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Praise • A language class was created for our children. • The kids are developing friend here. • The first three months in Croatia have been easier than we expected. • We have many faithful prayer and financial partners keeping us going. • Our housing situation is working very well. Petition • Ask that our ears, minds, and tongues would be open to the Croatian language. • We need to develop strong relationships with Croatians.

“This is wine with no grapes in it,” said Zvonko as he passed a 2 liter Coca-Cola bottle over our fence. It was late in the evening and we had not previously met. Although Zvonko meant to say it was wine with no alcohol, i.e. grape juice, in his broken English what he clearly communicated was “welcome to the neighborhood.” Several times now we have been given grapes by neighbors. We have nothing from our garden to give in return and the best gift we can give is the one we can’t yet communicate in words. Language school is about to dominate our days. This week, all four kids start their language classes at the cultural center near our home. They will meet for 1½ hours, twice a week. The following week, we start our classes at the Filozofski fakultet (College of Philosophy). Both of us will be in class three hours per day, five days per week. We will often feel like we are being pressed and squeezed like grapes hoping that a few drops of Croatian will drip out. Our prayer is that our minds will be as ripe for learning Croatian as the grapes we’ve been receiving. We also pray that our countenance would be as sweet as Zvonko’s grape juice so that we communicate Jesus before we have words.


• Health could easily be a problem as we are exposed different strains of cold viruses. • Culture shock always looms as something to derail us.

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What is the best part of being in Croatia so far? Well, and some friends and friends I’ve already known from the states. And finally I have a dog! What’s it like being in a Croatian elementary school? I’m making friends. Do you understand teacher?


Prayers and Pictures of the Week Almost every week we send a prayer letter via email. It usually includes a comment about the week and some prayers we’d like taken to the Lord. We only send this to people who have requested it by signing up to partner with us in prayer. It is often of a more personal nature than these newsletters tend to be. If you aren’t getting this but would like to receive it by committing to pray for us regularly, please tell us.

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How can you do homework, then?


Language helpers!

What is your favorite food in Croatia? Kinder Eggs!

Phone Calls We’ve setup a phone number in the US, (952) 232-5948, that rings our computer here in Croatia. Our Croatian phone number is +385 (1) 2931-003. Traditional Performance in Zagreb If you need to call us, keep in mind that 4 PM in Central time is 11 PM here. •

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