bulk and Compliance & Registration documentation at project transport delivery vehicles. His depth of experience completion. and attention to detail have assisted Seneca’s Petroleum Construction division in the production of safe, dependable, environmentally sound Rooftop Helicopter Refueling System petroleum systems of the highest quality. Iowa Methodist Medical Center Des Moines, Iowa Mr. Hillgren is currently responsible for the petroleum construction and service operations at Mr. Hillgren served as system design consultant and the Main Of ice located in Des Moines, Iowa as well component selection advisor for the con iguration of as Branch locations in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, this rooftop helicopter refueling system located atop Colorado, Oklahoma and Illinois. Because of his vast the 9th loor of Methodist Medical Center. Upon design knowledge within the industry, he has been completion, he assisted in the presentation and solicited to speak on numerous occasions for the review of the system con iguration and components to Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores of the Des Moines Fire Department for permitting Iowa organization concerning Regulator approval. Mr. Hillgren was responsible to present the Compliance requirements, systems and equipment system functionality as well as the materials and capabilities. Mr. Hillgren has also been quali ied for components implemented to con irm the safe and conducted numerous 40 Hour Iowa Licensed operation of the system. Installer Certi ication classes over the last 10 years. 11

AL HILLGREN Vice President of Seneca Companies, Inc.

Mr. Hillgren met with the client from the initial inception of this project and was instrumental in the development of the systems and site con iguration to Mr. Hillgren personally supervised the rigging and meet the needs and performance of this facility. He installation of the 90 foot tall, one (1) piece, double assisted the client in determining ef icient entrance and wall steel, and vertical discharge pipe into the air exit locations to minimize traf ic con lict between intake duct of the hospital utilizing a hydraulic automobiles and semis. Mr. Hillgren reviewed the crane with a 180’ boom. In addition, he has also requested delivery rates and the equipment supervised the placement of all of the sensor performance needs of the dispensing systems and devices throughout the system and the testing of all identi ied the appropriate delivery systems to meet system components following the installation these needs. He then served as Project Manager during completion. Mr. Hillgren coordinated and oversaw the construction, completion and startup activities. the transportation of over 200 gallons of barreled Avjet A fuel through the internal hospital elevator system to the building exterior. Meredith Jet Fuel Storage and Dispensing System Meredith Printing 300,000 Gallon Bulk Storage Facility Des Moines International Airport, Des Moines, Iowa New Alliance Farm Service Oskaloosa, Iowa Mr. Hillgren served as system design consultant and Project Manager for this 20,000 gallon Avjet Mr. Hillgren assisted the client in the design and A fuel underground storage and dispensing system performance criteria for this ten (10) tank 300,000 located at the Des Moines International Airport. He gallon aboveground storage and loading facility. reviewed the performance criteria needed, and The system is capable of truck loading rates of 250 researched the dual delivery system required to meet to 300 gallon per minute with electronic fuel the client’s needs. Mr. Hillgren secured a dual delivery management and inventory controls. Due to the system capable of conducting both over‐wing and single various elevations of the vehicles utilizing this point refueling from the same cabinet including a facility, Mr. Hillgren designed the loading platform loat‐suction assembly for the UST. He then managed to accommodate a multiple of vehicle heights the project to completion, testing and startup. through the utilization of swing step walkways. These walkways were equipped with railings and EDUCATION, TRAINING, CERTIFICATIONS & were designed for use with fall protection MEMBERSHIPS harnesses.  Governor Appointed Member of Iowa Renewable Center Point Travel Plaza Truck Center Fuels Infrastructure Board River Products Corporation  Iowa Licensed UST Installer & Tester  Center Point, Iowa  Certi ied Petro‐Tite Tank & Line Testing   Illinois Licensed UST Installation & Decommissioning  River Products is an aggregate mining and  Kansas Licensed Installer  distribution company in Central Iowa. This truck  Quali ied & Approved to Conduct 40 Hour Iowa center was a new endeavor for their company. Licensed Installer Certi ication  12 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

MIKE WORTHINGTON Regional Vice President of Petroleum Construction



UST and Dispensing System Installations Mr. Worthington has 18 years of experience in Kum & Go L.C. various roles within the petroleum industry Various Sites (11 States) including, but not limited to: the installation of steel and iberglass UST’s, the installation of metallic, Mr. Worthington also serves as Senior Project iberglass and composite underground piping Manager and Systems Design Consultant to Kum & Go systems ‐ both single and double wall. for numerous petroleum storage and dispensing systems installations and replacements throughout an Mr. Worthington also has designed, con igured and eleven (11) state area. installed numerous underground storage and fueling systems for major convenience store He was responsible for the initial systems design, layout operations as well as commercial trucking and the scheduling of the construction activities. Mr. companies. Worthington con irms that proper safety measures are adhered to and OSHA compliance is observed in all His depth of experience and attention to detail have project facets including, but not limited to: excavation, assisted Seneca’s Petroleum Construction Division crane operations and the of the system assembly, in the production of reliable petroleum systems of testing and startup. the highest quality. Mr. Worthington is currently responsible for the Mr. Worthington is also responsible for con irming that petroleum construction estimating and project all required State Licensing and Certi ications of installation personnel are met. He is also management operations at the main of ice located responsible for the completion and submission of all in Des Moines, Iowa. In addition, he assists all State Compliance & Registration documentation at branch locations in Nebraska, Missouri and Illinois. project completion. Because of his signi icant knowledge within the industry, Mr. Worthington is solicited on a regular basis to assist various Petroleum Marketers in UST and Dispensing System Installations determining the systems and equipment to meet HyVee, Inc. their needs both from a compliance standpoint as Various Sites (7 States) well as the system performance. Mr. Worthington is the primary Design and Build On numerous occasions, Mr. Worthington has been consultant and Project Manager for HyVee, Inc., a asked by the Iowa Department of Natural Midwest food store chain with over 80 gas facilities. Resources to conduct training sessions to familiarize Mr. Worthington has been instrumental in guiding and the IDNR ield personnel with the systems they are assisting HyVee in the many changes in the UST apt to encounter. industry over the past seven (7) years. 13

MIKE WORTHINGTON Regional Vice President of Petroleum Construction HyVee has convenience stores in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Mr. Worthington has been an integral part of designing and the construction for HyVee  across their convenience store footprint.     UST and Dispensing System Installations  Casey’s General Stores  Various Sites (9 states) Mr. Worthington serves as a consultant and informal design adviser to Casey’s Construction, a division of Casey’s General Stores. Casey’s has over 1,600 convenience stores all across the Midwest. Mr. Worthington consults with the Casey’s construction division on underground equipment and design, along with dispensing equipment and capacities.


EDUCATION, TRAINING, CERTIFICATIONS & MEMBERSHIPS Iowa Licensed UST Installer Illinois Licensed UST installer (inactive) Wisconsin Licensed UST installer (inactive) Kansas Licensed Installer Nebraska Licensed UST installer Colorado Licensed UST installer (inactive) Utah Licensed UST installer (inactive)


LEFT: Petroleum Service vehicle.

RIGHT: Underground vent piping and conduits.

LEFT: Dispenser island installation.

RIGHT: Tank ield prior to inal back ill.


ED HANKEL Branch Manager for Petroleum Operations (Kansas City, MO)


He was responsible for design, estimating and installation management. Mr. Hankel was also in charge of the presentation and review of the Mr. Hankel’s experience in the petroleum industry systems con iguration and components to con irm the includes, but is not limited to: the installation and safe operation of the systems. removal of steel and iberglass UST’s, the installation of metallic, iberglass and composite As Mr. Hankel’s primary concern, proper safety underground piping systems ‐ both single and measures were adhered to and OSHA compliance was double wall, installation of UST’s and product observed in every project. delivery systems utilized for roof top helicopter refueling systems at hospitals and prisons. He oversaw all that required State Licensing and Certi ications of installation personnel were met, as well His experience includes the design and installation as the completion and submission of all State of steel aboveground bulk storage tanks and Compliance & Registration documentation at project fabrication of welded steel piping systems. Mr. completion. Hankel has also been involved in the design,

estimating and installation of aviation fueling systems at various airports. Mr. Hankel’s 30 years of knowledge, experience and Addition of Retail Fueling Systems and Distribution dedication to staying on top of the ever changing Centers, Wal‐Mart Stores, Inc. petroleum industry has made him a valuable Wal‐Mart Express Fueling Systems member of the Seneca team. He is dedicated to Various sites throughout a Four (4) State Area ensuring the client receives a safe, dependable, environmentally sound petroleum system of the Mr. Hankel has served as System Design Consultant and highest quality. Project Manager to Wal‐Mart in constructing the addition of Retail Fueling Systems to existing and new Wal‐Mart facilities. He was responsible for design PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE review, estimating and installation management. New C‐Stores Construction ‐ UST Systems Installations and Removals ‐ AST Systems Mr. Hankel was instrumental in the development of the systems and site con iguration to meet the needs and Installations: Casey’s General Stores, Quik Trip, performance of the facilities. These designs include Kwik Shop, Sam’s Clubs underground storage tanks and dispensing systems. Various Sites Throughout the Midwest During the construction of additions for existing retail Mr. Hankel has served as Project Manager and sites, special planning must be given concerning the Systems Design Consultant and Component impact this will have on the day to day business of the Selection Advisor to Casey’s for the production of retail locations. hundreds of ground up c‐stores. This includes the installation of petroleum storage and dispensing



ED HANKEL Branch Manager for Petroleum Operations (Kansas City, MO)

He is dedicated to keeping up‐to‐date with all of the Mr. Hankel took this need into consideration and Federal, State and Local regulations, guaranteeing his worked with the client to determine ef icient clients are compliant with the laws governing the entrance and exit locations to best minimize the Petroleum Industry. daily impact on the existing retail stores. The distribution centers required the appropriate With Vapor Recovery Systems, the harmful delivery systems to meet the needs of fuel storage hydrocarbon emission vapors, found in the ullage of the and dispensing systems used for the transportation tank, are no longer vented into the atmosphere, but are of product to retail facilities. now recovered through a hose back into the delivery truck, thus helping to keep our atmosphere clean. Environment Cleanup, Burns & McDonnell Various Sites

Mr. Hankel has served as Project Manager on EDUCATION, TRAINING, CERTIFICATIONS & environmental testing and cleanup of various sites. MEMBERSHIPS This involved taking the samples to the laboratory for testing, reviewing the testing results and implementing the necessary measures to remedy  Arkansas Licensed UST Installer the situation.  Iowa Licensed UST Installer  Kansas Licensed UST Installer With the environment on the forefront, Mr. Hankel  Missouri Licensed UST Installer believes it is imperative to be knowledgeable of  Nebraska Licensed UST Installer regulatory requirements, in the remediation of  Certi ied Ameron International Installation for contaminants from the soil, groundwater and other Fiberglass‐Composite Pipe polluted entities. Assessment is crucial when  Xerxes Underground Storage Tank Installation environmental issues are involved.  ACT 100 Tank Installation  Containment Solutions Tank Installation Mr. Hankel is hands‐on throughout the assessment  Storm Water Professional process until completion of the cleanup to ensure  OSHA 40 Hour Hazmat Course clients are once again conducting business in a safe  OSHA On‐Site Supervisors Hazmat Course for UST environment. Sites  Piping – UPP, APT, Ameron, Pisces  CPR Certi ied Stage I & II Vapor Recovery Systems,  First Aid Certi ied Quik Trip Corporation Various Sites Mr. Hankel assisted in the design of the Stage I Vapor Systems and has installed both Vapor I & II recovery Systems utilized by the Quik Trip Convenience Stores. 17

LEFT: Two‐tank system with iberglass piping.

RIGHT: UST sump with two motors.

LEFT: Dispenser island and canopy build in progress.


MICK CRONISTER Branch Manager of Petroleum Construction (Oreana, IL)

His responsibilities included design, project estimating, sales and project management of petroleum storage and dispensing systems. From 2004 through today, Mr. Mr. Cronister has accumulated a total of 24 years of Cronister has worked for Seneca Companies in the role experience in various roles through ive highly of Branch Manager of the Oreana, Illinois Of ice. respected companies in the petroleum industry. From 1988 to 1992, he worked for Hoener His position entails the general management of daily Equipment Company in Spring ield, Illinois business activities within this branch of ice. Mr. conducting petroleum service maintenance and ield Cronister serves as a technical advisor to the Illinois installations of petroleum storage and Petroleum Marketers Association concerning dispensing systems. These included both Regulatory Compliance requirements as well as aboveground and belowground systems. systems and equipment capabilities. In 2006, he was nominated and awarded the “Top Shelf Award” for From 1992 to 1994, he was promoted to a position meritorious service to the industry by the Illinois of Regional Sales Representative. Mr. Cronister’s Petroleum Marketers Association. sales territory encompassed Western Illinois, Northern Illinois and Wisconsin. His responsibilities PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE entailed the design/sales of petroleum storage and dispensing systems. From 1994 to 1996, he worked Mr. Cronister’s experience in the petroleum industry for W.W. Barnhart Company in Paris, Illinois in the position of Regional Sales Representative with a includes, but is not limited to: the design, sales and installation of steel and iberglass UST’s, the installation territory encompassing Central Illinois and Western of iberglass and composite underground piping Illinois. His responsibilities entailed the design/sales systems ‐ both single and double wall, installation of of petroleum storage and dispensing systems. steel aboveground dispensing systems ‐ both single and From 1996 to 1998, Mr. Cronister worked for double wall, the design and installation of high low injection systems for fuel additives and product delivery Champion Gas & Oil in Spring ield, Illinois systems utilized as emergency generator systems for conducting petroleum service maintenance and ield hospitals and manufacturing facilities. installations of petroleum storage and dispensing systems including lique ied petroleum gas systems. His experience also includes the design and installation From 1998 to 2000, he worked for Pemco Service of steel aboveground bulk storage tanks, secondary Company in Gilman, Illinois conducting petroleum containment systems and underground oil‐water service maintenance and ield installations of separator systems. petroleum storage and dispensing systems. These included both aboveground and belowground Over the past 24 years, Mr. Cronister’s knowledge, systems. experience and professionalism have assisted his employers, customers and the industry to ensure the From 2000 to 2004, Mr. Cronister was promoted to safest, most dependable and environmentally sound a position of Project Management and Regional Sales systems have been installed to meet industry standards. Representative with a territory encompassing Eastern Illinois and Northern Illinois. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS


MICK CRONISTER Branch Manager of Petroleum Construction (Oreana, IL)

UST Monitoring and Fuel Management He is responsible for assisting this client in systems System Installation design, equipment layout and recommendations State of Illinois – I.D.O.T. Emergency Traf ic Patrol regarding new equipment speci ications. Mr. Cronister Dan Ryan Expressway, Chicago, Illinois works directly with Martin & Bayley and the installing contractors for site layout, and timely At the time of the project, this location served as the delivery of all petroleum equipment required for a largest I.D.O.T. garage in the state of Illinois; serving complete multiple UST tank and product line all levels of State Government including, but not dispensing systems. limited to, I.D.O.T., Illinois State Police and Central

