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The McCollum Fa mi ly Volum e 2 Issue 6 Septe mber 2008




• Some of our non-SEND colleagues in Croatia





Ian and Lily occasionally enjoy watching Sid and Marty Krofft’s

have gotten their work

“Land of the Lost” on DVD. (Ok, so do the rest of us.) As they

& residency permits.

watched a few episodes recently, I couldn’t help but think about • The Baptist church in Dubrava has

what it means to be lost. Lost is the past participle of lose which Wiktionary defines as “When one is unable to find his or her way.”


Many times over the last fifteen months we have been lost; unable

• Ariel & Ian get to take guitar lessons and Lily

to find our own way. By the grace of God through the help of

gets to take dance.


Petitions • We are still waiting for our permits. • Language learning is a


friends, and many

strangers, we have



so far. At

times it has been

hard but on the

whole it has been








that we have the hope of life getting better for us as we gain more

long, long process.

language skills, learn more cultural standards, and make more

• Need for additional

friends. More importantly we have the hope that this world is not

financial support is

our home.(Phil. 3:20) As we look around us, we are moved by the


realization that most people in Croatia are lost. They are searching for momentary satisfaction in things and people or looking to earn

• Safe travels for Brenda’s mom who will

their way to heaven. We know that these things leave people

visit 10/22-11/18.

trapped in the Land of the Lost.

• Homeschooling is a big task for Brenda & the

We have the hope of knowing that through faith in Jesus nobody


needs to stay lost. May God grant us the ability to communicate that truth to the people of Croatia!

• Salvation for many in Croatia!

*If you want to hear the Land of the Lost song, go to our website and search for Land of the Lost.

PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITY If you would like to partner with us financially or in prayer, please detach the form below, fill it out and send it to the address on the back. This can also be used for changes.

I’d like to partner with

Michael & Brenda McCollum.

I feel God is leading me to support

the ministry of Michael &

Brenda McCollum in Croatia

as marked below. Prayer Partner

I commit to pray regularly.

Please keep me informed on

how I can pray for you. Financial Partner

I’d like to partner with you by


$ __________ per month, or

$ __________ per quarter, or

$ __________ per year,

to begin on ____________ 200 ___

*Make checks payable to

SEND International I would like my funds

automatically deducted from my

bank account. See other side.

(monthly only)

Enclosed is a special contribution

of $ _________ for your ministry.



City, State, Zip

Email address

Account Number 168877

Michael & Brenda McCollum Družilovečka 8 10040 Zagreb Croatia

Church Expansion We are excited to report that the church we attend in Croatia is growing! In fact, it has grown so much that


we have recently had to add more space! Please pray that God would

Our personal website:

use the increased space and His

people to reach souls for Christ here in Croatia.

SEND South Central Europe Area Conference

SEND International P.O. Box 513 Farmington, MI 48332 248-477-4210

In August, we gathered in Bulgaria with our SEND colleagues from the seven countries that SEND defines as South Central Europe. The purpose of the gathering was for our Area


Conference. This was a time to sharpen our focus on the Lord,

What is your favorite part of being in Croatia?

His work, and His guidance for ministry and an occasion for

Um...knowing that um,


Grandma is coming?



But what about BEING here?

physical refreshment. It was also a time to vote on

It’s good because we are spreading...what do you call

members of our area council,

it? Oh yeah, the gospel. Write that.

proposed structural changes in SEND International, and to meet Rex Durham







and his wife. Rex has been nominated by the International Office to be the How about the worst?

Regional Director for SEND in Europe.

Not being able to be with my cousins, and family, and

In order to better know and pray for our



What do you want people to

ministries in which they

pray about?




the each

country gave an annual That there will be another girl in Sunday School class.

Michael Giving





Country Report

responded in corporate prayer for those reports. Rex Durham

Financial Partnership

Estimated Support

Since arriving in Croatia, God has faithfully provided for our financial support through many partners. Some have given every month. Others have given quarterly or annually. God has also used non-scheduled support to keep us here. We are very thankful to each of you who has given. We have consistently been fully supported. Due to various economic factors including support trends, we are projecting that we soon will have a small shortfall. If you haven’t done so already, would you ask God if he wants you to join our team financially so that we can focus


Farmington, MI 48332

PO Box 513

SEND International

*SEND Direct users don’t forget the voided check.


Please send your completed form to:

E-Mail Address


Phone Number

__________ _________________________






Please attach a voided check

Date: _____/_____/_____

Signed _____________________________

Signature as required on check

(month, year)

$ _________beginning __________

month in the amount of:

bank account on the 12th day of each

arrange automatic deductions from my

I hereby authorize SEND International to

following information:

Please complete the

SEND Direct

* As contributions are tax-deductible, they are sought with the understanding that SEND International has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

on reaching Croatia for Christ?

2008 09 Newsletter  

September 2008 newsletter dcumenting the life and work of the McCollum family in Croatia.