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Case Study | Elements Local

With happy clients across the United States - Sendible helps Elements Local attract new franchise customers and boost online presence for local businesses. Background Elements Local is a software development company based in California, US. They build and licence online marketing tools for franchise companies. They

About Elements Local • Founded in 2001 • Over 3000 Clients • Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California - US

currently have over 3,000 clients who are using this software platform to manage their local online marketing activities. Elements offers a wide range of services focused towards helping franchises create social profiles and maintain brand consistency. Each client for Elements Local has their own social media manager who then proceeds to create different social profiles for individual locations on Facebook, Twitter & Google +. Sendible enables franchises to log into one platform instead of multiple social media sites to post out and monitor content. The user permission and workflow settings available on Sendible enables franchise owners to have overriding control over the content that gets distributed.

Challenge Theresa Phillips, Digital Specialist at Elements Local describes what workflow was like before Sendible: “Before, if we wanted to manage social media for our clients, it was extremely difficult to keep track of everything. For example one of our clients has 1200 locations. To make sure each location has access to each Facebook and Twitter account with Head office exercising some

“Sendible is great! It truly is an all-inone tool so I don’t have to go to each individual platform – I just have to go to one and can track everything” - Theresa Phillips – Digital Specialist, Elements Local

degree of control was close to impossible without Sendible.” Prior to opting for Sendible, posting of content and monitoring was done manually with each account manager logging in and out of the various platforms. Elements Local states their main reason for choosing Sendible was to streamline workflow and improve productivity within the organization.

Solution Elements Local benefits from scheduling messages and using Sendible’s Smart


Queues to push out content at optimal times. They also take advantage of the

Through using Sendible, Element Local’s top client’s followers are on the rise:

dashboard’s monitoring tools using the brand and keyword monitoring to

Total Check-ins to locations have increase by 36,012 in the past 90 days

and coordinate a response.

Total Fans across all locations are up by 22.02% in the past 90 days

keep track of client/company mentions and find it easy to assign to locations

Elements Local have found Sendible’s support staff to be extremely proactive and helpful. Ms Phillips states that “Responses are always helpful and friendly and I’m often surprised by the speed of response.”

Results Sendible has solved Element Local’s issue with posting to a large number of social media accounts which is now more manageable in just a few clicks. Ms Phillips commented that “Sendible has greatly helped us increase our clients’ online presence, both locally and at head office level. We especially like the user permissions section which allows us to create a hierarchy with our various permissions for each franchisors and individual locations. We can create a parent - child relationship and at the same time we can have multiple clients set up like this without them being able to see each other’s information.”

She continues, “I believe we wouldn’t have gained our top clients, such as Sport Clips, without Sendible as the dashboard was a huge benefit for them to agree to sign with us. Clients often like to create deal promotions and the dashboard makes it very simple to send this out to multiple channels at once. What’s great is that either corporate or individual locations can decide to promote the deal. I also really like the way I can group users. For example, if a franchisee owns more than one location, I can set up different accounts for them and link them together. So one person can own 10 different locations

About Sendible

and they can easily send promotions out to all 10 if they want to.

Sendible is a platform for engaging with customers, measuring results and monitoring your brand across multiple social media channels at once. To learn more about Sendible, visit

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Sendible Case Study: Elements Local  

With happy clients across the United States - Sendible's Social Media Management Software helps Elements Local attract new franchise custome...

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