Management Services. Mr. Cronister served as the 240,000 Gallon Bulk Storage Facility Project Manager for the equipment speci ications Evergreen FS, Inc. and installation of a Veeder‐Root TLS‐350R tank Maroa, Illinois monitoring system with secondary containment monitoring of a double wall UST tank and product Mr. Cronister served as the system design consultant, line dispensing system. Project Manager and assisted the customer in component selection for this eight (8) tank – 240,000 Speci ications and installation also included a gallon aboveground bulk storage and loading facility. Petrovend System 2 Fuel Management System The system is capable of truck loading rates of 250 utilizing magnetic strip credit cards with the ability gallons per minute with electronic fuel management of all State agencies to use the system. System and inventory controls. All fuel deliveries are controlled design included the ability to remotely poll fuel by an electronic Junge fueling control panel capable of transaction reports separating transactions by State multiple product blending ratios. agencies for billing purposes. This system contains one (1) 30,000 gallon vertical tank Mr. Cronister’s duties included the site layout, for the storage of B‐100 product. Mr. Cronister scheduling of equipment and activities to minimize designed a temperature controlled B‐100 system effects to daily business operations helping to utilizing four (4) 1400 watt tank pad heaters with ensure the project inished within the required individual thermostats and all product piping including timeframe. iltration systems are electrically heat traced. The entire tank and product line is additionally protected with 2 UST and Dispensing System Installations ½” of ire resistant insulation and the exterior is Martin & Bayley, Inc. covered with a completely sealed aluminum jacketing. Huck’s Convenience Stores Various Sites throughout a (5) State Area This system also utilizes one (1) antigel injection system controlled thru the electrical fuel control panel for Mr. Cronister currently serves as a systems design winter blend fueling use. Mr. Cronister’s duties consultant to Martin & Bayley for all petroleum included site layout, scheduling of equipment/activities storage and dispensing systems installations including coordinator of subcontractors and submission including existing site location upgrades and of all required documentation at project completion. replacements. 20

MICK CRONISTER Branch Manager of Petroleum Construction (Oreana, IL)

These Truck Stop Dispensing System Installations featured a typical layout of 40,000 gallons of UST gasoline storage with six (6) gasoline fuel islands while also offering 40,000 gallons of UST diesel fuel storage with nine (9) diesel semi truck fuel islands. System also consisted of one (1) 6,000 gallon UST Mr. Cronister serves as the Project Manager for oil‐water separator tank with drainage grate system Fed Ex Freight Systems on multiple new installations under all diesel fueling islands. in Illinois. These Semi Freight Terminal Installations featured a typical layout of 40,000 gallons of UST These locations utilized all iberglass double wall Diesel storage with four (4) diesel fueling lanes product piping and the diesel system featured a UST controlled by an electronic fuel card management containment blending system for direct bio‐diesel system. product line blending to the fuel islands. This layout also featured 1,000 gallons of AST He was responsible for site layout, scheduling of storage for lubricating oils with four (4) equipment/activities including coordination of maintenance bays of overhead lubrication subcontractors ensuring the project inished within equipment to perform semi maintenance on Fed Ex date/time of certain requirements and submission of all Freight trucks. These locations utilized all iberglass required documentation at project completion. double wall product piping for the diesel fueling system and utilized all high pressure steel tubing for the oil lubrication system. EDUCATION, TRAINING, CERTIFICATIONS & MEMBERSHIPS Mr. Cronister was responsible for site layout, scheduling of equipment/activities including Certi ications coordinator of subcontractors ensuring the project  EBW Autostik II Tank Monitoring Systems inished within date/time of certain requirements,  Incon Tank Monitoring Systems as well as submission of all required documentation  Veeder‐Root TLS Tank Monitoring Systems at project completion.  Red Jacket Pro Link Tank Monitoring Systems  Red Jacket Submersible Pumps  APT Flexible Piping & Containment Systems 80,000 Gallon UST and Dispensing  Gilbarco Dispensers System Installations  Gasboy 1000 Fuel Management Systems Pilot Travel Centers, LLC  State of Illinois, Capitol Developmental Board: Multiple Locations in Illinois Contractor Procedures Mr. Cronister serves as the Project Manager for Pilot Memberships Travel Centers on multiple new installations in  Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association Illinois.  Indiana Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association 40,000 Gallon Petroleum UST with 1,000 Gallon Lubrication AST and Dispensing Systems Installations Fed Ex Freight Systems Multiple Locations in Illinois



Examples of Petroleum Construction Vendors

ABOVE: Gilbarco Encore Dispenser.


JEFF KLINE Manager of Estimating and Project Management Seneca Construction



UST and Dispensing System Installations Mr. Kline has 13 years of experience in various 7‐Eleven roles within the petroleum industry including, but Various Sites (Two (2) States) not limited to: the installation of steel and iberglass UST’s, the installation of metallic, Mr. Kline serves as Senior Project Manager and sys‐ iberglass and composite underground piping tems design consultant to 7‐Eleven for numerous pe‐ systems ‐ both single and double wall. troleum storage and dispensing systems installations and replacements throughout the Iowa and Illinois Mr. Kline has designed, con igured and installed areas. numerous underground storage and fueling systems for major convenience store operations as He is the main point of contact for well as installed several bulk plant facilities. communication on construction projects involving 7‐ Eleven and Seneca. Mr. Kline con irms that proper His depth of experience and attention to detail have safety measures are adhered to and OSHA compliance assisted Seneca’s Petroleum Construction division is observed in all projects facets including, but not in the production of reliable petroleum systems of limited to: excavation, crane operations and all aspects the highest quality. of the system assembly, testing and startup. Mr. Kline is currently responsible for the petroleum Mr. Kline is also responsible for the completion and construction estimating and project management submission of all State Compliance & Registration operations at the main of ice located in Des Moines, documentation at the end of projects. Iowa and assists other branch locations in Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado and Illinois. Because of his signi icant knowledge within the UST and Dispensing System Installations industry, Mr. Kline is solicited on a regular basis to Quik Trip assist various Petroleum Marketers in determining Various Sites (Two (2) States) the systems and equipment to meet their needs both from a compliance standpoint and system performance. Mr. Kline is the primary contact and Project Manager for Quik Trip, Inc. facilities built in Iowa and Missouri. On numerous occasions, Mr. Kline has been asked by the Iowa Renewable Fuels Board to attend their Mr. Kline works with Quik Trip on installation of meetings to provide expertise in fuel system underground fueling systems found at new compatibility with alternative fuels such as convenience stores in both the Iowa and Missouri Bio‐Diesel and Ethanol. areas. 23

JEFF KLINE Manager of Estimating and Project Management Seneca Construction UST and Dispensing System Installations The fueling transfer area was constructed inside of an explosion proof building allowing the trucks to come Kwik Trip, Inc. and go and stay out of the weather. Various Sites (Nine (9) States) Mr. Kline serves as a consultant, project manager This facility has the capacity and pumping system and informal design adviser to Kwik Trip, Inc., a necessary to dispense over 200gpm. Seneca also large convenience store chain based in La Crosse, incorporated a retail fueling facility for both cars and Wisconsin. Kwik Trip has over 350 convenience semis. stores across the Midwest. Mr. Kline’s signi icant knowledge of both bulk plant Mr. Kline consults with the Kwik Trip construction facilities and retail fueling sites made this project a division on underground equipment and design, success. along with dispensing equipment and capacities. EDUCATION, TRAINING, CERTIFICATIONS & MEMBERSHIPS Bulk Fuel Storage Tank Installation Heart of Iowa Coop Nevada, Iowa  Iowa Licensed UST Installer  Illinois Licensed UST Installer Mr. Kline served as the informal design adviser and  Nebraska Licensed UST Installer foreman on a large bulk fuel storage plant at an  Colorado Licensed UST Installer ethanol manufacturing facility. The project  40‐Hour OSHA Hazmat certi ied consisted of over 300,000 gallon of above ground  Gilbarco Dispenser certi ied storage tank capacity with all welded steel piping.  Veeder Root tank monitor certi ied  APT piping and containment systems certi ied The system featured both top load and bottom load  Ameron piping certi ied capabilities in order to accommodate fueling  Bravo certi ied different types of fuel transport vehicles.  FE Petro certi ied The system was designed in such a way that a  Red Jacket certi ied delivery of fuel to the tank farm does not prevent  Containment Solutions certi ied another transport from loading out simultaneously.  Xerxes certi ied The system is controlled with a computer and electrically operated valves that made this system functionally very easy and maintains safety.


Environmental Services Division

BELOW: Waste characterization of hazardous & non‐hazardous Seneca’s Environmental Services Division provides a range of comprehensive environmental consulting waste. programs and services, with a staff of talented and certi ied professionals who make the process simple and cost‐effective. Our continued training and on‐site experience allow us to manage and perform an array of environmental services ‐ from environmental compliance and safety training to emergency spill response and site remediation programs. Some of our programs include: Industrial Environmental Services: Full Scale  Environmental Consulting Compliance Audits, Compliance Management, Field  Compliance Management Services: Industrial Response Plans (FRP), RCRA Assessments and RCRA & Environmental  Facility Compliance, Emergency Response Plans, OSHA  Health & Safety Training  & Hazwoper Training, Asbestos sampling, and more.  Property Transfer Consulting Compliance Management Services: Includes access to Seneca’s proprietary Compliance Management Database Software to monitor, review and evaluate compliance, even remotely. Seneca provides services including the scheduling, collecting, completing, auditing, storage, and extraction of release detection data, permit applications, tests & inspections, and reporting. Brown ields Consulting/Abandoned Property Reclamation: Applies our comprehensive knowledge of the Brown ield Program to assist industrial clients in the reclamation of abandoned industrial properties while minimizing costs and environmental cleanup liability. ABOVE: Site assessment drilling, soil & groundwater sampling.

These services encompass a comprehensive range of environmental protection and regulatory requirements including: Permitting: Air, Water, Wastewater, Construction, Hazardous Waste, Non‐Hazardous Waste, SPCC, SWPPP, NPDES, PSD, Title 5, TRI, Tier ABOVE: 120,000 gallons of hazardous and non‐hazardous waste. 2, and more. 25

Environmental Services Division

Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA): Protects the inancial interests of potential buyers, lenders or current owners by determining the environmental liability of real property using reporting methods that are American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) compliant. Vapor Intrusion, asbestos, lead, mold, and environmental waste sampling and abatement services are also available. Land ill Compliance Services: Handles the tasks of collecting and analyzing groundwater and gas emission samples along with the necessary reporting to state agencies. We offer expert consultation to our clients for ABOVE: Abandoned gas station assessment & remediation. the multitude of required compliance audits. Risk Based (RBCA) Assessments: Saves money and time by often allowing closure of certain contaminated Seneca Environmental Services sites with levels of contaminants based on site‐speci ic NAICS Codes information as opposed to generic cleanup objectives typically imposed on property owners. 236210 Industrial Building Construction Corrective Action and Design: Creates the optimum plan to clean up contaminated properties, including a 541620 Environmental Consulting Services review of all available assessment information, selection of an appropriate method of cleanup, pilot testing of the 541690 Other Scienti ic and Technical technology and incorporation of the data into a Consulting Services statement of effectiveness.  562910 Remediation Services Remediation/Cleanup System Services: Offers a full‐range of professionally detailed site remediation services, including system conceptual design, Underground Storage Tank (UST) & Above engineering, building, installation, operation, Ground (AST) Compliance Services: Covers all maintenance and closure – or the providing of phases of both UST and leaking UST equipment should a client choose to build their own management. Seneca is backed by the experience of system.  having completed thousands of projects nationwide involving the assessment and remediation of UST petroleum containment sites. Operator Training: Level A, B, & C Operator Training in person and on‐line through a secured web portal. This program is fully‐incorporated into our Compliance Manager Database. It includes online payment, training, record keeping, as well as web accessible refresher courses. ABOVE: Abandoned property assessment & remediation.


Environmental Services Experience

Former Bourns Trimpot Facility Ames, Iowa

Contract Value


Client & Contact Information Bourns, Inc. Cathy Godfrey, (877) 426‐8767

Period of Performance


This project was initiated in response to the Quarterly acid treatments were utilized to reduce scale discovery of chlorinated solvents in surface water buildup within the stainless steel air stripper trays. lowing from the Bourns property (February, 1992). Aged blower, pump, and metering equipment have The initial objective of this project was to capture required additional maintenance and repairs to insure and treat the contaminated water impacting the proper function. Project management required stream in addition to establishing hydraulic control completing monthly NPDES reports, semi‐annual site over the shallow groundwater system to prevent monitoring reports, and accessing the system PLC via further plume migration to the south of the telemetry to monitor operation status and low rates. property. The origin of the contaminated surface water was found to be a seepage formed due to a The site has been further monitored by Seneca and a plugged agricultural ield tile system that trends in a requested for No Further Action (NFA) was accepted by southeasterly direction across the site. Remediation the Iowa DNR in July 2011. Seneca is currently technologies that have been built, installed, and managing and completing the closure and abandonment operated by Seneca include pump and treat, air of the remediation infrastructure and all associated stripping, air sparging, and dual phase extraction monitoring wells. (DPE). Additional treatment of suspected source area soils was completed in July 2007 using in‐situ and ex‐situ chemical oxidation technologies including Biox and HRC AdvancedTM. The goal of the source area treatment was to drive down PCE concentrations to limit future down gradient plume migration and prepare the region for long‐term reductive dechlorination. From 2008‐2011 the treatment system was utilized to control the remaining dissolved phase plume and to ensure that surface waters originating from the site met NPDES permit levels. The treatment system has operated primarily on three extraction wells by pumping groundwater from submersible pumps and stripping VOCs at the onsite air stripper system. The treatment process has required weekly O&M site ABOVE: Aerial photograph of the former Bourns Trimpot visits, quarterly groundwater monitoring, and facility. weekly in luent/ef luent sampling. 27

