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December 21, 1998

Dear friends and family, We’re so pleased to let you all know how much God has blessed our family in 1998! We have recently been struck with how well we have it! The radio broadcast of Josh McDowell ministries has enlightened us to the economic problems in Russia. Did you know that $120 enables and average size Russian family to survive through the winter, providing food, clothing and medicine! Our family has grown this year. We have a wonderful new son named Ian Elliott (God is gracious, the Lord is my God). He is joyful little person who has a smile for everyone. He enjoys crawling around and pulling up on anything he can. The foot of a crossed leg will do. Connor turned three shortly before Christmas. His new nickname is “train boy” because he enjoys collecting as many trains as he can. Connor decided to be potty trained on his birthday and he’s doing wonderfully. Now that he’s three he thinks that is what should be done. We have been home schooling again this year and Connor really enjoys it. He often says, “Can we do more school?” Ariel is 4 ½ and truly has an evangelist heart. She loves people and wants everyone to know Jesus. We are working on kindergarten this year. She really enjoys imaginative play and often pretends that she is someone else. Right now she is Tara Lipinski. Ariel dances with “Bible and Ballet”. I think that is her favorite activity. She is learning classic ballet steps from her teacher, Mrs. Karen Larson. Mrs. Karen, as the girls call her, teaches the girls to praise the Lord with dancing! Ariel and Connor are both involved in the Awana program this year (Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed). The number of scripture verses they have both been able to memorize amazes me! Michael helps to lead Connor’s Cubbie program. Everyone says that he has been a great asset to the program. I have learned a lot just helping the children with their requirements. I have been busy this year enjoying and teaching the children. I feel privileged to stay home with them and teach them. Earlier this year I acquired my fathers sales business. I reap the benefits that he has labored for. We are very thankful for that extra money. I also am a distributor for Dorling Kindersley books. Michael started a new job in November.

1998 Christmas