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Monday, August 27, 2007 10:20 PM



Subject: The McCollum Family: Prayers and Picture of the Week

We need cultural caps. Have you ever had a bad hair day? I know I have. Tonight at supper, Brenda used a phrase I hadn’t heard before. She talked about having a culture shock day. Although we are doing well here in Croatia, sometimes one or more of us has one of those. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy for others to see the warning signs of our culture shock days as it is our bad hair days. Here’s what I mean: Problem Sample: I’m having a bad hair day. My hair sticks straight out on one side. When it’s a culture shock day, I look fine but then scold one of my children for an undeserving offense. Brenda cries on the way home from church because she didn’t understand anything that was said. Our typically active kids, who normally want to play outside, refuse to leave the confines of our house.

Response My family sees my messy hair and knows to get a cap for me. The kids, seeing no warning signs, are forced to listen to me bluster. I think all is well and hang around so that I can stumble through conversations. The neighbor kids have no idea if they should be persistent in asking for our kids or just leave them alone.

There’s just no cap to cover over our negative responses to living in another culture. Praise „ Lily saw an ophthalmologist last week by order of the school doctor. Her eyes are fine. She needs no glasses. „ Ariél is communicating regularly with her MK friends from Bulgaria and Macedonia. Petition „ We are trying to get mentally and emotionally prepared for Lily going to Croatian school on Monday. At the same time, we are trying to get ramped back up for home schooling the other three. „ We need to be more outgoing with neighbors and merchants. „ Our language skills are still pathetic. Pray that our ears, minds, and mouths would be opened to this language. „ Safe travels for Connor as he goes to Italy this weekend with a friend’s


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family. We need God’s grace to give each other during culture shock days.

Picture This Week’s Big Event?

Waiting for “potty outside.”


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Still waiting… I know this letter sounds rather negative. We often share our highlights with you. This week I thought I would share some lowlights so you could have a taste of what you are praying us through. We actually have more highs than lows thanks to our Heavenly Father answering your prayers in the affirmative. In Christ, Mike (for the McCollum Clan) Michael & Brenda McCollum Ariel, Connor, Ian, & Lily SEND International – Croatia Address: DRUZILOVECKA 8 10040 ZAGREB CROATIA Phone: + 385 (1) 2931-003 +1 (952) 232-5948 Web: Skype:


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2007 08 27 Prayer  
2007 08 27 Prayer  

Brenda cries on the way home from church because she didn’t understand anything that was said. My family sees my messy hair and knows to get...