CH2M Hill Multiple DPE Remediation Systems Fort Riley, Kansas

Contract Value


Client & Contact Information CH2M Hill Chris English, (314) 335‐3012

Period of Performance


Seneca provided CH2M Hill with a retro it design Seneca’s involvement in this project began by CH2M solution that would decrease clogging and increase run Hill granting approval for Seneca to build three time. Following the proposal approval, Seneca installed (3) dual‐phase extraction (DPE) systems to two 10 hp discharge pumps and six cartridge ilter remediate Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricant (POL) Sites housings which have increased run times and 1044, 1637, 1245 located in Fort Riley, Kansas. Three decreased GAC change outs. Seneca continues to independent systems were built and tested at the complete weekly O&M maintenance while site Seneca’s Remediation Shop during 2009. The conditions improve. systems were shipped to Fort Riley, Kansas where Seneca made the inal connections and completed further testing. Technical startup was completed by Seneca during March 2010. Following conformation ef luent samples and discharge approval, the systems were placed into continuous operation. Seneca has performed weekly onsite maintenance and associated water sampling since that time. Regularly scheduled O&M activities include cartridge ilter change outs, GAC change outs, air stripper cleaning, pump teardown/cleaning, PLC trouble shooting, low ABOVE: Site 1245 DPE In luent manifold with 27 individually rate modi ication, and LEL/PID readings. Weekly controlled extraction wells. maintenance sheets, COCs, and operation status logs have been provided to CH2M Hill with in 24 hours after the O&M event. The systems have also been continuously monitored and operated via wireless PLC logic controllers. This has allowed the client and Seneca to track low rates, pressure readings, and trouble shoot remotely. Unexpected groundwater scaling problems were discovered during the irst year of operation. A re‐testing of the in luent water quality indicated that dissolved iron concentrations were 100 times greater than pre‐design values. Increased maintenance helped to combat the scaling but exaggerated scale problems downstream of the air stripper units continued to cause clogging at the bag ilters, ABOVE: Site 1044 Remediation system with air stripping & discharge pumps, and GAC ilters. GAC water treatment technologies. 28

Parkview Well Superfund Site Grand Island, Nebraska

Contract Value


Client & Contact Information Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Period of Performance


Brad Vann, (913) 551‐7611

This project was initiated in response to the 2006 EPA issued Interim Record of Decision (ROD) for the OU1 site which included installing a groundwater treatment system to protect the water supply near the Parkview Subdivision. Seneca Companies performed the groundwater treatment system (GWTS) construction ield work from June 2009 through completion in July 2010. The GWTS is comprised of a 2.8 million gallons per day air stripper system, four VFD submersible pump extraction wells, and associated piping and controls. Primary construction tasks included installation of 14 monitoring wells, four extraction wells and VFD well houses, iber optic communications, power supply, and associated in luent and ef luent water lines. Other construction tasks included ABOVE: One of two 1000gpm stainless steel air stripper units. development of health and safety plans (HSP), site management plan (SMP), quality assurance project plan (QAPP), onsite training program, and GWTS operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals. Seneca began the one year operation and function (O&F) “shakedown” task on August 2, 2010. The O&F task required one year of continuous O&M, performance monitoring, quarterly operators reporting, inal O&F report and quarterly EPA/ Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) site meetings. August 2011 marked one year of effective O&F operation of the GWTS with greater than 90% run time. Ef luent discharge levels have remained below cleanup target levels throughout the one year O&F period with no major shutdown events. Seneca is ABOVE: GWTS desktop computer utilized to monitor & adjust currently completing two additional months of O&F low rates as needed. until the Long Term Remedial Action (LTRA) contract is awarded. 29

DARREN BINNING General Manager of Environmental Services

Phase I treatment of suspected source area soils in the vicinity of the source area was completed in July 2007 using in‐situ and ex‐situ chemical oxidation Mr. Binning’s experience in the environmental technologies. The source area was excavated and compliance and consulting industry includes, but is stockpiled on‐site. The excavation hole and each not limited to Risk Based Corrective Action, back ill lift was over‐sprayed and mixed with a environmental compliance management and chemical oxidant and nutrient mixture. The goal of the audits in 14 states, Phase I and II ESA’s, Corrective Phase I source area treatment was to drive down PCE Action Design Reporting (CADR), chemical concentrations to limit future down gradient plume oxidation injection remediation, free product migration and prepare the region for long‐term removal technology implementation, SPCC plan reductive dechlorination. development and review, SWPPP, Tier 2, TRI, air permitting, asbestos inspection, UST/AST removal Groundwater PCE concentrations were reduced by management, and various other environmental 77% and stabilized near 17 mg/l at the source area permitting and compliance related projects. approximately ten (10) months post source area treatment. Therefore, the reductive dechlorination Mr. Binning’s depth of experience and attention to technology (via direct push injection) was initiated detail have assisted Seneca’s Environmental during the Third Quarter of 2008. Phase II included a Services division in the production of safe, full scale chemical oxidation application by direct push dependable, customer service driven solutions of the of 310 injection points and a total of 120,000 pounds of highest quality. His expertise has led him to represent Seneca and clients through state rule chemical oxidant. making committees, stakeholder meetings, The objectives of Phase 2 were to create site‐wide Environmental Professionals of Iowa (EPI), reductive dechlorination conditions; to reduce or Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores of eliminate the need to continue to run down gradient Iowa (PMCI), Iowa Renewable Fuels Association groundwater recovery trenches; and, to set direction (IRFA), and the Association of Business and toward long term enhanced natural attenuation. The Industry (ABI). phase II chemical oxidation injections resulted in an additional 99% reduction of PCE in groundwater at the PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE source location, when compared to pre‐injection values Corrective Action Implementation—Chemical from May 5, 2008. Oxidation at PCE Contaminated Former Electrical Components Manufacturer, Bourns Trimpot Environmental Compliance Management Ames, Iowa Kum & Go L.C. Various Sites Throughout a 14 State Area The Bourns Trimpot facility is a former electrical components manufacturer at which a large scale Since 1990 Seneca has retained a contract with Kum & multi‐phase extraction, groundwater extraction, and Go to provide national compliance management for air sparging remediation system had been in retail petroleum compliance, environmental consulting, operation for 10 + years. remediation, spill response and cleanup, permitting, and general consulting for 450 sites in 14 states.   30 SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS

DARREN BINNING General Manager of Environmental Services

A compliance team led by Mr. Binning works to Seneca assisted our client in settling a property transfer keep the sites compliant; tracking and monitoring suit where our client was awarded a lump sum all environmental and petroleum dispensing settlement from the previous property owner. Funds compliance related tasks through a proprietary web have been dedicated to the assessment and cleanup of ‐based database. each site in the property transfer. Contaminants include nutrient, pesticides, and herbicides. In approximately Much of the environmental consulting for six (6) years Seneca has assessed all 40 sites, assessments, remediation, repair, and petroleum implemented corrective action at ive (5) sites, and equipment testing is self performed by Seneca, but received closure letters for 15 sites. Six (6) sites are when not logistically feasible, Seneca serves as the currently pending closure and expect the remaining contracting of icer and general contractor to local sites to receive closure letters within then next 3 to 5 subcontractors. All subcontractors, invoices, years. Previously implemented corrective actions have inancial reimbursement, insurance, testing data included excavation and land application of and reports are tracked and electronically stored in contaminated soil, groundwater treatment, water Seneca’s Compliance Manager Database. supply well closure, and replacement of water supply wells that are deeper and constructed in a manner to eliminate the risk of contaminant interception. Security Assessments & Upgrades, Armed Forces Recruitment Centers RBCA Assessment and Corrective Action Multiple Cities in Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska Implementation Multi‐Phase Extraction Remediation Design and Implementation, Amoco Mr. Binning served as an inspector and consultant Audubon, Iowa for post 9‐11 security assessments at Armed Forces Recruiting Of ices throughout the Midwest. Project Mr. Binning was the project manager for the storage duties included the assessment of ire prevention, tank fuel release project involving a site assessment, security, mail handling, ventilation, means of facility expedited soil over excavation, and remediation access, and safety and security related tasks. Other implementation. The site was classi ied as High Risk key tasks included photographic documentation, through the RBCA Tier 2 process which included facility mapping, communication and scheduling multiple con ined space and sanitary sewer with military personnel, and reporting indings. receptors. A total of 6,972 cubic yards of contaminated soil was excavated and land applied. Mr. Binning prepared a Corrective Action Design Report (CADR) Agricultural Chemical Site Assessments and documenting a strategy for corrective action of remaining contamination. Seneca designed, built, and Remediation, Cenex (CHS) Cooperative installed a MPE system with three vertical extraction Multiple Cities, Iowa (40 Individual Sites) wells and three horizontal recovery trenches. Remediation technologies included provisions for a high Mr. Binning managed a group of 40 agricultural vacuum multi‐phase extraction (MPE) system chemical contaminated sites involving site consisting of groundwater and soil vapor extraction assessments and ongoing remediation technology through drop tube type recovery wells and trenches. implementations. 31   

DARREN BINNING General Manager of Environmental Services

Site work included installation of MPE wells, total Upon completing construction activities a Tier 3 RBCA luids lines, slab on grade, manway installation, approach was initiated to address the remaining high electric service, force main discharge to storm risk receptor. The Tier 3 RBCA approach was successful sewer, pavement restoration, and seeding. Seneca is based on the following points. (1)Migration of the diesel currently conducting operations and maintenance as and waste oil plume did not appear to be signi icant. (2) well as system performance reviews through The spatial separation and the lack of signi icant groundwater and soil sampling and reporting. Site migration of the diesel and waste oil contaminant speci ic target levels have been achieved and plumes documented the actual risk to the drinking reclassi ication to No Further Action has been water well less signi icant than the perceived risk using requested. the previous RBCA Tier 2 approach. (3)The stream was determined to be a barrier for RBCA Assessment and Corrective Action potential groundwater contamination migrating from Implementation, Food N Fuel the site towards the High Risk receptor. (4)The High Hanlontown, Iowa Risk drinking water well construction details and geology was demonstrated to proving the low risk of Mr. Binning served as the project manager and contaminant impact. (5)The High Risk drinking water contracting of icer for a unique Risk Based well is used for residential purposes and the radius of Corrective Action (RBCA) strategy involving a in luence of this well is an insigni icant factor in multi‐stage approach to replace PVC water mains in luencing the groundwater low in the area. that contain ductile iron pipe with Viton gaskets, and provide surrounding properties with new copper or ductile iron service lines, and used a Tier 3 RBCA approach to evaluate the actual risk of a EDUCATION, TRAINING, CERTIFICATIONS drinking water well. The water main was & MEMBERSHIPS constructed of a 6‐inch diameter ductile iron pipe with Viton gaskets and covered a distance of approximately 6,500 feet. Much of the excavation  Bachelor of Science ‐ Environmental Science ‐ Iowa State University, Ames, IA ‐ December 1999 work required the use of an excavator attachment  Iowa Certi ied Groundwater Professional #1899 – designed to dig through bedrock. 2007 Multiple highways and streams were crossed in the  Missouri RBCA Training – 2008 process where direction boring through bedrock  40 hr OSHA Hazwoper Training ‐ 2003 was required. One stream was determined to be  8 hr annual OSHA Hazwoper Refresher Training protected habitat for a turtle species a special  DOT Hazardous Material Transportation Training measures were taken to protect the stream habitat.  Hazmat Training 49 CFR Parts 172, 177, 383, and Direction boring was completed by casing the 6‐inch 390‐397 pipe with a 10‐inch pipe casing. Surface restoration  Association of Business & Industry (ABI) to like conditions was completed per IDOT Environmental Subcommittee Member – 2009 requirements which included the disturbed area be  Environmental Professionals of Iowa (EPI) – 2006 seeded with a unique native wild lower mix.   32

SCOTT E. KILLIP Branch Manager of Environmental Services (Davenport, IA)


His experience has included Risk‐Based Corrective Action (RBCA), Tiered Approach to Cleanup Objectives (TACO), active corrective action systems including SVE/ AS, MPX, ORC injections, bioremediation using land farming techniques, and other innovative technologies.

Mr. Killip has been engaged in the environmental compliance ield since 1986 with a wide variety of consulting roles. From 1986 to 1988 he was an environmental technician tasked with groundwater monitoring, land ill gas to energy system PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE installation, maintenance and operation, land ill liner compaction testing, NPDES permit compliance Mr. Killip’s experience in the environmental compliance and various tasks instrumental to land ill and consulting industry includes, but is not limited to: maintenance and operations. Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA), environmental compliance management and audits in ten (10) states, From 1988 to 1997, Mr. Killip was a project Phase I and II ESA’s, Corrective Action Design Reporting manager for oversight of two land ills that are NPL (CADR), chemical oxidation injection remediation, free Superfund Sites in Illinois which involved product removal technologies, SPCC plan development preparation of proposals, work plans, sampling and review, SWPPP, UST/AST removal management, plans, budgets, inal report preparation and and various other environmental permitting and extensive review of potentially responsible party compliance related projects. Mr. Killip’s team of project (PRP) Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/ mangers, technicians, geologists and key support FS) documents to determine compliance to CERCLA professionals are instilled with strong leadership and guidelines and developed a baseline risk customer service qualities. assessment for each project. Additionally, Mr. Killip was the project manager for three state Superfund RIs in Illinois and Michigan. Schmalz Dump Superfund Site. U.S. EPA REGION 5, He was also the onsite manager for seven months EPA ID# WID980820096, during a 2.5 million‐dollar U.S. EPA Superfund Calumet County, Harrison, Wisconsin remediation project that involved direct ield oversight of PCB and heavy‐metal‐contaminated soil Mr. Killip served seven months as the onsite and surface water cleanup. coordinator for U.S. EPA at the Schmalz Dump site, located in Calumet County, Wisconsin, which covers a As Branch Manager, Mr. Killip has been very active three‐quarters acre near the northern shore of Lake in site investigation, remediation, and restoration Winnebago. Unauthorized dumping occurred at the site and Agency closure of contaminated properties from 1968 to 1979. In 1972 through 1973, ly ash and throughout the Midwest. His projects have included bottom ash from a utility company were disposed of at hundreds of petroleum contaminated sites, the site. In 1978 through 1979, building demolition primarily in Iowa and Illinois. debris, contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), was disposed of on the site in the riparian

wetlands, 500 feet from Lake Winnebago. 33

SCOTT E. KILLIP Branch Manager of Environmental Services (Davenport, IA)

About 5.9 million cubic feet of wastes from Amoco A drinking water intake serving approximately Chemical's manufacturing processes that included 350,000 people of the Fox River Valley was located isophthalic, terephthalic, benzoic, toluic, and trimellitic approximately 1,200 feet from the wetland area acids, aromatic aldehydes, cobalt and manganese affected by PCBs. Mr. Killip provided onsite acetates, cobalt, manganese, cerium, sodium bromide, oversight as a private contractor to U.S. EPA during zinc, acetic acid, polystyrene, dimethylterephthalate, the dredging, dewatering and transportation offsite styrene, mineral oil, rubber, chromium, iron, and of 3,500 tons of PCB affected wetland sediment. copper; activated carbon, construction materials, insulation, and general refuse were placed in the Dewatering of the sediment was achieved by use of land ills from 1958 to 1976. an onsite water treatment system having mixing and locculent tanks, sedimentation settling, ilter Some wastes were contained in drums. Amoco Chemical press for sediment solidi ication, and a GAC polish is the owner, operator, and generator at this site. Mr. ilter. Killip was the Project Manager that served as a private contractor to Illinois EPA, the State Lead Following sediment removal and achievement of the Superfund‐authorized regulatory agency for U.S EPA. PCB soil cleanup goals, the dredged area was back illed and covered with a RCRA‐type compacted Mr. Killip was the oversight entity for IEPA and clay cap. The site is currently closed and undergoes completed split‐sampling events with Amoco’s yearly monitoring.   contractor, reviewed contractors RI/FS documents and provided comment and professional opinions to IEPA. Amoco Chemicals (Joliet Land ill), U.S. EPA REGION 5, EPA ID# ILD002994259, EDUCATION, TRAINING, CERTIFICATIONS & MEMBERSHIPS Will County, Joliet, Illinois The Amoco Chemical Joliet Land ill, located in Channahon Township, Will County, Illinois, consists  B S ‐ Geology – University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA ‐ of two inactive land ills, 26 acres in size. May 1986  Iowa Certi ied Groundwater Professional #1420– The site is located 600 feet west of the Des Plaines 1997 River and south of Amoco Chemical's 750‐acre  Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage – April 2004 active chemical manufacturing facility which produces isophthalic acid, trimellitic anhydride,  40 hr OSHA Hazwoper Training ‐ 1988  8 hr annual OSHA Hazwoper Refresher Training – maleic anhydride, and polystyrene. 1999 ‐ 2009 The nearest population center is the village of  Wisconsin Certi ied Professional Geologist Channahon, approximately two miles west of the (Certi ication #635) – April 1990 site, with a population of 5,256 in 1993. 34

