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Night of the Terror All the women were holding the signs and saying “Women can vote, women have right to vote!!” and screaming at outside of Washington D.C.A woman started kicking the door and threw a rock at the window. They tried to break in the White House. A man was dragging a woman and yelling at the woman saying “Men are smarter than women” and others said “Listen to that man.” There were a million people staring and watching people that were breaking though the present house. Most of them were men. The present got mad by the protesters, so they called the police and said “Get all of those women that were protesting and put them into jail as soon as possible NOW!!!” When the police got the women they all were screaming, kicking, punching, crying, and trying to get away from the police officers. Forty seven men carrying clubs hitting the women on her head, some others were dragged and choking the eighty four years old women. There were over two-hundred and men didn’t care what they did to the women. Men think that only men can vote becausemen are smarter than women. All the women were in the jail. The jail was big enough to fit hundred of people in to the jail. They weren’t treated well. They ate dirty worms in the bucket. Women were thrown into walls and stabbed with broken stick of their banner. In June the weather was humid. The present thought that it was a good idea to put women in jail. He liked men having freedom and women in jail. He didn’t think about what he did or what he would've thought about. Women spoke for themselves and, wanted their right to vote. While in the jail the one the woman Kate Russo handcuffed into a cell becauseshe refused to not eat the food of sloppy. The police put a tube down her throat and put water in it until she threw up. When she threw up she got ill and after two months later she didn’t get better as she thought she would’ve have. She got helped from Victoria Gayson. She was twenty one years old, also she protested. She was Kate's cellmate. She helps Kate to escapefrom jail. Kate wanted to go to New York becauseshe wanted to serve without police trying to find out the she was escaped. Before she escaped, she had a plan. She wrote a letter that she wanted to kill herself. Victoria didn’t want to go with her becauseshe thought it was a better idea to stay in the jail with the others. Kate got out of jail and she traveled north in the woods at night. When it was morning she slept in the woods where no one could see, becauseshe didn’t want men or the present to see her. May, 19, 1918 she was in New Jersey. She was starving, she cried for food. She looked around and found a house. She walked 6 miles to Hopewell. She knocked on the door and said “Can you help me please, I'm starving to death!” Women came up to the door and said “Sure, come in” Kate walked down to the kitchen table and sat down on the chair. The women gathered the food on the table next to the Kate. She had lots of food. They talked for awhile. The person that feed Kate was the governor of New Jersey. Kate didn’t know who he was. The governor had a mask on. He named him self Julia. He found out that Kate wasn’t dead, so he had been following

Kate. After in awhile Kate asked him “Do you know anything about women voting?” He said “yes... there are lots of women fighting for the women’s right” Kate said “Well I was there too...” The Governor said “I know-” then he stopped for a monument. Kate said “Why did you stop? Were you there?” He said “yes I was, I was with the Governors” He lied to Kate becausehe didn’t wanted to find out that he was a governor and been watching Kate. Kate starting saying “I didn’t see you and all the women were in the protester but you weren’t” the governor got nervous. He started sweating. Kate starting thinking that he had been lying to her and that she wasn’t there at the women vote protest. She asked herself “how she know about it?” how can she walk or ride the car less the thirty thousand miles? She asked herself. She said to the governor “I’m guessing that you could be the governor?” governor said “no!” But Kate kept asking the same thing over and over again until governor said “Yes, yes all right!, I’m the governor!” Kate’s heart was pumping so hard, she froze. “Are you all right?” the governor asked, with his hand moving up and down in front of Kate's face. Kate stopped froze and said “But how did you know I would be here?”

Sena Busacker

Authors note Night of the terror is about the women getting right to votes. In 1917 the present Woodrow Wilson would not let women vote. He thought women were not smart to right to vote. In November 1918 women started striking front of the Virginia White house. Women were striking for the women right for voting. There was a screaming and sticks with paper written by women that said women can have right to vote and women and men are same as quail. Woodrow Wilson got bad, so he called the police and telling them put all the women in the jail. Men were looking at the women and did nothing. Police were dragging and kicking. One was stabbed between the eyes with the broken staff of her banner. Police men chocked any age of women even a seventy three years old women. Women try to run away from polices. But some women got cut and got killed. After that all women were in the jail, Lucy Burns (Victoria Gayson) was handcuffed to the bars of her cell in a torturous position. Women were dragged by guards twisting their arms and hurled into concrete. When it was a dinner time they had to eat worms in the bole of water, they were mixed together. Lucy Burn (Victoria Gayson) would not refuse to eat the food. Three police men had to put her in to the chair and tied the rope around the rest. They got the long skinny tube and put down though her throat and put the food in to the tube in till her throw up. She didn’t get well. After two or three weeks later she died. After all the pain and protest, two weeks later the court thought hearing exposed the beaten women was the harm. Court decided to change the rule that women can vote for the rights.

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Night of the terror  
Night of the terror  

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