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The McCollum Family



Volume 2 Issue 5



June 2008




“I think he’s very, very close!”


That’s what Brenda said to me on Mother’s

• Language progress.

Day. Our church here in Dubrava, a

• Faithful partners.

section of Zagreb, Croatia,

had been

feeling excitement given by the Holy Spirit

• Good health.

because Zdenka, a new Sister in Christ, had been

• Growing friendships.






church. A few weeks later we learned from


one of the elders of the church that indeed it was on Mother’s Day that Zdenka’s

• For more people in

husband, Mladen, accepted Christ as his savior! Praise God! He is using this church

Croatia to give their selves

to bring souls into His Kingdom.

to Jesus.

Unfortunately, there are not enough churches in Croatia who believe in and

• The kids need friends on

preach the Bible. Zdenka, Mladen and their family, along with several others, drive

our side of town.

from other towns because ours is the closest church. One such town is Dugo Selo.

• Pray for the U.S. economy

It is about twelve miles from Zagreb and has a population of about fifteen

to improve. It will help our

thousand people. Of those, there are known to be abut fifteen followers of Christ.

partners and strengthen

There is no Bible preaching church.

the dollar.

Our church in Dubrava is currently praying about Dugo Selo. We are looking to God to know if that is where he wants our congregation to start a new church.

• Endurance for all of us in

Recently, I had the joy of going on a vision trip to see and pray about Dugo Selo.

this foreign land.

Perhaps Dugo Selo will • We need boldness to use

be one of the next

our language skills as they



Croatia for Christ!



• Ask that our families in the U.S. would be encouraged as we approach one year away. • Salvation for many here!

SUPPORT OPPORTUNITY If you would like to partner with us financially or in prayer, please detach the form below, fill it out and send it to the address on the back. This can also be used for changes.


I’d like to partner with

Michael & Brenda


I feel God is leading me to

support the ministry of Michael &

Brenda McCollum in Croatia as

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I commit to pray regularly.

Please keep me informed on

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to begin on ____________ 200 ___

*Make checks payable to

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side. (monthly only)

Enclosed is a special

contribution of


$ _________ for your ministry.

Michael & Brenda McCollum Družilovečka 8 10040 Zagreb Croatia

Permit Situation Unfortunately we don’t have anything new to tell you about our permit situation. We have applied for our work and residency permits. The process


went well for both but our status is not yet good. It is as follows: •

Michael’s new work permit has not been issued. An appeal has been presented to the proper authorities for all SEND International workers to be granted permits. We have heard that a recommendation has been given to

Our personal website:

the legislature to make changes to the current laws. We do not know what

that recommendation is or when/if the legislature will act upon it. •

permits have expired. New permits will not be granted until Our residency Patio we have work permits. We do not have to leave the country right now because we have papers indicating that we are in the application process.

SEND International P.O. Box 513 Farmington, MI 48332 248-477-4210

The current situation allows us no more than thirty days out of Croatia per Our Street



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We have been in Croatia now for just over one year. What is your favorite part? Blah, blah, blah... How about the worst? Blah, blah, blah... What are you praying about most right now? Blah, blah, blah... How would you like people to

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Communication Methods We have three primary ways to communicate with you. We send this newsletter quarterly and a prayer letter more frequently. We also put additional articles and pictures about a wide variety of things on our website. On our site you can use the “Request Newsletter” button to add or remove your name from our electronic news or prayer letter mailings. You can also use the “For Email Notification of New

discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

the understanding that SEND International has complete


Farmington, MI 48332

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SEND International

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