KYLE BABER Branch Manager for Environmental Services & Waste Solutions (Denver, CO) SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS

 Gerald H. Phipps Construction Company

2003‐2006 Mr. Baber has over 25 years of experience in the Performed testing, abatement and training during the design, management and remediation of large scale Capital Life Safety Project. Duties included chemical environmental remediation and abatement projects. striping of LBP from historic interior components. Mr. Baber obtained expertise in the areas of Project size: $80,000.00 asbestos, lead‐based paint, fungal and hazardous waste assessment, characterization design and  Villa Italia Shopping Center 2001‐2004 abatement in the housing, commercial and industrial Mr. Baber was the Project Manger and provided the sectors. assessment, management and design of hazardous materials abatement of over 1,000,000 square foot retail Mr. Baber has successfully designed and managed shopping mall. He acted as the Construction Manager environmental remediation projects from the due and Owner’s Representative including evaluating and diligence through mitigation, to new construction. In selecting the abatement and demolition contractor. addition, Mr. Baber has designed and overseen UST/ Project size: $3,150,000.00 LUST remediation and tank removals.  Uptown Partnership 1996‐2005 Mr. Baber is currently responsible for Seneca Performed environmental site assessments, inspections, Environmental Services Denver Branch with regional testing, design of asbestos and LBP abatement from responsibility for the Rocky Mountain area. He is several historic buildings during renovation of housing responsible for business development and projects throughout Denver’s Uptown District. supervision of Seneca’s environmental projects Project size: $150,000.00 including remediation, inspection, abatement of asbestos, lead paint and petroleum related sites. Mr.  Bruce Berger Associates 2001‐2003 Baber has served on regulatory committees for the Performed inspections and design/management of Colorado Department of Health for asbestos and asbestos and lead based paint projects at several Lead Based Paint Regulation development and downtown buildings. Implementation. Project size: $200,000.00 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE  Penrose St. Francis Hospital 2001‐2007 KEMWest, Inc. Mr. Baber served as PSF hospitals environmental Owner/ General Manager 1996‐2007 consultant and worked with their construction department in designing and managing asbestos As owner of KEMWest, Mr. Baber was responsible abatement throughout the hospital during major for the design, management and consulting for large renovations. Work involved intensive care units, scale hazardous materials mitigation projects. Mr. emergency rooms and cancer treatment wings. Mr. Baber was the owner of three of ices nationwide and Baber supervised a crew of thirty workers during the was responsible for the overall pro it/loss, Human removal of asbestos fireproofing above the hospital Resources and day to day management of the irm. cafeteria while losing zero days of operation. Mr. Baber completed projects in the private, Project size: $3,000,000.00 government and commercial sectors. 35

KYLE BABER Branch Manager for Environmental Services & Waste Solutions (Denver, CO)

 Brown Construction Company 1997

 Colorado Department of Corrections

Mr. Baber served as Project Manager and managed Designed and managed LBP removal and recoating asbestos abatement projects in occupied medium of structural steel components and the Old Mile maximum security facilities through out Colorado. High Stadium. Project Size: $5,000,000.00 Project Size: $500,000.00  Wyoming Department of Transportation 2011  State Farm Insurance Co. 2005 Mr. Baber served as the Project Manager for the Mr. Baber was Project Manager and supervised ten asbestos abatement at the Resident Engineers Office in individuals to perform environmental and fungal Laramie Wyoming. assessments for State Farm in order to provide Project Size: $104,000.00 insurance claims following Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi and Louisiana. Project Size: $2,000,000.00  KUM and GO 2011‐current Mr. Baber serves a as KG regional project manager for environmental services. Mr. Baber worked with KG on  ATC Environmental, Inc. 1988‐1996 pre‐purchase acquisitions including asbestos Served as the regional manager of ATC’s LBP inspections and Phase II soil and Groundwater studies. program including participation in regulatory In addition Mr. Baber has supervised Tank removal development with CDPHE. Mr. Baber was issued projects at several KG sites. the 1st CDPHE certificate for Lead Inspector/Risk Project size: $200,000.00 Assessor.  Public Service Company of Colorado EDUCATION, TRAINING, CERTIFICATIONS & Mr. Baber acted as Project Manager for PSCO on MEMBERSHIPS several large scale abatement projects and power generation facilities. Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology, University of Project Size: $20,000.000.00 Wyoming ‐ 1985  Martin Marietta Energy Systems 1994‐1995 Training & Certi ication: Mr. Baber was the National Program Manager. QA/  OSHA 40 hour Hazwoper QC Officer and Contract Administrator for Nationwide XRF testing in HUD Title IV and VI  NIOSH 582, Sampling and Evaluating Airborne housing. Asbestos Dust Method 7400 Project Size: $500,000.00  AHERA/CDPHE Asbestos Building Inspector, Management Planner, Project Designer  CRSS Constructors 1993‐1994  State of Massachusetts Lead Inspector Provided abatement, design and supervision of LBP  EPA/CDPHE Lead Abatement Worker/Supervisor/ and asbestos abasement ant the US Courthouse/ Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor Post Office renovations.  IAQA Certi ied Mold Remediator Project Size: $2.5 million  EPA Universal Refrigerant Technician 36

Waste Solutions Division Seneca’s Waste Solutions Division provides customers with a professional and safe option for top‐tier environmental and industrial preventative maintenance cleaning, ultra high hydro‐blasting, jetting, wet and dry vacuum pumping, transportation, disposal and emergency spill response situations. Our environmental and industrial cleaning services provide routine maintenance for scheduled and non‐scheduled clean‐ups as well as, con ined space entry, and full service emergency spill response. ABOVE: Tanker spill in Farmington, Iowa. Seneca is also equipped to handle non‐hazardous and hazardous waste transportation and disposal needs. Whether it's a routine check‐up to meet regulations or an off‐hours emergency ‐ the Seneca Seneca Waste Solutions Services Include: team is the solution.  Industrial Preventative Maintenance Cleaning  24 Hour Emergency Spill Response Our expert technicians are well‐educated on  Hazardous and Non‐Hazardous Atmosphere governmental regulations and thoroughly trained in Con ined Space Entry safe industrial cleaning, hydro‐blasting, con ined  Ethanol and Re inery Plant Shutdowns space entry, and solid or liquid waste disposal. The  Plant & Facility Closure Decontamination Seneca team will contain, control, mitigate, and/or  Hazardous and Non‐Hazardous Waste recover most materials, including nuisance material, Transportation & Disposal petroleum products, lammable liquids, corrosives,  Pit and Vessel Cleaning and more.  Process, Waste and Industrial Line Jetting  Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Cleaning  Underground Storage Tank Sweeping  Contaminated Fuel Disposal  Dry Ice blasting  500 to 6,000 CFM Wet or Dry Vacuuming & Pumping  High Pressure Sewer and Conduit Jetting & Cleaning  Liquid Pumper Trucks  Vacuum Truck Operator Services  Vacuum Excavation  Salvage and Recovery Operations  Water Blasting from 10,000 to 40,000 psi  OSHA Training Services  Site Remediation, Cleanup, Restoration and Consulting ABOVE: Hazardous waste clean‐up.


Waste Solutions Division

As one of the most quali ied emergency response companies in the industry, our team of OSHA trained Seneca owns and continues to re‐invest in the and experienced professionals possesses invaluable newest, most powerful and ef icient vacuum trucks emergency response knowledge and skills, including: and water blasting equipment available. Each of our 35’ and 55’ enclosed hydro‐blasting trailers contain  Regional Response 300 horse power diesel motors capable of delivering  Over 75 experienced emergency response from 10,000 to 40,000 psi to meet a variety of professionals customer speci ications. This same lexibility is what  DOT certi ied hazardous materials driver/operators allows us to run up to ive blasting operations with  Minimal 40‐Hour OSHA trained and con ined space each unit – completing big jobs quicker and saving entry certi ied personnel our clients money.  Proven safety & training program  NCMS compliant, IS Networld participant, OQ Whether the job is routine or a non‐scheduled event, trained staff our Waste Solutions Division possesses the resources, equipment and personnel to get your With response centers located in Des Moines, Sioux City company back on track. Seneca provides the and Davenport, Iowa; Denver, Colorado; and services our customers need for removal of buildup Kansas City, Missouri; the Seneca Emergency Response from just about any surface. The professional Team is geographically suited for rapid response to cleaning methods help ensure optimal operation of emergencies throughout the Midwest and providing manufacturing, processing, storage, and industrial capable our customers the best knowledge base in the equipment. industry. Seneca can provide on‐site decontamination or con ined space entry to remove waste products for Seneca Waste Solutions NAICS Codes both scheduled and non‐scheduled shut‐down maintenance from any number of items, including: 213112 Support Activities for Oil & Gas  Industrial Process Equipment Operations  Evaporators, Condensers and Heat Exchangers 238990 All Other Specialty Trade Contractors  Pits, Vaults & Containments  Process Fans & Dryers 488999 All Other Support Activities for  Cooling Towers, Stacks & Columns Transportation  Conveyors, Bins & Silos  Machinery, Structures & Building Surfaces 541620 Environmental Consulting Services  Plating Lines, Paint Booths & Racks 562112 Hazardous Waste Collection  Aboveground & Underground Storage Tanks  Rail Cars, Tankers, Barges & Totes 562119 Other Waste Collection  Industrial and Food Processing Piping 562219 Other Nonhazardous Waste Treatment Without warning, situations can erupt into a crisis and Disposal requiring immediate actions. By using our Emergency Response Program, our clients are 562910 Remediation Services assured that Seneca will send the right staff and 562998 All Other Miscellaneous Waste equipment to meet all of the necessary containment, Management Services collection, remedial, transportation and disposal needs. 38

Waste Solutions Experience Parkersburg Tornado Clean‐Up Parkersburg, Iowa

Contract Value

Client & Contact Information Period of Performance  MidAmerican Energy Co. May‐June 2008 (888) 427‐5332 & Sinclair Elevator


(319) 346‐1954

Seneca’s Waste Solutions Division was called upon to respond to the location of a Class 4 Tornado incident which had leveled a greater portion of a rural community called Parkersburg, located in North Central, Iowa. Seneca was primarily contracted by the utility company to respond to environmental releases or potential releases of pole and pad mount transformers which were located throughout the community. Over a 31 day period, Seneca response personnel ABOVE: EF5 tornado aftermath, Parkersburg, Iowa. successfully recovered 132 transformer units and remediated all associated oil released into underlying soils and storm sewer conduits. During this event, Seneca was also contracted to recover full forty‐ ive (45) 1,000 gallon anhydrous ammonia nurse tanks which were displaced throughout the community as a result of being in the path of the tornado. All displaced anhydrous ammonia nurse tanks were successfully recovered without incident or release. Recovery of tanks was completed in a four (4) day period. ABOVE: Anhydrous ammonia nurse tank recovery after the tornado.


Emergency Spill Response, Product Recovery & Remediation Denison, Iowa

Contract Value


Client & Contact Information Amaizing Energy, L.L.C. (712) 263‐2896

Period of Performance

August 2007

ABOVE: Installation of product recovery French drain.

In the early morning of August 2, 2007 an ethanol plant employee was attempting to unload a rail car illed with low grade gasoline used as a denaturant. During the connection process the valve located at the lower portion of the rail car was left open and unable to close the valve; the result was a rapid release of the approximately 29,000 gallons of product onto the ground between two rail spurs. The spill resulted in the largest documented product release in Iowa’s history. Upon being noti ied for request for assistance, Seneca’s Waste Solutions and Environmental Services divisions mobilized a large contingent of personnel, equipment and resources to avert a potential disaster from escalating. During the course of ten (10) days and round the clock activities, a total of approximately 32,000 gallons of contaminated water and product was recovered from a French drain recovery system installed by response crews and a total of 5,000 cubic yards were excavated, loaded and transported off site for proper disposal. Seneca personnel worked closely with regulatory agencies on and off site to complete the project in a safe and timely manner. The response efforts resulted in prevention of offsite migration, adverse environmental impact and without injury to any personnel.

ABOVE: Area of release at rail load out.


Facility Clean‐Up & Closure Whirlpool Manufacturing Facility Newton, Iowa

Contract Value


Client & Contact Information Period of Performance  Jones, Lang, LaSalle May—July 2008

Global Real Estate Services (312) 782‐5800

Seneca’s Waste Solutions Division was awarded a time sensitive closure project of the closed manufacturing facility that was scheduled for major remodeling plans for new manufacturing tenants. When the plant was permanently closed, numerous hazardous products and unwanted materials still remained in the form of bulk chemical storage, waste containers and idle waste water treatment facility. There were storage units requiring bulk product removal and hazardous atmosphere con ined space cleaning due to sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, magnesium bisulfate and bulk lime. All liquids were either neutralized on site by Seneca personnel or transported off site for hazardous waste disposal in the form of bulk tanker transported or containerized drum waste streams. In addition to facility closure activities, Seneca Waste Solutions personnel decontaminated the facilitates waste water treatment plant which was comprised of three (3) 1 million gallon capacity clari ier units and an 80 foot tall lime storage silo. Even though additional scope tasks were added throughout the event, the project was completed on time and on budget.



