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Monday, October 15, 2007 11:05 PM


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October 15, 2007

America to Zagreb The McCollum Family

Dear McCollum Family,

In This Issue

I'm so glad to have Brenda as my wife. It's easy sometimes to take for granted who she is and what she does. I had a good reminder of that over the last few days. On Thursday, Brenda traveled to the Dalmatia coast for a women's conference near Split, Croatia. While she was gone, I did my best to hold our home together. I cooked, I cleaned, I did laundry, I helped with homework, I tended to all that needed to be done. It was hard! Brenda even had a menu prepared for the entire time she was gone and had pre-cooked some of the food but it was STILL hard. Oh, and that homework? I sent Lily to school one day with the wrong subjects and without her gym clothes. I also had to send the kids to Croatian class without supper because I forgot that they had class that evening. Fortunately our language helper knows our schedule better than I do and asked, "Aren't you supposed to be taking the kids to class now?"

Prayer Requests

Most of all, though, we just plain missed having her around. We were so eager to have her return. We praise God that she did so safely!

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Brenda had a good time in Brela with other missionary

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women from around the Balkans. Michael, Ariel, Connor, Ian, and Lily survived Brenda's absence...barely. We are solidly into language school and it is going well. After a bout of illness, everybody is fairly healthy.

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Pray for continued good health and that Ariel would finish recovering from her cold. Pray for us to learn Croatian. We are finding that the principles of this language are not too difficult yet but the application of those principles is very hard. The principles will soon get more difficult as we progress in our language classes. Pray that we would be examples of Christian love to our family members, neighbors, colleagues, and acquaintances. We travel on Saturday to Slovenia for a team meeting. Please pray for safety and a good meeting.

Picture of the Week - Brela, HR

I took these pictures of the Adriatic Sea and surrounding mountains in Brela, Croatia near Split. It was amazingly beautiful there. I was blessed to be able to spend some time being refreshed and renewed. I'm so thankful that Michael and the kids were willing to let me go even though life is so busy!

Thank you again for your faithful prayers. We are encouraged whenever we think of you praying for us. We know that God is answering your prayers and giving us strength and stamina. In Christ, Mike & Brenda McCollum America to Zagreb: The McCollum Family

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2007 10 15 Prayer  

Michael McCollum In This Issue Most of all, though, we just plain missed having her around. We were so eager to have her return. We praise G...

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