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An Exploration Of ModernisM And Post ModernisM


pism. IN the year 18941914 were definetely the odernism:- The suggestion of the Olympic most dynamic in the culidea is partially aesthtic is tural history of the modern Olympic movement . familar to us most of us who study he principles and objectives of the modost-Modernism:- How ern Olympic movement and the unique and eclec- it affected our culture, tic interests of the move- based on religion. A perfect movie for post-modment’s founder ernism would be (Rebllion Of Thought). There are My explorations begins three basic classification of with assumptions ha Pierre de Coubertin son- post-modernism whiuch are; Post-modernism as a sciopuly used aestheic theory to help him estab- refection of the changes lish a cultural association in the social , cultural and between sport and socio- politicasl conditions. political ideology, Olym-


Post modernism as a shift in the way capitalism is working and finallya departure in our way of thinking about what could be done about the whole scenerio.



Bauhaus was a school in Germany that combined crafts and the fine arts and was famously for the approach to design that it publicized and taught The bauhaus school was founded by Walrer Gropuis in Welmar, being known that the founder was an archit, there were no architecture departments in the school, during some couple of exsistence. However it was founded in order to create work of art. Bauhaus had a big effect

on the modernism in Germany. The most important influence on the bauhaus was modernism

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It was used globally used in consumer products such as automobile, furniture, cookware, china, clocks and radio. Other aspect that Deco influenced were Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Fashion, Graphic Arts and Deco emerged from the Cinema. Interwar period when booming industrailization Deco affected/influenced was transforming culure. countries like; One of its major boom was United States, Canada, technology. Latin America, Art deco was internation- United Kingdom, ally a popular style and af- Spain, fected many aspects of de- Germany, Romania, Africa and so signs. on.. Art deco is an influenial visual arts design syle which firsy appeared in France during the 1920’s, flourished internationally during the 30’s and 40’s, then waned in the post world war II era.

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