CHRIS BIELLIER General Manager of Waste Solutions


Mr. Biellier has for many years and currently serves on numerous committees and panel discussion groups Mr. Biellier has amassed over 25 years of experience throughout the region as an advocate and consultant, in varying environmental disciplines including, but representing the emergency hazardous materials spill not limited to: such ields as emergency spill response industry in both the private and public safety response, environmental consulting, waste sectors. management and disposal, environmental and industrial preventative maintenance, subsurface He has conducted numerous speaking engagements investigations, remediation services & OSHA over the years to various groups, agencies and Training Services. coalitions. In these areas he has conducted ield and project In his role as General Manager, he oversees all aspects management of over 3,000 Emergency Spill of Seneca’s Waste Solutions Division, operations and Response Incidents, over 500 Underground Storage strategic growth including its staff of over 55 Tank Closures, over 200 Phase I and Phase II employees and ive Branch Locations. Environmental Site Assessments and over 2,000 environmental and industrial cleanup and various remediation projects over the course of 20 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE plus years in the industry. Mr. Biellier is a Certi ied Fire Fighter II, an Remedial Investigation & Feasibility Study (RIFS) Intermediate Medic and retired at the rank of Capt. DOE & DOD Superfund Site HazMat and Safety Of icer for a volunteer ire Weldon Springs, Missouri brigade in which he served for 14 years. He also held the position as Team Leader for the MABAS 39 Mr. Biellier served a project scientist/geologist and Regional State of Illinois Homeland Security hazardous materials technician during the initial site Terrorism Task Force Hazardous Materials Response investigation phase of a government superfund site Team. Mr. Biellier currently serves as a Field located in Weldon Springs, Missouri that had Instructor for the Illinois Fire Service Institute widespread contamination of Trinitrotoluene (TNT), Hazardous Materials Training Program sponsored by Dinitrotoluene (DNT) and radioactive uranium the University of Illinois. byproduct wastes within the subsurface soils and groundwater aquifer. Mr. Biellier has also served as a Regional Manager overseeing a six (6) State region, working under As part of the RIFS team contracted by a larger Federal contract for the Department of Justice/ D.E.A. Meth contract provider, he performed such duties as land Lab Cleanup Program prior to being employed by clearing and road installation, bedrock monitoring, well Seneca in 2004. He is a certi ied trainer in nine (9) installation and oversight, development and sampling OSHA Certi ication Programs and regularly conducts which included equipment decontamination over an consulting and tactical response training to various eight (8) month period. private and public sectors of government and industry. 42

CHRIS BIELLIER General Manager of Waste Solutions

Former Coal Gasi ication Plant Coal Tar During initial construction activities, widespread Remediation & Restoration contamination over the entire four (4) acre property Moline, Illinois was encountered and construction activities were halted until emergency removal actions were Mr. Biellier served as Senior Project Manager of the undertaken. Mr. Biellier worked closely with local largest voluntary coal tar remediation project which planners and state agencies to develop a plan quickly at the time, was the largest in the State of Illinois and minimize delays in construction. history. He worked closely with the customer to develop a scheduled plan of site operations, The project which was completed in approximately prepared the project scope and proposal for four (4) weeks included entire project oversight, completed services. The site was located near a management and direction of permitting, excavating, recognized sensitive spawning area for walleye loading, transporting and disposing of over 16,000 game ish so site control and preventive measures cubic yards of petroleum hydrocarbon impacted soils had to be carefully planned under the approval of and over 250,000 gallons of impacted groundwater. He regulatory agencies. worked closely with customer, site developer, consultant and regulatory agencies to ensure project During the course of the one year project, Mr. deadlines were met ahead of schedule and within Biellier managed and supervised all subcontract compliance parameters. and site personnel for the project’s excavation, removal, transportation and disposal of over 32,000 Plant Closure and Decontamination, Former PCS cubic yards of coal tar (PNA’s) contaminated soils, Nitrogen Production Plant weathered bedrock zones, including management Clinton, Iowa and offsite disposal of all contaminated groundwater encountered during the operations. Mr. Biellier provided complete management and He directed all daily work activities, daily invoice oversight for the closure and decontamination of this preparations, as well as, customer and regulatory large facility which operated for over 30 years as a liaison duties. This also included the installation fertilizer production facility. Project included the and compaction of all replacement ills. Under the complete decommissioning, decontamination and waste direction and the approval of the Illinois disposal of agriculture related products stored in over Environmental Protection Agency the site was 45 tanks and structures ranging in size from 1,000 successfully remediated without any injuries, gallon to 13,000,000 gallon capacities with such incidents or off site contaminant migration. products as corrosive liquids, anhydrous ammonia and nitrogen blend products. Large Leaking Underground Storage Tank Included management of all waste streams, characteri‐ (LUST Site), Former Sears zation, containerization and disposal of all small con‐ Moline, Illinois tainers and drums left on property. Supervised the de‐ contamination of building structures and surfaces Mr. Biellier served as Senior Project Manager and scheduled for later demolition and site clearing. Project Site Supervisor of a site that was scheduled for was completed within one year without any time loss, construction of a new facility.   injuries or incidents. 43

CHRIS BIELLIER General Manager of Waste Solutions

 Illinois OSFM Hazardous Materials Awareness


Instructor Certi ied  Field Instructor – Univ. of Illinois Fire Service Institute – Hazardous Materials Program

 Monmouth College, 1987 Graduate, Bachelor of     

            

Arts, Geology Illinois Licensed Professional Geologist # 196‐ 001025 Illinois Certi ied Fire Fighter II – Since 2000 IDPH Emergency Medical Technician – Intermediate Level – Since 1998 CPR Adult/Pediatric, Barrier Device & External De ibrillation Certi ied Since 1998 40‐Hour OSHA Hazardous Waste & Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) Certi ied – Since 1987 & 8‐Hour OSHA Hazardous Materials Response Supervisor Certi ied – Since 1992 40‐Hour Hazardous Materials Operations Certi ied – IL Fire Service Institute – 2005 40‐Hour Hazardous Materials Technician “A” Certi ied – IL Fire Service Institute ‐ 2006 Hazardous Materials & Emergency Response Incident Command Certi ied – Since 1987 Con ined Space Rescue Certi ied – Since 2006 MSA Quantitative Respirator Fit Tester Certi ied OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety Certi ied OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Safety & Health Certi ied Grain Bin Rescue Certi ication 2012 40 Hour Proactive Management Trained – 1998 Incident Command Trained–U.S. Depart of Justice – Weapons of Mass Destruction ‐ 2003 Incident Command Certi ied – Illinois Of ice of the State Fire Marshal OSHA Train‐The‐Trainer Certi ied – 8hr/12hr/24hr/40hr HAZWOPER, Supervisor, & Con ined Space Illinois OSFM Certi ied Instructor I 44


 State of Illinois Team Leader MABAS 39 Illinois             

Homeland Security Terrorism Task Force Hazardous Materials Response Team – Since 2008 Former Chairman Illinois MABAS 39 Technical Rescue & Hazardous Materials Equipment Committee Volunteer Fireman/Medic – Capt. Safety & Hazardous Materials Of icer, Colona Fire & Rescue 1995‐2010 Former Chairman – Eastern Iowa Hazardous Materials Technology Advisory Committee Former Chairman – Henry County Specialized Inner Agency Chemical & Bio‐Terrorism Response Team Former Committee Member – Tri‐State Haz Mat Group Committee Member – Upper Mississippi River Basin Hazardous Spills Coordination Group Committee Member – Sioux Land Spill Contingency Group – Missouri River Region Committee Member – Quad Cities Spill Contingency Group – Upper Mississippi River Region Committee Member – Rock Island County / IEMA – Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Co‐Author / Contributor – National Science Foundation Environmental Education Curriculum for Undergraduate Degrees Member – Environmental Professionals of Iowa Colona Fire & Rescue – Colona, Illinois 1995‐2010 Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

RIGHT: Two of Seneca’s Vac Trucks outside of the Corporate Headquarters.

LEFT: Some of Seneca Companies' Waste Solutions Division team members.

RIGHT: Seneca employees performing vacuum extraction.


DEAN KIRGIS Operations Manager at Waste Solutions (Des Moines, IA)


Mr. Kirgis implemented maintenance process and procedures changes that reduced the monthly maintenance costs of an ageing truck fleet with focus on preventative maintenance executed to maximize utilization, equipment life, and necessary repairs.

Mr. Kirgis has exceptional leadership skills, with over 20 years’ of experience in the field. He has proven to be adaptable and accurate in operational decisions. In his current position as Operations Manager for Seneca Waste Solutions, Mr. Kirgis is District Manager responsible for planning, directing, organizing and Waste Management of Alaska controlling all functions such as, emergency 2001 – 2004 response, hydro‐blasting, vacuum and transportation and environmental and industrial Mr. Kirgis provided oversight of operations state‐wide preventative maintenance services provided by the in Alaska, a total of six different districts and two Branch. His responsibilities also included landfills. This position required extensive knowledge of supervising all administrative and operational OSHA & DOT, and EPA Guidelines. While in his position, functions, staffing consistent with Company Mr. Kirgis helped Waste Management of Alaska resources to maximize investment, protecting experience a 20% sales increase through the assets and contributing to Company growth and implementation of "The Deep Dive Program” and profitability. “Improved safety through Mission To Zero Program”; adding $750,000 yearly to the bottom‐line. Mr. Kirgis PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE worked with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game and Cascade containers to come up with a bear‐resistant Mergers & Acquisitions trash container along with staying active with a group January 2007‐ December 2009 of individuals and organizations working together to build better bear awareness in the Anchorage Mr. Kirgis spent several years in the mergers and municipality in Alaska. acquisitions industry. His primary responsibilities were examining a company’s profit and loss, taxes, assets, and management. While meeting with a Operations Manager company’s key decision makers, it was Mr. Kirgis’ Waste Management of Alaska role to provide key financial guidance. June 1990 – August 2001

Mr. Kirgis was responsible for day‐to‐day operations of General Manager residential, industrial and commercial hauling for two Metro Waste Authority different facilities within the division. He provided November 2004 – November 2006 hands‐on experience with roll‐off trucks/commercial Des Moines, Iowa front & commercial rear load/residential rear‐load and five (5) sort recycle curbside bins. Mr. Kirgis also Mr. Kirgis managed all residential services, the local initiated a safety team to provide a proactive approach recycle “Curb It” programs, commercial services, to driver and technician safety and accountability. and industrial service. 46

DEAN KIRGIS Operations Manager at Waste Solutions (Des Moines, IA)

Crew Chief/ Operations Specialist Northwest Airlines (NWA) April 1978 – December 1990 Various Locations EDUCATION, TRAINING, CERTIFICATIONS During his tenure with Northwest Airlines, Mr. & MEMBERSHIPS Kirgis managed multiple gate crews of up to 180 employees. He provided direct oversight of ramp operational personnel and equipment procedural efficiencies. Training & Certification:  Confined Space Entry & Rescue Mr. Kirgis spent time working at various main NWA  Bloodborne Pathogens Training hub locations such as Minneapolis‐St. Paul  Safety Program Roll out International Airport, Los Angeles International  Lock out, Tag out Airport, Memphis International Airport, San  Emergency Planning Francisco International Airport, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and additional  Personal Protection Equipment smaller station locations.  Substance Abuse  Safety Orientation Mr. Kirgis would perform on‐site ramp/terminal  Vehicle Accidents operational efficiency evaluations. He would look at  Dale Carnegie, Effective Communication and Human all aspects of the NWA ramp procedures to identify Relations opportunities to improve safety and efficiency while attempting to eliminate the risk of damage to Memberships: airplanes.    Sioux Land Sac Sub‐Area Committee   


LEFT: Seneca Waste Solutions vacuum system.

RIGHT: Ethanol plant scheduled shut down and cleaning.

LEFT: Sinclair Fertilizer devastation.

RIGHT: Waste Solutions Hydro‐blasting.


ALAN CHARLES Business Development Manager at Waste Solutions


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Mr. Charles has amassed over 30 years of experience in various service company roles within the oil and gas and biofuel industries, including, but Alaska North Slope Operations not limited to: the general and operations management of business units, contract For a decade Mr. Charles served as Area Manager in the management, Arctic and remote site branch environmentally, culturally and politically sensitive management, Alliance‐style integrated customer market of Alaska’s North Slope oil producing region. relationships, service company business development, leet asset management, well service With the friendship and mentoring of the CEO owner, equipment prototype development, redesign and the support of his alternate, team and corporate staff, retro it. Mr. Charles was accountable for all key performance metrics of the business unit including regulatory, Mr. Charles has a comprehensive understanding of frontline HR, HSEQ, P&L and administration of the the standards and performance excellence required Master Service Contracts. in international, oil & gas, petro‐chemical, biore ining, food grade and environmentally This business was undisputedly successful. Due to its sensitive markets. He has managed business units cyclic nature, business growth ranged from the through repeated economic cycles; exploiting Prudhoe Bay main and Kuparuk River satellite market opportunities and competitor branches; to the closure of Kuparuk; to the opening of vulnerabilities; responding to changing markets and the Milne Point and Badami satellite branches. customer needs and building a reputation of honesty, integrity and excellence with his employers New service lines were expanded from hot oil services and customers alike. to include high horsepower‐high rate pumping capability, high capacity heating, iltration services, He is currently responsible for development of equipment and tank rentals, specialized tankers, Super Seneca Waste Solution’s biofuel and grain milling Sucker vacuum service and limited acid stimulation service businesses; select key customers, special services. projects and new markets. Mr. Charles has formed new partnerships and cooperative efforts with Project highlights include Mr. Charles’ and his team’s industry partners to advance service line participation in the Corp of Engineer’s speci ied Mukluk development and new technologies. Island and Shell Tern Island Abandonments; adjunct support of Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Clean‐up (beaches and Mr. Charles is a quali ied estimator and near‐shore;) various off‐shore and remote site “tight self‐performs many site inspections, pre‐bids, hole” projects; and numerous other Drilling and proposals and estimates. He also maintains his Class Production Engineering programs, projects, A Commercial Driver’s license and 40hr HAZWOPER turnarounds, commissioning and emergency activities. certi ication. 49

ALAN CHARLES Business Development Manager at Waste Solutions

Operations Integrity Assurance System

This Alliance‐style contract included a complex, service company‐customer integration requirement, While on casual contract to the major oil companies, multiple shared services requirements, rogue client Mr. Charles decided to implement an OIAS to departments, divestiture of other customer comprehensively evaluate and improve the HSEQ contracts and a dif icult set of HSEQ performance performance of ield operations. benchmarks. By relying on his own expertise and experience, Additionally, demand for services from the client more supported by internal and external subject matter than doubled within 120 days of contract initiation. experts; his work resulted in the bene its of reduced risk, controlled costs, enhanced safety and By this time Mr. Charles’ was the sole remaining North improved reliability. Slope management team member and his leadership skills and expertise were severely tested during this Overall this managed risk, ensured service delivery ultimately successful organizational reinvention and integrity, enhanced long term pro itability and reorientation. dramatically improved customer satisfaction and con idence. Demonstrating the success of their efforts, despite powerful political and competitive forces, after three These tasks, initiatives and policies included Best years, this contract was extended by the client. Practices analysis, SOP and policy reviews; internal mechanical integrity testing; third party non‐destructive testing; technical documentation and reporting; personnel training matrices; ergonomic reviews and policy changes; EDUCATION, TRAINING, CERTIFICATIONS emergency procedures development; facility & MEMBERSHIPS ef iciency improvements; equipment redesign and retro its; waste minimization and recycling; and regulatory compliance.

