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Volume 1 Issue 18 June 2007

T h e M c C o l l u m Fa m i l y






• We were refreshed by two–week vacation in Michigan.

To each of you who has prayed for us, supported us financially, encouraged us in some way, or done some act of service to get us to this point we say, “thank you.” As we have said before, we are truly blessed to have such a great team supporting us. We may be the ones going to Croatia to work with the churches, but you are the ones who are sending us.

• We have a team of people in Croatia who are already helping us get started there before our arrival.

This has been a long journey so far. God has used this time to build our team and grow us Ian, Connor, Ariél, & Lily spiritually. At the beginning we wanted this process to be much faster than it has turned out to be. Today, we can honestly say that we appreciate God’s timing. It is better than our timing would have been.


Our next step is to fly to Croatia. We are scheduled to fly out of the Eastern Iowa Regional (Cedar Rapids) Airport at 9 AM on Thursday, June 14. We are set to arrive at about 2 PM Friday in Zagreb, Croatia. That’s Lily’s birthday! We think she will always remember her 7th birthday as the day she arrived in Croatia.

• All of our monthly support is in and we have our tickets!

• Pray for safe and hasslefree travel. • Pray that the team in Croatia would find the right apartment for us.

God willing, we will be able to go to our apartment that first day. Our team in Croatia is currently looking for an apartment for us. We will try to settle in over the weekend and then it will be on to registering with the police station and

• Pray that we would transition smoothly to Croatian life without too much culture shock.

Continued on back.

Monthly Pledges

Outgoing Support


ou Y k an

• Pray for the salvation of

Croatians whom we will have to opportunity to meet.

• Pray that we would stay healthy.


ou Y k an 100%




SUPPORT INSTRUCTIONS If you would like to partner with us financially or in prayer, please detach the yellow form below, fill it out and send it to the address on the back. This can also be used for changes.

5 YES!

I’d like to partner with Michael & Brenda McCollum.

I feel God is leading me to support the ministry of Michael & Brenda McCollum in Croatia as marked below. Prayer Partner I commit to pray regularly. Please keep me informed on how I can pray for you. Financial Partner I’d like to partner with you by giving: $ __________ per month, or $ __________ per quarter, or $ __________ per year, to begin on ____________ 200 ___ *Make checks payable to SEND International I would like my funds automatically deducted from my bank account. See other column. (monthly only)

Enclosed is a special contribution of $ _________ for your ministry.



City, State, Zip

Appointee Number 168877

Phone Number Email address

Michael & Brenda McCollum 20338 Kensfield Trail Lakeville, MN 55044

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will you be staying in Croatia? This is our new career. That means we are planning to go to Croatia for four years. After that, we will return to the U.S. for one year before going to Croatia again. Our plan is to do that indefinitely.

We’re on the Web at

Is the war still going on there?

Brenda & Michael

No. The bulk of the fighting ended about twelve years ago. We understand that Croats consider it to be ancient history.

SEND International P.O. Box 513 Farmington, MI 48332 248-477-4210

Are the people known as Croats or Croatians?


You’ve got all your support. Would it still be helpful if I want to join your support team or send extra?


Yes. Additional support is beneficial for us. Although we hope that all of our supporters are able to maintain their faith promises, we understand that sometimes it won’t be possible for some people. Additional support provides for shortfalls from other sources. We will continue to include response forms with our newsletters. That gives you the opportunity to clearly communicate your desire to start, stop, or change your financial partnership, join or leave our prayer partner list, and keep us updated with correct contact information. Will you be sending newsletters from Croatia? Yes! We are not entirely sure about the frequency but we anticipate that newsletters will be quarterly. Prayer letters (which are by request) will be sent more frequently to our prayer partners. They will probably be brief messages sent weekly.

the understanding that SEND International has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

* As contributions are tax-deductible, they are sought with

Please pray for us as we move into this new stage. We can barely imagine what it will really be like.

SEND International PO Box 513 Farmington, MI 48332 800-SEND-808

Signature as required on check

(month, year)


$ _________beginning __________

Please complete the following information:

SEND Direct


I hereby authorize SEND International to arrange automatic deductions from my bank account on the 12th day of each month in the amount of:

Doesn’t that No. Well….

As the summer continues, Michael will enter into formal language study. Brenda and the children will work with a language tutor and join formal language study in the fall. Learning Croatian, a Slavic language, and the culture will be our primary role for at least the first two years.

*SEND Direct users don’t forget the voided check.

What about when you aren’t at camp? Learning the language.

(Continued from the front.) working to finalize any paperwork that is still needed for the Croatian government. After only nine days there, Connor will attend an English Bible Sports camp that is run by Scripture Union and SEND. He will be surrounded by Croatian kids his age who want to improve their English skills.

Please send your completed form to:

What are you looking forward to most? The camp.

Thank You...Now What

Name ____________________________ Address ____________________________ City/State/Zip __________ __________________ Phone Number ____________________________ E-Mail Address ____________________________

What are you praying about as we prepare to go to Croatia? That the camp will be good. That I will like the camp.

Absolutely! We love to share what is going on with us and God’s work in Croatia with as many people as are interested.

Please attach a voided check

What has been the worst part? Not having my own space.

I don’t feel led to support your ministry financially. I still want the updates. Is that OK?

Signed ____________________________ Date: _____/_____/_____

What has been the best part of preparing for Croatia? I got to spend more time with my cousin.

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S UPPORT I NSTRUCTIONS The McCollum Family Praise • All of our monthly support is in and we have our tickets! • We were refreshed by two–wee...

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