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Volume 1, Issue 3

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February 01, 2005

AMERICA Praise & Petition • Praise God that we have been appointed by SEND as missionaries to Croatia. • Thank God for those who already share the vision for our ministry in Croatia. • Ask God to show us who He has as supporters of this ministry in Croatia. • Pray that Brenda and Michael will finish our Old Testament Survey classes strongly.


Monthly Support



WE’VE BEEN APPOINTED! We were rushing back from the U.S. Office (USO) where we had our prayer card picture taken by the best photographer we have ever had the privilege to meet, when our oldest said, “Oops, Connor and I were assigned to dining room clean-up today.” There they stood with their crisp white shirts and navy blue pants. “You go back to the room with Dad and get your clothes changed, I’ll go and do your cleaning for you,” I replied. I walked into the Mission Education Center (MEC) where we had been eating our meals. I took out the vacuum cleaner and began cleaning up after the 60+ people who had eaten lunch there when I got a tap on the shoulder. I looked up to see the smiling face of the European Director for SEND International, Steve Stevenson. “I’ll do that. You go,” he said.

A GOD SIZED TASK Outgoing Expenses

There is no way that we can finance our ministry in Croatia. What are we going to do with all of our stuff? This is going to be really hard on the kids. Whoa! That’s our flesh talking. What does God think of all this? We believe He is telling us to trust in Him. In a strange way, it’s very comforting to know that this is too much for us to do on our own. We have no delusions about being

We’re Going to Croatia! Wow! Talk about servant leaders! We saw that same commitment time and again from people of status within SEND International. We feel honored to be appointed as members of an organization filled with such Godly people.

able to accomplish this ourselves. We have no choice but to rely on Him. That’s good, because it isn’t our work we’re going to do in Croatia. It’s HIS! In practical terms, this means God needs to direct us to at least 30 Prayer Partners plus Financial Partners who will provide approximately $6,900 in monthly and $82,660 for special outgoing support. Outgoing support will finance our language school, travel, preparations, setup in Croatia, a vehicle, etc.

Michael & Brenda McCollum 607 13th Avenue North South St. Paul, MN 55075 651-451-3871

We’re on the Web at! SEND International P.O. Box 513 Farmington, MI 48332 248-477-4210

CROATIAN INTEREST Croatia was the scene of brutal warfare in the early '90s as the result of the breakup of the former Yugoslavia. Although Croatia is rebuilding, independence has come at great cost. The war in Croatia cost thousands of lives and displaced hundreds of thousands of people, who have started new lives in Croatia and other countries. War left a legacy of devastated property, scarred lives, and disappointed hopes. With only 0.18% of Croatians knowing Christ, we hope to offer them a hope that won’t disappoint!

WHAT IS SEND? SEND International began as Far Eastern Gospel Crusade (FEGC) shortly after World War II by a group of men and women who returned from military service burdened for the spiritual needs of Asia. The early years of FEGC were marked by rapid growth and expansion into new areas. In 1971, Central Alaskan Mission, with its multi-faceted ministries in Alaska, merged with FEGC. In 1981, FEGC became SEND International to better represent the geographic scope of the mission. In 1985, Spain opened up as the next country. At the end of the cold war in the early 1990s, SEND expanded into Central and Eastern Europe. Today, there are over 550 SEND missionaries serving in more than twenty countries of Europe, Asia, and North America. For more than 50 years we've been... Starting churches where there are none by Evangelizing the unreached, Nurturing disciples, and Developing leaders from among the national people.

A WONDERFUL MISERABLE TIME On January 1st, 2005 we boarded a train us, with destinations all over the world. headed toward Farmington, Michigan for a God had been working in each of us in a two week session called Candidate Orientadifferent way to bring us to that point. One tion Program (COP) on the campus of SEND of the things that we learned about was International. We had been preparing for public speaking. We were each required to this time for a year. We’ve comgive three presentations. We pleted applications, taken talked about the importance tests, interviewed, and of Prayer Partners. Supeven visited Croatia. The port Discovery was time finally came for us to also discussed. It is interview with the Personnel called Support DisCommittee of SEND Intercovery and not Fundnational with the hopes of Raising or Deputation being appointed as career because God already missionaries to Croatia. knows who all of our Shortly after we arrived peosupporters are. We are to ple began getting sick with be like treasure hunters the stomach flu. It struck SEND’s Largest January COP! looking for them. young and old alike. The Assistant Personnel Director, JoAnn Loewen, Has God chosen you to partner with us in commented that our COP group seemed to His ministry to the Croatian people through form better friendships than the groups usuSEND International? ally do. I think that is because we were pulled together by the disgusting illness. When we met each morning we took an inventory of who was out sick that day and we prayed for each other. We met a wonderful group of friends, both younger and older than

2005 02 Announcing Appointment  

We were appointed by SEND International to work in Croatia.

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