 40hr HAZWOPER, 10hr OSHA, Class A CDL  Concentrations of Study in Math & Chemistry – Rochester Technical College BP Amoco Exclusive Services Contract Award, Integration and Management Mr. Charles and his team were awarded the irst ever exclusive services contract to a North Slope hot oil and luid services contractor.

 Technical Writing – Eastern Iowa Community College

 Environmental Waste Solutions, Licensed Solid Waste Management Af iliate  Tribology and Lubrication Engineering Technology  Oil Lease Operator Training School – University of Texas at Austin


Industrial Equipment and Service Division Seneca Industrial NAICS Code 423830 Industrial Machinery and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers Our Factory‐Certi ied Technicians are:  40‐hour OSHA trained  2k, 3k experts  Pump/Spray gun certi ication (Automatic, Manual, Electrostatic)  Factory‐Trained in Graco, Kremlin, Binks, Devilbiss, ARO, Finish Thompson, ITW ABOVE: Applying paint with electrostatics. Mobile Inventory:  Seneca Companies Industrial Equipment and Stocked with average of $24k in inventory  Carry common plural component system repair Service Division has the knowledge and inventory of parts inishing and luid handling equipment to advise, construct, and service your needs. For more than 30  Less wait/downtime years, we have supplied and serviced a wide variety of equipment at large and small companies Specialties include: throughout the country, providing turn‐key  Plural Component Proportioners and related solutions, troubleshooting issues & servicing equipment equipment.  Electrostatic Service/Repair Specialists  Line Flushing–Flush Box Waste Transfer & Removal For any industrial inishing projects, count on options available Seneca Companies to be your reliable partner. As  Paint Kitchen/Pump Room Paint Supply System “The Complete Solution”, Seneca is able to value Maintenance engineer the best options for the facility while  Service of Solvent Distillers, Ultrasonic cleaners, & ensuring high‐quality products and professional, Glue Systems reliable service. Seneca Companies’ strong vendor relationships, dependable technicians, detailed engineers and dedicated service staff make Seneca a full service leader in the inishing and luid handling industry. For our customers’ industrial equipment service RIGHT: Repairing needs Seneca has an in‐house staff of industrial meter mixing service technicians – ready to provide routine and equipment. unscheduled maintenance. Seneca is lexible with our customer’s schedule and can provide service on site for large equipment or offer FREE SHIPPING for in‐house repair in one of our service facilities. 51

Industrial Equipment and Service Experience Cabinet Manufacturer Howard Lake, Minnesota

Contract Value


Client & Contact Information Dura Supreme Cabinetry (320) 543‐3872

Period of Performance

November 2007

Seneca Industrial assisted this client in designing and building a complete liquid inishing system. The current system they had was out dated with over 20 pressure pots located in the booth area for spraying all types of stains sealers and topcoats. The goal was to make the system user friendly and eliminate excessive waste and stream line the operation. Working with the customer and material supplier Seneca was able to come up with a system to centrally locate materials in either the current paint kitchen or in the booth area to supply several booths without having all the equipment located on the loor and disrupting of production. Seneca integrated bar code scanning for color ABOVE: Pneumatic automated color change system. change at all 3 inish lines and 6 booths as well as automating the lushing procedure to eliminate operator error. The system was designed so when a new color was needed one of three (3) guns in the booth would automatically lush and load the new color and let the operator know of the change. This made color changes close to instant, allowing the line to run faster and more ef icient. With the installation of over 50 pumps and agitators located both in the paint kitchen and booth side the system was made more productive with less color variation and color change waste. A combined total of over 35,000 feet of tubing was used to deliver topcoat, sealer, stain and solvent ABOVE: Color change stack mounted on ceiling. throughout the plant. 52

Window & Door Manufacturer Grinnell, Iowa

Contract Value

Client & Contact Information

Period of Performance


Jeld‐Wen Windows & Doors Bill Maschmeier, (641) 236‐9000

ABOVE: Custom air logic control panel.

ABOVE: Automatic color change stack .


November 2011 ‐ February 2012

Seneca Industrial assisted this client in designing and building a custom color change system to increase ef iciencies and reduce waste. The current process was to spray 8 to 12 different colors from a gravity or siphon fed spray gun. Several color changes were required per day. The operator would need to thoroughly clean the spray gun during each change. This resulted in signi icant time wasted as well as increased paint and solvent waste. The primary purpose of the new system was to increase production and reduce waste at the same time. Working hand in hand with the customer, Seneca determined that Kremlin’s Airmix® technology was the best spray gun technology for the application. By switching from Airspray to Airmix® the customer would receive 35% increase in transfer ef iciency. In addition to the new spray technology Seneca designed and built a custom automatic color change system to eliminate the current manual process. The system used custom air logic to control a Kremlin air operated color stack. The operator can now simply lip a switch and color changes happen automatically with minimal human interaction. The amount of time spend on color changes was reduced by almost 50%. Seneca installed this system irst in Jeld‐Wen’s Grinnell, Iowa facility. After an extensive testing and proving phase the project was then rolled out to 10 different Jeld‐Wen factories around the country. Each Jeld‐Wen facility has achieved similar reductions in waste and time savings. Spread across the company this has had a signi icant impact on production and cost savings.

Industrial Paint Line Retro it Mason City, Iowa

Contract Value


Client & Contact Information Curries Company Heidi Marquardt, (641) 494‐2842

Period of Performance

April 2012– May 2012

In February 2012, Seneca Companies was awarded approximately $220,000 worth of work at the Curries Company manufacturing plant in Mason City, Iowa. This project was an industrial retro it to it Curries changing production needs. The general scope of the project changed the existing process from painting the door frames, to one that would accept painting the actual doors. This required re‐engineering the line to accept the different products, changing equipment layout, re‐routing the product low and changing existing operating parameters. This project was very hands‐on with ever changing conditions to meet the customers’ exact needs. There was also a limited amount of time that Seneca had to complete this project to eliminate production down time. Due to these conditions the crew on site worked closely, not only with the sub‐contractors but also with the customer, ensuring that this project lowed smoothly and quickly. Seneca was able to complete the project to the client’s satisfaction and on budget. Thanks to the ef icient Seneca project management, the job was completed ahead of schedule. ABOVE: Illustrations of Curries’ hollow metal door line.


JC RISEWICK General Manager of Industrial Equipment and Service PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE


Paint Delivery System R & L Woodcraft Mr. Risewick has been employed with Seneca Lonsdale, Minnesota Industrial since 2007. He started his career in the May 2009 division as a ield sales representative covering a territory in Minnesota. R & L Woodcraft had been using a drum mounted pump and hose to deliver paint to a paint booth nearby. They During this time he has helped manufacturing wished to improve their process and downtime created companies reduce waste and improve processes on through equipment break downs. their paint lines. Mr. Risewick recommended 16.120 Turbo™ high low In December of 2009 Mr. Risewick took over as General Manager for the Industrial division. He pumps, and Graco heavy duty back geared agitators as delivery equipment in the paint kitchen. currently oversees all aspects of the Industrial division, operations and strategic growth at two He also recommended ½” stainless steel tubing as branch locations. delivery lines from the paint kitchen to the spray booth. These lines were recirculated back to the paint kitchen Since 2009 Mr. Risewick has worked to develop a using back pressure regulators. For application strong Industrial service offering. The Industrial equipment Mr. Risewick used Kremlin’s Airmix® spray service department currently employs six service technology. technicians in four states. After installation R & L Woodcraft saw no equipment Each technician is out itted with a van stocked with breakdowns and signi icant improvement in waste inventory allowing them to work remotely at reduction and production ef iciencies. customers’ sites. In addition to standard product training each technician is 40 hour OSHA trained ensuring safety while on the job site. Mr. Risewick is also responsible for managing Plural Component System relationships with 65 separate industrial vendors to Loftness US Attachments ensure the best possible pricing and delivery to the Hector, Minnesota end user. July 2008 In 2011 Seneca Industrial was named Exel North Loftness had been using single component paint America’s (manufacturer of Kremlin, Rexson, Sames applied with airless technology. They wished to brands) distributor of the year for their dedication improve their inish quality and durability all while to service and promotion of the brand. recognizing a savings over their current process. 55

JC RISEWICK General Manager of Industrial Equipment and Service

Mr. Risewick recommended Graco’s ProMix® 2KS system with a gun lush box. During installation Mr. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CONTINUED Risewick noticed they were experiencing signi icant plugging of the lines. Mr. Risewick worked with Loftness on process improvement and recommended a two component Upon further inspection it was found that debris had paint to be applied using Graco’s ProMix® II meter made its way from the paint kitchen up to the ProMix® mix system and HVLP electrostatic spray guns. system causing plugs. Mr. Risewick then oversaw all aspects of the The debris was removed and luid ilters were installation. Since installation, Loftness has seen installed at the outlets of the supply pumps. Since the signi icant reduction in waste and paint installation Balzer has experience little to no down time. consumption. Plural Component System Edwards Manufacturing Albert Lea, Minnesota January 2008


Bachelor of Arts – General Business, Miami University ‐ Oxford, OH Edwards had been using two component paint  Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity applied with pressure pots and hand mixing. They wished to reduce the number of defects and waste Training & Certi ication: as a result of hand mixing.  Certi ied Dale Carnegie® Trainer – Sales Mr. Risewick recommended Graco’s ProMix® Easy Advantage Programs meter mix system and standard HVLP spray guns.  Dale Carnegie® Leadership Training for After the installation, Edwards saw their defects Managers reduced to near zero and waste reduced  Dale Carnegie® Human Relations Principles signi icantly.  Graco plural component, pumps, spray gun training  Kremlin plural component, pumps, spray gun training Plural Component System  ITW Dynatec training Balzer Manufacturing  Graco Fluid Dynamics training Mountain Lake, Minnesota February 2009 Memberships: Balzer had been using an old Graco Precision Mix II  Exel North America (Kremlin) Council member ‐ system with dual manifold. The system was 2010, 2011 constantly breaking down forcing Balzer to halt production. 56

Remediation and Process Systems Division The Remediation and Process Systems Division is a leader in the design and manufacturing of packaged systems. This Division builds for the remediation, industrial and petroleum marketplaces. As recipient of the Square D “Top Builder” award and licensed by both Underwriters Laboratories and MET Labs, we have received national recognition for achieving the highest construction standards. Working from a detailed speci ication or providing design and build support, the Seneca team utilizes the latest technologies and products to meet our clients’ objectives and exceed their expectations.

ABOVE: Remediation system in use.

ABOVE: Inside shot of a remediation trailer.

Design/Build Projects Include:  Vacuum Systems  Compressed Air Systems  Water, Wastewater, Storm Water, and Groundwater Treatment Systems  Air Treatment Systems  Industrial Controls, UL, Met Labs  Renewable Fuel Blending Systems  Retail Lighting and Petroleum Pump Control Panels  Enclosures, Trailers, Steel Skids, Buildings, Noise Reduction

Examples of projects include:  Design and Build of Remediation and Process Seneca Remediation NAICS Codes Systems  Provision of Highly Quali ied Tradesmen, Journeymen, Master Electricians, Field 562910 Remediation Services Supervisors, and Construction Managers ‐Environmental Remediation Services  On‐Site Installation of Utilities ‐Oil Spill Clean Up Services  On‐Site Technical Support, Troubleshooting, ‐Remediation Services, Environmental Repair, Programming, Training and Startup ‐Site Remediation Services ‐Soil Remediation Services  Equipment Sales, Distribution, and Rentals ‐Toxic Material Removal Contractors


Remediation and Process Systems Experience

Fabrication, Testing, & Delivery of a Multi‐Phase Extraction System Barangay Bangkal, Makati City, Philippines

Contract Value


Client & Contact Information CH2M Hill Chris Romero, (619) 687‐0110

Period of Performance


Seneca provided a design/build/operate multiphase The impacted groundwater and PSH collected in the extraction (MPE) system for the First Philippine sump of basement forcing building evacuation. The PSH Industrial Corporation for a site located in the was subsequently traced to a release from a nearby Bangkal Community in the City of Makati which is pipeline controlled by FPIC. part of the metropolitan Manila area in the Philippines. The remediation technology selected for full‐scale remediation and the subsurface soil and In the summer of 2010, phase‐separated petroleum groundwater was MPE using a dual‐ low system. hydrocarbon (PSH) was discovered in the basement Pneumatic pumps were used to dewater the of a residential building. The basement is the subsurface treatment zone while the soil vapor deepest subsurface structure in the area, and extraction blower removed contaminants from and contains a groundwater drainage system on the aerated the exposed unsaturated zone. The MPE system exterior of the foundation. Flow of the PSH and was designed to remove hydrocarbon mass via three associated impacted groundwater from the location mechanisms; (1) luid recovery of PSH by pumping, (2) of the release was induced by the building PSH volatilization and recovery by soil vapor extraction, foundation drainage system. and (3) in situ hydrocarbon destruction by enhanced aerobic biodegradation. Seneca provided CH2M Hill with a completely integrated and coordinated system, fabricated and factory tested within the United States and delivered to the site using ef icient overseas shipment means and methods. The MPE system used equipment that could be Asia‐sourced (manufactured or distributed) to facilitate a more expedient routine and non‐routine maintenance. Data logging and remote control interface was also designed to facilitate more complex data analysis, non‐routine trouble‐shooting, and system optimization activities from the U.S. Seneca provided onsite installation and startup support to educate and train local staff to operate the MPE ABOVE: Manilla’s HPE system. system. 58

Parkview Well Superfund Site OU#1 Grand Island, Nebraska Contract Value


Client & Contact Information EPA, Region VII Kansas City Brad Vann, (913) 551‐7611

Period of Performance

July 2010

A groundwater plume impacted private domestic Seneca was responsible for design modi ications drinking water wells and the City of Grand Island increasing the treatment plant design low rate from municipal wells. Groundwater Remediation for TCE 1,500 to 2,000 gallons per minute and preparation of Contamination was accomplished using four deep shop drawings, submittals, and controls programming. extraction wells and construction of a centralized groundwater treatment system. The groundwater Seneca’s design modi ications increased the size of plume extended beneath nearby neighborhoods conveyance piping; provided extension of the City of with shallow groundwater elevation (<5’ depth to Grand Island water main; rerouted piping at the storm water). Work in residential streets required high sewer outfall located within a high traf ic thoroughfare; levels of communication with neighbors and and, installation of valve vaults. effective project management, safety procedures, and traf ic control. Seneca was responsible for preparation of work plans and operations & maintenance manuals. Seneca was The SOW was to construct and operate a 2,000 responsible for startup, commissioning, and 1 Year gallon per minute groundwater extraction and Operation & Maintenance. treatment system targeting chlorinated solvents which would impact water supply wells. Seneca was responsible for installation of a 2,000 gpm shallow tray air stripping treatment plant in a 45’x60’ pre‐engineered metal building with mechanical/ electrical and of ice space. Piping systems were welded carbon steel. The Groundwater Treatment System was provided with control and SCADA system featuring Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) pump control via pressure transducers and remote monitoring and control features. The SOW included installation of four (4) groundwater recovery wells with well houses and two (2) miles of 8, 10, & 12‐inch HDPE pipe with iber optic control conduits. Directional drilling and utility corridors were required in neighborhood streets. Permitting and safety procedures for work in the railroad right of way were also important to the success of the project. The design was prepared by Black & Veatch. Seneca performed plant design to include QED Air stripping systems which provided ABOVE: Installation of two (2) miles of HDPE piping. long term O&M advantages. 59

