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With concerns about security and a need for in-depth social media analytics Sendible has helped Them effectively manage multiple social media accounts and provide accurate reporting for clients. Background Them is a full service marketing and advertising agency based in Richmond,

About Them

London, that has expertise and experience in all marketing disciplines. They

• Founded in 1996 • • Headquartered in London, England UK

hold an impressive list of clients from franchises to large FMCGs. They’re also part of the IN Network, an alignment of the world’s best entrepreneurial integrated marketing communications agencies. The staff at Them, are drawn from major agencies both in London and abroad. Collectively, they have run and worked in some of the most leading integrated agencies and have the awards to prove it. Them currently have two accounts with Sendible, one on the Premium plan in which they manage clients’ social media accounts inhouse and a White Label. The White Label is used for a large UK-based franchise to enable individual locations’ permissions to publish and the franchisor to distribute content centrally. c

Challenge Tara Phelan, Social Media Planner at Them describes what the workflow was like before Sendible: “When I started [at Them] we were using a different tool, but we felt it wasn’t right for our particular client base because we needed to separate users by brand in the most cost effective way. After

“Sendible offers the functionality and reliability to manage multiple accounts and provide the best possible service for our clients”

research of other tools, Sendible offered the best and most cost effective way

- Tara Phelan – Social Media Planner, Them

controls and client separation via their dashboard.”

to do this.” Ms Phelan further explains, “We send multiple updates to different accounts on a daily basis, certainly with the previous tool there was just too much room for errors i.e. accidentally sending a tweet to the wrong account. Luckily, Sendible lent a helping hand in providing permission

“I also needed a nice way to present reports to our clients with in-depth social media analytics which I feel Sendible does well. Obviously Facebook has its own insights but Twitter doesn’t, so that data in particular is pretty useful.”

“The White Label requirement came about from a business need from one of our clients who wanted to roll out individual social media accounts for their franchisees. They also wanted to maintain a really strict level of control over the accounts, meaning that nobody could run away with a password - a real business problem. In the past we’ve used some preventative measures, stressing the importance of security when talking to clients. Sendible gives us added security and peace of mind that we constantly have control over all connected accounts.”

“Sendible’s support services have been very responsive and we’ve found as their team has grown, our quality of support has dramatically improved. We now even have our own dedicated account manager. We eagerly look forward to any future updates to the dashboard and beta testing Sendible 2.0.”

Solution “Whilst searching the web for possible solutions, my colleague found Sendible through a web search. After drawing up a list of pros and cons of our shortlisted tools, we decided that Sendible met all of our requirements. We started out on the 30-day free trial and got comfortable using the platform. I needed to assess whether other people could use it and thanks to the simplicity of the layout, this wasn’t a problem. Shortly afterwards we had a demo with a friendly sales rep who showed us some of the more advanced features. After reviewing the sheer capability of the platform, we decided Sendible was the perfect fit for our agency.“ Them have benefited from separating brands/clients into separate user accounts which has led to easier management and better control over user access and scheduling of content. Them found Sendible’s report builder to save valuable time by enabling the agency to generate branded reports and have them automatically emailed out to clients on a regular basis. “With one of our clients with many brands underneath them, it was important for us to have those brand accounts separated. Looking at other tools, this probably would have cost us the monthly fee times five. I think it’s great that Sendible can charge per user. “

Results “Sendible has definitely helped with time management in terms of scheduling content. The automation tools are also helpful especially in the beginning for some brands that are starting out. Automation helped boost our following quickly. The biggest benefit was the whole streamlining of the process, being able to schedule everything ahead of time and trust that everything will go out at the time and date stated, or at the most optimal time.”

Sendible’s reporting and social media analytics is an added bonus allowing the agency to develop and create custom brand reports to then deliver to clients. The ability to customise the dashboard with the White Label has added value to the agency and helping them to attract new clients to their social media services.

About Sendible

Sendible enables Them to manage multiple clients with the ease of one

Sendible is a platform for engaging with customers, measuring results and monitoring your brand across multiple social media channels at once.

platform. It lets the agency connect social accounts to the dashboard and access to these can be shared with other team members, but access can also be revoked when needed. This degree of control in particular was really important to prevent erroneous or malicious posting to client accounts.

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Sendible Case Study: Them  

With concerns about security and a need for in-depth social media analytics - Sendible's Social Media Management Software has helped Them ef...

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