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Draft Business Plan Released January 16 2017

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Financial inclusion and wealth creation: the challenges


A variety of challenges face organizations seeking to increase financial inclusion and reduce the widening global wealth gap





Three primary barriers* • Access - Branches and ATMs are not accessible • Minimums - High balance and transaction minimums, and high minimum fees • Paperwork – Complicated and intimidating

Most local developing country currencies are: • Inflationary and mismanaged • Volatile • Not reliable stores of purchasing power

• May only have 2.5G networks • Expensive data plans • May only have a featurephone (even a $50 smartphone may be too expensive)





Local legal systems are often unreliable: • Poorly-developed contract law • Little or no recourse or consumer protections • Corruption

• Few/no local investment alternatives • Low financial literacy • High investment minimums • High investment complexity

• Limited national ID schemes • May have no fixed address or official accounts • No creditworthiness bureaus: this limits banking and loans

• Theft concerns for cash or gold under the bed • Gold under the bed is not available as collateral for micro-loans

The World Bank says 2.4 billion people have a mobile phone but no bank account. These are the top 3 reasons cited as to why



But solving access alone does not solve the main wealth inequality problem: the declining value of local currencies

Declining against developed world currencies Example: The Indian Rupee • The rupee was launched in 1948 at a rate of 1:1 with the US Dollar. • It has since declined to a rate of 64:1. • Since world trade (wheat, oil, raw materials) is settled in US Dollars this decline. • has had a huge impact on the standard of living of people in India.

Declining against the rising cost of goods Example: The Nigerian Naira • The purchasing power of the Nigerian naira has been in a steady decline since measurements began. Each year it buys less and less of the staples (rice, cooking oil, etc) people need in order to survive. • Over the last 10 years this decline has officially averaged 11.03% per year. The actual decline in the markets has been much higher. • In 2016 the official decline in purchasing power was 19.26%.


Purchasing power of gold versus local currencies Example: The Brazilian real versus gold purchasing power 2006


10 Brazilian reals buy 7.6 kilos of rice

10 Brazilian reals buy 2.7 kilos of rice

10 Brazilian reals buy 340 milligrams of gold

340 milligrams of gold buys 9.4 kilos of rice



Value Proposition

‌particularly where local currencies decline against developed global currencies Value of a $1000 gold account after 10 years Account value of $1000 of gold in selected countries (as at 28/12/2016)















The Opportunity


In recent history national currency devaluations and cancellations have destroyed wealth across our region

1948 National currency cancelled 1987 National currency cancelled

1998 National currency devalued by 50%

1998 National currency devalued by 50%

1998 National currency devalued by 50% 1975 National currency cancelled 1998 National currency devalued by 50%

1998 National currency devalued by 50%

My mother always said I should prefer to hold gold over local government currencies. That s because her family lost everything they had. Harry Liu, grocer in Waverton NSW


Introducing SendGold


SendGold combines gold and mobile to address these issues in a single offer



Globally-traded asset With deep, liquid markets

Ubiquitous global distribution Wherever there s a signal

Globally-standardised units Grams, ounces, and kilos

Portable usage environment That s always at hand

No minimums Unlike real estate and shares

Easy account opening Zero paperwork required

Simple account structure Direct beneficial ownership

SendGold is a P2P payments & investment app based on gold Securely own, send, and receive insured physical gold in any amount •

With instantaneous transfer

Instant, low-cost exchanges In one centralised database

From anyone, anywhere

To anyone, anywhere

Easy asset to understand Universally accepted for > 5000 years

Simple, inclusive, fast Combines investment and payment in one account

Easily and simply using just a mobile app

With no bank account required

Long track record of wealth preservation Far longer than any currency or government

Operates across business and national silos Any device, any network, any country

At significantly lower cost


Financial inclusion and wealth creation in one offer : the opportunities with SendGold


Meera went to and took 3 minutes to create an account by entering a few basic details. She can now:

Receive direct, instant payments to her account from aid organizations

Pay anyone, anywhere, in any amount, anytime day or night, with just a phone number or email

Receive direct, instant, individual charitable donations from anywhere in the world

Receive direct, instant, global payment for the products of her local co-operative

Receive direct, instant remittances payments to her account from overseas relatives

Cash out anytime and send the funds to a bank account (160 countries) or receive local cash (78 countries)

Meera has direct, individual title to insured physical gold in a fully liquid account. She has full legal protections in one of the strictest financial regulatory regimes in the world. STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL

The Opportunity


McKinsey has prepared forecasts on the scale of the unbanked mobile opportunity

We find that digital finance could raise the level of GDP of emerging economies by a total of 6 percent, or $3.7 trillion, by 2025.

As more people obtain access to accounts and shift their savings from informal mechanisms, as much as $4.2 trillion in new deposits could flow into the financial system.


Awareness of the power of digital, mobile inclusion is growing



Contact Information


Jodi Stanton Co-founder, CEO Mobile Asset Holdings Pty Ltd Tilikum Investments Pty Ltd SendGold Vault Pty Ltd Mobile Asset Holdings Pty Ltd

We look forward to speaking to you about this investment opportunity.

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Mark Pey Co-founder, Business Development & AML/CTF Compliance Officer

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