Fabrication & Delivery of Remediation Equipment UCC South Charleston Facility South Charleston, West Virginia

Contract Value


Client & Contact Information CH2M Hill

Period of Performance


Jeff Haberr, (314) 335‐3020

On behalf of Union Carbide Corporation, a Wholly A total of 80 SVE well legs were required for this system, Owned Subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, each leg equipped with a vacuum indicator, low control CH2MHill conducted soil and groundwater valve, low indicator, and sample port. remediation services at the former Chlorohydrin Unit at the UCC South Charleston Facility in South The SVE Condensate System was designed to treat Charleston, West Virginia. Seneca submitted a condensate collected in the SVE vapor/liquid separator. design/build scope of services for an Air Sparge, a The condensate discharge rate was estimated to be 95 Soil Vapor Extraction, and a Soil Vapor Extraction gallons per day during cold weather months. The Condensate Treatment System. process equipment required for operation included a condensate transfer pump, bag ilters arranged in The AS system was required to have a maximum parallel, and liquid phase carbon absorber vessels. All discharge capacity of 310 standard cubic feet per equipment and piping was installed by Seneca on the minute (scfm) with a discharge pressure of 15 psi. interior of the equipment enclosure. Each of the systems The manifold, headers, ad well legs were mounted were fabricated and factory tested in the Des Moines on the enclosure interior with all low controls and Remediation Shop. Each fully functional package unit gauges accessible to personnel to adjust air low was shipped to the designated location on the UCC South rates, collect readings and perform necessary Charleston Facility. During start up activities, the maintenance. A total of 21 AS well legs were systems were ield tested and CH2M Hill ield required equipped with a low control valve, low personnel were fully trained on system operation and indicator, check valve, and pressure indicator. maintenance. Seneca provided all labor, equipment, materials, and supplies to completely perform each The SVE system performance required 850 scfm turnkey system. low capacity at 13 inches of mercury inlet vacuum. A key piece of equipment for this system was the rotary lobe blower equipped with a variable frequency drive (VFD) motor and silencers. The design required the motor to be completely enclosed fan cooled, and high ef iciency electric motor for continuous 24 hour operations. This system also included a vapor liquid separator equipped with liquid level switches. The manifold was equipped with instrumentation and controls including a Drager Polytron IR combustible gas indicator capable of reading 0 to ABOVE: SVE treatment system on‐site. 100% LEL for methane.


DAN NOLAN Senior Project Manager for Remediation Division

Department of Defense Sites


AFP 44 Arizona

Dan Nolan is a Senior Project Manager and Technical Sales and Marketing Professional and estimates all remediation and process system projects. Mr. Nolan’s 16 years of experience, product knowledge and attention to detail contribute to Seneca being recognized nationally as leader in the design‐build of Remediation and Process Systems. He has helped hundreds of clients take a concept design to site closure.

DFSP AFB Edwards AFB Michigan California

Elgin AFB Florida

FE Warren AFB Wyoming

Fort Riley AFB Kansas

Grif iss AFB New York

Hill AFB Utah

KI Sawyer AFB Michigan

March AFB California

Vance AFB Oklahoma

Wurtsmith AFB Michigan

Hundreds of State Lead and Private Insurance Contracts


Arizona Alabama Alaska California Seneca Remediation /Process Systems Sales and Project Manager: 1996‐Present Colorado Florida Georgia Idaho Mr. Nolan is responsible for the design, Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana construction, testing, installation, and startup of Michigan Missouri Massachusetts Mississippi over 800 remediation projects totaling $62 Million. Seneca is an industry leader of installing Nebraska New Mexico New York Nevada and fabricating UL Listed Control Panels, Multi Phase Extraction Systems, Water Treatment North Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Systems, Air‐Sparge Systems, Bio‐Venting Systems, Carolina Soil Vapor Extraction Systems, and Injection Texas Wisconsin South Utah Systems including the following projects: Carolina Virginia Washington Virginia Wyoming Superfund Sites Notable Projects

     

Railroad Avenue: West Des Moines, Iowa Superior Fibers: Bremen, Ohio Ecology Lilyblad: Tacoma, Washington Parkview Well: Grand Island, Nebraska Fike/Artel: Poca, West Virginia Continental Steel: Kokomo, Indiana

Fort Riley AFB, Ft. Riley Kansas Consultant CH2M Hill Manufactured three (3) Dual Phase Extraction Systems with Multiple Rotary Claw Vacuum Blowers, Oil Water Separators, Air Strippers, Liquid Phase Carbon Filters and Electric Catalytic Oxidizers, including ive (5) years of operations and maintenance. Project Size $1.1Million 61

DAN NOLAN Senior Project Manager for Remediation Division

Parkview Well Superfund Site OU1 Waukegan Manufactured Gas and Grand Island, Nebraska Coke Plant Site Waukegan, Illinois Manufactured 2,000 GPM Water Treatment System with four (4) Remote Well Pumps and Enclosures Manufactured six (6) Control and Metering Systems complete Variable Speed Drives and Fiber Optic Project Size: $650,000.00 Communication. Main Treatment System included two (2)‐1,000 GPM Air Strippers, Filtration, and 60’ x 45’ Pre‐Engineered Building. Electric Pump, Incorporated Project Size $3.5Million Sales Representative Light Oil Dock Terminal Mr. Nolan acted as a sales representative for Electric Woods Cross, Utah Pump, Incorporated. Responsibilities included sizing pumps, motors and controls for various applications Installed Utilities and Dual Phase Extraction System including Industrial, Municipal, Environmental and OEM with Gas Flame Accelerator using part of vapor luid handling markets. stream as fuel. Provided complete solution for client. Project Size: $510,000.00 EDUCATION, TRAINING, CERTIFICATIONS & MEMBERSHIPS Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport East and West, Phoenix, Arizona Bachelor of Art in Business Communication, 1989, Manufactured two (2) 500 CFM Air Sparge and 1,700 Luther College CFM Soil Vapor Extraction Systems with Electric Catalytic Oxidizers. Training & Certi ication: Project Size: $450,000.00  Dale Carnegie Leadership Training, 2009 and was recipient of two (2) Outstanding Achievement Awards FPIC Bangkal Site Remediation  Paco Pump School, Houston, Texas 1996 Barangay Bangkal Makati City, Philippines  Stacon Control Panel School, Saint Louis, MO, 1996 Manufactured Dual Phase Extraction System with Rotary Love Vacuum Blowers, Oil Water Separators, Air Strippers, Liquid Phase Carbon Filters, Clay Filters, Pneumatic Well Pumps, Air Compressor and Electric Catalytic Oxidizer. Project Size: $700,000.00


RICH RICHARDS Master Electrician for Remediation Division  Multi‐Phase

Extraction systems, Astbury Environmental, Indianapolis, Indiana ‐ 17 systems  Railroad Avenue Superfund Site Southern Plume Mr. Richards has more than 28 years of experience Remedial Action, West Des Moines, Iowa in the electrical ield, ranging from US Military  Ecology Lilyblad Superfund Site, CH2M Hill, Aircraft, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Tacoma, Washington installations. He has participated in the installation  Superior Fibers Superfund Site, CH2M Hill, Bremen, and setup of over 600 packaged Remediation Ohio Systems, with responsibilities including, but not limited to: System Enclosure Construction, Electrical EDUCATION, TRAINING, CERTIFICATIONS & Installation (Conduit, Power Wiring, and Control MEMBERSHIPS Systems), Plumbing and setting system Equipment SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS

(Blowers, Air Strippers, Pumps, etc.).  Master Electrician, Des Moines, Iowa 1996  Combination Welder, Des Moines Area Community He has designed, assembled and wired over 800 UL College, Ankeny, Iowa 1976 Listed Control Panels. His well‐rounded experience and attention to detail has helped Seneca  Aviation Electricians Mate School, US Navy, Remediation and Process Controls to become the November 1982 leader in the Remediation ield. In his present  Micro‐Miniature Component Repair School, US position, Mr. Richards is responsible for the overall Navy, May 1983 electrical design, construction, testing, start‐up’s,  Advanced Electronic Systems and Theory, US training and quality control of the Remediation Navy, May 1989 Shop.  Learning, Management, Education and Training Course, US Navy, June 1989  Basic Motor and Programmable Controller, PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Bridgestone, Des Moines, Iowa, September 1991  Unity Software, Schneider Electric/Square‐D, SENECA REMEDIATION AND PROCESS SYSTEMS Kansas City, Kansas, March 2008 Master Electrician, Project Manager, and Quality Control Representative  Vijeo Designer HMI Con iguration Software, Schneider Electric/Square‐D, Detroit, Michigan, Mr. Richards has acted as Seneca Remediation and April 2008 Process Systems Shop Foreman and Project  OSHA, 40‐hour Hazwoper and Safety Training with Manager for over 600 turn key remediation annual 8‐hour refresher systems. Some of the projects include:  OSHA, 10‐hour Occupational, Health and Safety Training  Wyoming State Lead Remediation Contracts –  E‐Rail Safe System Certi ied Rock Springs, Sheridan, Jackson, Douglas and  CN (Canadian National Railroad) Safety Certi ied Laramie. Over 30 systems since 1999.  API (American Petroleum Institute) Certi ied  Pump and Treat, Kansas City Southern Railroad,  Member of NFPA‐National Electric Code East St. Louis, and Illinois, October 2008 63

General Contracting and Aviation Fueling Division

General Contracting From conception to completion, Seneca Companies can provide you with a turn‐key solution for your next construction job. Seneca can use an existing project design or assist in creating one with our in‐house CADD department. Seneca Companies’ diverse General Contracting and Aviation Fueling team oversees all aspects of the process. From there, Seneca’s team of skilled project managers and estimators can ensure the construction project stays within the constraints of the timeline or budget. Our team works closely with our clients to streamline the process, including: ABOVE: Aerial view of fuel farm installed at the Quad Cities  Pre‐Construction Services International Airport in Moline, Illinois.  System Improvements & Installation Our experienced Aviation Fueling team strives to keep  Budgeting the disruption at a minimum with a hands‐on approach  CADD Drawings/Plans for every project. The Aviation Fueling team will  Engineering Services & Design oversee everything from the engineering design, testing,  Permitting on‐site management, project installation, maintenance,  Construction Management and any scheduled repairs. And with Seneca’s long established vendor relationships we’re able to work Seneca understands a strict budget and tight closely coordinating delivery schedules to achieve a turn‐around; we deliver on our commitment to you, project completed on time and through the most cost no matter the size or scope of the project. effective manner. Aviation Fueling Services Include:  Design/Build Fuel Systems One specialty niche of ours is the Aviation Fueling  Fuel Storage Systems industry. No matter the size of the project, Seneca  Installation of Tank Farm & Hydrant Systems Companies is committed to delivering prompt clear‐cut fueling system solutions for airport and fueling facilities. For this reason, the Aviation Fueling team has engineers in place, speci ically ded‐ icated to our aviation fueling customers. Whether it’s increased tank storage, fuel farm upgrades, aircraft hydrant fueling systems, jet fuel distribution piping or the removal of old storage systems, Seneca believes alterations to your facility shouldn’t disrupt airport traf ic. ABOVE: Two of Seneca Companies’ professional memberships. 64

General Contracting & Aviation Fueling Experience Fuel Farm Upgrade at Quad Cities International Airport Moline, Illinois

Contract Value

$4.5 Million

Client & Contact Information Prime Engineering Todd Eldridge, (404)425‐7100

Period of Performance

Spring 2011—Fall 2011

The Rock Island County Metropolitan Airport Authority had an aging fuel farm for JET‐A storage at the Quad‐City International Airport. This system, which dated back to the 1960’s, contained nine (9) small 20,000 gallon tanks, provided fueling services for commercial carriers. In November 2010, Seneca was hired to update the facility; installing three (3) 50,000‐gallon fuel tanks made of carbon steel with epoxy lining and three (3) new 8,000‐gallon Glycol tanks for aircraft de‐icing luid. All fuel or glycol piping for the new facility was made with new welded stainless steel. The project was built in phases in order to avoid a fuel system shut down and also to allow the airport to ABOVE: Delivery and setting of new 50,000 gallon Jet‐A tank. continue fueling operations while the new system was built in the exact same location as the outdated One side of the new fuel system was installed and then existing system. commissioned and made ready for the Airport Authority to put it into service. The process included In keeping with the phasing plan, the fuel system the required in‐depth fuel inspections and also plenty of had to be half way decommissioned, cleaned, cut equipment run time, for adjustments and system and removed in order for the foundations of the new re inement. fuel tanks to be installed. The second half of the existing system was then removed and the accompanying half to the new system was built and tied into the now running irst phase system. The scope of work for the project included the excavation of all contaminated soil and removal of the hazardous waste fuel tank and associated piping and appearances. Seneca provided new tank foundations, as well as modi ications to the storm drain lift station and exit piping. Two new pumping and iltration skids were added. These skids provide the capability for of loading transport trucks and aircraft refueler trucks. ABOVE: QCIA new fuel farm site overview. 65

Fuel Farm Upgrade at Quad Cities International Airport Moline, Illinois

Contract Value

$4.5 Million

Client & Contact Information Prime Engineering Todd Eldridge, (404)425‐7100

Period of Performance

Spring 2011—Fall 2011

This separator picks up contamination running from the containment area and will capture any spills that may occur in the new loading area, or in the containment dike, before they have a chance to enter the water runoff system on site. The dated brick building and roof were kept due to the historical signi icance to the airport. It was renovated along with the electrical switchgear and distribution, which now feed the new fuel system. Also installed within the newly renovated building were new mechanical and plumbing systems and additional ABOVE: Seneca Project Manager conducting commissioning. instrumentation and control systems. A new fuel testing lab was designed and installed inside of the renovated The new skids track, manage, and report back brick building complete with all the necessary gear to fueling parameters to the Airport Fueling Manager accommodate the airport, and let fuel testing be taken through a wireless connection. A new fueling indoors, especially during the harsh winter months, and personnel and driver’s shelter was also installed. the humid summers. This little shelter is actually the brains, as well as the eyes, of the entire system, as it houses all of the The lab has all Nema 4 rated, hazardous location, and tank monitors and emergency monitors that will explosion proof equipment which includes fans, heaters, alarm if any fueling problem is suspected. and a large exhaust system to extract any hazardous vapors out of the lab room. The fueling system now has the capability for personnel to hit multiple E‐Stop buttons which will shut down the entire system, and also automatically send a signal to the QCIA Fire Department which can arrive within minutes of an Emergency Noti ication. The driver’s shelter houses vital communication equipment that allows the system to be monitored remotely by the Airport Fueling Manager. Additionally, a new clay‐treatment vessel was installed. This new clay treatment vessel “treats” the fuel by capturing surfactants using the surface area of clay, and by using polar attraction of contaminants to the clay to treat the fuel. A 10,000 gallon oil/water separator was also installed. ABOVE: Installation of Phase I new Jet‐A fueling skid. 66

Turn‐key Design‐Build Fuel Farm Renovation Savannah International Airport Savannah, Georgia

Contract Value


Client & Contact Information The Haskell Company Matt Schultz, (904) 497‐2499

Period of Performance

May 2011—February 2012

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation required an onsite fuel system to maintain light testing for their new G650 business jet. The existing fuel farm was unable to perform this task due to both its pumping capacity and ability to ilter fuels. On‐site there were three existing tanks, one (1) 30,000 gallon for storage and two (2) 3,000 gallon for defueling aircraft. The scope of work involved a design build fuel system that would fuel aircraft at 240 gpm, de‐fuel aircraft at 50 gpm into storage, off‐load tankers at 250 gpm into storage. All fuels from the de‐fuel procedure would be stored then iltered through a pre‐ ilter and a 300 gpm clay treater before being ABOVE: Loading and off‐loading reel system. transferred in the storage tank for re‐issue. In the design phase close cooperation between Gulfstream and the Seneca Companies resulted in a one pump system controlled by a VFD to maintain the correct pressures and low rates to allow Gulfstream to maintain their schedule for testing. The fuel farm was updated to meet new design criteria with multiple EFSO and three (3) remote control panels and high level alarms. The existing tanks were cleaned and inspected prior to installation of the new fueling skid. Gulfstream’s fuel farm also consisted of a fuel transport containment area for off‐loading spent fuel onto tanker trucks. This area was designed with a below‐ground grate system to capture any potential fuel spills that may occur during ABOVE: Side‐view of fuel skid system and containment area. off‐loading. Gulfstream will manage this process and could take any necessary course of action to remedy full spillage quickly and ef iciently. 67

Terminal 2‐Humphrey Fuel Facility Relocation Minneapolis‐St. Paul International Airport Minneapolis, Minnesota

Contract Value

$6.5 Million

Client & Contact Information TKDA Engineering Geoff Senn, (651) 292‐4400

Period of Performance

April 2012— October 2012 (Est. Completion Date)

In November 2011, Seneca Companies was awarded a $6.5 million dollar contract with the Metropolitan Airports Commission, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In this project at the Minneapolis‐St. Paul International Airport, Seneca will provide the demolition of the existing Terminal 2‐Humphrey Tank Farm and construction of a new fuel facility for Jet‐A, MOGAS, and diesel, including performance of site utility work, grading, and concrete paving. The new fuel facility will include aboveground storage tanks, an oil/water separator, an aboveground duel MOGAS/Diesel Tank and site development for a glycol dispensing facility. The work is located in ive different distinct areas of the air operations area of the airport. The demanding six‐month schedule will require close coordination as well as work in multiple areas at one time. The on‐site team will be in constant communication with the tower and responsible for proper security clearance for on‐site contractors. Seneca has chosen a quali ied set of subcontractors and suppliers as partners in this project that have proven experience in large airport fueling systems and airport work.


DAN POTTRATZ Project Manager for General Contracting and Aviation Fueling

Iowa Orthopedic Center New Clinic & Surgery Center Des Moines, Iowa Mr. Pottratz is a Construction Engineer with 15 years of experience in the construction industry. As Managed the design and construction of this state of the a Project Manager in Chicago, New Orleans and Des art surgery center and clinic. Included four (4) Moines he has completed projects ranging in value operating rooms, and MRI and CT suite, exam rooms, from $50,000 to $30 million. Mr. Pottratz has and administrative of ice space. demonstrated success in hard bid, negotiated, and Project Size: $13 Million design build delivery systems. A strong dedication to exceeding the needs and expectations of clients is the driving force behind Mr. Pottratz’s work. Archbishop Chapelle High School Science and Art Building PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Metairie, Louisiana Project Manager for General Contractors This building included a sound proof room for music rehearsal, technologically advanced classrooms for arts Mr. Pottratz has served as a Project Manager and science, and a unique loor inish of stained managing commercial construction projects ranging concrete in intricate patterns throughout. in value from $50,000 to $30 million. Project Size: $3 Million Responsibilities included estimating, vendor award, schedule management, submittal review, subcontractor management and coordination, 65 E. Goethe Luxury Condominiums, Owner relations, budget control, and closeout. Mr. Chicago, Illinois Pottratz’s time as a Project Manager included the following projects: This project was the core and shell of an 8‐story luxury condominium building near Lake Michigan. The  City of Des Moines Skywalks at Allied Campus, structure was cast in place concrete columns, beams, Des Moines, IA ‐ $1.5 Million and decks and the shell of the building was Indiana  Science Center of Iowa Platform Change, Des Limestone. The project required full site sheet piling Moines, IA and a dewatering system during the foundation phase.  Mercy Medical Center Building Demolition and Remediation, Des Moines, IA EDUCATION, TRAINING, CERTIFICATIONS &  Various repair and remodel projects following MEMBERSHIPS Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, LA  New Home Depot Store, Homer Glen, IL Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering,  Spring Meadows Assisted Living Facilities at Iowa State University, 1998 Libertyville and Naperville, IL  Department of Administrative Services Iowa MBEye On the Future, Master Builders of Iowa Building, Des Moines, IA Leadership Course, Class of 2010 Project Size: $1.5 Million SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS


DERMOT M. NOONAN Project Superintendent for General Contracting and Aviation Fueling



Seneca Companies Project Superintendent Mr. Noonan is Master Carpenter/Cabinet maker and Builder in wide‐ranging enterprises, applying 21 As Project Superintendent, Mr. Noonan’s responsibilities years of experience to the achievement of include the outstanding leadership in organizational exceptional team performance, relationship direction, management, and hands on application of management, site management, safety, pro its, and construction processes, order management, and design savings in the construction industry, including work solutions through optimization of teams involving in the areas of project superintending, special different corporate building operations. He oversees project management and construction “ ield business projects and crew, while ensuring delivery of consulting”. quality project completion within contract terms. He has worked with many teams from project Mr. Noonan has seasoned experience and expertise in conception to completion offering many value the ield of installation of large capacity Jet A fuel tanks, options to determine Best Value for Projects. Glycol tanks, oil water separator equipment and containment systems. His experience in the commercial construction industry brings a demonstrated expertise in His knowledgeable oversight and application for construction business development, management of complex facility and construction site compliance for multi‐site operations direction, process both federal and state EPA regulations and standards improvement, policy development, safety program was demonstrated in the Quad Cities International and project management, and customer satisfaction. Airport Project in Moline, Illinois and for Gulf Stream at their Savannah Hilton Head Airport facilities, in Mr. Noonan is currently responsible as Savannah, Georgia. Superintendent and project management of the General Contracting and Aviation Fueling division of The Gulf Stream Project was a $750K consisting of Seneca Companies. installation of a pump and skid system to enable Gulf Stream to fuel their new $55 Million G650 series jets. Mr. Noonan’s depth of experience, product Containment systems were also engineered for tanker knowledge and attention to detail has assisted in of loading of jet fuel. providing clients a quality product and service that is completed on‐time and within budget. These multimillion dollar projects were accomplished successfully without any safety issues, violations or ines. Mr. Noonan holds an exceptional record which showcases his performance in “Safety First”, NIOSH and OSHA compliance, professionalism, customer service and alignment with quality standards.


DERMOT M. NOONAN Project Superintendent for General Contracting and Aviation Fueling

 State Farm Insurance, Interior Remodel (17,000 Trade Specialist Foreman and Special Project SF), West Des Moines, Iowa Superintendent for The Weitz Company Project Size: $300,000.00 Mr. Noonan has acted as a Trade Specialist Foreman and Special Projects Superintendent for The Weitz  Wells Fargo Financial Center, Des Moines, Iowa Company in Des Moines, Iowa, during which time Project Size: $3 Million he received professional recognition awards in Safety (2003 & 2009) and Customer Excellence  Aviva, West Des Moines, Iowa (2010). Mr. Noonan managed and worked on Project Size: $150 Million projects between $200,000 – $250 Million.  Deer ield Retirement Community, West Des Responsibilities included management of Moines, Iowa construction site; coordinate construction activities, Project Size: $60Million facilitate meetings and drive project management initiatives while controlling budget expenses. Identi ied site needs, customer management, team management, presentations, fostered customer relationships, and oversaw contract management of project timelines. EDUCATION, TRAINING, CERTIFICATIONS & MEMBERSHIPS Projects Included:  Iowa Air National Guard, Building 160 Addition/Renovation (10,500 SF) Master Carpenter, Cabinet Maker and Builder               Project Size: $3.4 Million Cork Technical College, Cork City, County of Cork, Ireland  General Services Administration, Electrical Switchgear Replacement (5000 SF) Training & Certi ication: Project Size: $1.2 Million  BLS/CPR  OSHA 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training  Liberty Bank, Hubbell Street Remodel (2,222  UBC Aerial Lift Operator Quali ication SF), Des Moines, Iowa  HILTI Quali ied Operator Project Size: $650,000.00  Emergency Care and Safety Institute First Aid Course  Wellmark of Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa Project Size: $250 Million  NIOSH & OSHA Training  HIPAA Compliance  Iowa Health, Des Moines, Iowa Project Size: $3 Million


Examples of Seneca Companies’ Clients

AECOM (Earth Tech) Alcoa  Alliant Energy  AON Risk Services  ARCADIS  Barr Engineering  Barton Solvents  Cargill  Casey’s General Stores  CH2MHill  CHS Cooperatives  Consolidated Grain & Barge  Deery Brothers Chevrolet  Eaton Corporation  ERM  Farmers Coop  FedEx  Green Plains Renewable Energy  Horseshoe Casino  Hy‐Vee Gas  Iowa Air National Guard  Iowa Methodist Medical Center  John Deere  Kum & Go LC  Magellan Partners  Mercy Medical Center  MidAmerican Energy  Pella Windows  POET  Rasmussen Group  Sinclair Oil Re inery  Tres Management  UPS  URS  US Environmental Protection Agency  Vermeer Equipment  Werner Enterprises  Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality  72

MURRAY R. NELSON President, Chief Operating Of icer (COO)

He has overseen, planned and executed on both the organic and the merger and acquisition components of the company’s growth. Seneca has seen tremendous Mr. Nelson has 27 years of experience in both the growth over his tenure with a record performance of downstream and upstream ends of the Oil/ 31% growth in 2011. Petroleum business. Prior to joining Seneca Mr. Nelson had various technical and managerial roles with Core Laboratories an oil ield services Organized and directed large number of UST company in Alberta, Canada. Core Laboratories is a assessments and cleanups for a number of top 100 worldwide irm which focuses on providing high Petroleum Convenience Store Companies including Kum quality petroleum engineering and geological & Go L.C. and Casey’s General Stores services. Acted as expert witness in a number of incidents for It was in this very competitive environment that the Shell Oil Company versus the State of Iowa. Much many critical concepts on customer service were of the pre trial work included assessment of affected learned. Mr. Nelson has completed many technical properties and determination of contributory studies and representing the company’s overseas responsibly based upon fate and transport principles of sales efforts from 1985‐1990. the primary constituents. Mr. Nelson joined the Seneca Companies in 1990 and Bournes Trimpot Facility: Involvement included has held various roles while he has been with Seneca assessment, remediation and negotiations with including, environmental scientist, branch manager, insurance underwriters. The primary contaminants division manager, COO and his current role of were TCE, TCA, PCE. The project work includes President. Mr. Nelson has been directly involved in assessments of geologic depositional environments and the day to day management, founding of new the development of plans to assess contaminants and business entities, and strategic planning of Seneca. their distribution in both depth and breadth. As an of icer Mr. Nelson has been responsible for Murray was directly involved in the planning and assuring that the business is suf iciently staffed and addressing techniques to avoid cross contamination committed to meet obligations that it has concerns which required rigorous drilling protocol in undertaken. addition to purging and sampling techniques. This project received closure in 2011 after 18 years of PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE assessment, design and the applications of various physio‐chemical remediation techniques. Mr. Nelson’s focus for the last 12 years has been the growth and management of Seneca Companies. The The most recent remediation methodology was the three major systems he has shepherded into application of chemical amendments for treatment of existence include those centered around people, the most contaminated areas which ultimately resulted strategy and operational excellence. During the past in the closure of the site by the IDNR. 10 years Seneca has doubled in size with 330 employees and revenues topping 100 million. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS


MURRAY R. NELSON President, Chief Operating Of icer (COO)



Joint research effort with the Alberta Research Council; Professional lead in securing a $1,000,000  MMI‐ Minnesota Management Institute, University grant for Research and Development in the accurate of Minnesota ‐ 1997 ‐ Carlson School of representation of lithology from Rock Cuttings. Management: MMI Certi icate Program.  Master of Science ‐ University of Iowa ‐ 1985 This project included coordinating the efforts of the Iowa City, Iowa. R&D department and management, then Attended on an academic assistantship. presenting scope, budget and plan for bringing this  Bachelor of Science ‐ University of Iowa ‐ 1982 technology to market. The stipulation was that if Iowa City, Iowa won that the product would have to be Attended on an athletic scholarship. commercialized within ive (5) years. Mr. Nelson  Crosby Quality College ‐ Quality Process presented, took questions and won the approval of Management ‐ 1989 ‐ Improvement Team and the Alberta research council. Facilitator.  Demming Total Quality Management (TQM) Conceived and wrote the “Petrographic training. Applications Manual for Geologists and Engineers”. A geologic course that was designed,  Mr. Nelson was a professional Geologist for written and presented by a team of professionals APEGGA in Alberta Canada through 1990. including Mr. Nelson.  Practicing Registered Groundwater Professional in Iowa through 2001. The textbook for this course was a year in  Board of directors for PMCI Petroleum Marketers development and contained sections on “Analytical of Iowa 2005 ‐2009. Techniques for Identifying Reservoir Constituents”,  He has authored or co‐authored seven (7) “Reservoir Damage”, “Effects of Mineralogy on technical presentations and papers. Wireline Logs”, “Diagensis in Both Carbonate and  Lead on Quality Service Provider presentation and Sandstone Environments” This class was taught irst place award presented by Kum & Go L.C. several times by Mr. Nelson and a team of 2003. professionals. Some of the customers included Chevron, ESSO and Canadian Hunter Oil Companies. Conceived of and completed a regional study of oil play in Northern Alberta. The techniques involved included core analysis, depositional environmental interpretation, 3‐D geophysical imaging of the play to identify the best location of exploration.


Seneca Companies SOQ  

Statement of Qualifications

Seneca Companies SOQ  

Statement of Qualifications